June Favourites & Wishlist

petek, junij 29, 2018

MILANI Conceal + Perfect 2-in-1 Foundation + Concealer
This is here because it's the best foundation I own for when I'm taking pictures. It's a combination of medium coverage and a lovely satin finish that does the job, but also 00A is a perfect match for my skin tone, which is very rare. It's quite a thick foundation and yet, it never looks nor feels heavy on the skin, so I can wear it in hot weather too. 

Concealers tend to last ages when it comes to my stash because I always use only small dots of the product, but I ran out of this one recently and I made sure I repurchased it as fast as possible. It's my favourite concealer, even though it's not full coverage, but I always prefer the natural skin-like finish to full opacity. It looks so natural and hides imperfections without drawing attention to them by looking too matte or cakey. I use it under my eyes and on my nose, while for spots I reach for my more opaque stash. 

This is my go-to/"looks good with anything" blush because it's a quite a neutral, gently defining type of colour. It's a natural, muted pink shade, not really mauve on my cheeks as the name sugests. It's got a nice pigmentation and a smooth formula that's easy to blend, and to me this is definitely one of the best blush formulas in the drugstore.

I've been reluctant to put this into favourites for months now because what's the point of you knowing that this is awesome if you can't get it anymore, but maybe with the next Catrice update, they'll have a similar formula. I've been using it almost exclusively in the last months because it's such a pretty highlighter. It's a lovely champagne shade with finely milled shimmer that looks like natural glow. I'm so glad the pan is so massive and I know it'll last me ages. I hope Catrice puts a similar formula in their permanent range because this is just an amazing.

Everyone loves this shade when they see it on my nails and I get asked a lot which it is. It's a muted warm pink that I think will suit so many and it's one of those shades that's appropriate for almost every occasion. It's one of the best shades Essie makes.

SALLY HANSEN Color Therapy Nail Polish
180 Chai on Life
I don't like this that much on my hands because it looks a bit too yellowy beige, but for some reason it looks so perfect on my toes. It's a great nude for fair warm skin tones. Formula could be a tiny bit more thick because now it spills on my cuticles when I'm applying it, but it at least it lasts well. 

AVON Luck La Vie 
eau de parfum
I feel Avon fragrances are the underdogs in the beauty world, at least some. Granted there are plenty of generic fruity-florals, but they have some really nice scents (their old Herve Leger was just dreamy and Avon Mesmerize Black is such a great comfy winter scent). Luck La Vie appealed to me because of the beautiful bottle, but it's not just that. It is a fruity-floral, but without the boring vanilla and the base here is the interesting cedar, makes it more mature without losing the fruity-floral flirty character. I said in stories it's a fragrance that will appeal to Daisy fans and the green, fresh floral note in this is represented by lily-of-the-valley which is paired with non-candy smelling strawberries. The base reveals the cedar note, but it's still got that a fresh fruity-floral and green character, which makes it youthful, but still serious enough that you'd be comfortable wearing it to the office. Compared to the original Luck, La Vie feels greener and less smooth, that's why a lot of people prefer the original and I plan to get my hands on it one day too.

Oahu Coconut Sunset
I mentioned this on stories as a deeper version of a beachy scent that reminds me of Lolita Lempicka Elle L'Aime. It's a beachy coconut fragrance for those who don't like coconut being the centre of attention because here it's mixed with this oriental base of amber and incense. There is a juicy note in the first minutes, which reminds me most of that sweet mango that was in Escada Taj Sunset, but quickly the creamy coconut and tiare flower come into prominence and give it that typical fancy sunscreen scent, but due to amber this could easily pass as fragrance that's not exclusive to summer. Staying power is nice, I get several hours, which is really good for a body mist, but even so, there is a very generous 250 ml in the bottle which will last a while. I'm getting kind of obsessed with these BBW mists, they are so good and I'd love to have a larger collection.

I was a bit ill this month, though it didn't last long, since I tend to bounce back quickly, but regardless, I used hand sanitizers all the time and everywhere. There Pocketbacks are so cute and they smells so nice, they just make you feel better. All have a strong scent, which I like and actually Sorry I'm Latte has been my fake fragrance several times so far because the scent lasts so long. I particularly love Spiced Apple Wood, even though it's an autumn scent, but it's so unique with its lovely woodsy note and fresh apple. I so wish I had some beachy and fresh scents too. I love that they come in such a cute size because I can easily carry it anywhere. Soap & Glory Hand Maid is another sanitizer I rate high and I feel the texture is even a tiny bit better, plus it smells like candy.


Midi Floral Skirts - White with roses and pockets, $13.74 // Dark blue with mauve flowers, $11.00 // White with cherry blossoms,  $9.45 


Catrice is doing another update in the next months and this time I'm actually interested in some of the new stuff. I have my eye on the new HQ Radiance foundation, since I've actually started to appreciate the HD Liquid Coverage a lot more (good skin care improved my skin texture and foundations I hated started to look decent). They are also releasing new blushes and given my experience with Catrice's blushes, I have high hopes for these. The Metal Sensation eyeshadows look so tempting too, but I need to see their pigmentation first. Peel off glitter nail polishes look nice too, but I'll only get them if I like the shades in person. 

I'm tempted by more BBW body mists. In particular Bali Blue Surf which is described as a fresh beachy coconut scent (I'd also love At the Beach, In the Sun and Beach Sand, but Salma doesn't have them). Sensual Amber and Brown Sugar sound like warm, comforting scent I might like since I love Twilligt Woods so much. Pocketbacs are also on my mind at them moment, especially beachy and fruity fresh scents, but they are expensive on ebay with shipping.  

Have a great day!

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  1. Oh, kako mi je žal, da sem zgrešila Catrice highlighter. :(
    Max Factor blush je tudi moj go-to blush, ampak v drugem odtenku. Ustvari tak lep, rahlo glowy videz..moj sploh več ni izbočen. :P
    B&BW meglice in pocketbaci so meni tudi awesome. <3 Pa mila za roke in losjoni so me tudi čisto obsedli, samo kaj ko so povsod, kjer jih je pač možno dobiti, tako dragi. Si me prepričala v nakup te meglice Oahu Coconut Sunset - sem svojo od B&BW zadnjič porabila v project panu, pa bi rabila neko novo, poleti imam izjemno rada te meglice, čeprav nimajo dobre obstojnosti, ampak kožo pa res lepo ''osvežijo''. :)

    1. Res je odličen in je škoda, da še nimajo take formule v redni prodaji.

      Moja dva MF blusha tudi že dolgo nista več izbočena :D Zadnjič sem gledala še Alluring Rose, ker so ravno v akciji, pa se ne morem odločit :)

      BBW mi ima tako krasne stvari. Vse bi imela, nekako tako kot TBS :D Samo tudi jaz zamerim cene, sploh za Pocketbacse, ki so originalno po dolar. Te meglice imajo zdaj na uradni strani po 3$. Bedno, da ne moremo tam naročat.

  2. Sally Hansen bo tudi v mojih favoritih. Že dolgo me ni nude lak tako navdušil :) <3

    Catrice highlighter je pa res čudovit. Embalaža je za moj okus kar prevelika, ker ga ne upam nositi s sabo. Je pa res, da ga bom lahko uporabljala celo življenje :D.

    Nisem vedela, da ima Bath And Body Works toliko zanimivih dišav. Jaz bi sploh imela nekaj z močno noto kokosa in vidim, da imajo kar nekaj vonjev s kokosom. Pa tudi Sensual Amber se mi bere odlično :). Če ne bi imela toliko parfumov, bi takoj naročila enega od teh :).

    Mene na prvi pogled vedno te Catrice in Essence novosti pritegnejo. Ko pa vidim v živo, pa se po navadi odločim čisto obratno. Podlaga, puder, senčilo v stiku in rdečilo so tudi na moji wish listi. Samo drugi odtenki kot jih imaš ti :). Me pa od vsega zelo zanimajo njihovi novi izdelki za obrvi, ker do zdaj itak uporabljam samo njihove svinčnike, ki so res super.

    1. Sally Hansen bo verjetno od zdaj naprej ves čas na mojih nohtih na nogah. Perfect barva *thumbs up*

      Jaz itak nikakor ne prenašam mejkapa tako, da me velikost ne moti, prej nasprotno, ker zdaj vem , da mi bo trajal dolgo :) Catrice mora to formulo dodat v redno linijo.

      BBW bi mela skoraj vse :D S kokosom jih imajo kar nekaj, ampak At the Beach je njihov najbolj klasičen in najbolj prodajan. Jaz bi nekaj bolj svežega kjer je kokos bolj v ozadju npr. ta Bali Surf ali pa Beach Sand. Se pa kar nočem držat nazaj :D Sem dodala na listo še Amber Love pa en Twillight Woods moram na zalogo vzet.

      Tako zanimive stvari že dolgo niso imeli pri Catrice. Vmes me je že kar malo minilo gledat njihovo stojalo in samo še eyeliner redno kupujem, ampak tale update mi pa izgleda kul. Upam, da bodo stvari tudi v živo ok, sploh za blushe nekako dvomim, da bo kakšen tak odtenek kot I'm Nuts about you, ampak bomo videli. V živo tudi jaz odčrtam 3/4 liste. Za obrvi sem videla, da je kar nekaj novih stvari, ampak jih sama ne uporabljam.

  3. I love every single thing! Would you please give me one? I am drooling!

  4. Mateja, you always take the prettiest pictures!! I must try the Milani foundation asap, I keep seeing it everywhere. Regarding Max Factor's blush, I don't know why in the world this breaks me out. So frustrating! Great post, I really enjoyed it.

    1. Thank you <3 So far I've seen more mixed reviews of Milani foundation, but I really love it :) Oh, that's a bummer it breaks you out! It's such a great formula. Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it :)