My Top 10 Eyeshadows

ponedeljek, julij 18, 2011

I own a reasonable amount of eyeshadows, however I tend to use only a few and mostly it's neutral colours that complement my eye colour (which is grey, you can see it in this post). These are all single eyeshadows, I might feature my palettes separately, but I don't even own that much palettes anyway. So here are my chosen 10:
1. Row: Mac Satin Taupe, Mac Patina, Nyx Black
2. Row: Mac Wedge, L'Oreal Color Infaillible 012 Endless Chocolate, Make Up Factory Shimmer Creme 4
3. L'Oreal Chrome Shine 172 Beige Shimmer, S-he 065, S-he 035, ArtDeco 245

1. L'Oreal Chome Shine in 172 Beige Shimmer - is a very shimmery beige gold shade that really brings out my eyes. I find the the best way to apply it is with the sponge applicator, it sort of doesn't really work well with brushes, I honestly don't know why. Also because it's really shimmery, you have to be carefull when applying it or the shimmer gets everywhere. I bought it when I was in London and I don't think they sell this colour in Slovenia (actually the color selection of L'Oreal eyeshadows in our drugstores is really pathetic). I love pairing this shade with L'Oreal's 012 Endless Chocolate.

2. S-he 065 - is a brilliant highlighting shade. It's has a soft satin shine finish. I love using it just all over with some gel eyeliner. It's ridiculously cheap (1,95 €), however the size of it is also ridiculously small. 

3. S-he 035 - is a gorgeous dark blue with a satin finish. I love, love, love dark blue shades and this one is one of the prettiest I came across. I wear it over Essence kajal pencil in 13 Nightfever on the top lash line, when I want to wear something else than a black eyeliner.

4. Mac Wedge - is the perfect contouring shade for my skin tone. Also use it for contouring  my cheekbones.
5. ArtDeco 245 - I already featured it in my top 10 products post. It's my all-time favorite eyeshadow. The shade is sort of an old gold color, green-gold with a satin finish. The size of the pan is really, really small and it is a bit expensive (around 5 €), but the quality is fantastic.

6. Make Up Factory Shimmer Creme 4 - is the only creme eyeshadow I own. It's perfect for days when I'm in a rush, but I still want to wear something on my lids. It's really smooth and applies like butter. Unfortunately, since it is a creme eyeshadow, it does crease eventually, but I still find it that it lasts reasonably long. It's one of those shades that really complement blue/grey eyes because it's gold with some copper undertones. I also love using it as a base, especially when I'm wearing Urban Decay's Half Baked. Make Up Factory is only available in Müller, I believe this eyeshadow was around 12-14€.

7. L'Oreal Color Infaillible in 012 Endless Chocolate - I already raved a lot about the Color Infaillible range. Endless Chocolate is a gorgeous shimmery, bronzey brown shade. It's so versatile, I wear it all over the lid or just as a liner and it's also one of those shades that looks great in combination with so many colors. The staying power is excellent. The texture of these eyeshadows is like a pressed pigment and are really pigmented. These cost around 8 €.

8. Nyx Black - Another eyeshadow I featured in my top 10 products post. It's my most worn eyeshadow. I wear it as a liner on my waterline and top lash line. It's such a deep black shade that just lasts ages on your waterline. 
9. Mac Patina - One of the pretties shades ever. It's an antiqued gold shade that complements blue/grey eyes. It's not massively pigmented, you have to build up the color, but it just looks so gorgeous even by itself.

10. Mac Satin Taupe - Another really gorgeous shade for blue/grey eyes. It a brown taupe shade with some purple undertones. It's the prefect color for a neutral brown smoky eye. I love wearing it alone with just some mascara and black liner.

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  1. Oh, čudoviti odtenki! Tudi sama največ uporabljam rano take :)

  2. Super post. S-he 035 sem kupila, ko sem prebrala review in mi je zelo všeč.
    Zelo lep odtenek mi je Make Up Factory Shimmer Creme 4.

  3. Sem videla tvoj post. Me veseli, da si zadovoljna :). Meni je kombinacija z Essencevim eyelinerjem fantastična, ker izgleda potem barva še bolj intenzivna in tudi dalj časa obstane na mestu. MUF 4 je super za svetle oči, res jih super poudari.

  4. Now I must try out that Art Deco eyeshadow! I have an empty Art Deco eyeshadow palette that fits 12 pans and is still waiting to be filled up ;)