March 2013 Favourites

nedelja, marec 31, 2013

I use oils a lot as a body moisturiser, hair oil, makeup remover and instead of shaving gel (makes your legs feel really soft). This one smells like coconut muffins, it's not too greasy and has a pump.

I wore nothing but neutral, skintone colour on my lids for months, but I decided it's time for a change. I wore a brown smokey eye for most of the time and Metall of Honour acted as a base to get the intensity and longevity of the eyeshadow. It's a dark brown-bronze colour that can be applied sheer or very intense. Unfortunately, it was discontinued a few months ago. 

Naked Palette shade Smog
On top of Metall of Honour I wore Smog, which is one of my favourite shades ever. It's a bronze with gold shimmer and makes my eyes look more blue (it's next to Half Baked).
Nyx blush in Taupe
I finally found a good contouring shade for my super pale skin. I wore it every day this month. I haven't done a review yet, but I will soon.

Nyx Rouge Creme blush in Natural
I just got it this month and it's quickly become one of my favourite cream blushes. It's a pale pink that is actually quite pigmented. Review will be posted soon.

Essence Hang Loose from Surf Babe TE
I tend to wear the same nail polishes over and over again, but this month I decided to wear something I haven't worn more that much. I went for a LE shade called Hang Loose from Essence, which is a light lavender shade. It's really pale, so it looks more like a nude shade but with a twist.

So far the lightest shade I have ever found and it matches me perfectly right now. Texture-wise it's really light and runny, while the coverage light-medium.

A great full coverage concealer, I absolutely understand the hype. I think it deserves all the praise, especially because of the great staying power.

Possibly the cutest lip balms ever. They are nicely moisturising and have enough pigment. Juicy Peach is light pink with some peach and it actually reminds me a bit of Mac Hue.
The combination of the two creates the most amazing amber-vanilla scent. Coconut Passion by itself is a very gourmand scent and Ambre adds a more woody, Mediterranean twist.

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  1. Joj, naked paleta in pa NYX Taupe sta že 100 let na moji WL.

  2. Fajn izbira :) Morm it pogledat tole Alverdino olje :)

  3. nikoli mi ni na pamet padlo mešat dva vonja, moram poskusit!

  4. Aww the bunny gloss bar is adorable!! :3
    I love your choice of NYX blushes too :)

  5. odlični mjesečni favoriti,ima stavri koje bi voljela imati/probati

  6. Tele Tonymoly zajčke si pa nameravam še ta teden naročiti! <3

  7. Lovely favourites! i would love to try those 2 perfumes!

  8. Zajčki so totalno kjut, pa tale Victoria's Secret bi tud rada probala.
    Super blog, sem vesela, da sem te najdla :)!


    1. Hvala :) No zdaj sem tudi jaz našla tvojega :)