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torek, september 23, 2014

 DIOR Addict Fluid Stick
479 Magique
It has been a really, really long time since I splurged on a high-end make up item, but man is it satisfying. I've been planning to get this since Sara raved about it in her excellent review and I was adamant on getting the same shade as her, but when I was in the shop, the lovely medium pink-coral shade Magique caught my attention because it's the type of shade that can be worn with everything. The formula is super pigmented and glossy, it lasts well for a gloss and even leaves a tiny bit of a stain behind. And just look at the stunning packaging! I'll post swatches. 
Müller, 31.79 €.

REVLON Colorstay Moisture Stain
020 Rio Rush
I had a choice of several colours and this bright pink one immediately caught my attention. Moisture Stains remind me more of liquid lipsticks, but with characteristics of a gloss. They are not like Dior's Fluid Sticks which are very pigmented glosses, rather the formula is somewhere between a mousse and a cream, but has a nice glossy finish. I'll post swatches.
*PR Sample: 10.89 € on Click2Chic

MAYBELLINE Color Tattoo 24HR 
35 On and one Bronze
Permanent Taupe is my favourite cream eyeshadow and I've been planning of getting this shade as well for ages to use as a base under warmer eyeshadow looks. It's a standard shimmery brown-bronzy shade, with a smooth, very pigmented formula that lasts so well on the lids. I still prefer Permanent Taupe due to the fact it's matte, but I'm glad I got this one as well because it works really well with colours like UD YDK and Smog. I'll post swatches.
Müller, 5.59 €.

 EBELINE Nagellack - Entferner Express
Nail Polish Remover
I've been loyal to the original Bourjois' version for years now, but I picked up this one instead based on Petra's recommendation to see if it's as good. These nail polish removing pots are by far the best invention in the nail cosmetics department, they make everything so easy and fast. Bourjois' version leaves an oily layer behind, which at times I find annoying, but it does nourish the skin around the nails. Well, Ebeline's version is just a regular nail polish remover and I actually prefer it because it means I don't have to run to wash my hands straight after removal while avoiding touching anything so it won't be greasy. It has the same sponge with a hole inside, so you just pop the finger inside, swish it around a few times and it's done. Brilliant.
DM, 1.99 €.

CATRICE Defining Blush
090 Mandy-rine
New Catrice stuff finally arrived and admittedly I raided the new shiny stands a bit. This is just one of the new blush shades that I've been patiently waiting for. Defining blushes are my favourite blush formula, but the shade range was small up to now. Mandy-rine is a matte, natural-apricot shade. I'll post swatches.
DM, 3.79 €

CATRICE Defining Blush
025 Pink feat. Coral
Another new shade and the one I've been anticipating the most. As you've probably gathered from the name it's a peachy-pink shade, though more pink and with only a hint of warm peachy tones. 
Müller, 3.79 €.

CATRICE Illuminating Blush
020 Coral me Maybe
When I swatched this in the shop it appeared that it has the weakest pigmentation of the three shades available, however, when I tried it at home it performed a lot better. Coral me Maybe is a proper coral, the perfect mix of pink and peach/orange with a yellow-golden sheen. It's a colour I really like in the pan, however, I'm not so sure about it when it's on the cheeks. That yellowish sheen clashes a bit with my skin tone, but the base colour is adorable and gives that cute, baby doll cheeks effect. I've only worn it yesterday and it lasted all day. By the way, the other two shades are gorgeous.
Müller, 5.29 €.

CATRICE Ultimate Stay Lipstick
120 Looks Like Coral
This is such a lovely everyday shade. It a very wearable coral that is not too bright on the lips, but still gives a nice punch on colour and it's one of the rare coral lipstick that doesn't turn orange on me.
Müller, 5.29 €.

CATRICE Ultimate Colour Lipstick
360 MATTraction
I love this shade. It's a deep rose colour, a shade that is a mix of red and pink - my favourite type of colours because they look so glam, yet fun and I feel most comfortable when I wear such shades. The formula is classified as matte, but to me it's a more creamy matte, which also means it feels very comfortable on the lips.
Müller, 4.29 €.

Precision Tip Eyeliner 125 Midnight Black
I adore this. Seriously. I think I like it more than L'Oreal's. It's a felt tip eyeliner with a super black formula and a slightly smaller, even more precise nib that L'Oreal, but what impressed me most is that the formula is more liquid than at other felt tip liners I tried, so the application is incredibly smooth and flawless. It dries in seconds and it doesn't transfer anywhere. I love it, but I shall see how long it'll take to dry out. I'll do a review.
*PR Sample: 15.54 € on Feel Unique.

Curl & Nourish 401 Coal Black
This is a mascara that also supposedly nourishes the lashes and makes it longer, healthier as well as darker in time. It's a non-waterproof mascara, so I didn't expect much from it, since my lashes drop like a stone if I use a regular mascara and the brush as well as the packaging look straight from the 99 cent shop, but I was actually kind of impressed and the "Great-Lash" type of brush works well. It's a very decent mascara, I actually like it more and more the more I use it. I'll do a review after about a month of use because I'd like to see if it really helps the lashes be healthier.
*PR Sample: 14.95 € on Click2Chic, 15.45 € on Feel Unique.

Perfection 806
Just a basic coral-apricot shade. I haven't worn it yet, but I'll post swatches.
*PR Sample: 9.96 € on Click2Chic.

ESSIE Nail Lacquer
Sole Mate
A gift from my cousin for my Name Day (thank you). I wanted a deep red/berry/purple/bordeaux shade that is similar to Chanel Rouge Noir and I hope this is it. I can't wait to wear it, it looks like the perfect autumnal colour.
9.90 € in DM.

MODELS OWN Scented Nail Polish Gumballs
I've only tried one scented nail polish so far, Revlon's, and it was a bust, but this actually does smell like gumballs. I love that scent, it smells of childhood. The scent lasts about a day and that's enough for me. The colour is an adorable Barbie pink.
*PR Sample: 5.95 € on Click2Chic.

MODELS OWN Scented Nail Polish Fizzy Cola Bottles
A taupe shade with gold shimmer. This one smells exactly like cinnamon on the nails - I love cinnamon!. I'll post swatches.
*PR Sample: 5.95 € on Click2Chic.

My staple top coat, I can't live without it. It dries the nail polish super fast and that what's most important to me.
6.01 €, Destination Pretty

My old Seche Vite thickened in to a complete mess, so I bought this to save it. I don't find it works particularly well or my Seche Vite is just too far gone. I tried adding it gradually, a few drops at a time and it's still thick no matter how much thinner I added. What am I doing wrong?
6.55 €, Destination Pretty

DOVE Damage Solutions Intensive Repair Regenerating Treatment Mask
This is a self heating hair mask that has two components: 15 ml of hair mask in a satchel and 5 ml of self heating liquid/gel. You're meant to apply the mask first and then add the self heating liquid later. 15 ml was a bit little for my hair but I made it work. The thermo part heats up between the hands during application and it is kind of cool for those 5 seconds until it cools, so I don't quite get it. It didn't feel particularly special. It was good, but not exceptional for a special treatment that wasn't exactly cheap for one application. My hair felt well nourished, but it didn't last long, however, I did feel it helped a bit with the damage. In general, I don't think it worth those 2€ for one application.
Müller, 2 €.

10 Spiral Hair Pins
I recently found one of my spiral hair pins that I bought ages ago in Műller, where a pack of two costs 5 €. You basically screw them into your bun and two should hold it securely all day. However, on my thick, long hair, two aren't enough, so I bought a pack of ten on eBay for a ridiculously small price. These aren't as good as those from Müller as the ends are very scratchy due to not being filled well, so they can damage the hair, but for one euro they're fine.  
eBay, 1.07 €.

And last but not least (as if there aren't enough pictures in this post already), I sneakily took a few pictures of the newly set-up Catrice stand a.k.a. my new personal heaven. I'd just look at it all day. 

 Have a great day!

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  1. Odgovori
    1. Sem dala par slik že na instagram, ampak bo kmalu objavljena tudi objava :)

  2. Super nakup :) Še posebej mi je všeč Essie lak in Colorstay od Revlona (najlepša barva *-*)

    1. Essija moram jutri sprobat. V flaški izgleda krasen :)

  3. Tale Revlonov stain moram nujno kupit, mam ga že nagledanega. :)

    1. Meni je všeč, pa nisem ljubiteljica glossov. Dopade se mi, ker je zelo dobro pigmentiran :)

  4. Se probam držat stran od teh novih Catrice stojal, ker ne smem zapravljati, ampak vidim da že imajo te Illuminating blushe & I want one :(
    Sem pa končno kupila Seche Vite in se mi je kar nov svet prikazal :D

    1. Vsi trije odtenki illuminating blushov so prekrasni and bi imela še oba druga odtenka :)

      Ko enkrat sprobaš Seche Vite, ugotoviš kako so drugi nadlaki v resnici slabi :D

  5. Catrice reči izgledajo zanimivo, sploh tista mat šminka je čudovita. A je to že ta kolekcija, ki ima tisti črn eyeliner v obliki senčke (jaz tega čakam, ker me zanima kako se bo obnesel)?

    Seche Vite bom pa tudi jaz rabila kmalu... se je tudi moj spacal. Sem pa zadnjič nadlak od Ciate malo izboljšala ko sem malenkost acetona oz. odstranjevalca laka notri dala (par kapljic).

    1. Yup, cake eyeliner je že na prodaj :) Samo boš morala v Müller pogledat, ker v DM-ih se mi zdi, da ga ni.

      Jaz sem tudi včasih kar aceton not dajala, pa je pomagalo, ampak pravijo da ne smeš tega delat, but I don't know why.

  6. I had Seche Vite, but it went thick when I was on half of the bottle... So, now I prefer Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Top Coat. I used a few bottles from feelunique, and then they put in force these new regulations of not sending nail polishes, so I was without for a year maybe... but one month ago I was in Czech DM, and I saw it and remembered how much I like it, and I can use everything in the bottle, which is btw quite big :)

    1. I've heard of Sally Hansen's top coat, but only after the restriction were set in place, so I never had the chance to order and try it. I've had a few Seche Vites so far and all thickened when it was about a third of it still left, but I really love how fast it dries the nail polish :)
      I found Sally Hansen on one of Slovene online shops, but they don't have Insta-Dry Top Coat. Pitty :/

  7. Essiejev Sole mate je bil prejšnjo zimo moj najljubši odtenek in še noro dolgo je zdržal na nohtih. Drugače se pa slinim nad vsemi Catrice pridobitvami, skrajni čas da se faks v Lj začne in grem na obisk v Muller :)

    1. Mislim, da še nisem zaključila z novostmi od Catrice :). Sploh nisem pričakovala, da mi bo toliko stvari všeč. Od Essence mi je pa vse še kar brezveze.

  8. Super nove pridobitve :) ful me mika kar nekaj Catrice izdelkov, ampak še nisem uspela prav priti do njih

  9. Zelo zanimive ocene v prihodnosti:) Veliko izdelkov mi je všeč. Pri Ebelin odstranjevalcu, sem si v njem odstranjevala bleščice-ni anjboljša ideja, ker sem strgala gobico:). Ampak še vedno deluje, kar je edino pomembno. Revlon stain je zelo pigmentiran, kot šminka ali bolj kot ne dobro obarvan glos? Ne vem zakaj me ti stain izrazi, ne privabijo preveč. Se pa zelo veselim Kardashian izdelkov, sem slišala že nekaj dobrih izkušenj. Tudi Catrice novi izdelki so mi vsi super. Sem jih preizkusila v trgovini ampak sem se odločila, da ne bom še zapravila. Blush mi je všeč. Kako pa Ultimate Stay Lipstick? Mat, nekaj vmes ali bolj glossy? :)

    1. Jaz imam kar en star Bourjoisov odstranjevalec prišpraran samo za bleščicaste lake, ker ja, drugače jih uničijo in potem bleščice ostanejo notri in se jih nikoli ne znebiš.

      Revlonov je nekako kot tiste glossy šminke "v stiku". Tekstura je že gostejša od navadnih glossov, ampak ni ravno kot mat tekoče šminke. Je nekako kot ti praviš - dobro pigmentiran gloss, ampak s tako mousse formulo. Stain se mi pa tukaj ne zdi primerno ime, bi bilo bolje glossy liquid lipstick :).

      Ultimate Stay ima tak satin finiš, ni ravno mat, ampak nima tistega klasičnega kremnega sijaja. Ampak meni se Ultimate Stay formula praktično ne razlikuje od Ultimate Colour.

  10. Magique really looks like a lovely shade! More of that, please! :-) And as for Rio Rush, I have that one myself and it's really pretty.

    1. It's such a great everyday/office shade :) I'm wearing it in the UD All Nighter review.
      Yes, Rio Rush is cute as well. I don't think I have any other such Barbie pink for the lips :)