Autumn Picks #4

sreda, oktober 24, 2018

It's been a while since I made an autumn picks post because I skipped last year's one, but I'm reviving the series with a selection of products that I like to use in this time of the year.

I shamelessly included this palette again in my autumn series of posts because I actually don't even have any new palettes that I use since the last post and also this is my most autumnal palette. Chocolate inspired hues are perfect for creating a classic brown smoky eye or something even warmer with some reddish tones. I know just about everyone has one of the new rusty-red looking palettes by now, but I'm still sticking to this old favourite.

These may be a hit-or-miss in terms of quality, but this shade is best performing. It's not quite as strongly pigmented as Kiko's eyeshadow sticks, but it's still good enough and I tend to use these as a base to intensify powder eyeshadows anyway. 070 is a golden brown with a metallic finish that doesn't have big chunks of shimmer and it's perfect for combining with some of the shades in the Chocolate Bar palette.

I like to pick natural looking shades for my cheeks in colder months and this mauve is a great one. It's quite an interesting shade in the pan, a cool mauve-pink, but on the skin it's a nice wearable warm pink. 

This is admittedly a bit dark for me, but I still wear it because of the great metallic finish. The shimmer is fine, so there's no chunky glitter in this and the glow of it is pretty strong, which is the type of highlighter I prefer to wear at the moment.

For prepping the lips I have this in my stash. It combines a simple sugar scrub that gets rid of the flakes and a thick lip balm, which sticks on the lips well providing nourishment. 

This rusty rosy-red shade just screams autumn to me. There are many dupes such as Milani's Beloved and Colourpop Beeper, so it's not unique, but the formula of these is my favourite liquid matte lipstick. It's properly matte, not drying and it's long-lasting.  

I have two posts dedicated to autumn lip colours if you'd like to see more choices: 

THEBALM Meet Matt(e) Hughes Sincere - a muted pinky-rosy brown // THEBALM Meet Matt(e) Hughes Charming - a rosy brown // THEBALM Meet Matt(e) Hughes Adoring - a cool burgundy  // MAYBELLINE Super Stay Matte Ink 15 Lover - a mauve. Warm when freshly applied, cool as it sets  // MILANI Color Statement Moisture Matte Lipstick Flirty - a deep berry  // MAYBELLINE Color Sensational Matte Lipstick 975 Divine Wine - a warm burgundy 

SALLY HANSEN Color Therapy Nail Polish 180 Chai on Life - a warm toned beige nude. // WET N WILD 1 Step Wonder Gel Stay Classy - a light-medium muted cool rosy-mauve shade.  // ESSIE Nail Lacquer Eternal Optimist - a muted powder pink shade  // AVON Gel Shine Marvelous - a medium mauve shade with a creamy finish  // ESSIE Sole Mate - a deep burgundy-plum shade with a jelly finish.

BATH & BODY WORKS Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin Nourishing Hand Soap
This was initially a bit of a disappointment to me because I wanted cinnamon and I know from other BBW products, that they know how to make a great spicy scent. Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin is pretty much just pumpkin, though it has a bit of a spicy kick to it. In terms of quality these aren't the best for my dry hands, but the scent lasts on my hands and BBW has such a nice looking collection of autumnal scents. Is there anyone who does autumn inspired products better than Bath and Body Works?

SUBRINA Shower Gel
Perfume Drops
Something for those who like their shower gels to smell like perfume. Closest I can describe it is an oriental type of scent with possibly some pepper and something warm, maybe amber. It's just a regular shower gel, but Subrina's scents are strong and they tend to last on the skin, which I always like at a product. 

If you're a fan of Thierry Mugler's Angel, you'll love this. It's got a strong oriental vanilla scent that if I judge from the Angel notes has patchouli (I notice it most), chocolate, vanilla, honey, amber plus a ton of fruity and floral notes, but basically it's smells either of two ways depending on peoples chemistry: a delightfully sweet and sexy vanilla spicy scent, or horribly strange spicy (it's the patchouli that's so hard to handle). It's a scent that's hard to use in summer, but for autumn/winter season it's a good one. The formula is a great one, very similar to L'Occitane's in almost all respects, so it's a medium thick oil that emulsifies into a rich emulsion with water.

THE BODY Shop Vanilla Pumpkin Body Butter and Shower Gel
Every review I read about this scent last year praised it to the sky and now that I got to try it myself, I get it.  It not much what I expected because there's no pumpkin and also no spices like cinnamon, instead it's similar to their old almond scent which is mixed with a heavy dose of cookie vanilla, tonka bean, hazelnuts and maple syrup. It ends up like a cross between baby cosmetics and gourmand vanilla, but in time it becomes a more spicy, cosy, yummy scent that reminds me of Monte white and cookies. Both the body butter and shower gel are great quality. TBS body butters are my favourite because they are really nourishing and great for dry skin. The shower gel impressed too because the texture is so rich and creamy, it's just a joy to use in the shower.

I'm more mentioning this here for the fantastic rich, nourishing texture of BBW Ultra Shea creams, which for me are just as good as TBS body butters. They exist in many scent, also at the moment in autumnal versions, but Twilight Woods itself is a great choice for colder months. The berry notes are more noticeable in the lotion form than in the mist which is a very comforting, warm woody scent, so the scent in the lotion is a mix of these notes.

This is THE autumnal fragrance for me and so underrated in the beauty world. It's a deep, warm and cosy scent that's based on sandalwood and it has this strong oriental vibe. There's a little bit of jasmine, but it's barely noticeable. It's loud without being obnoxious by either being super a sugary girly concoction or vanilla-patchouli-sweet mix which seems to be the most popular combination for some time now.

BODY FANTASIES Signature Twilight Mist Fragrance Body Spray 
The mist that I consider a close enough dupe for my favourite BBW mist Twilight Woods. It starts a bit bolder with a tonka bean note that makes it a bit sharper, but it's still a nice cosy, woody scent for the colder months. It's cheap and it's sold here in Müller, so easily accessible.

BATH & BODY WORKS Fragrance Mists
Champagne Apple Honey, Crisp Orchard Leaves and Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte
These are from this year's autumn collection and I absolutely adore two out of three. I've known Champagne Apple Honey from last year and I patiently waited for this LE to return. It's by far the best apple scent I've smelled. It smells like proper apples and it's a great mix of tart and sweet notes, though I can't say I detect proper honey, but there's definitely some nice sweetness in it. Crisp Orchard Leaves is a similar scent to Champagne apple Honey and another one I love. It's less sweet with fresh pear and apple scents mixed with some musk. It really reminds me of an orchard in autumn. Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte is one of the most praised autumnal scents from BBW and though it says latte, I read in most reviews it's not a coffee smell. My sensitive nose that hates coffee definitely notices the bitter coffee note from the start, but luckily this doesn't last long and what's left is a marshmallow scent that reminds me of how Pink Sugar smells after a while, but a much more toned down version of it.  

Leaves and Mahogany Teakwood
These two are probably two of the most famous BBW home scents, especially Leaves in candle form is considered the quintessential home accessory. I won't get you excited about this scent because most of you would recognise it immediately - it's the classic apple-cinnamon "every-Christmas-candle-ever" type of scent, but it does fit into this season well, as well as in December. The reason these little room sprays are quite impressive is because one spray fills the room and the fragrance lasts hours - I'm not exaggerating, these really are miles more potent than any Airwick/Glade/random Christmas candle we get here (apart from Airwick electric diffusers. Those are great). BBW has several autumnal and already holiday scents available - they really know how to do season inspired scents well and I'm drawn to the scent Pumpkin Pecan Waffles which is said smells like a bakery. Mahogany Teakwood is not a scent that's exclusively used in autumn, but it still fits in it. It smells like a male fragrance, woody and clean - autumnal LE Sweater Weather is supposedly a softer cousin of it. 
(by the way, I got these from eBay and Notino)

Have a great day!

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  1. Jaz jeseni zamenjam predvsem šminke, lake in vonje ;) Mi je pa Milani Flirty res čudovita <3

    1. Pri meni so predvsem vonji v ospredju, ker večino mejkapa, ki ga nosim čez leto je že itak v bolj jesenskih barvah :)

  2. Se strinjam z Avon lakom in Mesmerize Black parfumom. Oba tudi moja jesenska favorite. Čeprav Mesmerize Black uporabljam praktično dokler ne pride poletje :D. Ta parfum je res premalo omenjen. Sicer so meni na sploh Avonovi parfumi odlični, sploh za ceno. Imajo kar veliko ponudbo sladkih vonjev.

    Upam, da bom končno prišla do The Body Shopa v Maribour in povoham ta Vanilla Pumpkin, ki ga vse tako hvalite. Jaz sem verjetno edina v lepotnem svetu, ki ne maram buč - ne vonja, ne hrane. Samo oblika in barve so mi všeč :D.

    Body Fantasies sem zadnjič končno našla v enem Müllerju. Najprej si pošpricam, pa sem bila razočarana...vse se mi je zdelo neko čudno...seveda ko sem odšla iz trgovine in domov, se je komaj vonj dobro razvil. Potem mi je bil pa precej všeč. Sicer čisto drugačen vonj od mojih iz moje zbirke...mogoče me je zato na začetku šokiral. Meni je itak večina vonjev najljubša v zadnji base notes fazi. Zdaj bo pa šel na wishlisto, čeprav bi bolj BBW verzijo raje :).

    1. Oba parfuma, ki ju imam od Avona (Mesmerize in Luck La Vie) sta res odlična :) Bi preizkusila še kakšnega :)

      Vonj bul meni ni nič posebnega, vsaj od teh, ki sem jih preizkusila do zdaj. Meni se gre bolj za tisto cimetovo noto, ki je ponavadi zraven, samo letos nisem našla nič takega. Mi je izjemno všeč TBS-jeva verzija, čeprav je le vanilija in mandelj, ampak je res krasna mešanica. Upam, da ti uspe priti v TBS. Jaz tudi zelo redko pridem do trgovine, bi bilo drugače če bi bila v NM.

      Meni je bil pa že tester takoj takoj zelo podoben Twilight Woods, ampak se res kasneje razvije v pravi vonj. Od BBW mi je še vedno boljši, ampak do tega je lažje priti :)