Essence secret stories nail polish 01 can you keep my secret

ponedeljek, november 28, 2016

In the most recent line update, Essence added a range of nail polishes that look out of place on the stand, but are super cute and as far as I could tell from the almost empty stand every time I manage to drag myself into a drugstore, also quite popular. There are six colours in total, mostly dark shades, while the one that I got is the lightest in the range.

01 can you keep my secret is a medium warm muted powdery pink with a creamy finish. Compared to Kiko Bois de Rose it's less bright pink, making it a more dirty warm pink type of colour, while in comparison to Essie's Eternal Optimist, my other kind of closest shade, it's much darker and more pink. Comparisons are at the end of the post.

The formula is very gel like, even though this is a classic formula. It's a thick one that covers everything in one coat, while the second coat is already reaching the limit. Though one coat is enough, it starts to disappear from my tips within two days, which is quickly even for me, so I suggest sticking to two coats for great staying power. The shine isn't the best even though the nail polish resembles gel formulas, so I really suggest using a nice shiny top coat because without it, it just looks strange. I've worn it without and with the top coat, and it looks so much better with it. The packaging is small, but it contains a good amount of product (9 ml). The brush is a very standard one with a straight cut, while I tend to prefer slightly more rounded ones. 

As a bonus the back label lifts up and it reveals a secret message. It's an old joke everyone has heard of, but it's cute.

Kiko Bois de Rose, Essence Secret Stories and Essie's Eternal Optimist.

I got mine in Müller for 1.99 €, which is more than their The Gel Nail Polish line. These are super cute and I like the shade range, so I might get some more shades some day (dark blue), but currently I'm smitten with L.O.V.'s.

Have a great day!

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  1. Ovakve tamnije nude nijanse moje su omiljene, a Essence lakove za nokte volim jer su kvalitetni i jeftini. Top coat koristim sa svakim lakom jer mi produži trajnost laka i svaka boja mi je ljepša kada se sjaji. :) Slikice su prekrasne kao i uvijek i sviđa mi se usporedba sa ostala dva laka. Karmen

    1. Meni so tudi krasne, čeprav je jih je še vedno bolj malo v drogerijah. Mi pa ni toliko važno katera znamka je, bolj kakšen je odtenek, ker s Seche Vite vse dobro izgleda :)
      Hvala <3

  2. Beautiful pictures and really nice color of nail polis :)

  3. Jaz sem pa mislila, kaj je ta skrivnost. Sem mislila, da dišijo he he. Hvala, si mi prihranila nakup :)

    1. Res ni nič posebno skrivnostnega :D So praktično isti kot njihovi običajni laki.