Autumn Picks

petek, september 26, 2014

This year feels like one long autumn already, so there is not better time to dust of the berry lippies, chocolate eyeshadows and deep, sultry scents.

Berry-Burgundy Lips
A proper matte burgundy shade that is just super glam and pretty. It lasts ages on the lips as well.

My ultimate autumn shade - a matte deep purple-burgundy colour. It looks great as a stain as well.

A glossy deep burgundy-purple colour, but a bit more desaturated/grey than 107. Again can be worn as a stain and is easy to apply precisely due to a great applicator. 

Brown Smoky Eyes

A great warm chocolate shade with tiny gold shimmer that is superbly pigmented. It's hard to find, though not impossible, just look online. Riche Mono Eyeshadow in Die for Chocolate and Catrice Liquid Metal 090 Nougat It Right are similar.

MAC Mulch, Bronze and Satin Taupe
Mulch is similar to L'Oreal's Endless Chocolat, just a bit cooler, lighter and with poorer pigmentation. Bronze is a warm bronze shade and Satin Taupe is a cool taupe-brown shade with a hint of purple.

The perfect matte taupe eyeshadow. One of my favourite eyeshadows ever.

CATRICE Absolute Eye Colour Mono 570 Plum Up The Jam
Deep purple shade with gold shimmer. Looks more brown-purple on the eyes when blended out, but it can still make you look like you've been punched. This bad boy brings out the blue in my grey eyes like no other.

MAYBELLINE Color Tattoo in 35 On and On Bronze
A cream eyeshadow in a shimmery brown-bronze shade. Works great as a base.

URBAN DECAY 24/7 Glide On Liner in Bourbon
My favourite formula of eyeliners in a warm brown colour with gold shimmer. Amazing on blue-grey eyes.

KARDASHIAN BEAUTY Deeply Felt Eyeliner
Black eyeliner adds the final touches to the look. Deeply Felt is currently my favourite felt tip eyeliner because it's super easy to apply precisely and lasts all day.

Natural Flush
To compliment the berry lips, a nice gentle flush of a natural blush on the cheeks. Mandy-rine is a natural apricot shade.

An amazing rosy-neutral shade that goes with everything. My favourite blush ever.

A very natural, warm, light beige-pink-peach shade with delicate shimmer, which gives a soft flush to the cheeks with a subtle glow. It's almost like a light mix of a blush, highlighter and bronzer in one, adding just the right amount of warmth to the cheeks.

 Autumnal Nails

An interesting red because I notice it changes colour depending on the light. Under artificial yellow lighting it looks deep wine-burgundy with more purple hues (leaning to vampy territory, but still not too dark), while under natural light it's a more medium cherry red. 

A burgundy wine shade, so a deep red with a bit of purple hues in it. 

The most classic, true deep red shade.

A taupe shade with gold shimmer. It smells like cinnamon on the nails.

The deep reds look the same and they are very, very similar in real life.

ESSIE Sole Mate
Deep cherry, purple- burgundy loveliness. A supposed dupe of Chanel's Rouge Noir. This will be my ultimate shade this autumn.

A warm plum with tiny red shimmer. It looks a lot more purple on me than on other people.

A frosty navy that is leaning a bit to purple and less vibrant due to a grey undertone.

Dark, inky navy blue with a cream finish. It was a part of the 2013 Fall Collection, but you can still get it in some places like Beauty Bay.

 Skin Care

An amazing quality body butter that is deeply moisturising and features a nicely blended mix of soft honey note with a fresh wildflowers scent. Love it!

A super moisturising dry oil for skin in colder months with a nice sweet nutty-floral scent. I called this in my review the ultimate lazy girl's moisturiser as it's so easy to use.

Luxuriously feeling creamy shower gel that smells so good - not as described, but deep, sultry and clean.

A favourite in all seasons, it's lovely oriental vanilla-amber scent fits particularly well into colder months. The thicker formula is great for dry hair and helps fight the frizz caused by the increased humidity.

Not only does it smells fantastic like a sophisticated mix of coconut and caramel (the scent really lingers), it also nourishes the hair well and leaves it super shiny.  

 Sultry Scents
I adore this scent. It's so sweet and cozy, like a fluffy jumper - just perfect for this time of year. I smell mostly berries with warm vanilla and sugar notes.

This is such a sweet syrupy scent, yet so cozy and warm. Can Can is like a more grown up version of Fantasy that is still girly, but without notes of vanilla or chocolate. I love wearing this is the autumn, it just fits into this season so well. 

The most grown-up scent I own and great for colder months. It's a sexy, creamy goodness with notes of orchid, mahogany, amber and musk. 

L'OCCITANE Ambre eau de toillete
Much to my regret already discontinued. These two may be similar: L'Occitane Ambre Santal and Yves Rocher Voile d'Ambre.
A lovely deep, warm woody and amber fragrance with a Mediterranean twist. Great for mixing with vanilla or coconut scents.

REFAN imitations of La Vie est Belle (n.034) and Roberto Cavalli (n.024) 
When it comes to fragrance, you don't always have to splurge. I'm a huge fan of Refan imitation fragrances and these two are some of my favourites. 
N.024/Roberto Cavalli is a very heavy, rich, balmy and strong oriental-floral fragrance. This is a scent for those who want to be noticed. 
N.034/La Vie est Belle smells like an expensive box of pralines with a fruity filling (black currant and pear), but not completely gourmand because of the floral notes (iris, orange blossom, jasmine) and patchouli. 

Keeping Warm
PRETTY POLLY 200 Denier Fleecy Tights
I'm the one who's almost always cold as well as a girl who wears dresses and skirts 99% of the time (honestly, I can't remember the last time I wore trousers). To keep my skinny pins from freezing, fleecy tights are my best friend in cold weather. I've tried pairs from several brands and Pretty Polly's are by far the best. I swear, these things are better than trousers! Aside from being super soft and warm, they are also super comfy. I recommend them to everyone (I buy them on Asos).

Have a great day!

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  1. I like your picks! Those nailpolishes are all so gorgeous!

    1. Thanks :) I'm so loving Sole Mate at the moment :)

  2. Super post, same dobre stvari :) imam zaradi tebe nekaj novih izdelkov na wish listi :D

    1. Hvala :) Upam, da ne bom razlog za kakšno večje zapravljanje :)

  3. dear Mateja!

    I`ve got Grand Crue on my lips right now and I love, love, love it!
    There are so many products that I love just like you: On and On Bronze, Breaking Nude (was the first of these eyeshadows I bought), bottomless java (similar too endless chocolate)...
    so we seem to have quite similar autumn picks ;)

    have a nice weekend, ulli ks

    1. Yes, Grand Cru is so lovely :)
      I guess we do have a similar taste. Great :)

  4. oo super post. :3 mislim, da moram narediti nekaj podobnega. recimo top 10 za jesen :3 krasni izdleki, sio mi prav dala ideje in isnpiracijoo in komaj čakam da se zunaj vse obarva v jesenske barveee. :3


  5. Grand Cru vedno gledam v drogeriji in ga pustim, ker mi tester deluje grozno, ampak na tvojem blogu je ta odtenek vedno tako lep :D joj ne vem a naj ga kupim al ne :D

    1. Grand Cru res izgleda zelo slabo pigmentiran, če ga swatchaš na roki in tekstura izgleda čudna, ampak na ustnicah izpade krasno, tako da se ne ustrašit :) Če bi mojega izgubila, bi ga šla takoj še enega kupit :)

  6. Grand Cru mi je zdaj izjemno všeč:) Vse odtenki senčil so čisto po mojem okusu. Garnier olje pa mi ni všeč. Sem ga kupila, ko je bila neka akcija v dm-u, pa se mi zdi, da je kar mastno in se ne vpije. Mi je ljubše Alverde z vonjem kokosa. Super izbire drugače, jaz tudi obožujem temno rdeč lak za jesen:).

    1. Se mi je prav zdelo, da bodo senčila tebi še posebej všeč :) A tebi se zdi Garnierjevo olje mastno? Meni se zdi manj od Alverdejevega in se veliko hitreje vpije, mogoče je odvisno od posameznikove kože :).
      Ti imaš tisti temno rdeči lak od Maybelline, a ne? Se spomnim, da sem ga lansko leto iskala, pa ga ni bilo v našem Müllerju :)

    2. Zanimivo, meni pa Alverde bolj paše. Ne vem mogoče pa mi vonj ni všeč, pa sem zato pristranska:). Ja odtenek 261. Se mi zdi, da sem ga letos tudi videla. Ne vem pa če je bil Müller ali DM. Če imaš kje v bližini Tuš drogerijo, pa lahko še tam pogledaš:).

    3. Alverde se meni ful dopade zaradi pumpice :) A veš, da v NM nimamo Tuš Drogerije? Najbližja je v Kočevju, pa še tam grem samo na poti na morje lol. No saj zdaj imam Sole Mate, prav ves čas občudujem nohte :)

    4. Pumpica je res fantastična:). Res? No potem pa ne bo nič iz Tuša, ampak mislim, da je odtenek še vedno na voljo drugje. Ja imaš kar nekaj podobnih odtenkov. Sole Mate je zelo blizu:). Jaz sem očitno edina na svetu, ki ji Essie laki ne zdržijo niti dva dni:).

    5. Essiji na meni zdržijo tudi dva tedna - brez heca :) Preživi vse, tudi delo na njivi ali pa cel teden na morju. Je pa res, da imam zelo zdrave in trde nohte.

  7. Such a great post! Makes me want to go shopping for all these great these now, gah Autum is soo beautiful<3 you should post a daytime/nighttime makeup look for fall, I'd love to see what you put together!

    1. Thank you, I'm actually really happy about how it turned out :) I might do such post, thanks for inspiration :)

  8. Amazing post, I loved the lip colours you chose :) I love your blog and I have followed you with Bloglovin and GFC, if you ever get a chance to check out my blog I would be delighted, thanks!

    Camille xo

  9. Vau, tole je pa zdej bilo za 15 minut čudovitega razgleda :D

  10. Čudovite slikice, me ima da še sama prebrskam svojo zalogo make-upa in si naredim kombinacije z bolj jesensko obarvanimi odtenki.
    Drugače pa ful ful hvala za omembno žabic. Že dolgo jih iščem, ker sem jih nekoč imela pa sem jih seveda uničila in jih od takrat nisem nikjer našla. Hvala

    1. Hvala :) Ja, jesen te res inspirira :)
      Pretty Polly ti ful priporočam. So veliko boljše od npr. H&M-ovih, vsaj kar se debeline flisa tiče. Podobne PP-jevim sem videla samo v C&A, ampak niso imele podplatov, kar pa meni ni všeč.

  11. Super barve!
    Še posebej lakov in izdelkov za ustnice. Si želim da bi imela možnost nositi temnejše odtenke vsak dan, a kaj ko to ni ravno primerno za šolo :/
    Sicer pa odličen post :)

    1. Hvala :)
      Ja, te berry odtenke edino če kot stain nosiš v šolo :) Sama sej kaj dosti ne oziram na to kaj je primerno :D

  12. Same lepe reci! Pa super post in prekrasne slike!;)

  13. The lip and nail colors are not really my thing, but I am a huuuuge fan of the eye and cheek color that you picked!

  14. Tale objava mi je pa definitivno ena izmed tvojih najljubših. Se vidi, da si ogromno truda vložila, kapo dol!
    Pa sama izbira izdelkov je tud več kot odlična, sem si na WL kar dopisala Essie Sole Mate in Catrice Rose Royce.

    1. Hvala :) Yup, je kar šlo nekaj časa, ampak sem zelo zadovoljna kako je izpadlo :D
      Rabiš oba :P

  15. Oh, laki so vsi čudoviti <3 Super post, lepe fotke!

  16. Ahh, kakšne lepe slike in še lepši izdelki! :))
    Še posebej mi je všeč tvoja izbira senčil, prav vse bi imela (mam samo On and on bronze). <3 Moram pa nujno kupit Breaking Nude. :)
    Wau, Grand Cru mi je izjemno všeč, takoj za njo pa Rimmelova 107 - obe ti tudi izjemno pašeta. :)
    Temno rdeči nohti pa so v jeseni itak klasika, me pa v tej objavi še posebej pritegneta Catrice vijoličen in Essie Sole Mate, za katerega ne morem verjeti, da mi nikoli ni padel v oči, čeprav imam res rada njihove lake.
    S temi TBS masli pa nas tako dražiš, da bi najraje takoj odšla v Avstrijo v njihovo prodajalno. :P Neverjetno, a še nikoli nisem bila v njihovi trgovini, čeprav me toliko stvari mika. :))
    Tudi Orofluido je na mojem spisku za kupit, ampak bom malo počakala, da porabim druga olja in da bo prišla zima - takrat so moji lasje izjemno suhi,
    Pa zelo mi je všeč, če objaviš kakšno 'random' stvar, kot npr. te najlonke. Tudi jaz sem zelo, zelo zmrznjena oseba, me kar konstantno zebe. Če si kdaj v prihodnosti zrihtam kartico za naročat, bom jih definitivno kupila.

    1. Hvala :) Breaking nude nosim konstantno odkar sem jo kupila, perfektna senčka :) Pa Sole Mate izgleda tako nič posebnega na tistem stojalu, ampak je izjemno lep na nohtih.

      V TBS moraš enkrat it. So kar majhne trgovinice, ampak imajo toliko zanmivih stvari. Ko bi vsaj imeli to pri nas.

      Podobne žabe, ampak ne tako tople, ker flis podloga ni tako debela, ima H&M (gor piše Tights 1 Pack Fleece Inside). C&A ima pa verzijo takih pajkic :)

  17. Uau, kakšen krasen post +slike so super! :) Kinda makes me want to go and buy everything you mentioned :P :)

  18. Odličen blog! Šele danes sem ga odkrila in že dve uri pregledujem, berem in si delam zapiske kaj vse si moram nuujno kupit. ;)
    Ful sem vesela, da še nekdo uporablja L'OCCITANE Ambre eau de toillete. Meni noro diši, mojemu dragemu in tudi večini mojih znancev pa ne. Ampak, who cares, ane? :)

    1. Hvala <3
      Exactly, sama parfume nosim zase, ne za druge :) Škoda, da je šel iz prodaje, novi mu sploh ni podoben. Ampak itak imam še skoraj polno flaško :)

  19. Iz prodaje je šel? Oh, škoda. K sreči ga imam tudi jaz še 3/4 stekleničke, mi je pa zelo všeč tudi njihov Eau d'Iparie. Nasploh imam raje te tople, orientalske vonjave. Včeraj nisem zasledila - imaš mogoče kakšen članek, ki je namenjen samo dišavam?

    1. Ja, že lani :( Sama imam najraje sladke, "good enough to eat" parfume, ampakj e moja zbirka kar raznolika :) Imam eno objavo o sladkih in toplih parfumih: , v eni sem govorila o veliko parfumih, ker sem imela testerje : , druge imam pa večinoma v posameznih objavah, ampak so vse organizirane v Directory pod Fragrance ( ali pa pod Labels (na desni) - Fragrances :)

  20. Ooo, hvala. Zlata si. Grem takoj pošnofat. :)

  21. Eh čist hud post:), nora sem zj na tele jesenske barve, temno rdeča, vijolična, modra, fuksija..samo da je temnejša niansa pa je:). Tvoj izbor je odličen in zraven fotk se samo delam, da nič ne rabim..nujno si moram omejit proračun:)hihi. Šminke so prelepe in koga briga, če mogoče meni ne bi pasale:)hahah.

    1. Hvala <3 Nič ne rabiš, te bom jaz nazaj držala :D