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nedelja, junij 18, 2017


MAYBELLINE Fit Me Matte + Poreless 
110 Porcelain
I already had this in my last monthly favourites and I continue to love it. I have the original Fit Me formula which is now named Luminous + Smooth in shade 110 Porcelain and it's my best fit in terms of shade, however, the formula is just horrible. So I was planning on getting the American version of Matte + Poreless in the same shade, but these tube versions started being sold here. I picked shade 110 though I was aware before it's not the same as American version, since it is a shade darker and more yellow. Formula is very light, easy to blend and it has a very natural look on the skin, also due to only light-medium coverage which is enough for me. Unlike the other Fit Me this looks beautiful on the skin, it's doesn't go patchy, flaky, it's doesn't emphasise pores, lines or uneven skin texture, but I also can't say it holds oiliness at bay that well despite having a semi-matte finish from the start, so I wouldn't say this is a foundation for oily skin (my skin was randomly oily one day after using a sheet mask and this foundation fared terribly). So far I love it, it's one of the best foundations I own, but maybe I should try shade 100 for me even though I was told 110 looks great on me.
DM, 8.95 €

010 Dating Joe Black
I has recommended this eyeliner by cokolina.nina on Instagram and she says it's the best eyeliner ever. The formula is indeed very black and super matte, so those are its main pluses. As expected it's a very liquid eyeliner, so you need to be a bit more careful at application not too open your eyes too wide before it sets. The applicator is made of felt, so it's similar to pen eyeliners and L'Oreal's liquid eyeliner has one like it as well. I haven't managed to make a very thin line yet and the felt tip did get a bit frayed on two occasions, despite that it's probably the best liner I used so far, though I wish it were a bit more precise. Staying power is in most part excellent provided your skin isn't greasy. So Čokolina, you were right, it's very good.
Müller, 3.79 €

Lumiere, Mirror Mirror, Trust me… and LBB
After being very impressed with Cami which made me fall completely in love with the formula of these, I had to order more as soon as free shipping offer arrived. Mirror Mirror and Trust Me… are just like Cami a Matte X formula, while Lumiere and LBB are Matte. I prefer the Matte X because they just glide on the lips with ease and leave such a perfect matte finish.
Lumiere is Cami's pinker, cooler sister, so it's another of those 90's looking mauve-rosy shades, but on me it's almost the same as my natural lip colour just a touch darker. Its formula is thicker than others I own.
Mirror Mirror is a Stix version of Ultra Matte Lip in Bad Habit and they describe it as a true berry which is close, but it's a muted violet-pink on me. The finish is perfectly matte.
Trust Me… is a bright "Ruby Woo" red. Again the finish is perfectly matte
LBB is a deceiving shade in the tube because it looks super dark, but on the lips it's like More Better and Rebel had a baby, and that baby got more of Rebel's genes. It's a deep plum-pink shade.
Colourpop, 5$

COLOURPOP Ultra Satin Lip mini
London Fog
I don't know how I missed this shade when I was ordering from Colourpop - it's completely my type of colour. It's a rosy pink red shade, so one of those reds that aren't really red colours I love so much. I've already done a review on the formula of these, but I will say that I completely missed this one was a Satin because it looked matte on me. Love it.

PUPA I'm Matt Lip Fluid
This has been on my wishlist for a while, since I heard several raves about it. I was doubtful it'll knock theBalm's Matt Hughes from the top on my favourites list and I was right, but this is nonetheless a lovely liquid lipstick. I got the shade 012 which I realised at home, it's almost a dupe for theBalm's Committed, it's just a bit more peachy. I was going to buy 013, but it wasn't on the stand. Formula is moussey and soft, a bit like someone had mixed Bourjois' Nude-ist with theBalm's Hughes and it sets into a nice velvety finish, which feels comfortable on my lips. My only complaint about it is that on a few occasions it didn't last very long, but otherwise it's lovely .  
Müller, 15.79 €

BOURJOIS Contour Edition Lip Liner
01 Nude Wave
I've always forget to check these out, but I've had Cotton Candy for years and it's one of my favourite formula's and shades. Nude Wave is a rosy-mauve shade that is a bit boring on me, so I won't really wear it on its own, but I will pair it with lipsticks, since it works perfectly 90's types of shades. I can't believe how expensive these are, drugstore liners should be cheap as chips.
Müller, 6.49 €

L.O.V. COSMETICS LOVinity Nail Lacquer
180 Sensual Sangria
I really like L.O.V. nail polishes, it think they are some of the best, so when Müller had an offer, I picked up another shade, a red because I planned on getting a classic red from this brand, since it's my favourite formula. Sensual Sangria is a cool toned red, a bit darker than classic red, but still very classy, though it's already near the vampy territory. It's wonderful formula to apply, so smooth and the brush is lovely. It's one coater, but I always apply two.
Müller, 5.99 €

*L.O.V THE GLOWful Face Definer Brush
This is a pretty massive brush, so way too big for me for contouring, but it's a nice powder brush and it's nice for bronzer and more pigmented blushes too. The bristles don't really feel the softest to me, almost like they are cheap, but it works fine nonetheless and it's pretty to look at.
10.99 €

*L.O.V PERFECTional Duo Contouring Brush
You get two brushes in one at this, a stiff, flat blush for defining and emphasising lines and a softer, square tip brush for blending out the line. Again, I don't like this for contouring and I don't like the flat brush in general, but the other side is nice for foundation, it just took a bit longer to blend. 
12.99 €

*L.O.V. HIGLYconfidential Conceal Brush
This one is my favourite of the three. It's a simple, small, but dense brush and it's excellent for blending concealer. 
7.99 €


THE ORDINARY Advanced Retinoid 2%
You're witnessing me jumping on the Ordinary train, though after this one I'm not sure if I'll be buying more any time soon because I found more effective K-Beauty products. I got retinoid because it's time for it. I don't' have bad skin, especially since I've been slowly changing my routine it's improved so much, so this is more a means of prevention and maybe slowing the deepening of my annoying nasolabial folds (smile lines around the mouth) which are just freaking me out. Deciem themselves explain on their website that Retinoid is a less invasive (read less drying, skin-feeling inducing and irritating) that the real deal Retinol (which they offer in a 1% version) and should have better anti-ageing result - well, we'll see. It's a very liquid yellow emulsion that needs time to absorb. I haven't experiences any sensitivity, redness, peeling or tingling/burning, but like I've said many times before my skin isn't sensitive at all. I've been using it to close to two months now and I just don't see any visible effect from this. It's like I haven't applied anything. Regardless, I have my hopes in its long term anti-ageing results, so I'll keep using it.
Deciem, 9.80 €

BIORE UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence spf 50 / PA++++
Since Skinfood's 10 Solution sunscreen left me disappointed with its greasy texture, I ordered the old version of Biore's Essence, which based on my exploration was most people's HG. Skinfoods and actually any other sunscreen I tried (all very cheap thought) don't hold a candle to this one in terms of lightness. It starts are a very liquid yellow lotion that is easy to apply even in larger quantities and has no white cast whatsoever. Initially it feels like a watery cream on the skin, but after about five minutes it's completely set to a velvety primer type finish. You can feel it on the skin when you touch it, but it's a very siliconey dry feel. It's an excellent base for makeup and it managed to protect me well against the sun rays, though I hear for longer exposure, European sunscreen are still far superior (I liked the feel of Bioderma Photoderm MAX Aquafluide SPF 50+ in Leclerc where I finally had a chance to test pharmacy sunscreens). I heard a lot of people say that it reeks of alchohol, but I don't notice it that much and I mostly get a nice lemon biscuit type of scent. I'm really glad I managed to get my hands on the old version of Biore because I hear the new one isn't as light anymore.
eBay, $9.89. Seller animetropolis, arrived in about two weeks from Taiwan.

MIXA Micellar Water Anti-Dryness
I've been eyeing this for a while because I liked the pharmacy look of the line and the pH 5.5 label, but for the longest time I thought it's some random strange brand (yes, I'm prejudiced. I'm awful, though I've been in the makeup world for a long time and tried a lot), but when I finally checked the label I saw it's under L'Oreal and I felt more sure it's probably good (again, me and my prejudices, but Garnier's Biophase Micellar Cleansing Water in Oil is my favourite). My instinct was right - this is one of the best micellars I've tried. I've been using Biobaza Beauty Micellar Water Mix for the past few months which is so weak and finally I have some actually powerful stuff. It removes makes very effectively, even the pesky eyeliner + mascara, so I actually don't even feel like I need to cleanse (I still do because of habit and because you never know what's still there). It's light, but not drying, it leaves my skin feeling good and the scent is gently pharmaceutical one. I'd like to see it in a Biobaza like packaging, but aside from that I think it's brilliant. 
Müller, 6.99 €

BALEA Refreshing Wash Gel
Erfrishended washgel
I bought this because it was the cheapest and easiest to get on a list of pH 5.5 cleansers. K-Beauty skin care revolves around double cleansing, so step 1 is an oil or balm and second should be a pH neutral or even low cleanser. Honestly, I didn't expect much from this because I remember tying the version for dry skin (pink tube) and it sucked so much I used it on my body. I was sure that it's going to be drying, but this surprised me with its comfortable thick gel texture that doesn't really foam much, but the face feels very clean after use. My skin does get tight after a few minutes, so I rush with the next steps in my routine. This gel is very heavily fragranced with some fresh cosmetic scent that's almost masculine - they really should change that because it's super annoying. I've been using it regularly for the past months and I have to say I really like it.
DM, 1.19 €

BALEA Beauty Effect Eye Gel Pads
Augen Gel-Pads
I got these because I was impressed with Etude House Smile Line patches and yes, I know it's a different type of product, but its basic function is the same - to intensely hydrate the area and temporary plump it up. You get three pairs in a box, so it's not the worst value for money, but still these could be cheaper. They look and feel exactly the same as Etude patches - they are saturated with product with makes them a bit slippery to apply, but they are again a hydrogel, so as they warm up on the skin, they really stick to it. Unfortunately, these did nothing on my smile lines, but under the eyes they feel so refreshing and cooling, though they didn't reduce dark circles.
DM, 3.99 €

*L'OREAL Pure Clay Illuminating Cleansing Gel
After the success of the Pure Clay masks, L'Oreal released a collection of cleansers. I got the one with charcoal which matches the Glow mask and promises to makes the skin more radiant with frequent use. It's a black lotion type of consistency, but it foams up into this thick, luxurious and comfortable foam that's very pleasant to use. It doesn't remove makeup, but it's a really nice second cleanser and I think it does make the skin a bit brighter - temporarily that is. It washes off completely with water, there is no filter behind, but just like at Balea above and every other such cleanser, my skin starts to feel tight and I hurry with the rest of the skin care. It has a similar scent as the mask, so just in general pleasant and cosmetic like. It's got one big minus for me - it's one of those at which you start picking the name of your guide dog when it gets into your eyes because it hurts like a bitch and you're seriously thinking you're going blind as it's burning off your retinas.

*L'OREAL Pure Clay Glow Mask
I already have this one and the other two from this line, so there is already a review for it, but it's a clay mask that's so far one of my favourites. It's one of my occasional treats when my skin is feeling congested and unclear, since this is a clay mask and it really helps with that.


EPILETTE Epilateur a Disques
If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen this already and a review I did on Stories following a surprising amount of interest in this form of hair removal. I've been using this for a few years now, but sporadically because it's very time consuming. This are depilatory discs and you basically sand your legs with it, so scrub away the hair and with it also do a proper exfoliation of the skin as well. I've explained everything already in Stories, but this is a type of hair removal that works much better on strong, thick hair, while thin, baby hair mostly escape it (on area with only such hair I should add). It's not a fast hair removal, but you get the smoothest results with this, it's painless and it's the only form I found that doesn't cause ingrown hair on me, with which I have very serious problems (like thick hair growing a few millimetres under the surface, just straight on or coiled, so I don't just mean those red bumps on the surface where you easily get the hair out. It very visible and I have to dig them out with a pin, causing damage). Results last exactly the same as with a razor or depilatory cream, which should be obvious since you're removing just the hair from the surface. On me that's about a half a day because fml, but as I said it's the same with a razor or depilatory cream. The discs don't tend to last long, or maybe I should say don't stay very effective long and after that you need to do a lot more scrubbing. A frequent question I got was if it's suitable for sensitive skin, but I can't answer that well. It never cause me any irritations, but I have thick, hardy skin (obviously since even thick hair can't get through despite using scrubs regularly), still you are doing an intensive scrub, so maybe those with sensitive skin should avoid it. 
Müller, 5.99 €

BALEA MED Creme-Ől Dusche pH 5,5 
I don't remember ever trying a pH neutral shower gel, but I want to see if it makes a difference. Despite the name this one isn't an oil, but it is a thicker gel and it has no particular scent, though it is noticeable. It's very basic, but it gets the job done, still I prefer Aveo's. Since I started using these, I notice my skin isn't as dry any more, though I get a similar effect with Dove too which feels more luxurious and smells better.
DM, 1.49 €

AVEO MED Milde Pflege Dusche pH Hautneutral
I like this one more than Balea and it's mostly because of the lovely camomile scent. These type of shower products probably shouldn't be fragranced and in this it's quite strong, but I enjoy it so much. I also like the formula more and it's become one of my favourite shower gels ever.
Müller, 0.99 €

AVEO MED Sensitiv Shampoo
Since I like the shower gel, I just grabbed this the moment I saw it in Müller, but it was the first time I ever saw it, so I think it's quite new. Since I started using the pH 5.5 shower gel, I've been noticing my skin is less dry since, so I thought I should definitely do the same with shampoos. In my perpetual struggle against dandruff and dry scalp I've tried a lot, even a Sebamed pH neutral shampoo, but it wasn't effective, still I decided to give this one a try. It has a pH 5, so it's a bit more acidic - if that's better I don't know. It's pretty much a standard shampoo with the same lovely camomile scent as the shower gel and it cleans well, but it's not the best for my dry hair. It didn't do much for the health of my scalp, I still have dandruff, itch and other lame things, but it was so cheap, it was worth a try.
Müller, about 1 €

L'OREAL Elvive Phytoclear Anti-Dandruff 1 Minute Exfoliating Scrub
I already featured this in my disappointments post where I said I could have just burned the money for this, there'd be no difference. After Matrix tragically discontinued Scalp Synch, I embarked on a search for a replacement and this is currently the only one sold in our drugstores. It is by far one of the worst products I've ever used on my hair. Not only that it didn't remove the build-up on the scalp, it actually stuck to it and only added a layer of nastiness despite doing the double-wash with an anti-dandruff shampoo. It's got a pudding consistency with sparse beads, but that is actually a very similar texture to the Scalp Synch. The beads don't even wash off and felt them every time I ran my fingers though my hair. I just don't recommend this to anyone and I've been using Matrix Sugar Shine instead.
Müller, 6.99 €

L'OREAL Elvive Phytoclear Anti-Dandruff 7 Day Scalp Lotion 
This is already better than the scalp scrub, but it's not a miracle worker. It's actually exactly the same product as Subrina Intensive Balancing lotion and Alpencin Forte lotion, so capable of alleviating the itchiness of the scalp, but as far as reducing or healing of dandruff, it doesn't cut it. This one comes in one of the best packaging, even though it's glass which can break and it unnecessary heavy, but the pump applicator is excellent for getting right close to the scalp. The scent is herbal and strong. I give it a 3/5 because Subrina is a lot cheaper and does the same. But why do all these lotions have to smell so annoyingly herbal and strong?
Müller, 8.99 €


MY SCHEMING Moisturizing Essence Series Facial Mask 
Mandelic Acid Brightening Mask and Oolong Tea Oil Cut Mask
My Scheming are some of the most frequently recommended masks and they are also one of the more affordable, so I got quite a few in several different versions. 
Mandelic acid
This was one of those that I was most excited to use because I heard a lot of positive things and it was most frequently mentioned as a mask that has the best visible results. I was a little bit let down and I find MYB Black Pearl much better, but I might give it another chance.
Fit & Sheet: regular sheet, but thin, so one of those that's almost invisible when wet. It's slightly too big for me around my chin and the eyes are cut a bit strange, regardless it's still a good enough fit. It's very saturated with essence and it dripped a lot as I was unfolding it.
Essence: Very light, like a toner and it absorbs very fast, leaving almost nothing behind.
Scent: it smells like a hospital, in particular that disinfectant scent. This changes in time that's on the face in it becomes sour, like acid. That lingers afterwards, but I wasn't that bothered, still it's not exactly an aromatherapy session with this one.
Effect: This is a mask that has the best immediate results and my mistake was that I used it before going to bed. It makes the skin much brighter, it diminishes spots and reduces redness. But it's not a particularly nourishing treatment (still it didn't make my skin feeling dry like Naruko) and I really wasn't happy with my skin in the morning because those creases you get from pillows were much more intense, also my smiles lines were more prominent, which was just fantastic because I was woken up abruptly the next morning, so in the next two minutes I was applying eyeliner and trying to get dressed, obviously no time for foundation just sunscreen before I rushed into a car and I just prayed my skin will unfold/un-crease into something resembling a decent human being before I reached the town. So I would recommend this only as a treatment right before a special event, especially if you have some spots, but as an overnight treatment use something that you know will add elasticity to the skin (like Banila essence oil).
Oolong Tea Oil Cut Mask
I got this one for free, so I'm not that familiar with it, but it claims to be rich with vitamin C and tea phenol. It promises to help regulate oiliness, improve blackheads and large pores, so this one is for acne-prone and oily skin.
eBay,  $2.03

MY SCHEMING Classic Series Moisturizing Facial Mask 
Skin Clarifying Astringent
I got this one for those days when my skin will eventually freak out and have several spots because I hear it's excellent at calming down breakouts and at controlling oil. I'll let you know how I like it.
eBay, $1.80

MY SCHEMING Invisible Mask Series Moisturizing Facial Mask 
L-Ascorbic Acid Whitening
Like Mandelic Acid this one was one of the most frequently mentioned as a mask that  has the best visible results. L-Ascorbic Acid should tackle uneven skin tone, so we'll see how this one goes.
eBay, $1.80

MY SCHEMING Hello Kitty Series Moisturizing Hydrating Essence Facial Mask
Black Pearl Brightening
I got this for the packaging, obviously, but also because Black Pearl from My Beauty diary is one of my favourites and I hope this one works about the same. It's a limited edition one and it exists in three version of what I think are My Scheming's most popular versions. It has a cute Hello Kitty pattern of the sheet with a pink bow and whiskers, which just makes it so cute. I'm looking forward to trying this one.
eBay, $2.47

BANOBAGI Vita Genic Anti-Wrinkle & Whitening Jelly Facial Mask 
VItamin A - lifting and Vitamin C - whitening
These caught my eye because they contain vitamin A and vitamin C, both highly sought ingredients in anti-ageing skin care. So far I've only tried vitamin A.
Vitamin A
Sheet & Fit: it's a 100% cotton sheet, but one of those thin ones that are more comfortable and when wet, look almost invisible on the skin. The sheet is a bit large, but since it's thin, it's easy to make it fit very well. It's very, very soaked with essence and it drips when you're unfolding it.
Essence: such a wonderful essence at this one. It's a clear gel, but it feels like a comforting lotion. But when I took the mask off, I could constantly feel it on the skin and it was very tacky, so this is definitely a mask you should use before going to bed, or even rinse it off. These is a ton of essence left in the pack, more than at any other I've seen.
Scent: it's one of the more heavily scented. The scent is not one of those that's easy to compare to something, but it's almost fruity, but mostly chemical.
Effect: this has one of the best effects on my nasolabial folds. On one side it virtually disappeared by the morning, and the other was barely visible. Even during the day, they didn't become as obvious as the usually do. But in terms of other effects, I found this one lacking, as there was nothing more than deeply moisturising, so no additional brightening, evening of the skin or softness. I will repurchase this one, though I suspect it's breaking me out a bit because I've been using the extra essence just on my area around the lips and it's where I got a few spots.
eBay, $2.69

LOVEMORE Intensive Hydrating Moisturizing Facial Mask
Wine Yeast Whitening
A reader recommended I tried this brand and I heard further recommendations on Reddit. It contains ocean water as base and promises to brighten the skin.
eBay, $2.25

ESFOLIO Vitamin Infused High Concentrated Essence Facial Mask
I did get this one in part for the packaging and also because it's one of the cheapest, but these were a rave or two about this online. It contains a lot of alcohol, but I haven't had a problem with it in TFS's Solutions mask, so I think I'll be fine. This one promises to help restore elasticity and add moisture.
eBay, $1.80

MY BEAUTY DIARY Natural Key Series Facial Mask 
Squalene Restorative (Hydrating) and Black Pearl (Brightening)
I got another Black Pearl one since it's one of my favourite, but this time I picked up Squalene too because again I heard good things about it. Squalene is a lipid that's naturally in our skin and this masks should help repair the moisture barrier, as well as restore all you messed up with over exfoliation, acids and aggressive treatments.
eBay, $2.03 

Have a great day!

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  1. I have the Maybelline foundation and I really like it!
    I also ordered one product from The Ordinary and I'm so excited for it to arrive :)

    1. Fit Me really surprised me. I bought it without reading reviews and on a whim because I saw how light the shade is, but it turned out to be such a great buy. I've worn it almost every day since I got it :)

      It seems every one has ordered something from The Ordinary. It just shows how well informed people are about skin care and that packaging and fancy expensive ingredients don't really matter.

  2. MBD Black Pearl sem končno naročila in je res prišla hitro. Tako da si nam priporočila dobrega prodajalca ;). Nisem je še preizkusila. Čakam na kakšno special occasion :D.
    Danes bom ravno objavila oceno Colourpop izdelkov za ustnice. Sem naročila en Lippie Stix pa me ni navdušil. Verjetno, ker mi odtenek najbolj ne odgovarja. Vzela sem ga v creme finišu, ki je za moje pojme celo preveč pigmentiran in kremast. Sem se pa zdaj navdušila nad ultra satin formulo. Tako da bi še kakšen odtenek imela :). LBB sem tudi sama gledala na njihovi strani. Se mi je zdel zanimiv odtenek, ampak vem da ga ne bi nosila dovolj.

    LOV concealer brush je meni tudi všeč. Prav tako njihov foundation brush. Oblika tega je meni idealna za nanos podlage.

    Zdaj lahko mirne duše pozabim na Balea gel pads. Se mi je zdela cena malo prevelika za Baleo in sem odlašala z nakupom. Zdaj pa jih zagotovo ne kupim.

    Bale Med linija ima še več teh tuš gelov. Mislim da vsaj dva različna. Meni so bili do zdaj vsi všeč. Čeprav en svetlo moder, ki ni kao oljni mi je ljubši. Sploh za zimo so to rešitelji za suho kožo z iritacijo. Ko enkrat uporabljaš te potem vidiš, da vsi ti parfumi res bolj škodijo koži kot koristijo. Čeprav ravno zdaj uporabljam Fa Coconut Water gel. :D

    Me res zanima kako ti bo všeč The Ordinary Retinoid. Upam da tudi objaviš ocene vseh teh sheet masks. Vsaj tistih, ki so te najbolj navdušile. Meni prihraniš raziskovanje za naslednje nakupe :D.

    1. Moje drugo naročilo je prišlo v 14 dneh, medtem ko Papa Recipe iz Koreje še vedno čakam. Imam še dve Black Pearl na zalogi, tudi šparam za kakšno special occasion in medtem sprobavam ostale :)

      Sem prebrala tvojo objavo :). Meni so Matte X formula top, medtem ko Matte niso nič extra posebne, tako da je velika razlika med formulami. Škoda da nimajo Matte X več lepih odtenkov zame, ker to je zame popolna formula. Ultra Satin so tudi meni bolj všeč od Matte, sploh tale London Fog je popoln :)

      Baleije gel blazinice so bolj brezvezne. Sicer so fajn za utrujene oči, ampak so cenejše alternative.

      Sem gledala vse te Balea tuš gele in Med linijo. Pri meni drugače bolj sumim da je to problem ker se praktično z vrelo vodo tuširam (če me pa vedno zebe :D) in odstranim vsa naravna olja in uničujem naravni zaščitni plašč. Mi je sicer od Aveo bolj všeč. Dove mi je pa še vedno top :)

      Nič posebnega mi ni tale Retinoid. Uporabljam že dva meseca in ne vidim nekih efektov. Sem brala ocene in ne opazim spremembe, ki so jih ostali. Banila je več naredila za mojo kožo kot tole. Bom verjetno naredil objavo o maskah, ker itak sproti vse zapisujem in ne bo toliko dela, samo bral je ne bo nihče :D Itak pa dajem na Stories sproti. Za zdaj so mi najboljše Black Pearl, Papa Recipe in The Face Shop Solutions, te bi rada imela po 10 v paketih, so mi pa všeč še Gold Racoony, Banobagi in Esfolio. Imam pa še za preizkusit :)

  3. I like all Mixa micellar waters, but this Balea gel was too strong for my (combination) skin. Thank you for the short but useful review of Loreal gel :), I saw these gels in DM, but they looked so thick that I thought " Is this a gel or a mask? " :) Kristina

    1. L'Oreal gel does look confusing in the tube and the lotion like texture is deceiving too, but I like how rich it foam :)

  4. Dobro, da sem naročila Aquarius namesto Lumiera, sta Lumiere in Cami kar podobna, čeprav mi je Aquarius mogoče malo presvetel.
    Balea gel za čiščenje je meni super, ne opazim pa nekega vonja. Je pa res, da ga kupujem že zelo dolgo in sem se mogoče že privadila :)

    1. Na mojih ustnicah se mi ne zdi, da sta si zelo podobna, ampak jaz sem tako svetla da se na meni veliko bolj vidijo razlike. Lumiere je hladnejša verzija mauve- pink odtenka, Cami pa topla. Cami je precej lepši.

      Saj tudi jaz čakam na to da vonja ne bom več opazila :)