TheBalm Nude'Dude Eyeshadow Palette

sreda, april 06, 2016

I've talked quite a lot about this palette already. It was in my March favourites (quickly in February too) and I've worn it in many posts, mainly those with lipstick swatches. TheBalm was one of the completely new brands to me last year and it seriously impressed me, especially in regards to their powder products, so eyeshadows and blushes. I own Nude'Tude palette, which is a predecessor of Nude'Dude and I'm still very much enjoying that one, but Nude'Dude is like an expansion of that one. Basically, what you might have missed in Nude'Tude, you'll find here. This palette was a love at first swatch for me. I loved the colours and pigmentation, and if it were in stock that day in Müller, I would have bought it, but unfortunately it wasn't, nor was it in stock on Feel Unique, so I put it on my wishlist. Luckily my friends picked up on hints what I want for my birthday, they put an effort to track it down (wasn't in stock anywhere in Slovenia, as they learned) and then they found it on Salma.

The design very much mirrors that of Nude'Tude except you get dudes instead of dudettes or babes. I don't know if you noticed, but the first one had all names on s, with more sultry sounding names, while this one has all shades staring with the letter f and with a more goody-goody concept. It's a collection of twelve eyeshadows ranging from mattes to satins and shimmers, with a varied colour range of neutral shades, but's it's in general a warmer palette than Nude'Tude. I've had it for a long time now and I've thoroughly swatched it, so gone through the top layer. While it's nicely pigmented, it's not the same pigmentation that blew me away in the shop. The eyeshadows aren't as creamy as at Nude'Tude, but I swear the one in the shop was the most buttery palette I've tried. As I said mine was bought online, but I don't know if that is any correlation. In general the eyeshadows perform great, they apply smoothly, blend nicely and wear the best out of all eyeshadows I own.

Fearless - a matte skin tone shade. A basic shade that I really missed in Nude'Tude. It works as a base and a blending out colour.
Flawless - a matte taupe brown shade. It's cooler than Sultry in Nude'Tude, so I like it more. Works perfectly for contouring on my pale skin tone.
Firm - a light brown shade with a satin finish. This one looks a lot lighter on the eyes than the colour in the pan indicates. It's nice a lid colour, but it could be more intense.
Flirty - a shimmery muted violet-pink shade. The underdog in the palette and surprisingly my favourite. I adore this in combination with Friendly. It looks violet rosy taupe on the lids, so like a modern twist on a neutral taupe makeup. Love this one so much.
Friendly - a matte deep violet shade. As I said I use this one in combination with Flirty in the outer corners and I love that it doesn't look super purple, but more of a dark taupe with a twist on the eyes. It's not the best quality matte eyeshadow as it's not easy to build up an opaque layer of colour and it reminds me of Mac Matte eyeshadows in that respect.
Fierce - a deep shimmery smoky green. It's the darkest in the palette, so I use it as a liner.

Fabulous - a shimmery pale yellow-gold shade. Nice in the inner corners as a highlighter, but Stand-Offish in Nude'Tude is way prettier.
Faithful - a yellow-orange gold shade. These types of shades don't suit me, so I don't wear it. Pigmentation isn't that impressive at this one.
Fit - a classic metallic copper shade. A type of shade that I always try to make it work for me because it brings out the blue in my eyes, but I was told that it really doesn't suit me and I agree. Pigmentation is nice and it's easy to build up even without a primer or cream eyeshadow.
Feisty - a matte medium violet taupe. Another lovely modern looking shade and I like wearing this on my eyes. Pigmentation is nice and it's a good, smooth matte shade.
Funny - reddish deep brown shade with shimmer. I tend to use this one for deepening the outer corners in combination with Firm on the lids.
Fine - cool deep brown shade. It's a lot lighter and also sheerer than the colour indicates in the pan, but nice for deepening the outer corners.

Flirty on the lids, Friendly in the outer corner. Max Factor Creme Puff blush in Lavish Mauve on the cheeks and Milani Amore in Gorgeous on the lips.

Staying power is great at these. They last all day with minimal fading and hardly crease. I still maintain that theBalm has the best eyeshadows I found.

Packaging is again cardboard with a nice handy mirror. The two sided brush is the same as in Nude'tude and it's unfortunately completely useless. 

My palette is from Salma where it costs 30.55 €. TheBalm is also sold in Müllers (Ljubljana Rudnik, Maribor and Celje), where it's 31.59 €, and it's also available on Feel Unique and Look Fantastic.

In terms of versatility, I still prefer Nude'Tude and I would recommend that one over this one to those who want a simple, basic palette that offers enough variety when it comes to everyday neutral looks. Nude'Dude is for those who might be bored of only classic neutrals, though there are some great ones in this one too, but there are some exciting new colours that and push the envelope on what's still considered neutral. It's also warmer and a good choice for those with a warm undertone.

Have a great day!

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  1. I was right! Hoče Nude Dude :D. Saj Nude'tude ni slaba, ampak zame, ko mi res bolj pristajajo topli odtenki mi je ta zmagovalka. Všeč mi je tudi, da je več barvitih odtenkov, malo zelene, vijolične in podobno. Spodnja vrsta! <3 Nude Dude mi je tudi bolj všeč, ker nima toliko temnih odtenkov. Nude'tude je precej temna in sama redko kdaj nosim tako temne odtenke. V glavnem ja...vsekakor mi je Nude Dude bolj všeč.

    Od kdaj pa imajo v MB theBalm? V Europarku? Sploh nisem vedela :D.

    1. Tale je res bolj zanimiva kot povprečne nevtralne paletke :) Meni je pa zgornja vrsta bolj všeč zame :D Ravno to mi je všeč, da je v Nude'Tude tudi par temnih odtenkov, ker drugje so ponavadi samo videti temni, potem so pa na koži svetli.

      Nekdo mi je rekel, da je theBalm v MB, pa se ne spomnim kdo. Ne vem če je res, ampak če pravijo, da je, se splača it pogledat ali pa vsaj vprašat kakšno Mariborčanko. Drugače se bo treba pa enkrat v Celje ali Ljubljano zapeljat.

  2. Wau, odtenki Flirty, Friendly in Fiesty so mi izjemno všeč. <3
    Lepa paleta, ampak se mi zdi, da so v Nude'tude bolj moje barve, te so preveč tople za moj podton.
    Drugače pa tudi jaz nisem vedela, da je theBalm v EP v MB. :O Moram malo več iti med HE stojala, ker se večinoma zadržujem med negovalno kozmetiko in cenejšimi znamki, pa sploh nisem vedela, čeprav študiram tu - tako da grem ziher enkrat na teden tja. :D

    1. Meni so tudi ti trije odtenki najbolj všeč :)

      Nekdo mi je rekel, da je tudi pri vas. Pojdi pogledat, pa sporoči nazaj če je res. Je pa že v Ljubljani tako majhno, da sem ga trikrat zgrešila, ko sem bila tam.

  3. Flirty & Fit, daaaamn. Všečna paleta in odlična pigmentiranost. Ko bo mi denarnica dopuščala moram definitivno it pogledat v TheBalm, xx

    1. Yup, res je lepa :) Pojdi so vsaj swachat v Müller, da vidiš koliko ti bo všeč v živo :)

  4. Se ravno odločam za nakup ene HE paletke- trenutno imam v tem rangu le od UD Vice 2 in Naked basics, in ker imam izrazito topel podton, mi je tale precej všeč.. Zgleda res super, se pa še odločam med to, Urban Decay Naked 3, čeprav eni komentirajo, da so si odtenki res preveč podobni, in pa Lorac Unzipped...

    1. Naked 3 mi je bila na prvi pogled zelo lepa, ampak takoj ko sem videla swatche, se je tudi meni zdelo kot da so odtenki si preveč podobni ali pa bodo vsaj na vekah izgledali enaki. Sicer pa pri izbiri še upoštevaj, da te theBalmove imajo majhne senčke v paletah. Mene sicer ne moti, ampak nekateri hočejo več za svoj denar. Je pa kvaliteta odlična. Unzipped mi je krasna <3. A Too Faced čokolada ti pa ni všeč?