The Body Shop Matte Lip Butter 031 Kobe Orchid and Lip Definer Golden Syrup

nedelja, november 10, 2019

I never thought I'd hear the words matte and lip butter in one product name, but The Body Shop went there. I was immediately intrigued because I expected some special moisturising liquid lipstick meets matte texture hybrid, but this is not like I imagined it at all. It's basically just a lighter version of their other matte liquid lipsticks. Six shades exists, I have the lightest 031 Kobe Orchid.

Formula: Compared to their other matte liquid lipstick formula, these are lighter. It's super lightweight texture like there is a lot more silicones in it than in its predecessors, but the formula is still creamy. They are almost fully opaque, but definitely less pigmented than matte liquid lipstick. Maybe at other darker shades the pigmentation appears stronger, as I have the lightest shade. It takes a long time for these to set to a matte finish, but in the meantime they retain that light texture with a creamy shine and are prone to wiping off. To me this shade feels like I'm wearing nothing on the lips, it's not sticky nor does it become drying at any point in time, but my lips are in general not dry. This is not a nourishing product at all, which I expected from the name, so if you're looking for care this isn't it.

Shade: 031 Kobe Orchid is a warm pale nude with peachy tones, which on my fair skintones look much stronger than they will on someone with a darker skin tone. 

Staying power: I wore lip butter on one half of the lips and matte lip liquid on the other, and the results were clear - lip butter just doesn't have the staying power to match it. It wore off much earlier, so I get a only couple of hours of wear. It doesn't survive eating and disappears completely. Staying power sadly isn't impressive at this formula. 

Both freshly applied.

Scent: These have a strong fruity scent, maybe banana and mango - I think it's something tropical.

Price and availability: These cost 8.90 € in The Body Shop.

I'm a bigger fan of the original liquid matte formula. That one is nicely pigmented and much more long-lasting, while it's still non-drying just like this one. But the shades aren't the same and usually I pick a lipstick based on that not just the formula.

Lip Definer
Golden Syrup

Texture: This is quite a dry formula, though it's very likely that the shade has a lot to do with it at this one, as I went through reviews online and these have a good rating, just for different shades. It's not dragging on the lips, but it's not as smooth as for example Essence lip liners. 

Shade: I have the shade Golden Syrup which is not written anywhere on the pencil, it's just on the sticker. It's a super pale nude, concealer like warm peachy shade. 10 years ago I'd be all over it, but now not so much, though it's not bad looking. There are 9 shades available and I see Beech is compared to Mac's popular Spice lip liner.  

Price and availability: These cost 7.50 € in The Body shop.

Have a great day!

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  1. The fact that these ones Are made in a coubtry i doubt about the rules on cosmetics made me not but them.the pinkish one looks so much better on you, and anyway looks better💖.

  2. So it let us disappointed because of not being Long lasting. So happy I did not but it!😁

    1. Staying power is comparable to an average creamy lipstick, so it's not the worst, but their Matte Liquid Lipsticks perform better :)

  3. I have been wanting to try the body shop lip creams! It looks so beautiful