Empties #18 and a Stash Purge

nedelja, april 17, 2016

So far this is my favourite cleansing oil I tried and the only one I can rely on to keep my skin in check. It removes heavy-duty makeup, including waterproof mascara, but it makes my vision very cloudy. I'm currently using the Shea Butter one, which is a bit cheaper, smells nicer and feels more comfortable to use, and it would definitely be my favourite ever, but it doesn't manage to keep my skin in such good condition as this one.
Repurchase: Yes.

There were days when I adored this and days when I was so fed up by it. People loved this scent on me and told me I smell like coconut vanilla cookies. I actually don't smell much coconut at all, it's definitely predominantly a vanilla fragrance, very warm, comforting and wintery. Coconut scents tend to be more beachy, but this one does not fit into that category at all. I loved this one for layering, particularly with Yves Rocher Noix de Coco and L'Occitane Amber (discontinued version). It's a scent with an excellent staying power, so you basically get 250 ml perfume for 12 €. Worth the purchase if you're considering it. 
Repurchase: I'm currently fed up with this scent and would prefer Mango Temptation, but I might buy it again one day.

I'm the biggest fan of The Body Shop's Vineyard Peach range. The scent is divine! I often say it's my favourite scent ever and I have a body butter and a body mist from this range. Texture-wise this scrub was not terribly impressive. It's nicely creamy with sparser scrubby particles and it's quite a gentle scrub. The thing is that I prefer harsher scrubs, but if your skin is sensitive, you might like this. It rinses of completely, so there's no oily filter like at some other such products. I prefer my Soap & Glory scrubs. 
Repurchase: Other products from this line, but not this scrub.

My favourite drugstore shampoo, but this the first bottle of Extraordinary version I used up. Before I had the Glatt-Intense version, which works exactly the same. I have very dry hair, so a majority of shampoos are drying on my hair and tangle it, but not this one. It's almost like a 2 in 1 shampoo + conditioner, so the comb just glides though the hair, plus it smells lovely, almost cinnamony. I heard from several people that it causes build-up on their hair and that it makes it look flat (even those with dry hair), but nothing like that happens to me. I love this shampoo and I hope they never discontinue it.
Repurchase: Yes, already done.

Best texturising spray I've ever tried. It creates texture, which means that it helps achieve volume, it also makes the curls look more lived-in and helps them last longer. This one has a bit more hold than the rest, so it's like a hair spray mixed with a dry salt spray and it can make you hair feel a bit crispy if you use a lot of it, but in moderation it's fine. This is one of my essential products for creating all of those curly hairstyles I wear all the time.
Repurchase: I already have one in stock. I'd be lost without this.

70% off this bottle was used an air freshener. I'm not even sorry. I hated this and I was so struggling to use it up because it basically does nothing. It's a sticky hairspray-ish type of product with a very light hold, it feels wet when you spray a lot of it and it can make the hair feel sticky or unwashed. There is very little of that texture they promise and it does nothing to achieve more volume. Get Charles Worthington or VO5 instead.
Repurchase: Nope, nope, nope.

A boring empty and one of those never-fails me products. I've been buying these in their numerous edition for years, but this one was one of my favourites because it smells like mango candy. Great LE, I hope they make more similar ones. 
Repurchase: Already have the grapefruit and the new coconut version.

REXONA Dry Deo Stick Anti-Perspirant
Clear Pure
Boring empty number two. A deodorant that never failed me in three or so years since I've been buying it and it's the only deodorant that didn't stop working before I even had a chance to use it up. A true unsung hero.
Repurchase: Every time even before I finish one.

I used to adore such products, these thick gloss type of lip balms and I had a ton of them from L'Occitane. But I've outgrown them and I prefer a more classic lip balm now. I can't fault this one - it moisturises well, though it's not for super dry, cracked lips, it gives a nice amount of shine that isn't too much and it smells exactly like pears. The amount you get is absolutely huge (15 ml), so it lasts forever.
Repurchase: No.

I'm still using these as hand creams. I had most of the editions that were available and all were lovely, just simple thick creams that sink in fast. This one admittedly didn't have my favourite scent in the bunch. It had a fake raspberry scent that just didn't win me over, but I love the design of the tin. These thicken and go glassy-yellow after a few months, so you need to use them fast otherwise they don't absorb into the skin any more. I use the empty tins for storing booby pins.
Repurchase: I have a few other scents.

CADEAVERA Belebende Reinigungstűcker
These really were nothing special. I used them to remove swatches, but they were kind of weak. I used them a few times on my face, but found them harsh because the towels are those classic thin ones and I prefer quilted. They smell nice, like lilies of the valley and a bit fruity.
Repurchase: Nah, there are so many others.

L'OCCITANE Face Comforting Oil
I got several samples of this when they had the introductory promotion. I've been using Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse for about five years daily and this one by L'Occitane doesn't really compare. It's a nice oil that nourishes the skin, but despite being lighter that Nuxe's, it takes forever to sink it and I did no care for that silicone on the first place on the ingredients list. It's just that the ingredients read more like a hair serum than a face oil.
Purchase: No.

I bet you're shocked to see this here. I'm both shocked and livid because the damn thing broke. Never in my life anything broke on me. I have my first cell phone somewhere for god sakes and it wasn't Nokia. But literally in the midst of curling my hair, everything just went kaput. I gave it to my dad to fix it and the heater in one of the wands broke, but the rest of the things still supposedly gets electricity, however, when I plug it in - zilch, nada, nothing. I thought it might be suspicious that it allegedly works on dual voltage, so for US (110 V) and EU (240 V), but I suspect our higher voltage just wrecked it. I really became depended on this curler, it was so good, so I'm understandably upset about this. Well, at least I didn't pay for it (PR product), but I'll really miss it because it was brilliant. Well, I went back to my trusted Remington Pro Soft Curls. That one has been working with no problems for 6 years.
Repurchase: In a way I would love to, but I don't trust the whole voltage thing any more and to be fair neither the quality. Plus it's shipped from the USA, which means + 40 € of custom charges. 

I very rarely throw any makeup away. I mean I do stash purges, but what doesn't make the cut, I give away immediately if someone wants it (in last years there have been plenty of happy takers), while the rest I store in boxes because as I blogger, I always think that these things will comes handy for some future posts/comparisons or I just don't want to get rid of things because they were my (already expired) favourites. It's silly, I know. Most are over five years old, some are close to eight and they've changed texture as well as smell, so I'm not comfortable giving these away any more and it's time I let them go. Along with my old favourites are also some products that just sucked and I immediately regretted purchasing them. I bought them in another time, when most drugstore products were rubbish and finding something decent usually meant buying high-end products. Experience also thought me that I should avoid (Essence & Catrice) limited editions because they tend to end up in this boxes.
A final shout out to some great, already discontinued products - Essence Stay All Day cream eyeshadows (though their new pen versions are even better than these), Maybelline Dream Mousse blush (I adored this! Wore it every day for years, but it's gone off and I couldn't bring myself to throw it away. The new Dream Cream version is fabulous too, but mine's gone off), Essence Stay With Me lip glosses and Manhattan Soft Mat Lipcreams (Nyx Sort Matte lip creams dupes).
Anyone like me, who just can't say goodbye to products?

Have a great day!

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  1. Meee :D Sometimes I really have almost not used products that I know I won't use but still keep for "just in case" and they never home in handy :( I feel bad throwing away products, but having too many not useful ones is also bad. What can I say - it is not that easy to be a blogger.

    1. Yup, I do the same :). It's not like I'm a hoarder or something, but when it comes to makeup I find it hard to just throw things away even if they do suck. Luckily in the last years, pretty much everything I didn't like someone took and they actually like those products which makes me feel better because I know the products got a better home. But these were the product that no one ever wanted, so most of them has gone off.

  2. Čisto razumem, ko si napisala, da bi bila izgubljena brez CW Texturising spraya, jaz ga že prib. 2 tedna želim naročit iz Bootsa in je razprodan :'( My hair sucks currently.
    Sem bila pa zelo presenečena, ko sem najprej videla kodralnik brez, da bi prebrala karkoli. Res škoda no...

    1. O, ne :( Boots ni znan po tem, da hitro obnavlja zalogo. VO5 ti pa ni všeč, a ne?

      Kodralnika mi je tako škoda :/ Res je bil dober, sem ga raje uporabljala kot Remingtona, ampak kaj češ. Ne vem ali je pač cheap roba ali ga je res previsoka napetost uničila.

  3. oh škoda za kodralnik, sploh ker ti je bil super. jaz bi bila kar malo žalostna, če bi se mi to zgodilo.

    1. Dobro, da imam rezerve doma, ker drugače bi bila čisto živčna. Si ne predstavljam bit brez, zadnje čase poskušam uporabljat manj vročine, pa je res slaba ideja glede na teksturo mojih las. Tale mi je bil odličen, res sem ga zelo rada uporabljala, tako da mi je res škoda da je krepnil.

  4. I'll keep anything as long as possible with the exact same thoughts as you had. Only very rarely I will literaly throw away some makeup.. most of the time I put it in the 'not so often box' and sometimes, it comes handy :)

    1. I actually still kept a few of the newer things, though not a lot, but I think those things will have to go too. They do come handy sometimes, especially when I'm doing someone else's makeup and those products fit them more than me, but even since I got a job, things have just been piling up.

  5. Jaz imam občutek, da ne bom nikoli porabila Victoria's Secret mista. Je res huuuge in tako močan da ga tudi če bi želela ne morem preveč špricat po sebi :D.
    Pred par tedni sem si vbila v glavo, da hočem nek texturizing spray. Seveda je to mission impossible za najt v naših trgovinah. Ker si ti hair goddess, me zanima če mi kaj priporočaš? Jaz sicer sovražim občutek lakov za lase in crispy trdih las. Bi imela samo nekaj za dodaten volumen in malo teksture, da vse ne pade dol. Zaenkrat to dosežem samo s tono batisteja drug ali tretji dan po pranju. Tam mi pa gre na živce ta puder v laseh in na rokah.:D
    Drugače pa se jaz tudi težko ločim od mojih makeup izdelkov. Res je da ene z lahkoto podarim, ko kdo pride k meni, ene pa kar nočem ne dati strani, hkrati pa jih niti ne uporabljam. Sicer imam pa jaz ta problem z več stvarmi na sploh hehe :).

    1. Jaz sem ga kar špricala :D Redko mi kdo reče, da voha moj parfum, potem sem začela pa kar malo pretiravat, sploh pri teh poceni parfumih.

      Res je mission impossible. Par jih poznam, samo nisem nikoli sprobala. Imamo enega roza od Fructis (Prachtauffüller Üppige Mähne), ampak menda ni dober, en zelen L'Orealov Ever(Strong?) Mineral Salt Spray, ki je menda že boljši. Ne vem če imamo Toni & Guy Casual Rough Texturiser, ampak lahko da je v Avstriji. Menda je najbolj podobnen temu od Charles Worthington (ocena: http://www.llymlrs.com/2014/03/oribe-dry-texturizing-spray-alternatives.html ). Če ti ni škoda dajat 10 € + poštnino imajo na Salmi L'Oréal Professionnel Tecni Art Wild Stylers, ki je zelo pohvaljen.

      Rada dajem makeup, ki je neuporabljen nekomu, samo stran jih nočem metat čisto iz okoljskega vidika:D Imam raje nekje spravljeno, da mogoče lahko vsaj embalažo še enkrat porabim, ampak zdaj se je pa res že vsega preveč nabralo in te stvari so tako stare.

    2. U hvala, si mi dala že veliko več možnosti kot sem jih sama videla :D. Bom definitivno preverila malo tudi v Avstriji. Hvala :) <3

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