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sreda, oktober 21, 2015

KIKO Rebel Romantic LE Intensely Lavish Lipstick
01 Lusty Peony and 04 Mild Sangria
So I died and went to heaven when I first visited Kiko Milano shop (for real this time) and saw a full Rebel Romantic collection. Sara from Passing Fancy and Ana from Beautysaur both talked about it weeks/months ago, so I had little hope I would get anything, but I got everything I wanted *cheers*. Lipsticks were the priority, I planned on getting 01 and 02, but 04 convinced me more in person. The packaging of these is unreal. Not only is it super pretty, but these actually feel like 30 € lipsticks. Heavy rose gold metal tubes with a magnet closing system - Kiko shows us you can make an absolutely fantastic lipstick for 7 €. The formula is outstanding as well, sooo creamy and lovely to apply. Honestly, these are probably the best lipsticks I've tried so far. They have a creamy finish from the start, but they do dry down a bit after a while to a more matte finish. If you get one product from this collection, get the lipstick. I have the shade 01, which is a medium powder pink shade with brown tones (apparently similar to Soar and it does have that 90's vibe on me), and 04 which is a dirty rose-red shade. I'll post swatches in my next post.
Kiko, 6.90 €

KIKO Rebel Romantic LE Rebel Bouncy Blush
03 Treasure Rose
Again I got a shade that I wasn't planning to, 01 was on the top of my list, but this one looked better in person, which is incidentally the same shade that Sara has. The texture is described as something new and unique, but it's the same dry-to-the-touch, play-doh-like texture that E.l.f. Studio cream blushes have. It looked better in the shop, at home when I tried it on the cheeks I wasn't as impressed. It's very dry and it lacks a touch more slip, so it's a bit hard to blend, especially since I got a dark shade. The colour is a rose-retro red mix that translates into a pink-red flush on the cheeks. It's a colour I don't have yet, so that's a good thing, but I think the formula leaves something to be desired.
Kiko, 9.90 €

KIKO Midnight Siren LE Matte Muse Lipstick
03 Enthrall Pink
And another product I got a different shade that I originally intended too (this trip just proved to me that seeing things in person is everything). I actually liked all the colours, they really made a lovely selection of shades, but I went to the peachy-pink 03 and I'm really liking my choice. I assume that the applicator didn't escape your notice, but look who decided to copy Essence. There were actually some of my favourite shapes of applicators, however this one isn't as soft as the old Essence's, it's also a bit smaller, but it still works ok. The lipstick is very pigmented and fully opaque, just as almost all such products and it dries to a matte finish after about 15 minutes. These aren't the best matte liquid lipsticks I've tried, but also not bad. It's a bit sticky on the lips and it can feel drying. I like the interesting packaging, but they should work a bit more on the formula.
Kiko, 6.90 €

KIKO Rebel Romantic LE Mirror
Apart from the lipsticks this is my absolute favourite item from RR collection. It's pure luxury for a fiver. The mirror is rose gold and it comes in a pouch, so it's protected from the evil sharp unidentified objects in your bag. It has two mirrors, a classic one and a magnifying one. Such a gorgeous item.
Kiko, 4.90 €

KIKO Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow
06 Golden Brown
I already have the shade 38, which made me fall in love with these. They are the most amazing cream eyeshadows I've tried. So smooth, so pigmented, they blend nicely and once they set they don't budge. I swatched them in the shop and didn't have a makeup wipe - they didn't budge a micrometre with a dry tissue. I had to use a remover when I got home. Golden Brown is a bronze shade that is very similar to Maybelline's On and on Bronze, but it's a bit darker and cooler. I regret not getting shade 04 as well.
Kiko, 4.90 €

KIKO Nail Lacquer
375 Bois de Rose
I wanted another shade called Pink Sand, but was met with disappointment when I saw how little of the tons of shades they actually had in Palmanova's shop. I got the one I thought was closest, I just wanted a nice greyish powder pink, but this one is already darker and brighter. I still really like it and Kiko's nail polishes are so lovely that I'm sure I'll use it a lot. 
Kiko, 1.90 €

MISSLYN Nail Polish
610 Night Club
I've been on quest to find a dupe for the discontinued Essence's Deep Blue Sea for a while. Barry M's Navy was evading me for far too long, it just wasn't meant to be I guess, but I stumbled upon this shade that someone left away from its usual place, which was a real stroke of luck. I remember checking all the stands for a dupe, but the cheeky buggers hid this one really well (it's right at the back and barely noticeable). It's good dupe for it, a navy blue with blue shimmer, just as my old dried-up favourite. So glad I found this. The formula isn't terribly impressive though, as it's kind of on the dry side.
Müller, 4.99 €

ESSENCE Lipliner
11 In the Nude
I got this because I heard it's a dupe for Velvet Teddy. I don't have the latter, so I can't make a comparison like I did at the Wish Me a Rose shade, but Andria did that admirably anyway. They changed the packaging, in case you haven't noticed yet. The silver caps are gone and I strongly suspect they tampered with the formula, just as one of my readers told me. It could just be this shade, but the formula isn't nearly as creamy as the other Essence lipliners I own. Personally, I don't mind, but there might be riots in the beauty community. In the nude is an unexpectedly flattering and lovely warm nude shade that actually doesn't look terrible on me. 
Müller, 1.19 €

ESSENCE Eyeshadow Brush
So I go on this rant in my last Wishlist post about how I need to buy more quality brushes and the next week I buy another cheap Essence one. I have no words for myself. Anyway, this one looked interesting to me because it looks similar to MAC 239 and I only have one such decent brush, which is not enough. The cute shade of peach also appealed to me, but i really just wanted to see if it's any good. It's a bit stiff, but picks up colour well and does its job. It's not the best though.

Müller, 1.39 €

MA PROVENCE Anti-Dandruff Shampoo
I've been largely avoiding buying this shampoo because of the price. 8 € for something I might not even like you isn't what I'm willing to pay that easily. Thankfully I spotted it in E. Leclerc for 2 € cheaper than in other places and it sounded much more reasonable. Monika from the Sugarlove blog recommended this to me, saying it helped her with the dandruff issue and I'm always trying to find the miracle product that'll finally do what it promises. 
This. Is. So. Weird. 
I've never tried any Lush solid shampoos, but I'm guessing this is the same. It's so strange massaging a bar of soap on your hair, it truly is an experience (my code for: I'm not feeling it, man). It lathers well enough,  I wish for more and it's not so easy to spread the product all over the hair. It's the damn hole in the middle that just makes it even harder to use. This says that you don't need a conditioner after, a claim to which I laughed for 15 minutes, those people clearly haven't met my hair. My hair does feel stripped after washing and it's very hard to comb though compared to when I use other shampoos. Dandruff-wise, I don't notice any improvement so far, if anything my scalp might even feel a bit itchier, which is just fab, but we'll see how it goes. You get this stick-on handle thing to keep on the soap on and it's crap because doesn't even stick to the surface. The positive sting is that it looks like the bar will last a while as you use up a small amount at a single wash.  

I know Monika will feel bad now and will wish to apologize profusely - don't. Seriously. It's my scalp that's being a douche. Listen to her experience with the product, not mine. I'm super bitchy about hair products.
E.Leclerc, 5.99 €

BALEA Dusche & Creme 
Hibiscus & Nectarine
I haven't quite got over the fact that Balea decided to discontinue their Coconut & Nectarine version, but I had high hopes that they'll make something similar. They went with the hibiscus and nectarine combo, an interesting choice, but when I smelled it in the shop, it did not resemble the old nectarine scent at all. I still grabbed one anyway because I wanted to see if that scent perhaps develops in the shower. It does not. It's a very different scent that is a lot more floral and not as fruity. It's mostly hibiscus at this scent and it also reminds me of their summer limited editions, mango maybe. It's ok, but not repurchase worthy.
DM, 0.79 €

BALEA Pflegecreme Best Wishes
Violet & Freesia scent, Orange & Grapefruit scent
I have quite a few of these because I really love them as hand creams. The texture is light for a universal cream, but very moisturizing and it sinks in super-fast, so no greasy hands touching the keyboard. These do go bad if you don't use them up in about 8 months. Best Wishes are a limited edition created to celebrate 20 years of Balea. Violet & Freesia has a similar scent to Golden Twenties one, but warmer and it reminds me a bit of a less intense version of La Vie est Belle from Lancome. The Orange & Grapefruit one smells really authentically of oranges, but at times it has a strange note to it. I really like these two editions and the packaging is divine. 
DM, 1.09 €

BALEA Rasiergel 
Pink Grapefruit
I had this version on my wishlist for months, but I could never find it. Balea has the best shaving gels for the price, that's the obviously part, so let's concentrate on the scent. I love it. It's citrusy, but a bit bitter - it's grapefruit, there is no better description. I think I may even love it more than the previous mango version. 
DM, 1.99 €

BALEA Badesaltz
Kokos & Cassis
When it comes to coconut and peaches, no Balea's product can evade me and the only thing sure in this world is that it'll eventual tumble into my shopping basket. These new bath salts have a handy sniff sticker in the back, so you can check how it smells. This one has a mostly a clean coconut scent, I can't really make out cassis. I haven't used it in a bath yet, I just checked the colour of the salt - it's crystal lavender colour. I'll let you know how it turns out.
DM, 0.79 €

ESSENCE Happy Girls are Pretty TE Sheer Lip Balm
01 pretty you
You already have a full review of this here. It's an unexpected surprise by Essence. I don't buy their limited editions because what's the point of buying something you can't get any more when it runs out, but in the spirit of expanding my autumnal lip colour collection, I got this rosy-brown shade (mostly because Sanja made me). It's surprisingly lipstick-y for a "sheer lip balm" (someone get Essence a beauty dictionary stat) and it's actually more pigmented than a lot of their lipsticks, but it still has that comfortable and moisturizing feel of a lip balm. Nice product if you can still get this.
DM, 2.49 €

ESSENCE Happy Girls are Pretty TE Multi Colour Blush
01 you Sweeten my day
Oh, the disappointment. It's not terrible, but after trying their matte blushes in the regular line, I expected they finally got a hang of creating nice blushes. Clearly I was wrong. I like the colour of this, but the pigmentation is extremely weak. Well, at least it looks pretty. Review with swatches here.
DM, 3.29 €

You'll laugh at me, but I got a back-up even though there is no heart-stopping news of this being discontinued. But this is Essence we're talking about. They make you fall in love with the product and crush your dreams every autumn and spring (I will never get over the Stay Matte lip creams. Never!). I use this every day in my waterline and it creates that awake, big eyes effect. It's super soft and pigmented, it transfers to the waterline instantly and even sticks in it quite well. The slight pinky hue of it is just perfect for me. I love this. A yellow toned version exist as well. 
Műller, 2.19 €

So I may have been going to Müller to check this candle embarrassingly often, yet I could never justify buying the big or medium candle because of the tear-inducing prices. But last week I confidently walked to the scented candles section and just grabbed myself a medium. Ok, there might have been a fair share of dawdling before, but the point is I finally have it. This is one of my favourite scents ever. I can't really describe it well, but it's like baby powder and fabric softener. It's soft, warm and cosy, it invites images of a warm home and snuggling under a freshly washed blanket. But it is a candle that doesn't give much of a scent when actually burning, their other scents as much more potent. Still, I shall treasure it.
20.99 €

This was a new scent on the shelves of our Müller. It actually smells exactly the same as Sunshine fragrance from The Library of Fragrance (Demetre Frangrance). It's a very clean scent, like fresh laundry, but also a bit warm. The scent is so powerful. Even wrapped in plastic it made the room smell of its scent.
2.99 €

*THEBALM Frat Body Shadow/Blush
You've probably heard already that TheBalm hit some of our Müllers in Slovenia (and Croatia). I got a few bits to try out, the blushes were a sent as a thanks for me helping them with some things and I'm so chuffed that they surprised me like that (so these are not really PR products to be fair). Frat Boy is a very popular blush from TheBalm and apparently it's THE universal blush that is flattering on almost everyone (check the reviews on Makeupalley). It's a matte peachy-pink matte shade on the cheeks and it has quite a brightening, cute effect . 
Müller, 20 €

*THEBALM Hot Mama Shadow/Blush
Another super popular shade, just check the rating on MUA. Again it's supposedly a universally flattering colour and it has that NARS Orgasm vibe to it. It is however, much more golden-peachy in the pan than NARS' version. On the cheeks it's a golden coral with a lovely glow. I actually like it more than Frat Boy because it reminds me of my favourite Benefit Coralista, but it's a touch pinker.
Müller, 19 €

*THEBALM Nude'tude Eyeshadow Palette
The review of this palette is already up if you're interested. It's such a lovely neutral palette with great quality eyeshadows that are in the same rank as Urban Decay's. They are very smooth, pigmented and blend so well, it's such a joy creating looks with this palette. 
Müller, 35.70 €

*SMOOTH SEXY HAIR Smooth and Shine
You may know that I'm a massive fan of Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Three-Wheat Leave-In conditioner, which didn't go unnoticed, so I was kindly offered to try Smooth and Shine spray. I only have the travel size, which should come very handy. It's an anti-frizz spray that works in a similar way than Lee Staffords Dehumidiffier. Basically it's a light oil in a spray, but it's lighter than got2b Oillicious spray, so people with the type of hair that tends to get greasy fast might like it more. I've used it on dry and wet hair. On dry hair, it had a bit of effect, but not what I hoped for. The results on wet here were already better, but nothing in the rank of Sebastian Professional Potion 9. It's nice and people with greasier hair might like it more, but I need something even stronger.  

I was sent this unexpectedly, I guess they don't read my blog and therefore aren't aware I talk about this constantly and that I already have a bottle of it at home. This is the gold version of the "prodigious oil", which means it has tons of gold shimmer as well as a tiny bit of a bronzy tint I already did a review with pictures of it on the skin a while ago, you can read it here. I use this version mostly for my hair because it's an oil that fixes my hair when it very dry, but it doesn't make my hair as greasy as coconut oil would, but it still means that I need to wash my hair the next day, it really is just a one day fix (I'm currently also mixing it with L'Oreal's Extraordinary oil-in-cream). It also gives my hair some shine due to the shimmer. It's drier than the regular version meaning it sinks in faster, but the moisturizing effect is the same. The gold shimmer looks lovely on tanned skin, but it's a bit late for that this year.
50 ml 25.80 €, 100 ml 40.24 € 

*NANSHY Eye Brush Set
That Zoeva Rose Gold set will have to wait for a bit because I have these babies to try out. There are seven brushes in this set: the large shader, eye crease, tapered crease, blending eyeshadow, flat definer, precise bent definer and angled detailer. I've given them a whirl yesterday, creating a classic smoky eye with Nude'tude palette and I liked the quality, but I did miss a couple of brushes. These are synthetic, vegan, cruelty free and antibacterial. The quality and general shape reminds me a bit of Jessup brushes, but these are much smaller and more precise.

Lič, 41.95 €

*My Beauty Box
Slovenia got a new beauty box service and a few of us bloggers got the first box before they open shop. I already showed the contents on my Instagram and got a mixed response. Don't click if you want to be surprised >>click.
 I've written a review of all the products inside, I just need to press post, so expect that in the next days. 
My Beauty Box ima za zdaj samo Instagram, kjer boste izvedeli več informacij o tem kdaj bo trgovina odprta. 

*BELLE MARINE Soothing Serum
I got a new serum to test out. Belle Marine uses sea extracts from different algae and promises a lot from being anti-ageing to protecting against UVA/UVB. It's a light lotion consistency that sinks in fast and leaves a very velvet finish on the skin (it contains silicones), so it almost works as a primer as well. It has a strong scent of Nivea or baby cosmetics.
Click2Chic, 18.00 €

URBAN DECAY Naked Palette
I got another Naked palette as a gift for my cousin, so now all three of us own one. Some things have changed since I got mine years ago. Now you get a brush with it, before we got an eyeliner and a deluxe sample of the original Primer Potion (now you get smaller samples of four versions). 
Feel Unique, €52.06
Ok, I need to vent. It's been almost a year, since I last ordered from FU because they seriously screwed up my last order, I waited for over two months I think and I wowed not to buy from them for a long time, but they had a discount of the Naked palette and it was a good opportunity to finally treat my cousin. I ordered two other things as well - repurchases of two absolute essentials that are on their lasts legs, Healthy Sexy Hair Leave-in and Palmer's Swivel Stick. I immediately found it odd that the order needed to be shipped in two parts with no explanation and then only Naked palette arrived, but not the other two things, even though they have supposedly been shipped the next day. And there is no sign of the package for almost a month now. And their stupid policy that they won't deal with you until a month has passed. So basically they screwed me twice in a row and I'm boiling mad. I don't think I'll be purchasing anything from them for a very, very long time.

PAJOMA Duft-Kerze
Roses & Berries
A cheap candle from Müller that I got just to try it out. It has a strong scent of berry candy, but I detect no rose scent, which a good thing.
Müller, 1.99 €

BOLSIUS Aromatic Candle
Baked Cookies
Another candle I got just because I found it interesting. It smells like Ggngerbread cookies, but our version because we don't put ginger in them here. It's basically just a mix of honey, cinnamon and vanilla, but it doesn't really smell of anything much when it burns.
Müller, 0.99 €

Have a great day!

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  1. Na prvi pogled mi je izgledalo, kot da so tvji Nanshy čopiči isti tistim v mojem paketu, ampak sedaj vidim, da se kar razlikujejo, tako da komaj čakam oceno. Bodo pa šli moji na testiranje jutri, mi jih še ni uspelo sprobati. :)
    Pakiranje Belle Marine seruma mi je tako zelo všeč. <3 *crazy about blue colour*
    My Beauty Box me pa ni navdušil, tako da lahko mirno preskočim. Če bo naslednja škatla boljša, pa mogoče naročim.

    1. Niso čisto isti, so pa nekateri enaki, če prav vidim na tvoji Instagram sliki.
      A si videla tudi kreme Belle Marine? Meni so prelepi lončki. Sem imela spet šanso moje poletno ozadje uporabit za slikat serum :D
      Bomo videli kao bo kaj z MBB v prihodnosti. Laka sem bila zelo vesela, pa kolikor sem računala po ceni dobiš kar dosti, ampak se mi vseeno zdi, da bi vsebino lahko naredili bolj atraktivno.

  2. Uau, tole je pa veliko izdelkov :) Ful mi je všeč tale Kiko kolekcija, šminki sta (se strinjam s teboj) čudovito pakirani, pa tudi izgledata res 'flattering'. Ko enkrat preteče tisto leto brez kupovanja make-upa (še 10,5 mesecev, sigh :)), bom definitvno skočila v Kiko po kakšen izdelek :) Teli 2 Balea kremici pa moram definitvno kupit, ker sem oboževala Golden Twenties (čeprav malina mi je bila pa čudna) :D

    1. I know. Prekasno sem objavila New in, pa se je nabralo :D Kiko kolekcija je najboljša LE ever. Vse čestitke Kiku, res :)
      Ti se kar drži spending bana, jaz sem zihr, da ti bo uspelo :)
      Malina je tudi meni čudna, ampak ja, če ti je bila Golden Twenties najljubša je ta vijolična še najbližja po vonju tisti :)

  3. Tale Sanja je pravi enabler, sem tudi sama hotela kupiti Essence srčka :D Ima pa res vedno same dobre stvari za priporočat, bi ji vedno najraje torbico prebrskala. Ista barva Kiko blusha? Verjamem, ker so vsi ostali izgledali čudno v živo. Kot da so nekako rumenkasto roza neon, ne vem...čudno :D Sem pa tudi jaz vzela še eno šminko, točno te ki si jih imela na začetku predvidene.
    Tole je res nesramno od FU. bo treba očitno paziti še pri njih.

    1. She totally is :D Pa ti tudi btw :D
      Pri blushih se mi je zdelo, da imam druge preveč podobne, jaz pa sem hotela nekaj novega. Mi je malo žal, da nisem vzela še 02 in pa liplinerje.

      Prav besna sem zaradi FU. Pa kaj se grejo :/ Prejšnjič mi sploh odposlali niso en mesec, niso normalni.

    2. A takle se bomo šli? :D
      Ker jaz pa sploh ne kupim polovice stvari samo zaradi vaju ;)

  4. Jaz vedno hitim v dm, ko na IG objaviš sliko od novih Balea univerzalnih kremic :) Najljubše pakiranje so mi imeli enkrat poleti, z mavričnim vzorcem.
    Se veselim ocen Kiko izdelkov, upam da dočakamo njihovo trgovino kdaj tudi pri nas :)

    1. Samo tiste z mavričnim vzorcem nimam, ker mi ni lepa :D Jo pa še imajo, tako da opcije so še odprte.

      Za Rebel Romantic moram itak pohitet, tako da ne boš dolgo čakala. So bila pa stojala v Palmanovi čisto polna. Za trgovino pri nas imam pa toliko malo upanja. Bo zihr prej na Hrvaškem kot pri nas.

  5. Hvala za omembo* Sem med branjem te objave v glavi si delala seznam kaj bi rada, pa sem na sredi kar odnehala, ker mi je bilo toliko stvari všeč, da bi lahko kar ledvico prodala :)

    1. Ni za kaj :)

      Te bom jaz prepričala, da ne rabiš :D Meni vsi pravijo, da sem grozna za zraven nakupovat, ker vse prepričam, da nič ne rabijo in jim pokvarim veselje :D

  6. Zaradi te luknje se mi niso dopadli ti trdi šamponi :D Lusheve je ful lažje uporabljat, pa lahko si z njimi tud "namiliš" roke, potem pa po glavi..drugač samo 2x podrgneš po laseh in se lepo speni kot običajen šampon :)

    1. Lushevi me res ne pritegnejo, pa ne vem zakaj. Enostavno mislim, da za moje suhe lase ne bojo, čeprav vem, da imajo npr. Trichomania :)

  7. Mene tudi tale trd šampon ni navdušil. Mogoče bo boljše po parih uporabah? Kiko v Palmanovi, resno? Niiice.

    1. Jaz sem preveč razvajena od tekočih šamponov, mi ni več pomoči :D

      Ja, Kiko je v Palmanovi. Čisto na začetku pri vhodu A. Prijetna trgovinica, pa več Slovencev in Hrvatov kot Italijanov (in obratna situacija v Goriški Qualandiji. Res čudna izkušnja :D) )

  8. jst sem še kar zmešana na to trdo milo, trkam prhljaj in srbečica od nikoder, vsaj zaenkrat in hvala bogu. Je pa res, da prve uporabe so tako stresne, ker ogromen kos milaje in ni šans, da se takoj navadiš nanj hitro. Tako, da si ga jst zj kr za vsako pranje malce stran odrežem. In ja tisto držalo sploh ne drži, ga hranim v posodici. Ampak jaz vztrajam, dokler je lasišče OK:). Čeprav mislim, da je res pri meni problem v tehle SLS in podobnih rečeh, ker sem uporabla navadenšampon in me je srbelo za znoret. P.s če ne bo pomagalo, pa ni vrag da se enkrat neki najde in odkrije za tvoje lasišče. Ostali izbor pa je no coment:)

    1. Super, da ti pomaga :) Pa pametno, da ga narežeš, si predstavljam, da gre potem veliko lažje :).
      Pri meni SLS 100% ni problem,po vseh teh letih preizkušanja šamponov sem se vsaj to naučila. Zdaj iščem še kaj novega, mi je zanimiv Keracare, ker imajo tudi balzam za lasišče.

  9. OMG!!! So many goodies! :D Sicer pa, a une Balea kremce (v lončkih) so še? Nisem bila v DM-u že kakšen mesec in pojma nimam kaj se dogaja :)

    1. Ja, seveda so :) Trenutno imajo Best Wishes verziji in pa Flower Power (te edino nimam) :)

  10. Ne bi smela takih objav brat, ko se trudim manj zapravljat … :D Kiko šminki sta za znoret lepi, pa Kiko lak!
    A sem kaj zamudila ali so Yankee Candle samo v določenih Mullerjih? :)

    1. Te bom jaz nazaj držala - nič ne rabiš :P Čeprav Kikove šminke so nebeške.

      Mislim, da imamo najverjetneje YC samo v Novem mestu. Ne vem zakaj, ampak pri nas se sveče dobijo samo v Műllerju.

  11. čudovit nakup <3 tudi sama sem nadvdušena nad temi kiko rebel romantic šminkami, mi je pa žal da nisem vzela raje tega ogledalca in blusha namesto obeh eyelinerjev in paletke senčil ! pa ta yankee candle svečka <3 tudi jaz jo imam naročeno.

    1. Mene pa senčila in eyelinerji niso pritegnili, šminke so pa krasne :)

  12. Jaz sem isto razočarana nad Feel Unique, zadnjič sem opravila dva naročila in sem želela prvega preklicati pa sploh ni šlo in sem jim po vseh možnih kanalih pisala da naj mi ga prekličejo, preden ga odpošljejo in itak so mi na koncu vse poslali. -.- Potem sem končno dobila odziv, da se opravičujejo za napako, da mi bodo za prvo naročilo vrnili denar in da lahko obdržim vse. Ampak vseeno, res annoying! Pa res, kaj je s tem, da vsako stvar posebej pošiljajo?

    1. Kako so brezvezni no. Pri tebi je očitno, da nisi sploh prišla na vrsto za uredit zadevo. Pa zakaj ne najamejo več ljudi, če se očitno utapljajo v sporočilih.
      Res, v čem je fora, da se pa kar naenkrat pošilja v več paketih? A hočejo dvakrat poštnino plačat? Weird.

    2. Točno! Štirje paketi za vsako stvar posebej, groza. :D

    3. Danes je končno minilo 30 dni in vse kar imajo po novem je en gumb za sporočit, da se je paket izgubil, pa nobenega potrdila/e-maila, da si res kaj naredil. Pa niso normalni, no...

  13. Si si dala duška v Kikotu. Pravilno ;). 06 sem mislila, da ti bo bolj všeč kot Maybelline, ker je res bolj taupe hladen in vem da imaš ti rada take odtenke. Ko sem pregledovala stran in videla mat tekoče šminke sem takoj pomislila nate :). Škoda, da niso tako dobre, kot se slišijo. Zdaj moram pa sprobat če je In The Nude res dupe za Velvet Teddy. Meni se sicer na prvi pogled ni zdelo. So pa res spremenili formule, mislim da kar vseh svinčnikov. Jaz imam samo dva nova in sta res veliko bolj trda kot stara verzija. Soft Blanket je božanski, ampak jaz bi se jokala, če bi morala kupiti full size verzijo. :( Hot Mama mi je zelo všeč odtenek.
    Nanshy čopiči se mi slišijo obetavno, komaj čakam oceno. Prav tako upam, da boš objavila oceno Belle Marine seruma. Obožujem vse skin care kar vsebuje kar koli morskega. Pa še cena je dokaj normalna za serum :).
    Če te zanimajo svečke imajo v Hofferju zanimive vonje. Če pa iščeš vonj po baked cookies so meni najboljše tiste čajne svečke od DM-a, mislim da jih imajo v paketu enih 24. Noro dišijo. meni cela soba diši po njih ;).

    1. I did :D Sam je bila gužva in mi je bilo težko vse res videt (ma pol Slovenije in Hrvaške je bilo notri, prisežem :D )
      06 mi je všeč zaradi tega ker je svinčnik in ga je lažje uporabljat. Barva izgleda skoraj enako na mojih očeh.
      Tekoče šminke so v redu, ampak niso tako dobre kot npr. Bourjoisove. Še vedno jo rada nosim, mi je zelo lep odtenek.
      Ti boš zihr bolj vedela, če je res dupe za Velvet Teddy. Je pa embalaža dosti drugačna kot je barva na ustnicah. Aha, potem so spreminjali formulo. Zanimivo, ker je bila stara vsem tako všeč.
      Hot Mama je čisto zate. Resno :)
      Sem mislila za Belle Marine samo na C2C dat, lahko pa tudi tukaj, čeprav imam občutek, da boš samo ti brala :)
      Sem gledala sveče v DM-u pa mi ni bila nobena všeč. V Hoferju nisem bila že skoraj pol leta :D

  14. Heh, I also just ordered a Naked palette from FU and when it arrived one of the eyeshadows was completely broken! Nice :P

    1. Well that sucks :/ Did you at least get a refund?

  15. Wow! you got so many things. Well, I would have died with pleasure if I were given a chance to buy these many things. Enjoy sweetie:)

    Chaste & Beautiful

    1. Well at least a majority of stuff here is inexpensive, the things I bought that is :) I'm so happy with the Kiko stuff :)

  16. Veš, da sem prav mislila zdajle oddat naročilo na KIKO pa na strani nimajo več Lusty Peony. Pa ravno to sem si najbolj želela :(
    A sem jaz edina, ki jih dejansko tisto držalo pri trdem šamponu drži? Izgleda da imamo neke čudne ploščice haha :D
    Je pa zanimivo slišat tako različne izkušnje, meni pa zelo mehke lase naredi. Je pa res, da se ga moreš malce navadit in porabit, potem se pa kar dobro da spenit :)

    1. Ja, Lusty Peony so razprodali prejšnji teden na spletni :/ So pa zihr še v trgovinah, samo ko si glih ene toliko daleč doma od najbližje kot jaz.

      Moje držalo se še na papir ni prijelo, brezveze. Meni je na žalost premalo, ampak jaz imam itak že v osnovi trde, debele lase, tako da ostajam pri L'Orealovem šamponu :)

  17. Same fajn zadeve, sem si pred kratkim tudi jaz privoščila te dve Baleini mini kremici v kovinski posodici pa me zanima kako jih odpreš? Meni se nikakor ne posreči, sem poskusila noht dobiti vmes med polovicama pa ni šlo, najbrž bi šlo z nočem pa sem velik štor in bi se najbrž porezala. A je mogoče da sta samo moji tako zatesnjeni?

    1. Ko jih prvič odpreš je težko, ker je tisti papir vmes, ampak pri meni je šlo z nohti. Ti ne preostane nič drugega kot da res z nožem, če sta tvoji tako zaprti. Brez papirja se potem normalno odpira in zapira :)

    2. Hvala, bom poskusila pa drži pesti, da mi vsi prsti ostanejo ;)