Maybelline Matte Lipstick 927 Rose Spell

nedelja, marec 10, 2024

This was one of the shades I found when I was looking for a dupe of Mac's Please Me and Jordana's Matte Lipstick in 48 Pink Passion (the other dupe was Eveline's Velvet Mat Lipstick in 510). It's one of the old Maybelline's lipsticks design - they've had the square tubes for quite a while now, but my first Maybelline lipstick had this shape in a red colour (they still have that Hydro Extreme range). These are also cheaper than their Color Sensational range.

The formula is nicely smooth and creamy, pigmented and semi-matte. I find it's comfortable on my lips, it wears off evenly and looks good. 

Shade 927 Rose Spell is a bit darker and a more muted light pink than Mac's Please Me and Jordana's 48 Pink Passion. It's another easy to wear shade that goes with pretty much everything.

It was only 4 €, which is very cheap for Maybelline prices in here. I found it in Müller. Hydro Extreme cost 1,5 € more.

You have to look for these on the stand, it's clear they've been demoted since the launch of Color Sensational, but the quality is still there and these are worth it, if you can find them. This shade is a close enough colour to Mac's Please Me, though Eveline's version is a better dupe, but Maybelline's is better in terms of quality. 

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