L'Oreal Infallible Sculpt Contouring Palette

torek, november 22, 2016

L'Oreal embarked on creating a large selection of contouring products including foundations and blushes, but I haven't seen the foundations in Slovenia. I got both shades of Infallible Sculpt palette to try, which are actually just one set of the many contouring products I got to try recently, but I have to say that these are my favourite in the bunch. I'm referring only to the lighter shade of the two, and even that only the contour shade.

Texture: unlike my other cream contours these come in a palette and they decided on a waxier consistency, which was clever because otherwise the brush would have picked up too much, however, now that I'm through the top layer, I need to be quite careful with it. It feels lighter on the skin than stick contours, it doesn't simply blend out too much and you can get a better application on the area you want. 

Colours: I have both colour combinations, though actually there isn't much of a difference in the darkness on the contour shades, instead it's more about the undertones. Both shades in the palette contain no shimmer. 01 Light/Medium is a combination of a neutral skin tone shade and a taupe shade that's still more brown than grey, but it's the greyest out of the cream contours I own. Therefore it fits me best and creates a believable shadow on my pale skin. The highlight shade is basically the same as my skin tone, so it doesn't do much of anything on me and I can't even use it as a concealer for example because it's too sheer.

Medium/Dark is a much warmer duo. The highlight has strong yellow tones, but it's again without shimmer and the contour side is very warm, actually closest to Wet n Wild's Dulce Leche palette. You can see on my swatches that 02 isn't that much darker than 01.

Staying Power: I noticed nothing special in terms of staying power. The fact is that it also depends on the base, but for extra staying power. I'd apply a powder product on top.

Packaging: The palette is actually quite thin and I don't think there's that much product in it (10 g), but it's made well enough. L'Oreal included quite a detailed and pretty good set of instructions how to apply products, plus the mirror is a very good size, so it's actually useful.

Price and availability: The price is 10.99 € in local drugstores.

I'm still not blown away by the contouring trend, but so far this one appeals to me the most for my skin tone (the light version). The rest cream contours I have are a bit too warm, but this has enough grey for it to fake a shadow. The packaging isn't the most practical for picking up the product, but it's not that bad. All in all another nice drugstore buy.

Have a great day!

*PR product.

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