Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters

četrtek, januar 31, 2013

I know I'm so late to the party, but Revlon Lip Butters aren't exactly sold in every drugstore here. In fact, there is only one shop, to my knowledge, that sells them in Slovenia (aside from the online shop Click2Chic). I finally had the chance to see them in person. They sell them in Illirija, Ljubljana (more about it here under Revlon), it's a bit shocking it took me so long to get there, I used to live 2 minutes away. I bought two shades as a treat for my birthday - Berry Smoothie and Sweet Tart

There were 9 shades available and I must admit, they look a lot prettier in person than online. I almost walked out with two more, but they are way to expensive. They cost 10€ and the shades available were: Cupcake (cool toned light pink), Strawberry Shortcake (light-medium warm pink, I was thinking of buying it), Peach Parfait (a warm medium peach with gold shimmer, I almost got that one too), Lolipop (very, very pigmented, fuchsia), Creme Brule (brownish nude), Berry Smoothie (MLBB berry), Sweet Tart (very pigmented Barbie pink), Cotton Candy (cool toned light pink, very similar to Cupcake), Sugar Frosting (almost no colour, just shimmer).
I wish they'd sell Candy Apple, I really want that one.

I used to be of opinion that these are just grossly over-priced tinted lip balms. Now I admit that yes, maybe they are bit more pigmented than that. But still, due to it's creaminess and they won't last more than two hours on the lips. These are very moisturising and quite a good replacement for a lip balm. I haven't experienced any dryness with these. All have a glossy finish, but more like creamy glossiness rather than a glass reflection shine. The texture is soft and buttery, so don't expect for one lip butter to last you long. It'll just melt away, especially if you'll keep reapplying it.

Berry Smoothie looks like a my-lip-but-better shade but with a berry twist. It has gold shimmer that is fine and you can't feel it on your lips if you rub them together. This is such an easy shade to wear, it goes with everything. It's less pigmented than Sweet Tart and it takes a few swipes to get the intense colour, but it won't be completely opaque. My mum fell in love in this colour and has been trying to convince me to give this shade to her, because in her words "it's not the type of shade you wear" (I wear really bright shades in everyday life). Nice try, mom. 

Sweet Tart is a pigmented, bright Barbie pink. It's very pigmented, one swipe gives you quite a lot of colour for such a balmy texture, however, it will take you a least two swipes to get maximum opaqueness. It's like a much, much more pigmented Labello Dragonfruit. Keep in mind I applied a lot here and I am very pale (NC 15). I imagine it would look more toned down on someone darker than me.

I also own a L'Oreal Rouge Caresse lipstick which is the competition's answer to Revlon lip butters. I actually prefer the L'Oreal's version. They feel more lightweight on the lips, while Revlon's feel a bit sticky and a lot heavier. However, Revlon's darker shades are a lot more pigmented than L'Oreal's dark shades and Revlon's are glossier. I much prefer L'Oreal's packaging, it's prettier in my opinion. 

In all honestly, I do find them over-priced. However, I will admit that they are better than Essence lipsticks which have a similar light, glossy texture, since I find that some Essence ones settle in lines, don't last as long and even dry my lips (looking at you Coralize Me). I'll also admit they have a nice selection of colours. If you really covet them, get the darker shades (Lolipop, Peach Parfait, Sweet Tart, Berry Smoothie, Strawberry Shortcake). The really light ones (Cupcake, Sugar Frosting, Cotton Candy) are not that pigmented and you can get a cheaper alternative at Labello or something similar. I would buy more if they were half off.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. sm upala, da bojo v Iliriji meli več odtenkov kot na click2chic, škoda :)

    1. Res škoda. Očitno nam ostane tujina in eBay za druge odtenke :)