Empties #23

torek, januar 24, 2017

I read one the back of the bottle that this promises a lightweight, poreless effect and I'm just laughing my face off because this foundation showed me pores I didn't know I have. Horrible, useless foundation that makes my skin look almost worse than it is, well at least it gives about a medium coverage, but it emphasises every pore, every line and even looks patchy on my nose. The only way I could make this work was by mixing it with a far superior Bourjois CC cream (which is too dark for me) and using a very dense, oval brush. Still, this is a foundation that is a backstabber, meaning even though it looks decent when applied, in 15 minutes you deeply regret choosing this foundation. But it does have a plus side believe it or not, and that is the shade. 010 Light Porcelain is a rare gem in drugstore foundations that fits even the palest, cool skin tones (also the reason I used up the whole bottle), though when the foundation is old, I noticed it starts to oxidise. I just don't like Rimmel foundations on my skin.
Repurchase: No, at least I'll try to avoid it.

When I got this, I absolutely loved it. It has a similar look on the skin than my all-time favourite Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum, so it's invisible on the face, but gives about a light-medium coverage. The main difference between the two is that Dior's has a satin finish and that the lightest shade is pink toned. I loved the shade from the start, it's one of the rare pale ones even in high-end foundation that we can get here, however, by the time I used up the last drop,  I think because I had it for too long, it was oxidising so badly, my face was orange in about 10 minutes after application. If you get it, use it up within a year.
Repurchase: I'm not sure.

After six years this remains my firm favourite, a skin care item I can rely on and my constant in my routine. I use it on my face, though it's one of those oils that is good for everything and compared to most, it sinks in much faster. It just keeps my skin in check, so it doesn't have too many extra weird moods. I use two pumps a day, so one bottle lasts me over a year. I always have a bottle spare, so I'm not without it when I use one up.
Repurchase: Yes.

SECHE VITE Dry Fast Top Coat
Oh man, being without a useful bottle of this was absolute torture. I kept putting off repurchasing it because it's not cheap and difficult to get since the air-mail shipping ban, but I should really start doing the same as with Nuxe oil and have one spare. It dries the nail polish in under a minute (my favourite thing, since I have zero patience), it makes the manicure super glossy and really helps with staying power too. The only crappy thing about it is that it thickens, so you can't use it up all, even though I have a thinner, but even that one has its limits and the brush doesn't reach the bottom of the bottle.
Repurchase: Already done.

BALEA Dusche& Creme
This has the same scent as Balea's mango summer LEs, so it's a candy like scent that's very sweet. The gel is tinted orange and when you wash it off, even if you manage to get it to foam, the water will be coloured.
Repurchase: I don't know, it's a bit boring.

This was by far the best of Balea's body butters. Usually they are too thick and just feel a bit less nice to use than the more expensive stuff, but this one can already be compared to The Body Shops' though it's still not quite as lovely too apply. It's properly moisturising and the scent was exceptional, since it smelled so good like Monte, of chocolate and hazelnuts. Too bad they decided to only keep it as limited edition.
Repurchase: It's discontinued, but if it were still sold, I would.

This is a bit light for my taste, I usually like very thick and greasy body butters because I always apply them before going to bed, but this is still a thicker body cream that is nicely nourishing. I absolutely adore the scent of this, it's basically the same as The Body Shop's Shea Butter, meaning it's a creamy nutty scent, which is nothing special, but I just love it. Mine was merely a travel size, while a bigger 200 ml exists
Repurchase: Yes.

REXONA Invisible Anti-Perspirant Stick
I have no idea how many in a row I bought, but I've been using these for a few years, since they are the only ones that didn't stop working on me before using one up, but very sadly I think I reached a point when these started deserting me as well. I still bought an new one, but I stopped using it and got Lady Speed Stick instead.
Repurchase: already done, but then we'll see about future repurchases.

I have a persisting problem with dandruff for well over a decade, nearing two actually and nothing ever helps, not even in merely removing all the dandruff from my scalp and this finally did something, so it's by far the most effective shampoo I ever found. It removes all of my dandruff and keeps my scalp clean at least for a few days before the whole cycle starts again (as I person with very dry hair, I avoid washing it too often and therefore making it drier and more damaged). It smells like your car mechanic boyfriend, but you get used to the strong chemical car garage scent and it's not the most nourishing shampoo, still it doesn't strip the hair of everything, however, long term use does make the hair drier. If you need an anti-dandruff shampoo, I'd start here, most of the other things are rubbish, especially the natural stuff with exception of Phyto.
Repurchase: Yes.

(Ger: Elvital Tonerde Absolue Anti-Aschupen Shampoo)
I like L'Oreal shampoos, they are definitely some of the best in the drugstore and though I didn't expect much from this one because it's marketed for oily hair and I was almost sure it's going to be very drying, it's actually really nice. Based on my extensive experience with drugstore anti-dandruff shampoos, I knew this one almost certainly won't work and I was right, but if I overlook that, I still liked this shampoo a lot. It wasn't drying, my hair wasn't a tangly mess like at a majority of anti-dandruff shampoos, it wasn't even drying long-term, it just cleaned the hair well and worked well even on my very dry hair. I love the mint green packaging (obviously) and it smells like fruity-clean, a bit like Fructis. I'm not sure if it's really good for oily hair like it says, but for normal-dry it's nice.
Repurchase: I still love the Extraordinary version more, but I might buy this one again too.

This is one of the best hair masks I've ever tried and I'm a major hair junkie. I'm so angry at myself for not picking L'Oreal Professionnel hair products before, but I just assumed they aren't as good as Kérastase or Joico - man was I wrong. And they are actually still reasonably priced for a salon brand. The effect of this on my hair is just fantastic and it does all that I expect - really nourish my hair, make it more manageable, smoother and easier to style. Their Série Expert Absolut Repair Lipidium is also amazing, but I think it might have been discontinued, so I'll just buy a jumbo size of this one and I don't have to worry about buying a new conditioner/mask for a long time. 
Repurchase: absolutely.

BATISTE Dry Shampoo
I don't really care how well dry shampoos actually work since my hair is so dry, I only care about the fragrance and volume, and this was fine in both of the categories. It's a heavier scent, I could not use this is warm weather, I just couldn't stand it, but in winter months, it was a lovely chocolate-vanilla-sandalwood scent. It smells similar to Avril Lavigne Black Star fragrance and Axe/Lynx Dark Temptation.
Repurchase: Maybe.

Hands down one of the best leave-in products I used. It's described as sort of a styling product with hold, but I completely disagree and what is actually is is a leave-in conditioner that completely tames the hair. It one of the best frizz fighters I've tried, I don't even need to use a round brush when drying my hair, it just dries straight and with a brush, it's also very silky feeling. I found a good cheaper alternative in Dove Style + Care, but that one is more suited for hair that isn't easily weighted down, while this is a medium gel consistency and might work for others as well. If you have hair that refuses to be tamed, I highly recommend this.
Repurchase: Yes.

From cheaper oils, I like this one most. It's the thickest, so it works for my dry hair, but it's not quite as good as some of the more expensive ones. Though technically this one isn't that cheap either, since you only get 30 ml in the bottle. It's got a lovely oriental scent over a classic salon scent base.
Repurchase: Yes.

TONYMOLY Brightening Peeling Gel
This is one of the weirdest product I ever tried. It looks like the most regular gel cleanser with a nice, but strong floral scent, but after some seconds after you start massaging it on the skin, it sort of rolls/balls up, like when you use a rough towel after a bath. Super strange, but intriguing. 
Purchase: It's interesting, but I don't know.

SKINFOOD Royal Honey Nutrition Cream
I so wanted this to smell this like honey, but it's smells much like a regular cream that claims to smell like honey. It's thick, almost slightly gel like and takes time to sink in. Despite that it didn't manage to fix my very dry cheeks, though my skin did look a bit better.
Purchase: No.

SKINFOOD Watery Berry Serum
I was a bit put off the moment I smelled it because I thought it has a ton of alcohol, but then I wasn't so sure if all I smelled was a strange berry scent. It's a light serum and it felt moisturising enough for normal/oily skin, but for as with most serums moisturiser is needed. I only had a couple of samples so I didn't see any significant results, but it didn't fix my intense dryness I was experiencing at the time.
Purchase: No.

LUKE Charcoal Nose Cleansing Strips
These are black pore strips, so maybe those who find the result on the strip strangely satisfying might find these intriguing. I used one and it didn't pull much from my pores. There were one or two blackheads, but that was it. Most don't work on me anyway. 
Purchase: No.

LIVING PROOF Prime Style Extendender
I only had a sample of this, but based on one use, I don't find this impressive. It's a gel cream, easy to apply and it smells salon like, sort of fresh citrusy floral, however, compared to my beloved Dove, this just doesn't do enough. My hair dried frizzy, it wasn't manageable and it was  a bit heavy, like too much product was on my hair. Normally I don't mind because I thought it's a typical product with some hold, but it didn't hold my curls any longer. 
Purchase: No.

The moment I poured this sample on myself I thought - rose. It's a poor man's Chloe, a powdery rose scent, but this one isn't peppery and is less headachy (Chloe gives me the worst headaches sometimes, also Christina Aguilera's first fragrance and I'm not at all sensitive to fragrance). People love this scent because it's high quality for a low price, so if you need a cheaper kind-of Chloe, track this one down.
Purchase: No.

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  1. Those nose strips are terrible. I tried good one long time ago and those are very bad. they dont pull anything and also it stinks:/ Good i never actually bought it , always get it with my jolse orders.

    1. I saw there's a lot of these on eBay for very little money. It sounded so interesting, but I just wasn't impressed.

  2. Mi imamo pa drugačne rimmel lasting finish pudre v drogerijah ane? sem šla pogledat in moj je drugačen, z neki comfort serumom, nič nude, pa mi je kar simpatičen puder. Kot vedno, super objava. Vedno najboljše swatche, opise in izdelke najdem prav na tvojem blogu, super:)

    1. Obstajata dve verziji, tale Nude in pa originalen z rdečim pokrovčkom (moj je bel). Ne vem katero verzijo imamo pri nas, ker jih ne gledam, zato ker nimajo odtenka 010 pri nas. Rimmel pudri so na splošno zelo priljubljeni, ampak na mojo kožo sploh ne pašejo :/ Mi je žal, ker tako svetlih pudrov za še kar malo denarja ni veliko.

      Hvala <3 <3

  3. Avono olje sem ravnokar kupila, upam, da mi bo okej =) Pri Batiste pa ostajam pri obarvanem, za temne lase, drugi me ne ganejo, vonj me pa itak ne zanima ;)
    Xoxo, A.

    1. Olje je eno izmed redkih, ki so bolj gosti in boljši za suhe lase. Večina cenejših znamk, ki sem jih preizkusila, so meni skoraj kot voda. Slednje ni slabo, če imaš tanke ali mastne lase, ampak na mojih mora bi malo več :)

      Obarvanega pa še nisem imela, ampak že dolgo načrtujem nakup :)

  4. Nuxe sem letos prvič sprobala in priznam da zaenkrat še ne vem kaj naj z njim. Sicer mi noro lepo diši in ga vsake toliko časa malo namažem po telesu, ampak sem zelo skeptična z olji na obrazu in ga še ne upam preizkusit :)
    Seche-Vite neizmerno pogrešam pri mazanju nohtov, ampak se mi zdi res drag, glede na to kako hitro se strdi -pa še lak se mi z njim hitreje odkruši iz nohtov.
    L'Orealov šampon mi pa deluje zelo zanimiv, morda ravno to kar iščem trenutno za svoje lase, tako da ga bom najbrž sprobala...

    Kot vedno, super objava :*

    1. Zdaj sem ga kupila še prijateljici in ji je zelo všeč, ker se hitro vpije in pravi da ji sploh ni mastno. Če si upaš, ga preizkusi, drugače ga imaš pa itak za telo :)

      Seche Vite je meni zakon. Pri meni se kasneje odkruši lak z njim, sem opazila zdaj ko sem bila brez toliko časa.

      L'Orealovi šamponi so se mi zelo priljubili. Še nisem imela slabega :)

      Hvala :*

  5. I'm so addicted to the Huile Prodigieuse scent, mmmmm! And I'm a big fan of the Batiste dry shampoos.

    1. I've been using Nuxe for so many years, I don't even notice the scent any more, but I remember loving it :)

  6. Nuxe, Seche Vite, Batiste se popolnoma strinjam. Baleino maslo za telo me je vsakič skoraj poslalo do trgovine po Monte. Res škoda, da so ga dali iz prodaje. Tudi sam tekstura mi je bila zelo všeč. Se mi zdi, da je Avonovo olje res večim všeč. Jaz imam tanke lase, pa je vseeno dovolj vlažilno, ampak mi jih ne obteži. Ne maram preveč teh silikonskih redkih serumov za lase, ki jih bolj kot ne samo naredijo mastne.
    A ni ta L'Orealov šampon neka verzija za mastno lasišče in suhe konice? Razmišljam o nakupu tega, ker se me pozimi rad prime prhljaj. Poleti sicer nimam toliko problema s tem, ker se mi takrat lasišče bolj masti.

    1. Res škoda za tole maslo od Balee. Meni se je zdelo edino spodobno so zdaj.

      Tisti redki serumi, ki so kot voda npr. L'Orealov, na mojih laseh ne naredijo čisto nič.

      Na moji flaški je pisalo da je za mastne lase s prhljajem. Vseeno se mi ni zdel za mastne lase, ampak skoraj boljši za suhe. Ni bil ravno tako kot Extraordinaire, ampak ni pustil tistega tipičnega extra clean, slamnatega filinga. Mogoče je za preizkusit :)

  7. Za Neutrogenin šampon se čisto strinjam in hvala ti, da si ga odkrila :D Je pa meni Seche Vite po tem ko sem začela uporabljati od Sally Hansen & Maybelline čisto zanič :D

    1. Mi ga je ena bralka priporočala, tako da se morava njej zahvalit :D
      Sem že parkrat cincala ali naj vzamem Sally ali ne, pa mi pravi Petra, da je Seche boljši. Jaz imam rada da se lak takoj posuši :)