What Makeup Would I Buy at a Drugstore with 50€

sobota, november 23, 2013

I did a little interview/guest post for The Budget Diary blog. The lovely Megan contacted me and asked me to do a selection of drugstore products I'd buy with 50 € if I had no makeup. She plans to do a whole series with other bloggers, so subscribe to her if you want to see more of these. I'll post just a recap post here, but the original post is here if you want to learn more about the products. As always coloured text are links to original reviews.

1. Bourjois Healthy Serum (14 €)

2. Maybelline's Instant Anti-Age the Eraser Eye (8-10 €)

3. Maybelline Dream Touch blush (8.11 €)

4. MUA Matte 16 eyeshadow (1.2 €)

5. NYX Black eyeshadow (3 €)

6. Max Factor Khol Pencil in Natural Glaze (5 €)

7. Maybelline Colour Tattoo Permanent Taupe (4.95 €)

8. Essence get BIG lashes waterproof (2.69 €)

9. Essence Stay Matte Lip Cream (2.19 €)
Total: 49.14 €

So this is my selection and it contains my favourite drugstore choices, however, I'd still like to recommend a few alternatives:
For those who don't want a waterproof maskara: I <3 Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara  (2.69 €)
For those who want a powder blush: Catrice Defining blush (3.79 €)
                              - higher coverage concealer: Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection concealer (4.19 £ in UK, try eBay)
                              - an eyeliner instead of a black eyeshadow: Max Factor Liquid Effect Pencil (about 5 €)
                       - powder eyeshadow instead of a cream one: Catrice Eye Colour Mono (2.89 €) (350 Starlight Expresso is a lighter version of Permanent Taupe) 
                             - a lipstick: Catrice Ultimate Colour (4.19 €)
                             - a lip gloss: Essence Stay with me (about 2 €)

What are your favourite drugstore makeup products? Have a great day!

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  1. LOVE the essence waterproof mascara and colour tattoo in taupe! So good.

  2. Tudi jaz bi si kupila Healthy Mix Serum pa eno izmed Color Tattoo senčk. :)

  3. Great post. I love all those products, especially Bourjois HMS, Essence Lip Creams and Maybelline CT in Permanent taupe.
    I would like to try Maybelline concealer, but for some reason we don`t have it in Bosnia.

    1. My Maybelline concealer is from Croatia, but I hear it's not available there anymore. But I think you can still buy it in Austria.

  4. This is really good product.And it's color and small is really good.


  5. Take objave so mi ful hude. Pa večina izdelkov mi je super! :D

  6. Še ena fanica takih objav, res so super. :) Mogoče se je lotim tudi sama, čisto za hec. :) Zanimivo, da smatraš MUA za drugstore brand, jaz je ne, ker je dosegljiva samo prek spleta (je pa definitivno nizek cenovni razred, ja). Če se držim tudi MUA, bi rekla, da je definitivno ena mojih najljubših znamk za izredno nizko ceno. Od znamk, ki jih dobimo v lokalnih drogerijah bi pa prav gotovo največ stvari pri meni pobral Bourjois, nekaj tudi Essence, ampak če bi morala samo eno znamko uporabljat celo življenje, bi se najbrž odločila za Bourjois. :) Pomoje imam tudi največ njihovih izdelkov v zbirki. Aha, pa Maybelinovi Color tatujčki so tudi a must.

    1. No, če boš kdaj napisala tak post, se že veselim branja :) Me zanimajo tvoje izbire.
      MUA se dobi tudi v prosti prodaji v VB (Superdrug), tako da je drugstore brand. Seveda za nas je pa samo preko interneta :)
      Jaz bi bi se tudi odločila za Bourjois, morda celo za Catrice :)

  7. Res super objava, si me čisto navdihnila. Se pa strinjam s tabo v dosti točkah. Lepo, da več objavljaš. <3

  8. Jaz bi se tudi oločila za tatujčke in bourjois puder, tako kot je ena punca že rekla, medtem ko me je maybelline concealer kar malo razočaral.

  9. Thank you so much once again for sending me all these great products and blogging about it here too. I wish you all the best and can't wait to try some of these products out! :)

    - Megan

    1. No problem :) It was a wonderful idea and I really enjoyed writing it :)

  10. Wow! I would really like to have that Maybelline's Instant Anti-Age the Eraser Eye. Great post you got here!


  11. Good post. I'm addicted to your blog. It's so informative,well written and clear. We share the same color skin tone and light eyes (but i'm dark blonde) so I keep your reviews as a holy grail:). It's really hard to find the proper color concealer for my nw15 skin tone here in Italy. Thanks for all your suggestion. Hugs from the nearby Friuli:)

    1. Thank you Anna :) . You're very kind. I don't find it so hard to find a concealer here, but light foundations are ridiculously scarce.

    2. I know:). It's a bit pricey but Urban Decay naked skin foundation has a good range of colours. They have also a bunch of super fair colorations:0.5 (mine,more cool toned) and 1.0 (for the yellow toned skin tones).I think you can compare them with the nw 15 e nc15 colors by Mac. I don't know if you can find urban decay in slovenia,but you can purchase in a Sephora (aside of Trieste,the more furnished one is in Udine.They have also the brand too faced). It costs around 34-35 euros. :)

    3. I never even checked it out. I just immediately assume there's nothing light enough, though I like UD. UD is not available in Slovenia, but it is on HqHair, Look Fantastic and some other sites. I went to Sephora in Trieste once, but that was a really long time ago, I might go again and I was in Italy a month ago, but it was a Sunday :)
      I just purchased Rimmel Match Perfection in Porcelain from Asos, but it's still in the mail. Apparently, it's super light :) .

    4. I check some infos about it in the Sephora Italian store. Apparently they only have the foundations in Udine...It's a bit strange since there is an Urban Decay corner also in Trieste. Anyway, the 0.5 match my skin tone perfectly. It's super light and moisturizing. You can look it better here:
      Let me know about the Rimmel one.

    5. Thanks for the info.
      I will. As always there will be a review on it, I just hope the mail man comes soon :)