Wet'n Wild Max Volume Plus Mascara

sobota, april 02, 2016

Wet n Wild mascaras are not really familiar to me. I haven't heard much about them and what I did wasn't all that positive. I got this mascara to test, again it's a regular formula, which is not for my straight lashes, but my review might still help those who wear such mascaras.

Wand: it has a plastic wand that has a tapered design which is similar to L'Oreal's Intenza mascara. It has longer bristles at the top and very short at the end. Such a design makes it easy to catch the smallest lashes, but without getting messy chunks of mascara on them. As a result of that it's a very defining mascara.

Formula is unimpressive from the start. It's very thin and all was able to do was just tint the lashes, so I left it open for a few hours to speed up the thickening process and it of course got a lot better. It even started making some decent volume, but it takes three coats. I haven't experienced any smudging or flaking, but I don't tend to have problems like that anyway.

Mine is from Click2Chic where it costs 5.49 €. I got it to test for their website.

To keep it short and simple, it's a mascara for those who love definition. You still get a nice amount of volume after it's thickened, but since it's a regular mascara, it doesn't hold a curl. A waterproof formula exist as well, it's just not available here.

Have a great day!

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