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nedelja, september 29, 2013

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I just did a review about it in my last post, so I keep it short. It turns out the hype around it is justified. It makes my hair feel quite silky and it's moisturising enough to keep my ends in shape. The bubble gums scent is fantastic as well. It's a great drugstore find, even though the price is too high in this part of Europe compared to what the pay for it in the USA. 

The peach bubble gum scent of this shower gel is just amazing. It's become one of my favourite shower products ever. 

Coconut Oil
The key word is versatility when it comes to oils. The fact it's solid at room temperature is something I consider a plus since it makes it easier to use, at least for me. I use it as a makeup remover, face and body moisturiser, pre-wash treatment for my hair as well as for treating dry ends. And it smells so good. 

Refan n.22 - Imitation of Boss Nuit Pour Femme (Hugo Boss)
Such a lovely everyday scent - grown up and yes, a bit generic (just a typical Hugo Boss fragrance). It starts with a fantastic proper peach bust and then the scent evolves into a more flowery fragrance (white flowers) with some sandalwood. It ends up smelling a bit like fabric softener, but an expensive kind. I'd describe it as the perfect everyday, office scent. Not offensive, doesn't really stand out, but it's really nice. Gaga's Fame and this are my absolute favourite scents right now.
It's a spot on dupe for the original (I checked) as all Refan fragrances I've tried so far. The lasting power is fantastic such a scent with no strong base note like vanilla or amber and it's neither too strong nor too weak, but just right.

Colour-wise it's nothing new in my collection, though the colour is one of my favourites: a beautiful pink-coral. What impressed me most is the formula which is such a pleasure to use. I wish every nail polish were like that.

Autumn is a great time for dark lipstick colours and a deep berry shade like Berry Me Home is just perfect for this time of year. The formula is one of the best in my collection, too bad it was a LE, but I did just purchase Rimmel's matte lipstick in 107, which is in the same colour family. 

Mac Wedge Eyeshadow
I neglect this little gem far too much. It's the perfect what I call an "imitating shadow" colour for contouring. However, I just use all over the lid with Maybelline Color Tatoo in Permanent Taupe underneath and it's the perfect everyday look. I wore this combo on my thesis presentation. By the way, it's a very similar colour to the shade Naked in UD's Naked Palette.

S Budget Tights in Skin 20 Den
Ok, I admit it's a bit random and also odd to put in a post, but I genuinely love them. I finally found the perfect colour of tights for me, they literally completely match my skin (I'm super pale, about NC 15). My mom even though I'm not wearing anything and that my legs just look that good. I don't like wearing darker tights (tan colour) than my natural skintone because it looks weird, so I just wear black ones, but these are perfect. Best part is that they are so cheap, about 1.5€ for two pairs. But the sizes are so hard to find, they only had bigger sizes, but it was still fine, even though I'm super petite. They are sold in Spars and Interspars.

Have a great day!

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  1. Oh kokosovo olje, love it!:D xx

  2. Meni tudi čudno zgleda, če ima nekdo oblečene najlonke, ki so drugačne barve od obraza :D Se pa strinjam za Aussie, čeprav glede na učinek mi ni škoda tudi, če plačam več kot Američani. :)

  3. Oh, tale Aussie... Dragi je bil oz. je še vedno v Grazu, je šel pobrskat v DM, pa niso imeli nobenih izdelkov od Aussie. :( Potem se ga prosila naj pogleda za Maybelline Instant rewind korektor, so ga imeli samo v najsvetlejšem odtenku, tako da mi je vzel tistga v beli embalaži (naj bi bila ista stvar, samo 'nova' formula).

    1. A res ga ni bilo? Kolikor vem naj bi v Avstriji bil na voljo ker v Nemčiji je tudi. No še vedno ti vsaj eBay ali pa Amazon ostane, da ne greš na Hrvaško samo za to :)

      Za belega sem že slišala, naj bi bil proti temnim madežem in ima vitamin C notri. Če je bil v Seiersbergu potem verjetno res nimajo na zalogi, ker tam je vse vedno tako pobrano.

  4. Kje si kupila to kokosovo olje in če mogoče veš za ceno?:)

    Crayons and Beads

    1. V Leclercu za okrog 3,5€ (200g).
      Se pa dobi, da je tak v lončku, ampak večji (450g) od znamke Cobio za okrog 11-15€ v Tušu, Merkatorju in Dm-u. V meni najbližjem Intersparu sem ga videla samo v steklenici, kar je pa zame nepraktično.

  5. Jaz mam tole maslo, super je! Essie lakec mam tudi jaz, je super.. Pa Balea gel za tuširanje sem si tudi jaz kupila po tvojem priporočilu in je super!

  6. Coconut oil is a favorite of mine too!!! Great to remove makeup and to hydrate lips! :D
    I can feel what you say about tights. I'm paler than NC 15 and..can't find any kind of skintone tights! It's frustrating! D: