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sobota, april 13, 2024

*ORIFLAME Giordani Gold Age Defying Serum Boost Foundation
Vanilla Neutral
Oriflame had an Age Defying foundation before, which was sent to me in a dark shade some time ago, but regardless the formula impressed me and I used it on others, on who it always looked so good. This formula is different. For one the coverage is lower, but it also has a glowy finish, while the old one started of dewy, but set in time to a satin. I'm currently using Oriflame's Pure Uforia, which I've already raved about and honestly, I don't see a difference between the two. Both have a light liquid formula, light-medium coverage, are very hydrating and have glowy finish that lasts. Even the bottles are the same, only the caps differ. I got probably the lightest shade. It's the same depth as Porcelain I use at Uforia, except the undertone is yellow. Pure Uforia is my perfect match, but I can pull of this one too.

*ORIFLAME The One 5-in-1 WonderLash Mascara
I got this mascara in the past in their regular dark blue packaging, while this one is a special tube in honour of Wonderlashes' 17th birthday. It's has a straight silicone wand with medium length bristles. It deposits a lot of product in one swipe. You get plenty of volume and length, but the bristles can't cope with definition that well, at least on my dishevelled lashes. It's a regular formula that comes off easily, but it doesn't have hold when it comes to my straight lashes.

CATRICE Under Eye Brightener Instant Awake
010 Light Rose
This is a colour corrector in a salmon colour that counteracts blue-purple tones of under eye circles and thereby brightens the area. I had this on my wishlist a while back, when I saw it's a best seller on Müller's website, but I was put off by the texture of the tester, as I felt it may be as thick as their Camouflage pot concealer. I recently saw how well it works in a video by @anaverdnik (who hopefully still has the story highlighted on her profile), so decided to take a risk and get it regardless my concerns. Formula is much creamier than Catrice's pot concealer and it's suitable for my dry under eye are. It blends well even without the warmth of fingers and doesn't go patchy, the creamy formula also allows layering of a concealer on top. The shade is not ideal for my circles. It doesn't counteract the discoloration of my circles and the shade is dark for my pale skin tone, so it doesn't brighten. It more just looks like a peachy concealer under my eyes. Coverage is about medium, so it can be worn without a concealer on top if you feel it does the job well on its own. I did a test with this under one eye and the other with NYX's Bare with Me concealer and I feel the concealer does a better job, but given that I've seen how well it works on others, it's still worth a try if you're looking for such a product. I wish it were pinker and lighter (Essence's stick version is like that and I'll give it a go when I find it in stock.)

CATRICE Blush Affair Liquid Blush
010 Pink Feelings
Both Essence and Catrice launched liquid blushes in the last update. Catrice has five shades of these, one is quite an interesting deep brown/burgundy, which reminds me of the famous black honey shade and I'm still considering getting it. Compared to Primark and Rare Beauty liquid blushes I bought a couple of months back, this formula is thinner and not as intensely pigmented, but it still packs a punch on my pale skin. It blends ok with fingers, I find this formula easier to work with than Rare Beauty one. I start slow, with a very small amount of product and if needed I add a layer. Brushes work well with it, some may prefer to apply it that way. It lasts well on my cheeks and it's often that it's still on my cheeks at the end of the day (but that also depends on the base). Colour is similar to Essence's blush stick I Got Blush 10, which is a beautiful doll pink, Catrice's version is more intense. Packaging has a small nozzle which for now is precise, but it may start being problematic when the bottle nearing empty.

CATRICE Ink Eye Liner
Catrice discontinued their Liquid Liner Matt that I've been using for many years and have bought over 10 in row. They replaced it with this. It looks the same and in many ways performs the same, but unlike the old one, this is not the formula I can always trust to look ok at the end of the day. I tested the old vs. new side by side, one on each eye. They apply about the same, though the new applicator is now less comfortable and less flexible, but the lines are the same. They both dry matte and both are very black, actually the new one is a bit more intense. However, at the end of the day, the side with the new formula was a disaster. Smudged all over and there was barely any line left. The line with the old formula lasted as it should, only slightly faded, but still in its place. I've persisted with wearing this and on most days it's ok, it manages to last all day, but there are some days when it either smudges or fades, so it's just not the same reliable formula the old one was.

CATRICE Magic Christmas story Nail Polish
C01 Land of Snow
This is by now an old limited edition and this nail polish was one of the last remnants of the Christmas collection in DM. It looks gorgeous in the bottle, a deep blue with silver shimmer, like a starry sky. But on the nails it's more lacklustre, as the shimmer doesn't stand out as much. First layer is see though, but second layer is already opaque.

ESSENCE Baby got Blush Liquid Blush
10 Pinkalicious
It's nice to see so many cream blushes. About two years ago I could find a single one in drugstores. Essence has the stick version of Baby got Blush, which are rarely on the stands and now they launched a liquid version. The packaging has a sponge with a single hole in the middle, so the blush doesn't soak the sponge evenly like Maybelline the Eraser concealer and if you don't close the blush by twisting its neck before putting the cap back on, next time you open the blush there is spillage. Formula is thicker than Catrice's liquid blush and it's more pigmented. It blends well not matter what you use and about three dots of product are enough for my cheeks. The shade looks similar to Catrice's Pink Feelings, but on my cheeks it's another of those pinks that turns peachier. Staying power is good, it's on my cheeks at least 8 h later.

ESSENCE Baby Got Glow Liquid Highlighter
30 Breezy Bronze
I thought I grabbed shade 10 and only at home noticed my mistake. The stand was empty with only one highlighter in the shade 10 row, none in 20 and a couple in 30. I grabbed the one from 10 and didn't even think about checking the back of the packaging. It's not that bad, as shade 30 is not dark. It's not as light as my other liquid highlighters, but not pigmented enough to look obviously too dark. I'm on a fence about this one. Applied from the tube with the applicator, this doesn't not work. It becomes patchy and it's barely noticeable. I find it's best to squeeze some on the back of my hand, warm it up a bit and the apply it on the cheek. The glow is not strong, this is one of the weaker highlighters, it needs to be build up a lot, but it has not big shimmer particles. I've since had a chance to buy 10, but I opted not to. It's just not as good of a formula as Oriflame The One version.

ESSENCE Blush Crush!
60 Lovely Lilac
Essence revamped their blushes again. I've tried most versions and honestly they never make that big of a change, but they are always good. I picked shade Lovely Lilac because it's the only purple blush in local drugstores and I've been looking for such a shade a while ago, as everything pulls warm on me and I wanted a cool pink. Formula is creamy when I swatch it with fingers. A fluffy brush picks it up well and it's a shade at which I need to be careful due to pigmentation as it can quickly be a lot. Luckily what I over apply can be blended out easily.

*ORIFLAME Giordani Gold Serum Infused Pearls
Natural Radiance
Oriflame sure knows how to make a pretty highlighter. I've been a fan of their The One liquid highlighter and these Pearls are another formula that create a natural looking radiance with fine shimmer. First layer it subtle and second builds up the glow that isn't over the top, it just looks healthy. Shade is a light champagne.

ESSENCE Juicy Bomb Shiny Lipgloss
104 Poppin' Pomegranate
These have been around for a while and are available in several shades/scents. Formula is quite plain, just a classic (thin) lip gloss that doesn't stay long on the lips. This shade tints the lips pink-red and smells like strawberry soft sweets, but the name says pomegranate. I was hoping I'd see the new lip oils version, but there were none on the stand. These Juicy Bombs may be cheap, probably mostly suitable for teens, but Milani's Lip Oils are so much better if you're looking for a fruity smelling lip gloss.

ESSENCE Glossy Jelly Nail Polish
04 Bonbon Babe
Scented line of nail polishes, which is the reason I got this shade. But the scent is barely noticeable and I can't even describe what it smells like. Pupa did it so much better. It's a jelly formula with the first coat being very sheer and the nail tips are still visible after three coats.

ESSENCE Cracking Magic Nail Top Coat
You may remember these having a moment years ago. I didn't buy it back then, as I wasn't interested. It's a nail polish that shrinks while drying, thereby cracking any creating unique patterns. A thin coat works best and the effect is quick, it takes about a minute to really settle. This doesn't work over bare nails, there has to be a coat of dry nail polish under it. It's a shame Essence only made a black one, as a gold and silver would be more impressive.

CATRICE Heart Affair LE Blush Stamp
C02 Show me Love
A limited edition item. I got the highlighter a month ago, which was also in my monthly favourite. This is a liquid blush in a cushion format that stamp hearts. The top holds a sponge stamp and the bottom a cushion blush. It's very pigmented and intense. It's not as easy to blend as Catrice's and Essence's liquid blushes, but it can be done. Heart stamps can't be removed with makeup wipers or micellar water, but an oily remover.

BEAUTY OF JOSEON Revive Eye Serum Ginseng + Retinal
I bought this as a replacement for Geek & Gorgeous A-Game 10 that has been out of stock for ages and I've recently used up Afrodita Professional Retinol Shot. The first has retinal and the second Hydroxypinacolone Retinoate, which is something newer than retinal and retinol. I decided to stick with retinal, as I'm not happy with results of Afrodita Professional. BoJ is the only retinal product I found available in drugstores here. It's an eye cream, but there is 30 ml of product. It has 2% liposome retinal, but also ginseng extract (10%), niacinamide, adenosine, hyaluronic acid, cholesterol, ceramides, a peptide and a couple of oils/butters. Texture is a light lotion, but it feels like a moisturiser on the skin. It has a typical gingseng scent that I encountered at Sulwhaso products. To me it's comforting, but it's something you have to get used to. It's way too early to report about any results, but my skin likes it, I feel it has improved a bit overall and there was no irritations or dryness at this formula.

BALEA Niacinamide Nachtcreme
It took me a while to finally get this, but it's been out for a while now. I already have the SPF 30 version and this is the night version with 10% niacinamide and 5% grape seed oil - the ingredients list is short. I like the formula more than the SPF one. The latter sits on the skin for a long time and sort of feels suffocating because you can feel it. This one has a thicker, richer formula, but it absorbs in a while, leaving almost like a silicone-primer layer. The skin feels velvety under the fingers. I've been enjoying using this one morning and nights. It has no scent like the rest of the line.

A serum with a new active ingredient Melasyl that fights hyperpigmentation. It combines it with 10% niacinamide and says it's proven to visibly reduce dark spots and discoloration in 8 weeks by 85%, first result should be visible after a week. To properly see the results on my skin, it's the wrong time to test it, as over winter my other products reduced sun damage and freckles I got over summer, but we'll see how it goes. I like the texture, as it's very light, easy to apply and it absorbs instantly (if I apply it on bare skin after cleansing), yet the skin feels hydrated. It's a great formula for layering, which I always appreciate. It has a pleasant scent.

*LA ROCHE-POSAY Anthelios Uvmune 400 SPF 50+
I reviewed this a while ago and I still have a little bit of my last year's tube left. SPFs often go through reformulations, so I compared the old with this year's tube and I think they are the same and they didn't make any changes, but my old one did become more yellow. My opinion hasn't changed since I first reviewed it. It's very liquid, yet it's not as light as Garnier's Fluid because it's oilier. On my very pale skin, there's a yellow tint visible after application, but it doesn't have a white cast. It's not my favourite formula in terms of how invisible it feels and looks on the skin, as it has shine, however, that doesn't matter to me as much because this is the SPF I trust the most, so last year this was the one wore a lot, especially on days when I knew I'll spent a lot of time in the sun. It has a the most advanced sun filters, which also protect from long UVA, so it's my top choice for a reliable sun protection.

*LA ROCHE-POSAY Lipikar Baume AP+M
A while ago I mentioned I bought this in an eco tube (brown) for someone who has very itchy skin. This is a formula that is designed for very dry, atopic, itchy skin and for those with allergies. I tested the formula back then and loved it. Considering I've heard no further complaints about itchy skin, I can only surmise this did its job well. Formula is very rich, almost too much for the pump packaging, but I so appreciate it has it. It's almost as thick as Cerave's Moisturising Cream, but takes longer to absorb. I can feel it on the skin in the morning when I'm washing my hands and face, so it forms a lasting protective layer on the skin. I've started using this as an occasional face moisturiser too and it suits my dry skin, calming some irritations I got from trying to use up old skin care stock. It has no scent. This is the big version of the cream, but a 200 ml in a tube exists as well.

*LA ROCHE-POSAY Cicaplast B5+
A multipurpose balm for soothing and protecting irritated skin. It's something I consider it a must for anyone, as it suitable for anything: irritations, excessive dryness, healing the skin after treatments, bug bites,… I used to have something similar from Mixa and it was discontinued, so this was on my list to buy when I use up those precious last drops of Mixa. But this one is even better as aside from 5% pantenol, it also has madecassoside + coper - zink - manganesse + tribioma that renew the skin barrier. Formula is thick and balmy. As it's usual for such creams they stay on the skin for a long time, protecting it. These formulas are brilliant for when the is skin so dry, it absorbs everything instantly, like it happens to me every winter, so it's nice to have something that doesn't just disappear from the skin fast. There is an SPF 50 version, which I had a tester off and the formula is the same.

*LA ROCHE-POSAY Effaclar Duo + M
I had this a many years ago when it was still called just Duo, which then went to my brother, who suffered from severe acne. It's a triple acting moisturiser formula that is suitable for acne-prone and oily skin. It promises to unclog pores to help prevent spots and breakouts, to reduce blackheads, blemished, post-acne marks and pigmentation. Formula is light, gel-like and it leaves a layer on the skin, like a primer. My skin is has no such concerns apart from blackheads, so I'm not going to be much help at reviewing this, but ingredients are great and I believe this is one of the top choices of those with oily, blemish-prone skin.

*BODY BOOM Superstar Hydrating and Illuminating Face Wash Foam
This smells sooo nice. I'd have a body mist immediately if it existed. It's meant for dehydrated, grey and dull skin. It's not the strongest remover, as I couldn't remove the Makeup Remover Butter with it, so it's a gentle cleanser. It doesn't dry out the skin, it didn't irritate my eyes, which is a big plus. The mousse feels nicely plush and not watery. It has a bit of Ascorbic Acid, but it doesn't matter since it's a cleanser that immediately washes off.

*FACE BOOM Makeup Remover Butter
I was checking this out in DM, since it looked similar to the Balea's Skin Expert one that I was advised not to get. Only when I opened the box I saw this is quite small, with only 40 g of product. It smells so nice, like bubble gum. The formula is super creamy and soft. It quickly turns into an oil that you massage into the skin. I've done tests with this of how much it can remove. It failed the test with my most long lasting & waterproof makeup, as it struggled to remove Maybelline's matte liquid lipstick in Pioneer (red) and Catrice's Ink Eyeliner. Test number two was done with regular makeup and it got it off completely. So if you're not into heavy makeup layers, this works as it should, but it's not as strong as Nuxe's or Hada Labo cleansing oils. Face Boom mousse doesn't get it off with one use, so I had to do a double cleanse, while my regular Mixa Baby Atopiance Oil got it off easily. The skin feels very soft after use, more than at my regular routine.

*BODY BOOM Superstar Hydrating and Illuminating Face and Eye Cream
This targets dehydrated, grey and dull skin. It contains a several oils: Babassu, Crambe, Black Currant, Kukui, Avocado; and extracts: Acerola, Guarana, Kakadu Plum, Pomegranate. It also has Caffeine, Vitamin C in the form of Ascorbic Acid, but with no percentage stated (it's way before fragrance, so theoretically over 1%), Hyaluronic Acid and Squalene. There is Mica high on the list and that is shimmer. So this is one of those moisturisers that add a lovely glow to the skin, like weak highlighter. It's great for under makeup or even no makeup looks. Formula is medium thick and it absorbs quickly.

*FACE BOOM Cleansing Face Wash Foam
All Skin Types
This is a very similar mousse to the Superstar one, except the scents are different. It's again gentle, the mousse is dense and it doesn't irritate my eyes.

*BODY BOOM Peel-off Rubber Algae Mask
I got this a while ago and forgot about it, though I planned to give it a test. I finally did. It's a powder that smells very nice and it's supposed to be mixed with 30 ml of warm water right in the pot and applied immediately, as it quickly starts to set. There is about twice too much mask for one use, so I wish I divided the powder before and used a smaller amount. It ended up a bit lumpy, but I could apply it on the face. I did a thick coat, since I had so much and it quite quickly turned into a rubbery, solid formula. I took it off after 15 minutes. It came off in pieces, like I expected. The thinner coats around the edges of my face caught on the hair and were difficult to remove. It didn't feel tight on the skin, which is unusual for peel off mask. I don't know if it had any results. My skin didn't feel or look any different after. But this contains calamine, which is meant for calming irritations, plus oats and aloe very. Maybe I'd notice a difference if my skin was irritated.

*FACE BOOM Correcting and illuminating Face Serum
A serum with 2% glycolic acid, 2% mandelic acid and 2% Gluconolactone (glukono delta-laktone, PHA). A light serum with low amounts of acids that I think should suit beginners. I don't feel it on the face, but I normally don't feel even stronger acid formulas. It's ok for layering. It's too early to say anything about results, but it looks an easy formula to include in the skin routine.

BODY BOOM Moisturising and Soothing Hydro Cream
I got another tube of this face moisturiser back in October together with the Matiffying version. It relies on Treholose to do the job of moisturising. It also has betaine, brazil nut oil, avocado oil, rosehip oil, pineapple & melon juice, banana extract and raspberry extract. Honestly all three Body Boom moisturisers I've tried feel about the same. Creamy, yet not too heavy. They absorb quickly and work as either a makeup base or night moisturiser. My skin isn't sensitive, so I'm not sure how this works on sensitive skin. Out of the three, my first pick is the Superstar one because of the lovely glow.

FACE BOOM Skin Dopamine Highly Moisturizing Face Cream SPF 50
I already have another tube of this and I was waiting to review it when my skin isn't so dry, for those that interested in how light or heavy it feels on the face. Texture is more on the thin side, but still creamy. I got no white cast, though it took some time to blend in. It doesn't feel heavy or greasy, but it's still maybe doesn't feel as nice for oily-combination skin, as it didn't absorb fully. UV filters are Dibutyl Adipate, Diethylamino Hydroxybenzoyl Hexyl Benzoate, C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate , Tris-Biphenyl Triazine (nano), Ethylhexyl Triazone, Bis-Ethylhexyloxyphenol Methoxyphenyl Triazine and Methylene Bis-Benzotriazolyl Tetramethylbutylphenol (nano). It also has babassu oil, jojoba oil, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, vitamin E, vitamin C and squalene.

*ORIFLAME Novage+ Intense Skin Recharge Overnight Mask
A sleeping mask with a small amount of hyaluronic acid, inca inchi oil and Cupuaçu butter. Formula is nicely rich and takes time to absorb, so it nourishes the skin overnight. It's one of Oriflame's iconic products chosen by users. I'd like to see more caring and anti-ageing ingredients, not just a pleasant texture. Alcohol is high on the list, though granted after glycerine.

*ORIFLAME Novage+ Intense Nourishment Facial Oil Capsules
Oil capsules that combine a silicones with 6 oils: soybean, avocado, peach kernel, blackcurrant, sesame and meadowfoam + the everywhere present vitamin E. It not like a dry oil, but neither too oily. It has a pleasant scent.

*ORIFLAME Novage+ Proceuticals Ultra Light UV-Age Day Shield SPF 50
One of the more "elegant" SPFs I've tried. Formula is creamy, there's no greasy feeling and it blends in without leaving white cast. I can apply a two-three fingers amount easily and it feels like I could apply more if I wanted. It's has some shine at the start, but it quite quickly settles to a matte/invisible one on my skin. I've a lot of time in the sun with it and it protected me well.

*ORIFLAME Miss Giordani Floral
Eau de Parfum
This a flanker of the Miss Giordani perfume and based on the scented page, it's not that similar to its older sister. It's a lovely, rich, sweet floral scent - a white floral that has a soft base that tempers an abundance of floral notes such as jasmine and tuberose that usually I find headache inducing, but here they are nicely subdued, yet noticeable. I mostly smell sweet neroli, while other notes include tangerine that adds a bit of fruity character to a very floral scent; ginger, jasmine, tuberose, peony, ylang ylang, cedar wood and vanilla. Oriflame makes some of the best quality scents in my opinion, especially since the prices are not that high and this one is one of the nicest ones to my nose.

ADOPT Musc Blanc eau de parfum
My mother mentioned she always wanted a musk perfume and I know The Body Shop has White Musk that was popular in the 90's, but I found this in DM. As you might expect based on the name, this is one of those clean scent, like washing powder or standard fabric softener. It's clean and soft, a very easy scent to wear because it just smells like fresh laundry - it's very similar to Yankee Candle Clean Cotton and a little bit like Lush's Honey I Washed the Kids soap, or at least I think that's the one - it's definitely like something from Lush. It's not a powerful scent, it's more of a skin scent, though it is noticeable after application from two meters away. The bottle looks small, but there's 30 ml inside. I had to Adopt scent before that were sent to me, both were stronger, because they had notes of patchouli. Aside from musk Musc Blac has notes: rose, which I notice the most, ylang-ylang and vanilla.

MIXA Baby Soothing Cleansing Oil Atopiance
In the last new in I complained this isn't sold here anymore and I got a quick, unlikeable replacement. So it turns out the sales assistant gave me wrong information, as the next time I was in DM, there was a full shelf of these. At least I hope they are here to stay because my skin loves this. It's a simple gel that lathers well, is gentle, cleans well, has no scent, taste and it doesn't irritate my eyes. The pump packaging is also a big plus.

MIXA Ceramide Protect Hand Cream
I was going to repurchase Cerave one which I love, but either DM didn't have it in stock or I didn't see it/it's not in its usual place, so I grabbed this one which was also on the shelf of products for sensitive skin. I'm not a fan of most hand creams because I want them to absorb immediately, yet be very thick and rich. It's less thick than Cerave one, but still rich/medium thick and it absorbs quickly enough that I'm not annoyed by it. It has been very efficient at fixing the flaky dry skin and it worked quickly. It has no scent.

TREACKLEMOON Brazilian Love Shower and Bath Gel
Fellow fans of Sol de Janeiro Bum Bum Cream/Cheirosa 62 scent rejoice! The claims that this is a dupe for the scent are true. I have the original Brazilian 4 Play shower gel, so I could compare the two and the scent is the same. Straight from the bottle, the Treacklemoon has hint of a more tropical scent of mango, but under the shower it's the same vanillary-nutty goodness. Scent is intense, but sadly I can't smell it much after I step out of the shower - neither do I of the original, mind you. But it is a lovely treat for 4,99 € and it comes in a bottle with a generous 500 ml. Apparently Treacklemoon also has a body lotion, a scrub and a hand cream, nut none are sold here. I hope the popularity of the scent will change that soon, as I'd love to get the body lotion as a replacement for the seriously overpriced Bum Bum Cream.

*CERAVE Moisturising Lotion
Cerave have very simple, but effective formulas that contain ceramides and have no scent - everything I've tried from Cerave so far has been a hit. I'm a big fan of the hand cream and because I liked it so much, I had this on my wishlist. Now that I've tried it - honestly it's not my type of moisturiser. What should have been on my wishlist is the cream, but that's my preferences. This will suit those that love very light formulas, the type like Balea's Niacinamide body creme. But despite the light texture, it's deeply hydrating. It doesn't absorb quicker than the cream, but it feels more lightweight on the skin. I've tried it as a face moisturiser as well and it's the type of formula that would likely suit oily skin too.

*CERAVE Moisturising Cream
I loved this immediately. It's very similar to the hand cream, so it has rich texture, but not super thick and it spreads easily on the skin. It absorbs fast enough, but the best part for me is that it leaves this velvety finish on the skin. The latter feels softer because of that than if I use the lotion.

ALVERDE Pflege-ol All-in-one
A repurchase. I use this as a pre-wash treatment. It has canola, coconut and almond oil. Due to the dropper applicator I can apply this on the scalp.

NIVEA Care & Hold Soft Touch Caring Mousse
A repurchase. I haven't run out of mine, but I wanted a spare. I use this every time I wash my hair. It is the lightest styling product I've tried, it feels like nothing is on the hair, yet it holds so well.

HEAD & SHOULDERS 7 in 1 Advanced Multi Action Shampoo
A shampoo that boasts with the claim it has a high percentage of piroctone olamine, an anti-dandruff ingredient. I was using Subrina Recept before, but like the dozens of things I've tried, it doesn't work on me. Neither does this. It didn't remove dandruff fully nor prevent it from forming again, but my scalp was clearer for a day. I'll still continue using it, maybe it will start working eventually. It washes off colour like crazy, Subrina Recept doesn't do that.

HEAD & SHOULDERS Derma X Pro Replenishing Hair Conditioner
A conditioner with piroctone olamine, which to me sounded a way better idea than a shampoo that washes off after a few minutes. It minimal amounts of avocado and argan oil (both after fragrance), so I knew I'll likely have to mix this with something more nourishing. It worked against itching, but only for about a day on me. I know some wash their hair daily, so for those I can say it works, but I wanted the effect to last longer, as my scalp has been so itchy this winter. What I resent more is that my ends were insanely tangled, something that hasn't happened in ages and also they were so dry. I'll use this up for scalp only and combine it with a better conditioner on the rest of the hair.

*PR products.

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