Empties #26

sreda, julij 26, 2017

This was a sample 30 ml size (bought two for 6$) and it lasted me about two months because I was applying it with hands instead of cotton pads. While I was using it, my skin was nicely balanced, smooth and more healthy looking. I still got an occasional spot, but that's life. In general I've found essences are fantastic and they were instrumental in improving the condition of my skin. The first one I tried was COSRX Galactomyces whose results were so mind blowing I immediately started exploring these essences and which to try next. So far I still think COSRX's is the best for the price, but I loved SU:M 37 's essence too. 
Repurchase: Maybe. I still have one bottle and samples of COSRX, after that I'll decide which one I'll buy.

I'm sad to see this ran out, it's one of the best skin care items I've ever tried. Due to its tear-inducing price tag it's my very, very occasional treat, I resorted to buying it when my skin is just was not right and nothing helped. It's a product that normalises my skin and keeps it in balance, so it's that one reliable product that I can count on making my skin look healthier. It won't work absolute wonders in a few hours as you might expect from the exorbitant price, but there are noticeable improvements in a week(s) of everyday use. I won't say it prevents blemishes or dry them up until the morning, but it helps the skin heal faster, so those pesky blemishes diminish quicker and the marks fade faster too. The skin becomes more hydrated, but this is a product that shouldn't be used on its own, it's merely to assist your normal moisturiser and it also helps the skin to look healthier, less grey and blah. When I'm using it, though of course my skin isn't completely clear, there are no large blemishes. All I get on occasion are tiny white heads and that's it. I've found a decent and cheaper replacement in Banila co. Miss Flower Mrs Honey Essence Oil, but that product is considerably heavier, more appropriate for winter months and those with oily skin won't like it, while I think ANR is appropriate for all skin types.
Repurchase: Yes, but not in the near future.

Anti-dandruff shampoos are mostly very stripping and drying, so since I loved the original T/Gel, I ordered the version for dry hair after I used up that one. While it worked the first few uses, it then just stopped and with long-term use it really dried-up my hair. I purchased the original intensive version again, which is fine for now, but it's even more drying that this one. This version has a much more pleasant scent, which is cosmetic-floral
Repurchase: No.

I admit I'm hard to please when it comes to hair care and a great majority of drugstore stuff is useless to me. This is already the expensive side of drugstore at 10 € per 200 ml, but it's one of the rare ones that I liked. It's a protein treatment, so one of those that you'll see effect more through frequent use as it'll make your hair stronger, but it doesn't have the same effect as most conditioners have, by that I mean make you hair super, super soft. It's one of those masks that makes your hair look better, shinier, stronger, but like all protein treatments you won't get super soft, silky hair. It's very heavily scented with a smell similar to Angel perfume, so an oriental scent full of patchouli, vanilla, chocolate and all other heavy notes.
Repurchase: I don't know. I might if it were still sold here.

HEALTHY SEXY HAIR Soy Tri-Wheat Leave In Conditioner
My favourite leave in conditioner and I've been using it for many years now. It's an extra hydration booster after I rinse off the regular conditioner or mask. It also helps tame frizziness to a degree and makes my sure my hair is in good condition. I forgot to use it a couple of times and my hair just wasn't right, it just felt drier, more rebellious. I only then realised I forgot putting my mini bottle into my regular hair stash, so I definitely notice a big difference if I skip it in my hair care routine.
Repurchase: Done, but in a mini size. I need to buy the full size. 

NIVEA anti-perspirant pearl & beauty
I just talked about this in the last new in, so I won't say much apart from that it's my favourite deodorant and I always repurchase it.
Repurchase: Done.

BALEA Rasiergel
Coconut Kiss
This version had a rather lame coconut scent, so I didn't enjoy it much. I think I still saw a few cans, but I repurchased the Apricot version which I like much more.
Repurchase: A different version.

I didn't use this for cellulite, I used it as a shaving oil. It smelled nice like lemon candy and it did its job well. I'm not sure if I ever explained, but I do a double shaving routine, otherwise I'm still left with prickly legs since my hair so dark and strong. I use the gel first and then shave again using oil. It's smoother that way and the skin is softer because of the oil.
Repurchase: Yes.

BALEA Mizellen Reinigungs Tűcher
I just disliked these. Obnoxious strong scent and very basic cloths that felt harsh on the skin just aren't my thing. I used them to remove swatches, but they weren't terribly effective.
Repurchase: No.


I already talked about some of these, did a review, had them in favourites and updated my post about sheet masks, so I won't do my typically long reviews. Instead I sorted them "repurchase worthy", "might repurchase" and "won't repurchase" categories.

Repurchase worthy:
PAPA RECIPE Bombee Honey Mask and Bombee Rose Honey Mask
These two are both my favourites because they do all I want - moisturise, even the skin tone by reducing redness, make the skin soft and plump it up a bit. I highly recommend these. Both smell like honey, the Rose one has a honey-rose fragrance and this gorgeous gold honeycomb design (picture bellow).
Repurchase: Yes, already done for Bombee Honey version, while I have most other Bombee versions to try. I'll buy a full pack of the version I love most.

Another one of my favourite. Excellent fit, it leaves my skin incredibly soft and smooth, hydrated, more even and just in general in great condition. Foundation applied like a dream after using this mask.
Repurchase: Yes and I'll try other versions.

I didn't think much about this one when it was on my face and immediately as I removed it because all it seemed was moisturising. But in the morning my skin just looked better and my smile lines were reduced, so it's elasticity claim and high moisture are real. It's one of the cheapest with a nice, visible effect.
Repurchase: Yes and maybe the Pearl or/and Collagen version.

My Scheming Hello Kitty Series on the left and Papa Recipe Bombee Rose Honey mask on the right.

Though the Hello Kitty pattern was disappointing because it's too faint, the effects were nice. Instantly more bright and even skin, also nicely nourished without any tightness that I experienced from some masks. It's effects are very similar to MBD Black Pearl, so I liked it, only the sheet isn't as nice-fitting as MBD.
Repurchase: I prefer My Beauty Diary, but it's definitely worth the purchase if you're tempted.

If you're looking for a mask for oily skin, give this a try. I used it before going to bed and my skin was perfectly matte for the entire next day. Not that my skin is super oily, but I have a shiny T-zone in the summer and this worked a treat. In terms of helping with any breakout or shrinking pores, it doesn't do anything.
Repurchase: if my skin went through an oily phase.

I'm torn about this one. I love the effect of it because it has one of the best effects on my nasolabial folds. On one side it virtually disappeared by the morning, and the other was barely visible. Even during the day, they didn't become as obvious as the usually do. But in terms of other effects, I found it one lacking, as there was nothing more than deeply moisturising, so no additional brightening, evening of the skin or softness, plus I find it probably broke me out when I was using the remaining essence (there is so much left).
Repurchase: Probably. If you're looking for something to help with lines, give it a try.

Wouldn't repurchase:
I love the Black Pearl version in this line and I got this one because it was just about as frequently recommended. Unlike at BP, the essence is milky, but it absorbs just as fast and isn't sticky. Effects were almost the same as BP, so it made my skin very soft, moisturised and comfortable, but it wasn't more even or radiant.
Repurchase: Again it's nice, but for the same price I buy the Black Pearl version that does that bit more.

This is a mask that has the best immediate results and my mistake was that I used it before going to bed. It makes the skin much brighter and diminishes spots, as well as reduces redness. But it's not a particularly nourishing treatment (still it didn't make my skin feeling dry like Naruko) and I really wasn't happy with my skin in the morning because those creases you get from pillows were much more intense. It's nice only as a treatment right before a special event, especially if you have some spots, but I use masks only before bed so no one can see me parading with one of these.
Repurchase. While I don't exclude the possibility, I get a similar result from MDB Black Pearl, except it doesn't work as fast on spots.

 Immediate results didn't leave me with much hope because my skin looked  more uneven than usual, but in the morning it looked really nice. The redness I had around an old/healing spot was diminished, the skin was fresh, even and smooth to the touch. This one was overall nice if you don't mind the yeast scent and good also for those who have oily skin and/or who hate heavy skin care.
Repurchase: it's nice, but I prefer others that do that little bit more.

This one was a bit like that Taiwan Magnolia mask I put in my disappointing post, but it's got better effects, since it left my skin smooth and more even. It's another one of those that absorbs completely into the skin, so it's not moisturising or nourishing and I really needed an extra dose of extra care after use. But if you dislike how most sheet masks leave a lot of product still on the skin, try these two Naruko masks.
Repurchase: No, I want more moisture.

COSRX PHA Moisture Renewal Power Cream - gel cream with a gentle pharmacy scent. It's got a medium consistency that's easy to apply, but it has a very wet type of texture and it sits on the skin for a while. PHA stands for polyhydroxy acids which are something like AHAs, but more gentle because they don't penetrate into the pores, so this is a version of acids for sensitive skin. I was using the sample of about a week on one side of the face to see the comparison and I didn't see much. It was a short time frame, so it's hard to say, but in that time it didn't make my skin more even, clearer or help fade old blemish marks. I would need more samples, but if you can't use AHA's due to sensitive skin PHAs might be a solution.

HOLIKA HOLIKA Skin & Good Cera Super Cream - a thick, rich cream that feels very nourishing and sits on the skin for a while. It promises to keep the skin hydrated for 72 hours, though I can't confirm that, but my skin was pretty moisturised for the day until I washed my face. It has a citrusy type of scent that's strong. This is a typical moisturiser for (very) dry skin.

NATURE REPUBLIC Aqua Super Aqua Max Combination Watery Cream - this is one of the most popular ranges of moisturisers and I already loved the design of packaging before I tried it. This is almost the same as Green Line HydroMineral, so a thick hydrating gel cream that dries to a velvety finish and works as an excellent base for makeup. The scent is very strong and perfumey, something like Davidoff Cool Water and more on a masculine/unisex side. Likeable.

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  1. Zdaj že kakšen mesec ali dva uporabljam COSRX whitening power essence in galactomyces, ampak na moji koži ni efekta. Sicer od daleč zgleda super, enakega tena in še kar gladka, ampak taka je bila že prej. Od blizu imam pa še zmeram široke in zamašene pore ter seveda stare brazgotinice od najstniških aken, ki bi jih lahko zgladil samo laser. No ja, v bistvu je fino, da je zmeram enaka, ne glede na to, kaj dam nanjo. Samo enkrat (od zgodnjih dvajsetih naprej *potrk na les*) je bila mozoljasta zaradi ene Derma E kreme, sicer se je pa kar unesla. Vseeno bom te esence še naprej uporabljala zaradi obljubljenih efektov proti staranju :)

    1. ^^blackhead power liquid in whitening*, duh :)
      Prav od kislin bi pričakovala spremembo v kakršnokoli smer...

    2. Oh to je pa škoda slišat /. Na meni je očitna razlika v enem tednu, ampak sem že v osnovi imela dosti lepo kožo, ker nisem nikdar imela res mastne, nečiste kože. Pri meni je bil problem, da koža ni bila več gladka in so vsi pudri izgledali grozno, ta dva izdelka sta pa to rešila :) Za pore menda pomaga the The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%, ampak sama ga še nisem preizkusila.

    3. Enkrat si moram res od blizu ogledati kožo ostalih ljudi, da vidim, če ni moja povsem normalna/v redu. Fantova ni preveč merodajna, se mi zdi... :)