NAJ OLEARI Absolute Stay Eyeshadow 04 Golden Brown & 05 Pearly Taupe

četrtek, januar 18, 2024

Naj Oleari is an Italian brand that has existed for decades, but I've never heard of it until a stand appeared in my local Müller some years back. For a long time I didn't try anything from this brand, mainly because no one (here) talks about it, prices are quite high and I had no idea what's good, but I tested these cream eyeshadows when I was trying to find new cream eyeshadows to replace my old ones and this formula instantly impressed me.

Formula is very creamy, yet no too soft and it has instant opaque colour payoff. I can get enough colour on my eyelids quickly and when I blend it, it's easy to make a soft transition and blending doesn't take away much intensity, so there's no need to build it up and repeat the process as with many cheap cream eyeshadows. They are basically Kiko's dupes, which is nice to know that I have something like that in a local drugstore. Overall the Golden Brown is a better quality. It contains very small shimmer and doesn't crease on me, while Pearl Taupe is less reliable. The latter has larger glitter particles and colour tends to gather around those sparkles, so it can crease, but it never such a tragedy as Catrice's eyeshadows and colour doesn't fade much by the end of the day.

Golden Brown is a classic bronze shade many brands have and I had many dupes or at least similar shades (Kiko's even has the same name). Pearly Taupe is a greyish-brown with gold shimmer. Kiko's Golden Taupe is very similar.

Golden Brown just swiped on the eyelids and blended with a Zoeva 227 Luxe Soft Definer brush.

These are vey good. To be fair they are very similar to Kiko's which are cheaper, but I don't remember Kiko's blending quite as nicely as these. I'm interested in one of the lighter shades - they have a matte one that looks like a base and two shimmery ones, one pink and the other champagne. I got these when they were 20% off, which actually happens relatively often at this brand (I ordered on on Black Friday)

Have a great day!

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