Jordana Easyliner Rock n' Rose

petek, december 18, 2015

This shade was chosen because of its high rating on Makeup Alley, but I have to admit that when it landed on my doorstep, I couldn't help to wonder why is it so popular. Granted I'm probably completely the wrong person for such as shade as I'm super pale and such shades look far better on medium skin tones, but still it's is very brown for a lip liner. 

Rock n' Rose is a caramel brown shade with some pink-orange tones. Not my personal favourite as I dislike brown lip shades, but Mac's Spice and Subculture are also brown and so many people love them. Must be something about brown on the lips. It should look a lighter on medium skin tones. I tried to find some more pictures how it looks on other people, but there aren't that many full-face ones, check Pinterest for comparisons and some looks with it.

The texture is very similar to Essence's Longlasting pencils, so it's soft, but not too soft, meaning it's still precise enough and you can easily apply it all over the lips. It's a retractable liner and thankfully it doesn't break. Staying power is ok, again similar to Essence's Longlasting pencils. Don't ask me in hours because I never check these things. 

It costs 3 € on Click2Chic, 2.37 € on the Jordana EU site and 2.49 $ on Jordana US site. 

Have a great day!

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  1. No way! I just added this one to my wishlist like 2 days ago and I see this as a sign I should get it. I personally really like the shade (although it looks way pinker on Pinterest for some reason? Oh well, the magic of different skintones). I actually like it on you as well, I feel like it looks very classic on you. :)

    1. I guess I have such a pale and neutral skin tone that the colour probably looks most like in the pure pigment in this. The darker the skin tone, the lighter the colour will look as well as possibly pinker. You might want to try Tawny too, since that one looks more pink to me.

      Thank you :)

  2. Well, I really liked the shade of this lip liner. In fact, I've added it in my wishlist. This would good on my fair/medium skin tone.

    Chaste & Beautiful

    1. I think it would look on anyone darker than me :)