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torek, marec 27, 2018

When it comes to non-powdery eyeshadows I tend buy those in stick/cream form because these type of liquid eyeshadows like the new Essence Story of my eyes were always such a disappointment in terms of pigmentation, creasing and staying power, but this formula was a big surprise. For one the pigmentation is amazing and once it sets, it doesn't budge. Regardless of these positive qualities, it's also one of the hardest formulas I've ever worked with.

I got the green silver/midnight blue combination called 10 roadtrippin' which is actually the most bold one, while the other four combinations are more neutral. There's a dark silver combination, two taupe combos (one taupe/light gold, the other taupe with taupe) and one is a rusty red/gold one. All combinations consist of a shimmery shade and a matte shade, which is actually satin.  Roadtripping contains a shimmery greenish silver and a satin finish midnight blue. Both shades are very pigmented and you get an opaque colour with one swipe.

Like I said before these are very hard to work with. The first time I tried just swiping these on the lids and when I started blending, I realised it's impossible because they dry in seconds. While I could get the silver working by applying a second coat and quickly blend it, the blue one is an a lot more challenging shade. It's best to first apply a thin coat of these by tapping them on the lid with a finger, therefore blending it already, then applying another coat with a doe foot applicator that leaves you with opaque layer of colour. The silver works fine like that, but the with the blue one there's an extra problem because applying something on top removes the colour bellow and you get a patchy result. It can be done, but the application needs to be very precise with placing the applicator on the desired area instead of swiping, so this is an eyeshadow that takes a long time to apply decently (it took me 15 minutes for the result in the picture and it's not even remotely as good as someone more makeup savvy would have done it). 

Once these dry, you have a perfectly opaque, intense colour that doesn't move and lasts a really long time. Eyeshadow is almost cemented on the lids and you can't wipe it off easily, but you can feel them on, especially when you layer the colour. I noticed no creasing on my normal lids, but I did notice some stinging at application and I don't have sensitive skin. The feeling disappeared after these set. 

These cost 4.39 €.

Don't buy these for a quick every day makeup  because you're setting yourself for a disappointment. However, if you're looking for an opaque metallic or satin eyeshadow that won't budge, these are a decent option, though blending and applying these is such a chore. I was excited to see such a rich midnight blue because I wanted such a shade for at least ten years and all turn out much paler than you expect, but this is is so hard to work with, I can't imagine I'll bother applying it often, while the silver is a much easier shade. 

Have a great day!

*PR product.

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  1. Moder odtenek je bomba in na tebi izgleda odlično! Sploh s temnimi lasmi :) Če iščeš nekaj v tem stilu, ti predlagam Colourpop Super Shock Shadow Coconut. Meni ena najlepših modrih barv in formula je odlična.

    Sicer pa mi je v tej kombinaciji tudi siva všeč, ampak zaradi oteženega nanosa se bom izognila. Je pa lepo slišat, da je dobro obstojno. Mogoče bo Essence izboljšal formulo za druge sezone :).

    1. Hvala :) Moder je res čudovit in že leta sem si želela nekaj takega. Že 10 let nazaj ko sem šla prvič v MAC sem vzela odtenek Contrast prav zaradi tega, pa je na koncu izpadel sivo. Coconut pa mi je padel v oči ravno zaradi tvojih objav in če ne bi bilo poštnine+carine bi verjetno bil že moj, kot še nekaj Colourpop odtenkov.

      Sive ni tako težko nanest ker je šimer, ampak moder je pa a nightmare. Škoda, da niso obdržali starih kremnih senčil v svinčnikih in samo dodali take odtenke. Tisti so bili odlični :)