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petek, januar 27, 2017

I didn't even notice my bottle was almost empty because the bottle looked so perfect, but as soon as I did, I was running to repurchase this. Till this day, it's the only foundation I can rely on looking good on my skin. Everything else I own currently looks so weird, but this is my knight in shining armour. It's a light-medium coverage foundation with a natural looking finish that doesn't emphasise the uneven texture of the skin, nor pores and neither lines. I have a full review about it here.
But I have to address the rising prices because it's getting ridiculous. I think that both Bourjois and L'Occitane are going bonkers and apparently assume we are too stupid to notice a bump in prices. When I started buying these in 2011, they costed just shy of 15 €. Luckily, it costs less online.
Müller, 16.49 €

AVON True Colour Perfectly Matte Lipstick
Ravishing Rose
The moment this touched my lips, I thought - Milani Moisturising Matte. They have the same type of texture that is somewhat silicone creamy and features a great matte finish. I've been wanting to try these for a while, actually ever since Petra made that amazing review of these and she actually gifted me this one because she knew I'd love to have this shade (thank you!). It's a pinky-red type of magenta shade, a summery shade and a great shade for brunettes. Sara, who also made a fantastic review of these, compared this shade to All Fired Up by Mac, which I like but only have a sample of and they are indeed almost the same. Another dupe I found in my stash is Kiko's Smart lip pencil in Magenta.
Avon, regular price 8.50 €, but it's often much cheaper.

KIKO Smart Nail Lacquer 
Another thing Petra gave me and she nailed it on the shade. I can't believe myself that I missed this when I was in Kiko, maybe I should just send Petra to buy things instead of me since I'm clearly useless. It's a beautiful pastel nude mauve shade, similar to my beloved Deborah Gel Effect in 01. I wasn't too thrilled with the formula when I was applying it because it ended up streaky/see-through on patches with two thick coats, but since it's a light shade, it wasn't that visible and Seche Vite helped a bit too. I wears nice though and after several days, I got no chips.
Kiko, 2.50 €

WET N WILD 1 Step Wonder Gel
Stay Classy
This is a very my type of nude colour, though it is darker than my other such shades and maybe a bit too cool toned. It's a darker muted rosy nude with a gel formula. Like most gel nail polishes it's very smooth and very pigmented, so a dream to apply. It's meaningless for me to mention the staying power because everything lasts more than a week on my nails, however, this one lasted so well and even when I removed it after a week and a half because I was bored, the only noticeable wear was on the tips, but I did of course use Seche Vite.
Click2chic, 2.99 €

L'OCCITANE Pivoine Sublime 2 in 1 Perfecting Scrub
I've had this on my wishlist, since its launch because I adore the scent of the moisturiser from the same line. I don't think I'd ever truly treat myself to it since it's expensive and Immortelle oil would have the priority, so I'm overjoyed I got it as a gift from my cousin. I wasn't sure quite what to expect, though I read very positive reviews, but it's similar to Clarins Melting gel cleanser except it's also a scrub. It's an oil with scrubby bits, but it's actually not that greasy. You apply it on dry skin, rub it in and add water. It doesn't emulsify much, but what I didn't expect and it pleasantly surprised me is that it actually removes makeup decently,while I expected it'll just smear the makeup like gel cleansers. The only thing that is slightly disappointing to me is that the scent is so weak and it's not much like the moisturiser, but it's a great product. 
L'Occitane, 25.40 €

L'OCCITANE Neroli Orchidee Hand Cream
I fell in love with this when I tried it at my cousin. Obviously it's the scent that got me, which is somewhat a typical L'Occitane scent that just always smell amazing. The name says it all really, the warm, bright neroli and the softer orchid scent - oh, just go smell it. It's one of L'Occitane's lightest creams and it sinks in in under a minute, which is exactly what I need.
L'Occitane, 8.10 €

L'OCCITANE Almond Shower Oil 
This is just a sample, but I have the full size as well, I've actually haven't been without one is almost ten years, though it's been a while since I bought one (I buy those refills) and I keep the last bits only for pamper days because it's so expensive. The price rose a lot in ten years (about 20%), so I think I'll stop buying it because of it, even though I still adore it. Anyway, it smells divine and it's such a pleasant oil to use. I use it when my skin is visibly dry and it always helps.
L'Occitane, full size 18.80 €

LIP SMACKER Frozen Ice Cube Lip Balm
Olaf (Peach Flavour)
It's very rare that I buy a lip balm, but this looked so cute in the shop and it said it smells like peach, so I couldn't resist. I like Lip Smacker lip balms, I think they are some of the best, especially for very dry lips because they are less waxy as well as greasier than most and actually now that I think about it, every one I have is Frozen. It's not even that good of a cartoon. The scent was a disappointment, it's the most artificial boring peach ever. However, I love the quality of it. It's nicely moisturising and it sticks on the lips for quite a long time. I also really love the shape of it, not only is it interesting and cute, but I also like how it applies. It looks so small that I sure you get a half of a normal lip balm, but it's actually about the same, 4,2 g.
E.Leclerc, 3.5 €

DOVE Purely Pampering Nourishing Shower gel
Coconut Milk
I adore this shower gel, it's probably my favourite ever but I completely forgot it existed until it magically materialised in the bathroom. It's probably from those gift sets everyone is giving and I forgot about it, since I've been buried in Yummy Shower gels for the past year, but up until now I never bought any of these myself, I've just been taking them for granted. So to make sure I have enough of these, I bought my first one, plus I found a hand soap to go with it. These pampering shower gels, which frankly should be called creams, are very thick and excellent for dry skin. The soap are in my opinion the only hard soaps worth buying because they don't leave that awful squeaky clean feeling. I can't properly describe the scent to you, but it's definitely not coconut at all. It's a warm creamy clean scent and I just love it.
E.Leclerc, 2 €

BALEA Regenbogen Dusche
I fell for it. I admit. But come on, how can I resist such an adorable packaging? It was all over social media, taunting me and even though I knew the scent will be boring (come on, it's Balea), I just wanted it. They describe the scent in the most fairytale like fashion - apparently it smells like stars and clouds. Well, I didn't know stars and clouds smell of boring vanilla. You know the one in car fresheners. Oh, so very heavenly. I'm not saying it's a bad scent, but it could be more exciting, not just recycling Balea old ones. It smells better straight from the bottle (kind of like marshmallows and vanilla) than in the shower. It terms of texture is just a classic Balea shower gel, again nothing exciting.
DM, 0.99 € 

GARNIER Olia After Colour Care
Petra says this is the best conditioner ever and I think it's pretty good as well. Actually it's very nice for a drugstore product and comparable in terms of effect to some salon brands. It's a conditioner that you get in Olia hair colours, but they also sell these mini tubes for when you want to refresh your colour, which is brilliant. It nourished my currently very dry hair and that's quite an achievement. It doesn't feel very heavy, so it should be fine on less dry hair than mine. 
Sold in Müller, price on Boots about 2 €

BIOBAZA Face Cleansing Micellar Oil
Finally a new cleansing oil in the drugstores and so far, it's my favourite ever. It's not the cheapest, but almost half the price of L'Occitane and it find it better. This is another one of those oils that you apply on dry skin, massage it in, add water so it emulsifiers and remove it with a cloth. This emulsifies into such a gorgeous thick emulsion - if you ever used L'Occitane Almond Shower oil, it's the same thing. It removes makeup really well, there is a bit of mascara left mostly because I don't want to be too harsh with a flannel around the eyes, but the rest of the makeup is completely gone. I only had a sample, but it lasted me so long because you don't need to use much and it didn't cause me any additional spots, though my skin isn't completely clear, but usually with oils my skin goes haywire. I will get a full size for sure. It smells nicely floral. By the way, it claims it's suitable for sensitive skin.
Click2chic, full size 12.94 €

MOROCCANOIL Moisture Repair Shampoo
I expected this to be good and I wasn't disappointed. It's an excellent shampoo for very dry hair, it cleans well, but doesn't leave that dreadful squeaky clean feeling us with dry hair despise, but at the same time it's not heavy and the hair still feels light when washed. However, to me L'Oreal Extraordinaire shampoo does the same thing for a fraction of the price, but if you love Moroccanoil and have the budget, this is a great shampoo.
Full size 20 €

I've tried many Bomb Cosmetics bath bombs and they are just as good as Lush, though they don't tend to have multicolour effects, but some do have great glitters. This one smells strongly of baby powder and I'm really enjoying the scent, so I kind of don't want to use it yet, but I think it should turn the water violet.
Click2chic, other bath bombs 2.99 €

My trusted ally for many years Rexona sticks stopped working on me. We had a good run, but I knew it was going to happen. So I started a search for a replacement, a proper anti-perspirant, none of that useless natural or whatever stuff is popular now, so at the bottom of the shelves in DM, I found my very first favourite deodorant that I wore in primary school. It's a gel, so it's truly invisible, but you have to wait for it to dry. So far it's working, but we'll see how long it lasts. It smells like a man's cologne though, but one of those clean skin ones, so it's not so bad, but I swear I had something floral smelling all those years ago.

NIVEA Deodorant Protect & Care
I actually deliberately tracked this down after seeing it on social media. I've always loved the "boring" classic Nivea scent, so I'm glad they are expanding their collection of products. However, I was so sure this was an anti-perspirant and only at home discovered it's just a deodorant (I had like 5 minutes in the shop and a long list), which I've never been a fan of because they do nothing. This one again doesn't manage to keep me fresh long and yes, of course I know it won't stop sweating, but I mean in a sense than it doesn't keep me smelling fresh long. The scent is nothing special, just clean and not as nice as the lotion. How ironic that the last thing I bought in 2016 was another disappointment too.
Müller, 2.89 €

NIVEA Anti-Perspirant Pearl & Beauty
Holy cow did I have a hard time finding this! I've been faithful to it for many year and now I had to go to several shops to find them. Please don't tell me they are being discontinued, I don't want to start experimenting with deodorants again. 90% of them suck. I love the smell of this one, it's so feminine, but my favourite bit is that is actually works the way it should. I combine it with a stick deodorant for best effect.
DM, 2.99€

 AVEO Nail Polish Removers Professional
With a sponge and with a pump
I just got these because they were cheapest  and I was in Müller. I know I should explore removers more since most dry my nails, so if you have any suggestions for something good and cheap, go ahead. I have the pump version from Ebeline and these pumps, though they are still somewhat clumsy (accidental spritzing and stuff) have a plus in the fact you use a lot less product. This one is effective enough, it doesn't need a ton of rubbing, but it's not the strongest. Actually it's exactly the same as Ebelins, it just smells better, like a floral fragrance. 
I used a lot of versions with a sponge and I still find the original Bourjois' the best ever, but unreasonably pricey, so I buy the cheap ones. The sponge of this one is one of the softest and the remover is the same as in the other packaging, so it's again the same as Ebelines.
Müller, 1.99-2.99 €

EBELIN Polishing File
I've bought a few of these polishing files so far. They're cheap and do their job. I use them for both polishing the nail enamel and for finishing the tips. It has three types of surfaces, none are rough and you can get quite a nice glossy polish with it.
DM, 2 €

EBELIN Glassfile
I've never had a glass file before so I got one of the cheap ones. This one works just fine. It's neither super rough and neither too gentle. It doesn't leave strange, rough edges so I quite like it.

EBELIN Microfibre Glove
Mikrofaser Reinigungs Handschuh
This is one of those cloths that promises to remove the makeup with no additional use of any remover or water. I've had one of these before many years ago and it's the same material than in Emma Hardie cloths, so super soft and comfy, plus they last much better though washing than regular towels. In terms of the original claim of removing makeup I find it's not the most effective thing. It won't do much about mascara and there's still foundation left, plus I get flakes if I use it dry. But anyway I didn't buy it for that reason, I got it because it feels like Emma Hardie's one and I use it the same way, I wet it with warm water and remove balm/oil with it. I like that it's shaped as a glove, though it's small.
DM, 2.99 €

AVON Mesmerize and Mesmerize Black
I only have samples that Petra kindly sent me, but the bottles for both of these are beautiful. Mesmerize Black is more to my taste and it's basically almost pure sandalwood, so warm and woody with no cheap vanilla, which I'm so fed up with. There's a little bit of jasmine, but barely noticeable. I actually love it so much that I'm really lemming a bottle.

I actually had high hopes for Mesmerize because of the peach note. While it is the most obvious note, it's not the juicy version we get in TBS Vineyard Peach or even Hugo Boss the Scent. Instead it's artificial, very sweet peach and to me very reminiscent to the smell of S Budget peach yogurt, which I suggest you don't buy because it tastes like a perfumed yogurt believe it or not (terrible, terrible thing). Mesmerize is basically artificial peach and aldehydes.

I completely forgot this existed, but it's exactly what I need and I actually think there's no such products in drugstores. I have quite thick skin on my soles, so I need to have frequent at home pedicures, which are just such a chore. AHA's should help with some exfoliation (I noticed some minor peeling so far), plus this cream is actually quite greasy, so good for my dryness, but by the morning it's completely gone. It smells strongly of peppermint.

Have a great day!

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  1. Kaaaj? Cena od Bourjois pudra me je čisto šokirala?? Ko sem ga jaz kupovala nazadnje je bil okoli 15 eur. Kaj so se sestavine magično izboljšale?

    1. I know! Pred novomeškim stojalom boš našla luknjo od moje čeljusti, ki mi je padla ko sem zagledala ceno. Pa kaj se grejo, no :/ Na Feel Unique je 14 €, samo imajo cepci zdaj skoraj 5 € poštnino. Zajebavanje na kvadrat :/

    2. Best description ever :D :D :D
      Ampak resno, Bourjois nej se grejo solit!

  2. Great post! I love the Bourjois foundation, great product and also it has a great coverage!
    Thanks for sharing!

    N, xoxo. |

  3. Sama sebe sovražim ker včasih najdem dupe - to pomeni, da eden mora iti in ponavadi to ni Mac :D Enako se ravno zdaj dogaja v primerjavi s Charlotte Tilbury šminkami.
    Biobazo sem tudi jaz imela tester in je odlična. Dejansko res boljše očisti maskaro, čeprav je po teksturi manj gosta. Zanimivo :)

    1. I feel you :) Ampak jaz vsaj vem, da gre v dobre roke :)

      Res je super tole olje od Biobaze. Me je čisto navdušilo. Imam še par njihovih stvari, tudi micelno mešano vodico, ampak olje mi je najboljše :)

  4. Jaz svoje staple izdelke (torej take, kjer že vem katero barvo potrebujem) vse kupujem na Bourjois Healty Mix serum je mislim da okrog 9€ pri njih :)

    1. Joj, zdaj se pa počutim trapasto, da se nisem spomnila tam naročit! Itak moram L'Orealovo masko in šampone proti prhljaju. Bom pa drugič :)

  5. Jooj, pa ravno tri dni nazaj sem bila v eLeclercu in zdaj vidim ta kjut balzam za ustnice *_* moram kupiti naslednjič, če ga bodo še imeli. Itak samo zaradi embalaže, haha :D

    1. Bojo imeli, brez skrbi. Sem ga že sama gledala skoraj pol leta, pa je še vedno na istem mestu :D Drugače je se mi zdi da tudi na Click2Chic.

  6. Love the colors of your new nail polishes. And how cute is that Balea rainbow shower gel??? Nice L'Occitane goodies also, I love the Almond Shower Oil.

    1. The packaging of Balea is adorable, but the product itself leaves something to be desired.
      L'Occitane's Shower oil is just the best ever :)

  7. Čutim frustracije glede cene pudra s tabo :// Nujno morem preizkusit gel za tuširanje in milo od Dove, ker mi tudi vse drugo posname vso vlago in olja s kože :/ Zanimivo se mi zdi tudi Biobazino prodaja v DM-u mogoče? Se mi zdi, da sem na hitro opazila nekaj takega tam. Za Ebelin brisačko iz mikrovlaken pa sem jaz plačala 2.99€ :O Ali imajo mogoče različne velikosti in je zato razlika v ceni?

    1. Res to dvigovanje cen je čisto nepošteno :/

      Ti priporočam Dove, če imaš zelo suho kožo. Eden od žlahtnikov prisega na njih odkar je šel čez kuro z Roaccutanom, ki grozljivo izsuši kožo in je Dove bil edini spodoben tuš gel.

      Ne vem še če je v DM-u. Hotela sem it danes gledat, pa nam v Qualandiji prenavljajo poslovalnico in bo zaprta cel teden. Upam da je, ker se tudi meni ne da naročat z neta.

      To ceno za brisačko nisem zihr, ker sem nekje izgubila račun, pa sem pogledala ceno potem na DM spletni trgovini. Tudi meni se zdi, da nisem dala zanjo toliko, tako da je zelo možno, da je tvoja cena bolj prava. Moram it preverit.

  8. Uuu, super podatek, da je tale Ebelin ''brisačka'' podobna tistim od EH. So meni te tudi najljubše, tako, da moram obvezno pogledati v našem DMu če jih imajo :)

    1. Ista mikrofibra je, tako da jih bom šla še par iskat. Edino nima tiste strani iz muslina. Mislim, da so celo cenejše kot cena, ki sem jo dala gor, ker sem izgubila račun, ampak sem skoraj zihr da ne bi pri polni zavesti dala 6€ za krpico :D

  9. Od tiste bathc bomb mi je cel paket dišal in še zdaj jo imam v eni škatli. Vsakič ko odprem zadiši. Mi jo je škoda porabit :).
    L'Occitane Neroli sem imela tester za losijon za telo. To die for! Takoj bi ga imela, že zaradi vonja.
    Biobaza olje si moram zapomnit. Zaenkrat še imam nekaj Balee, ko pa mi zmanjka pa bom morala iskat nekaj drugega :/.
    Me veseli, da so ti bili všeč izdelki. In hvala za vse omembe <3
    Ne vem v čem je fora teh Smart Kiko lakov. Sama nisem še nobenega preizkusila. Ampak vsakič ko sem v Kikotu, navadnih nimajo oz. jih je vedno manj. Ne vem če bodo nadomestili te Smart s tistimi. V Kikotu sem vedno zmedena. Včasih niti ne vem kaj je LE in kaj ni. :)

    1. Jaz sem tudi ne morem prisilit moje porabit. Tako lepo mi diši :)

      L'Occitane ima večinoma take posebne, ampak zelo dobre vonje. Tale Neroli je res krasen, pa akacija, ki sem jo zdaj kupila tudi.

      Veš, da mi je bilo vse všeč, sploh Mesmerize me je čisto očaral :)

      Sploh nisem še slišala kaj dosti o Smart lakih, vsi imajo tiste navadne. Formula je bolj težka za delat, pač je tista klasična, ampak se je pa zelo lepo nosil (sem ga imela že dvakrat po en teden gor, I like the colour :) )

  10. Spet super objava, vedno par stvari najdem ki bi jih rada poskusila. Gledam malo ta olja za odstranjevat ker je moja koza znorela v zadnjem mesecu, samo je kar izbircna z izdelki, skoraj vsaka kremica mi naredi kozo se bolj mastno in polno mozoljev. Imam se nekaj testerckov od bioderme in nuxa pa mi tudi vecina ni v redu :( ne vem kaj nivea dela glede deodorantov, meni je bil calm&care fajn pa je tudi izginil iz trgovin, sem malo raziskovala na spletu pa je bil ocitno discontinued ze leta nazaj, mi smo ocitno imeli samo ostanke tukaj po redni ceni ves ta cas -.- taki da mogoce res poguglaj in naredi zalogo. Jaz si nisem in sedaj trpim v iskanju novega deodoranta xd

    1. Hvala :) Ko meni koža podivja se vedno vrnem na osnove - Balance Me Cleansing Balm in Nuxe Prodigieuse. Ta kombinacija meni najbolj ustreza. Good Things Manuka Honey krema za čiščenje mi tudi zelo paše, pri oljih moram biti pa dosti previdna in mi do zdaj samo L'Occitane Immortele in tale od Biobaze ustrezata.

      Kar neki novi deodoranti so zdaj od Nivee, ampak pearl & beauty je na spletni strani. Bom vseeno naredila zalogo, ker vse drugo kar se sprobala do zdaj je bolj kot ne šmorn. Biobaza deodorant mi je zdaj kar spodoben (sem ga dobila in ga šele testiram), pa redko kateri deluje na meni.

  11. I loved this post, I hope to have a blog as good as yours one day x

    1. Thank you :) I have no doubts you'll be even better :)

  12. I Just bought the Revlon Ultra HD Devotion after seeing your recommendation and so far I'm loving it! I might make a post on it, but I'd like to wait until I decide if I want to buy another shade, so I can do a 2-in-1 dealio. Your blog is fantastic as always! I still have yet to try the Bourjouis Healthy Mix, I never get around to ordering it! Eeek. :)

    1. I'm so glad you like it :) I'd buy more shades, but I wish they expanded their shade range first.
      Thank you :)