March 2012 Favourites

sobota, marec 31, 2012

I've been skipping foundation (my trusted Healthy Mix serum) this month and just applied some concealer and Mac's MFS where needed. My current concealer of choice is Stay All Day by Essence (an old review and swatches here). It's a really nice concealer, especially for the price. The coverage is nice, it even covers some smaller spots. I really like that it has a doe foot applicator, it just makes the application that much faster and simpler.
I then applied My Base illuminating make-up base which is a new product by Essence (I'll post swatches and a more detailed review in the next post). It gives a nice subtle glow to the cheeks without looking too shimmery.
I finished my skin with Mac's MSF natural, which I got after reading Summers rave here (She's such a great blogger and such a nice girl. She always manages to brighten my day with her sweet comments. I also ordered Skin79 BB cream almost 3 weeks ago because of her recommendation, but it still hasn't arrived. This shipping from Korea has been taking really long, I'm a getting bit worried :/). Initially, I didn't get along well with this powder. It was just so hard to work with, none of the brushes could pick up any product, I was just really disappointed. But now that I'm through the harder layer of product, it's finally working for me. I find that the best brush for applying it is the E.l.f. powder brush as it blends the product nicely into the skin.

I've already raved enough about Dermalogica's gentle cream exfoliant (review here). I've also been loving Mineral lipstick in the shade Runway Pink by E.l.f., which is one of my all-time favourite lip colours.
I exclusively wore only two nail polishes: Mint Candy Apple (a gorgeous pastel mint green colour) by Essie and my newest polish from a TE by Essence called 04 Bright Alert. Although, the latter looks really bright pink-coral in the bottle, the formula is actually quite sheer and needs at least three layers to get the full on brightness of colour. Thanks to Seche Vite, even three layers of nail polish are dry within minutes.  

Orofluido is again in my favourites. The scent is divine and it makes my hair look so polished and shiny. Plus this bottle is lasting me ages, because you really need only a little amount. I completely forgot to put my Alverde hair oil in the picture (review here). A truly fantastic product (mine is currently in Ljubljana, and I use Orofluido when I'm at home), I've been using it literally everyday when I'm in Ljubljana. Because it's quite light, it doesn't weigh down the hair. It just makes it look shiny and gives moisture to my dry ends. Plus it's silicone free, so an amazing product for the price.

I've been enjoying Katy Perry's Purr more and more. I wasn't much of a fan the first couple of weeks when I bought it. But now I love it, it just grew on me. A great spring scent and the bottle is so cute. Review can be found here

Thanks for reading!

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  1. nisam znala da je ovaj essence korektor tako dobar, kupila sam onaj "stay natural" a bas sam razmisljala izmed ovog i tog, i uzmem ovaj drugi :/ sad mi je zao.

  2. Joj tega mint Essie-a imam že tako dolgo na WL, da ga bodo verjetno prej nehali delat, preden si ga bom jaz nabavila :) Super izbor!

  3. Res je eden najlepših odtenkov ever. Je pa od Essence You Belong to Me zelo, zelo podoben, le malenkost bolj moder (tu sem naredila primerjavo:, se pa lepše nanaša.

  4. Iiii, hvala za mention, kok lepo od tebe! <3 Drugače za MSF priporačam kabuki čopič, se mi zdi, da se z njim najlepše nanaša. Pa super, da si BB cream naročila, pomojem boš ful zadovoljna - sploh v kombinaciji z MSF res lepo pride. Js tudi že cel mesec nosim en mint odtenek laka za nohte, tko mi lepo zgleda. Haha, drugač pa tut js kr po spisku kupujem vse kar ti omeniš - zadnjič sem domov privlekla tist Saubar sprejček, danes pa še Alverde olje za lase. Naslednje na wishlistu je pa Orofluido pa kej lepo dišečega iz Yves Rocher! xx

  5. You're welcome :D. Sem naprej za mfs uporabljala tisti velik Ecotools čopič za bronzer, pa ni bil ok. Edino ta od E.l.f. mi je ok, ker zajame dovolj pudra.
    Orofluido rabiš btw, ker diši absolutno božansko :P. Yves Rocher imajo pa zdaj tudi v hali A v Btc-ju, tam pri vhodu zraven Spara.

  6. I've been thinking about getting the MSFN to replace my pressed powder this summer! The only thing I'm not so crazy about is that it doesn't have any mirror in the lid :( Isn't this Elf brush uh-mazing for powder products? Everyone uses it as a foundation brush, but I think it can blend powders just as nicely on the skin!

  7. Yeah, I agree about the brush. I like E.l.f.'s powder brush both for liquid foundation and powder, but more often for latter. It really is a multitasker.