Revlon Colorstay Concealer

petek, april 15, 2016

I love the Colorstay foundation for normal/dry skin and since I heard some good things about the concealer, plus it was 25% off at the time, I gave it a go. It's very different in terms of texture to both foundations, but the coverage is similar. I got the shade called 2 Light, which is the fairest we can get here (a lighter called 1 Fair exists as well) and it looked really good in the shop, but this is not the best match for me and you'll see why.

Texture: It's quite a thick liquid concealer, but unlike Collections', which is most similar in terms of thickness, this one seems to have sort of a gel consistency, like there are more silicones in it and it's a moisturising type of concealer, meaning it has a dewy effect and takes a lot longer to set than others, including both of the foundations in this line. It applies and blends nicely, mostly because it takes a long time to set and you get a ton of time to work with it. Due to such a texture it's also very easy to use it as a quick foundation because it can cover large areas very easily. Since it's a moisturising type of concealer, it's prone to creasing, but I never really minded that.

 Concealer all over the skin.

Concealer only under the eyes. Notice the difference in skin tones, mine is more neutral and this concealer is very yellow. 

Coverage: It's very similar to the foundation, so the coverage is medium-full. It won't cover absolutely everything and on my skin dark freckles still shine though, but it's pretty good coverage, just not as high as NARS's or Collection's. It's the type of concealer that can easily be used to concealer all imperfections, so under eye circles, redness and blemishes.

Shade: As I said I got the lightest shade on our stands, 2 Light, which I swatched next to Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum 51 in the shop and it looked light enough for me so I took it. And it all looked fine, I mean it looked a bit more yellow than my other concealers, but when I was editing pictures for my before/after, I noticed how ridiculously yellow it is. I then decided to re-do the pictures in case the lighting was off, but no this is crazy yellow for me. I can't wear this on its own, but I can mix it with a more pink product. It's funny because Bourjois' Radiance Reveal and Essence Soft Touch Mousse concealer also look like a bad match for me, but the fact they are both a bit warmer makes them work. 

Staying power: It lasts somewhere around 4-5 hours on its own, since the formula is quite dewy and slippery. If you set it with powder, it can last all day. I once did one side with powder and one without, the difference was massive in terms of lasting power. Since it's moisturising it's prone to sliding of faster, so setting it with a powder is a good idea at this one.  

Packaging: A simple plastic tube with a doe foot applicator. It's pretty basic, but good.

Price and availability: I got mine in Müller where it costs 8.59 €

I'm still head-over-heels in love with Bourjois' Radiance Reveal, so that one set the bar quite high for other concealers I'm trying. It's a nice concealer in terms of texture, in my opinion better suited for dry skin than oily due to the dewy finish. It will slide off from oily skin very fast, so powder is almost a must at this concealer. The coverage is nice, very similar to both foundations, so medium-full, bigger imperfections will need a couple of layers to cover them. Like Radiance Reveal it's the type of concealer that works as a substitute for foundation, however, shade 2 Light is very, very yellow. More yellow than any other concealer I've tried, so get it if you have an intense warm undertone. I would really like this, were it not for the shade. If I had a chance, I'd pick up a lighter shade called Fair, but as far as I know it's not sold here. 

Have a great day!

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  1. Tale je definitivno najbolj rumen korektor v moji kolekciji in prav hecno mi je kako se to res očitno opazi na tvojem podtonu :D. No saj zame je zdaj tudi pretemen, ko sem končno začela nosit podlage, ki mi dejansko niso pretemne :D. Ga imam pa rada poleti. Drugače mi je pa najbolj všeč ravno ta vlažilen efekt in kot si napisal vsekakor ga lahko nosiš namesto podlage. Sem to že tudi večkrat naredila. A Catrice Liquid Camouflage te pa še do zdaj ni zanimal? Imam občutek, da bi ti mogoče bil všeč. Ni tako zelo vlažilen kot Revlon, je bolj gost in sicer tudi bolj prekriven. Vem, da ti nimaš rada preveč prekrivnih :).

    1. Ja, pri meni prav tolče ven ta razlika med podtoni :D Ga mešam z roza Diorjevo BB kremo, da ga posvetlim in nevtraliziram. Liquid Camouflage me zelo zanima in ga imam na seznamu za enkrat kupit, sploh zdaj ko mi Collections zmanjkuje, pa Boots ne obnavlja zaloge. Tega Revlonovega sem kupila, ker je bil ravno -25% jaz pa nisem imela nobenega korektorja za C2C objave. Tekstura in prekrivnost sta mi všeč, samo barva je napačna.

  2. Kakšna tri leta nazaj sem ga kupila, ampak je bil tudi meni odtenek Light grozno prerumen, tako da je hitro našel novega lastnika. Trenutno uporabljam od Collection v odtenku Fair in me precej spominja na NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer.

    1. Se strinjam glede Collection korektorja. Z Narsovim sta si zelo podobna, meni sta skoraj kot dupe, čeprav je Narsov malo bolj kremen :)

  3. I liked the sound of this concealer but I didn't like the fact that it creases. i like yellow concealers as they give a more youthful appearance. I will try that Bourjois concealer soon. :)

    Chaste & Beautiful

    1. Well, creasing is an easy fixable problem, you just set it with powder, which is a good idea at such a moisturising formula anyway :)

  4. It's indeed very yellow. Thanks for the review!