I Heart Makeup I Heart Sin Palette

nedelja, september 28, 2014

Honestly, this palette is miles away from my comfort zone. I'm very much a neutral girl at heart and though there are a few neutral shades, this is mostly a palette for those who revel in wearing bright colours. I <3 Makeup is a subsidiary brand of Makeup Revolution, from which I already reviewed one palette - Welcome to the Pleasure Dome, so it's not that surprising that the quality is pretty much the same.

There are 16 eyeshadows in the palette with a real mix of colours - purples, pinks greens, blues, neons and a couple of neutrals. The finishes range from shimmery/frosty to matte. Performance of shades differs from eyeshadow to eyeshadow with mattes generally performing poorer than shimmery/frosty ones.

Once an Angel - a skin tone shade with a satin finish. It has plenty of pay off, but is chalky and has drop down. Still it doesn't matter, since it's just a base/blending out shade and as that is works great.

Glorious Envy - pearly forest green. It's buttery soft, but needs to be built-up for intensity. It blends ok.

Bad Habit - matte dark purple with taupe tones. It's dry with poor pigmentation and chalky. I really build it up here, so it can be done, but it's a laborious process. 

Slave - silver. A basic silver shade that is buttery soft, though it could be a bit more pigmented.

Bad Boys - matte dark grey-green.  More pigmented than Bad Habit, but still chalky.

It Works for Me - matte fluorescent yellow-green - Awful shade, dry as a Sahara, chalky and impossible to build up. Worst performing shade in the palette and it doesn't work for me.

Jealous Eyes - pearly teal. It's soft and buttery with a good colour pay-off.

Future Proof - matte bright violet. Another difficult matte shade, though it can be built up by using fingers. Blends ok on the lids, but you lose much of the intensity.

Full Throttle - matte fluorescent pink. A lot better than It Works for Me as it's not as dry and it's similar in texture to Future Proof, but still the second most problematic shade.

Golden Gun - shimmery gold. One of the rare wearable shades for me, but it has left me a bit disappointed due to a poorer pigmentation. It can be built up.

Greed is Good - shimmery brown-bronze. One of the best performing shades in the palette due to the softness and nice pigmentation.

Colour Crime - satin magenta. Pigmentation is ok, which is surprising for such a shade.

Cross the Line - pearly polar blue. One of the best performing shades in the palette, soft, pigmented and blends well.

Want it All - pearly ice blue. Similar to Cross the Line, but slightly less pigmented. 

Self Indulgent - pearly blue-toned dark purple. Weak pigmentation and needs  a lot of layers to be built up.

Do it For Me - shimmery white. An ok shade that could be used as a highlighter, but it's a bit too stark white.

The packaging looks straight from the Barbie's essentials pack with the big violet heart crystal that makes the palette look ridiculously girly and immature, despite being on a glossy, sleek packaging. The general quality of the packaging is good, it's sturdy and secure, it even features a handy big mirror.   

It's a fairly average palette. As at most of these budget palettes the quality of the eyeshadows varies, with mattes performing worst, but some shimmery shades are very decent. I'd use a primer with these if you want nice staying power. This is a palette that will appeal to more brave individuals, something I unfortunately am not, but if you like to experiment with colours and don't want to spend much, this may be for you. Just keep in mind that neons and purples aren't the best in this palette.

Paletka je trenutno znižana na Ličila.si in stane 7,95 €.
It's £7.99 on Makeup Revolution website.

*I was sent the palette, but not conditions were set.

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  1. These colours are absolutely stunning!


  2. Imam nekaj favoritov med senčili, ampak dvomim, da bi kdaj pristala v moji kolekciji. Pakiranje me npr. sploh ne pritegne. Super ocena. :)

  3. Občudujem vse te barve, zelo so lepe in drugačne... Če bi znala dobro mešat barve na očkah, bi bilo super. Bi mi komot pomagala tal paletka (:

  4. Nekako ni moj nabor odtenkov. Sta mi pa zelo všeč Golden gun in Greed is good - seveda moja tipična odtenka:).