New In: What's in my Mailbox #2 - BeYu Cosmetics

nedelja, november 13, 2016

At the launch of German makeup brand BeYu in Slovene DMs, I got a very generous introductory package full of their products to test and swatch (plus the cutest lebkuchen). I'm still going through all the products, but everything is already swatched and I have another post ready that will contain full reviews of their current Be Vintage limited edition products, which I will post soon. Actually this brand isn't new to me and some who were into makeup in early 00's might remember ads in Slovene magazines for BeYu and if I remember correctly it was actually sold in a department store Nama. It's been years since they left, but luckily they decided to return. Prices are comparable to L'Oreal, Bourjois and Max Factor, and as always I have prices (in Slovene DMs) stated in individual reviews. 

BEYU Nutri Power Foundation
15 & 20 
I got two shades of these, both completely wrong for me, as they are several shades too dark plus they oxidise at lot and it's very difficult to properly test them (I'll do it on the weekends), but there is one lighter shade in the selection. This promises to be long lasting (a reasonable 8h claim), medium-high coverage foundation with a radiant finish. It also contains hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, allantoin and shea butter, so it looks like it targets mature skins, however, based on the little time I've been wearing it, this reminds me so much of Milani's Conceal + Perfect, except the coverage is a bit lighter. It covers about a medium, it has a lovely satin finish and it just wears so beautifully. It lasted 10 hours on me and there was none of the usually weirdness around the pores or patchiness, it just looked so good. It's not perfect around the pores, but it looks better than 90% of foundations in my stash. Too bad I didn't get to try the lightest shade because the price is a bit high, but so far I'm impressed by this.
13.99 €

BEYU Stay Matt Make Up Base
I have to say the price for this shocked me, especially since this is only 15 ml. It's a primer that is clear on the skin and incredibly light-weight. It creates a smooth, velvet like base, but doesn't blur pores, lines and it doesn't make the skin completely matte, which in my eyes actually isn't a bad thing because otherwise the skin would look too flat. It's not at all drying and feels very comfortable on the skin, I noticed not dry patches and currently my skin is prone to them. It prolongs the staying power of foundation like the primer should. This has a very strong fresh floral scent that can linger.
17.99 €

BEYU Cover & Clear Spot Stick
1 Correcting Green
I've never been big on green concealers, though they do work, it's just that it's an additional step in routine and the ones I had are quite thick and can make the foundation on top stand out on that spot. This one is actually another one like that, as it's probably obvious from the format of the packaging, so it's a waxy type of concealer, thick and can look a bit cakey on the skin if you don't apply a very thin layer. On the skin it actually doesn't look that green, instead it neutralises immediately, but something over it is still preferred. It's decent for spot concealing, but it won't work on large areas. 
8.99 €

BEYU Beauty Blender
I'm very confused about this one. It looks like a normal run-of-the-mill, tear shaped makeup sponge, but it's much, much harder than Nanshy's even when it's wet. It actually barely got any "squish" to it and I have no idea if that's normal for this sponge, but it doesn't expand a millimetre when it wet. So weird. Therefore this feels harsh on the skin during application, it barely bounces off and it not comfortable. That really can't be normal, I mean BeYu wouldn't make such a strange sponge, right? Maybe I got a weird one?

BEYU Beauty Queen Volume Mascara
This is BeYu's best seller and despite not being a fan of regular mascaras, I have to say I really like this. It's another mascara that doesn't drop my lashes, instead manages to lift them more than halfway and it gives a nice amount of volume and length. Plus the brush is a lot less intimidating than Max Factor's Voluptuous. It's a great product that I would consider repurchasing, though the price is not to my taste and the packaging is not my favourite (too flashy orange).
11.99 €

BEYU Liquid Fine Liner
A liner with quite possibly the smallest and most precise applicator I've seen. It takes a bit longer to draw the main line, but it's fantastic for flicks and mini fixes. I can do a super fine line with a small flick, which is my preferred way of wearing eyeliner. 
8.99 €

BEYU Statement Eyeliner
I've been avoiding these highlight sharpie-like eyeliners for years, but now that I have one, I realised they aren't as clumsy as I thought. A sharp tip is hard to do, but the main line is actually quite easy and fast, though it does end up thicker than with a classic type of applicator. Formula is blacker than at the Fine version.
10.99 €

BEYU SOS Eyeliner Corrector Stick
I really like this. I was so sure this is a gimmick, but it works a treat. It has to be small fixes because it you want to remove the entire eyeliner, it'll make a smudgy mess, but for making a sharper flick it's perfect. It's an oil remover in a pen, that's why it's not got to overdo it. It comes with three replacement tips, but I have yet to see how often these need to be replaced.
9.99 €

BEYU Color Play Lash Tip
I got the white one, but there are several shades available, you can see them here. I was a bit perplexed from the start as to what this actually is, whether it's a primer or not (because it's white, otherwise I'd know), but it's a colour mascara with an actually decent pay-off and it gives a nice amount of volume too. I'd love to try a blue one, but this one is fantastic for a snow queen type of makeup.
11.99 €

BEYU Strobe & Define Palette 
I took a liking to this in the shop already, then placed it back quickly when I saw the price and the reason it appealed to me is because it actually has everything you need in one palette, plus the blush looked like it's my type of shade. You get a contour powder, a matte powder, a blush and a highlighter. Apart from the highlighter, all shades are matte, but even the highlighter is not very reflective, so this is a palette for those who want a more matte look. It's quite "dusty", so when I try to pick up individual colours, products lands in other pans. The contour is very pigmented and a cool brown with no grey tones. The second shade is a matte powder with some additional coverage, the blush is a muted peachy-brown shade that needs to be applied gradually to avoid patchiness and highlighter is a sort of a champagne-beige shade with a subtle sheen. 
14.99 €

BEYU Multi Color Powder Blush
A very beautiful blush to look at and on the cheeks it looks very much like my favourite type of shades. I also like it's not too pigmented like the blush in Strobe palette, so I get a softer effect and nicer transitions, but if you're not as pale as me, you might find this is not pigmented enough for you. It'll be swatched in the post about Be Vintage autumn collection that I'll try to post in the next days.

BEYU Cashmere Lip Color Matt
92 Smooth Marsala
Loved the look of these in the shop too and I would have bought one, if it weren't for the price. I got the shade that is a very modern type of colour and to me it's like a darker NYX Cannes or a cross with a red shade, as it's a muted peachy rose colour. Formula is quite literally a mousse and it's basically exactly like Bourjois' Nude-ist (just that shade from the range, as almost everyone is different). This creates that lovely matte finish that looks more natural than most matte liquid lipsticks, but takes a long time for it too set. Pigmentation is exceptional, but the staying power leaves something to be desired. Swatches of all on Flortjeloves.
11.99 €

BEYU Color Biggie
410 Dusty Rose
I really like this and it's one of the top products in my introductory package. This is what I wanted Essence's Velvet Sticks to be - a pigmented, properly matte colour that lasts well on the lips. It actually lasts longer than the Cashmere. Shades are actually quite similar, 410 is a bit more peachy and looks lovely on the lips. I really love the matte finish of these. I think I'll explore these more in the shop next time I actually manage to get there. Desirée from Curvacious swatched them all here.
7.99 €

BEYU Pure Color & Stay Lipstick 
167 Plum Secret
My shade is one of the matte ones, but it's a satin-creamy type of matte, so it doesn't feel dry, nor does it drag on the lips during application, but it is quite a thick lipstick and not the most lightweight. The shade looks dark purple in the tube, but it get a bit more pinky on the lips, still it's mostly a purple shade on me, while on darker skin tones it will definitely look dark pink, just like it happens at Mac's Rebel
11.99 €

BEYU Matt Color Nail Lacquer
145 Smokey Red
A matte cool red nail polish that's completely opaque in one coat and dries fast. I like it, but matte nail polishes last much less time on the nails than regular ones.
7.99 €

BEYU Eyebrow Stencil Set
A collection of six soft, silicone stencils and a small brow brush. Unfortunately my eyebrow are very straight, it's just the shape of my eyes and where my socket bone is placed, but I can't fit any of these on me, unless I do some serious plucking that would leave me with only a half of my eyebrows. It's not a bad idea and these feel soft and nice to use, but you need to have the correct shape of eyes and eyebrows to be able to use it. The shapes included are: elegant, natural thin, natural full, sexy full and sophisticated. Most of these are 90's thin, but two are very decent. 

BEYU Eyebrow Styler
A neat idea to have tweezers with the comb on the other side. I've never seen anything like it. It's not the best one in the world, but it's ok in a pinch. The tweezers tips are not sharp which means two things - it won't occasional snap the hair like Tweezerman's, instead actually pull it out and second it's not very precise.

I have a special post ready about the Be Vintage collection with all the reviews, swatches and how products look on the face, which I'll post soon. Now, I haven't been in DM is a really long time and last time I didn't see this collection yet, so if you've seen it let me know.

Have a great day!

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  1. Uf, lep pakaetek si dobila. Jaz sem videla stojalo v DM-u, ampak so se mi cene zdele preveč navite za znamko, za kateri bi bile mogoče polj primerne cene od Catrice. Ker pa sem v večnem iskanju popolne podlage bom šla poskusit tale tekoči puder. Škoda le, ker si dobila pretemen odtenek. Punce tujini v PR paketih dobijo ali vse odtenke ali pa njim primerne. Škoda. Tudi v drogerijah, če se ti že usmilijo dati kakšen tester, bo ta zagotovo pretemen in če prosim za svetlejšega ti rečejo, da imajo samo tega. :/
    Za gobico bi bilo res čudno, da bi bila tako trda. Jaz sicer tudi svojeag beauty blenderja ne uporabljam. Ga namočim, ožamem in vse, ampak mi z nobeno tekočo podlago ne naredi tako lepe polti, kot recimo s prsti. Ali mogoče kaj delam narobe?

    1. Po stestiranem kar ne morem, da se ne bi strinjala s tabo glede cen, čeprav Catrice je res odlična znamka za ceno in ni dosti takih. Sploh cena primerja me je šokirala ko sem stala pred stojalom. Puder je res kvaliteten, pa biggi mi je zelo všeč, ker ima krasen mat finiš in maskara je tudi dobra. Za odtenek sem sicer prosila najsvetlejšega, ampak so verjetno spregledali. Mi bo težje stestirat, ampak bom že nekako.

      Nisem neki fan gobic, ker imam raje te oval čopiče (life changing :) ) in tudi sama mislim, da s prsti lepše pride, ampak tale pa res ni tisto kar sem pričakovala.

    2. Za ovalne čopiče misliš na tiste, npr. Artisove? A si jih že omenjala na blogu? Me zanima zakaj se te očarali? :)

    3. Ja kot Artiste, ampak testiram eno drugo verzijo brez kakšne znamke. Ni še nič na blogu, ker imam blokado za njih, ampak sem naročila iz AliExpress še enega malo drugačnega za 3 $, ker so mi tako všeč, zdaj pa čakam da pride. Res so čisto drugo kot drugi čopiči, gobice in ostalo. Tako hitro in enostavno vse popolnoma zbleda. Ampak so mi samo za puder všeč, za oči in blush mi niso tako. Ti res priporočam, da kakšnega cheap preizkusiš :)

  2. Seriously, I love the vintage vibe that is going on your blog posts. I loved the lip color. Very nice read...

    Chaste & Beautiful