L'Oreal Paradise Extatic Waterproof

torek, april 14, 2020

The original or regular formula of this one already impressed me when it first launched, but despite creating big voluminous lashes, it has two faults: it can't keep my lashes curled and it dries out super fast. This time I opted for a waterproof formula, which I had to buy online because Slovenians apparently don't deserve L'Oreal's waterproof formulas. It's not quite as impressive in terms of volume compared to the original because it's drier, but I forgive it because it holds my lashes curled all day.  

This obviously has the same brush as the original. It's an averagely size classic brush with medium density bristles. It's not a mascara I'd describe as being capable of catching every lash compared to I <3 Extreme Waterproof or Oriflame Tremendous and that's why I need to take more time with this one if I want a nicely defined and fanned out effect, as if I try to do it fast I get a messy result. It has one advantage over I <3 Extreme - the brush is not as massive, so I don't end up with as many dots of product on my eyelids.   

Formula is to me identical to Essence I <3 Extreme. It's a lot drier than regular formulas and that helps a lot at keeping the lashes curled also immediately at application. It's also not in any way a heavy formula.  It creates about the same amount of volume and length as Essence's formula, but it's less volumising that regular Paradise formula, which is to be expected given that's it's much drier than most mascaras. 

Like I said in the intro with this my lashes stay curled all day, which is most important to me. For this along it gets high praise from me. I get no smudging or flaking with this one, not that I have such problems in general with any mascara.

Price and availability: I got mine on Spletična.si for 7.50 €.

Since it's the same as Essence's which is cheaper, I'll stick to that one, though I don't exclude the possibility of buying this one again purely for shallow reasons that this one comes in a much prettier packaging, but also I like the brush is smaller and less clumsy. It all also depends on how fast it takes for this one to dry out because the original was truly disappointing in this respect, so I hope this one will be better - for now it's looking good.   

Have a great day!

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