ESSENCE Baby Got Blush 01 Tickle me pink

nedelja, marec 17, 2024

These little sticks have had quite a moment since they launched. It took me months to track one down, since the Essence stand here has been more empty than full in the last year. Actually even a few days ago there wasn't a single one of these on the stand - I don't know if its because they are so popular or because Essence has supply issues. There are three shades available, so far I've only seen two. The other two are an orange and brick red shade. There are also bronzers which I haven't had a chance to swatch yet. Baby Got Blush became my go-to blush.

Formula is quite stiff and it doesn't glide very smoothly on the cheek. In fact it can take off foundation if you just swipe it directly on the skin. I know, it doesn't sound good, but this is one of the nicest blushes I've tried so far. I always use a small round medium dense blush brush for application. I just swipe on the stick and then stipple the blush on the cheeks. This creates a beautiful pink flush with diffused edges. Pigmentation is about medium, so I apply two layers. 

This shade is a winner for me. It's a cute leaning-to-cool pink - it was a rarity in my collection, since such shades always pull warm on me and this one creates a proper baby doll flush. Recently I got similar shades from Essence and Catrice, both were launched in the last month: it's the new Blush Affair (010) and Baby Got Blush the Liquid Version (10). So if you can't find this stick and you like this shade, there are two alternatives, which are more pigmented. Finish is satin and it has no shimmer. 

The stick has quite a strong scent of watermelon. Staying power is good on my (dry) skin and it's on at least 8 hours later.

These are around 3 € in drugstores. If you can find them, but like I said, but now there are at least alternatives for the shade. 

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