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četrtek, julij 20, 2017

AVON True Colour Perfectly Matte Lipstick
Peach Flatters
A few years ago I was on this endless quest for peachy-pink lipsticks that actually work with porcelain skin tones and don't look orange. Well, this is another such shade. It's a muted peachy-pink with just the right mix of both tones and though it's muted, it still has that bit of brightness that lifts up the skin tone. I've reviewed the formula when I posted about the shade Ravishing Rose, but this is again another very high quality matte lipstick with a lovely siliconey-soft formula that just glides on the lips and has a nice sort of matte finish.
Petra gifted this shade to me (thank you) and you can find her swatches of all shades here and the new three shades here.
Avon, 8.5 €

CATRICE Soft Blossom Nail Polish
06 Cherry Blossom Avenue
I got this because it was discontinued and it was cheaper than usual. It's a true baby pink with more warm undertones than cool and a satin finish. It's annoying to apply because it always ends up uneven somewhere, so at least three coats are needed despite that it has enough pigmentation. It's scented with a flowery scent.
Müller, 1.99 € 

ESSENCE Volume Stylist Curl & Hold Mascara
I'm actually waiting for the super hyped up Lash Paradise to arrive in Slovenia, so I've been putting off buying a new mascara, trying to squeeze my beloved BeYu for all its worth. But I just had to get a new one, it was getting ridiculous and I didn't want to splurge 12 € for a new BeYu one (I was so sure it's 7€. Why did I think that?), so I just went to the drugstore and picked the one that looked most interesting. I didn't read any reviews about this one or heard anything, so it could have been a big miss, but it's actually nice, especially for a regular mascara. The brush is super weird though, there is a bald patch on one side and normal length bristles on the other, it just looks unfinished I guess. It creates quite big lashes, so it's volumising and lengthening, it's also not that bad at keeping the lashes defined enough. In terms of curling the lashes and keeping them curled, it's not bad either, though it's not outstanding. It's close to what BeYu's does and my lashes are semi-curled because the formula is more on the dry side when you open it, so it's not a heavy mascara that's makes the lashes drop.
DM, 3.29 €

I won the second giveaway in my life, this time on Adjusting Beauty Blog and I got a bunch of ItStyle products. It's a completely new brand to me, so I don't know much about it apart from that they have a shop in Murska Sobota and that they have an online shop which I found when I was looking for prices. Petra has a two posts with reviews of their products and pictures of the shop: link 1 & link 2.

ITSTYLE Eye Shadow
40, 54 and 58
I get nervous about cheap eyeshadows (like MR and the likes) because I've had plenty of experience and I know they mostly can't compare to more expensive ones. Well, these are exactly those cheap-y type of textures. The white (40) is a classic matte shade that's on the chalky side, but ok. The dark brown (54) is actually quite nice, pigmented and smooth enough, though it requires to be build up slowly, otherwise you get too much pigment on one spot that's difficult to blend out. The black (58) is probably the worst black I've ever tried. I'm trying to remember a worse one, but nothing comes to mind. It's sheer, patchy, just impossible to build up and apply nicely. All are badly glued into the pans, so that's an extra minus from me, especially since full price isn't that cheap when you think about it. All are matte, so I don't know how shimmers/satins perform, but usually they tend to be better.
itStyle, 4.5 €

ITSTYLE Matita Occhi Eyeliner
I haven't owned a black pencil/kajal eyeliner since my misguided "black only in the waterline" phase of my mid-teens. I tend to stick to black eyeshadow for waterline and to liquid eyeliner for top lash line. This one is very standard, run-of-the-mill liner. Pigmented enough, but it needs some building up on the waterline and it's definitely not like of those new-age semi-gel inspired formulas that are inky black. 
itStyle, 3.95€

ITSTYLE Lipstick
Makeup Revolution that's what I'll say. Almost everything about this lipstick reminds me of MR's versions. The formula is very creamy and glides with ease on the lips, but it's also very prone to transfer. It's very pigmented, so you instantly get a fully opaque look and shade is a warm red, but otherwise quite classic. The packaging is very cheap, just like one of those cheap plastic tubes that MR uses. It managed to last really well, even through a meal, so that was a pleasant surprise.
itStyle, 4.95 €

ITSTYLE Lipgloss
Lipgloss is something I don't really wear that often. This one is a classic "90's-00's" lipgloss, so not of the new-age super creamy, cushiony formulas, but just basic shine formula. It's semi-opaque medium muted pinky-peach shade with a holographic glitter and it's not sticky at all. The applicator is a simple doe foot and the scent is like candy.
itStyle, 1.5 €

ITSTYLE Nail Polish
A classic red nail polish in a warm version of the colour. The formula is a jelly, so semi-opaque with one coat and even at two coats you still see the tips. Otherwise it's a pleasant formula to apply like most reds and the brush is of those medium wide ones.
itStyle, 3.95 €

CATRICE Travelight Story LE  Liquid Liner
C02 Deep Dark Waters
I got the two navy pieces from Travellight story, the eyeliner and nail polish. The eyeliner is pigmented, but very liquid, so it the colour can shift when you're applying it. I prefer to apply it slowly, sort of placing the applicator to the lashes instead of just drawing it, otherwise I have to wait for the first layer to dry and then apply another coat. There's minimal gaps if you draw with it normally, but still. The colour is a lovely, deep navy that looks black from far away, so it's a nice defining shade, but it's properly blue from closer up. Staying power is excellent. If you follow my Instagram Stories than you might have seen the picture of it after 11 hours where it still looked perfect. The applicator is felt, but smaller than at Liquid Eyeliner and not as nice, but not difficult to use and you can be precise. 
Müller, 3.29 €

CATRICE  Travelight Story LE Nail Lacquer
C03 Deep Dark Waters
I just had to get this because of the cute packaging and absolutely because of the shade since I love navy blue. It's quite a thick formula, pretty much full coverage with one coat if you manage to apply it evenly, which isn't that hard. The shade is just like at the eyeliner and deep, navy that's almost black, but noticeably blue in brighter light conditions. The finish is satin.
Müller, 2.59 €

CATRICE Illuminating Blush 
010 I am Nut's About You
My favourite blush is being discontinued so I got a spare. I suspected this long since I've first seen the new pattern, but at home my suspicions where confirmed - these are not the same. The new version is more peachy, less special to me, which is sad, but in any case I found a perfect dupe in Milani's Romantic Rose for the original version of the blush anyway. The staying power of the old and the new one are also different. I wore them one on each cheek and the old one lasted all day, while the new one was gone fast. Disappointed with the second version, to be honest.
Müller, 1.99 €

SECRET KEY Pink Racoony Hydro Gel Eye & Cheek Patch
I like the Gold Racoony hydro gel mask from Secret Key and they also have patches for under the eyes + spots in the Gold Racoony version. But I just had to get the newest Pink Racoony version because they are too adorable to resist. Again these are hydro gels meaning the essence is a part of the patch as well and they are shaped like hearts, which are perforated in the middle, so you can easily tear them into two parts. You get 60 patches which you need to use up in 6 months after the box is opened. They are meant as eye and cheek patches, so to depuff the under eye area (they are pleasantly cooling) and to help tone down the redness in the cheeks, but I use them every night around the mouth to lessen the look of my nasolabial lines. You leave them on the skin for 20-30 minutes. They work to a degree by hydrating the area and temporarily plumping it up. These are very heavily scented with a rose scent and even I, who has a hardy skin, feel a slight tingle of that overly fragranced product, so I don't think these are ok for sensitive skin at all (they don't claim to be anyway). You get a mini plate and spatula to get them out of the pot, but they are so slippery, I find it easier to get them with (well washed) hands. Though they are slippery, they stick on my skin well, especially once they warm up and you can do whatever with them, even smile wide. So far I like them even though they are more of a gimmick with a very temporary result. 
eBay, $11.90 (seller roseroseau, arrived in 49 days. I realised only when I paid that it's again RoseRoseShop and surprise, I again had to wait almost two months. What it wrong with that shop?)

BALEA After Sun Dusche
I've been avoiding buying this for years because every time I smelled it in the shop, I didn't find it anything special, but since it's very often that the scents develop differently under the shower and it had a big discount, I got it. And I have to admit, I rather like it. The scent is one of those high-end summery ones that aren't exactly like sunscreen, but somewhere in the ballpark. I think it most reminds me of tiare flower. It's slightly oily, so a little bit nourishing, though the function of oiliness is that it removes the sunscreen better. Repurchase worthy.
DM, 0.59 €

AVEO MED Milde Pflege Dusche
A repurchase. I featured this in my last monthly favourites as it's quickly become one of my favourites. It's got this lovely chamomile scent that I really enjoy and I like that it's pH friendly, but it's a pretty standard shower gel in terms of formula.
Müller, 0.99 €

BALEA Styling Wachs Power Flex
I haven't bought a regular wax in years, but I have the got2b Rise'n Shine Soufflé whipped one which is absolutely lovely for defining curls and taming frizz on dry hair. Unfortunately it's no longer sold here and I'm reluctant to order on Boots until I have a long enough list to justify the 10 pound delivery charges, so this is more of a temporary thing. I can already see that I more of less wasted 2 €. It's very much a standard hair wax with its thick, greasy type of texture that keeps the hair tamed and also gives shine, but it's heavy and it just weighs the hair down, making it limp and lifeless. It's would be nice for men's 30's inspired hair style or for super frizzy hair with a very thick, heavy texture, but for curls this is bad. It's got a strong coffee meets caramel scent.
DM, 1.99 €

A'PIEU Pure Block Natural Sun Cream SPF45/PA+++
Petra send me a sample of this, you might recall I have it on my wishlist since I heard it's one of the lightest sunscreens. Currently I'm using Biore watery Essence (2015 version) which is super light. This is comparison is already a thicker, more of a classic sunscreen type of texture, it's also has that typical almost white cast finish when you're applying it in a thick coat like I'm used to apply Biore (the recommended amount 1/4-1/2 teaspoon), but it blends in without leaving any white traces. It's greasier from the start, but it sets to a slightly velvety finish in about 5 minutes. That's longer than Biore, but it's still acceptable and it's a lot nicer in terms of elegance than 99% of European sunscreens. I prefer Biore's Watery Essence more because it's so much lighter, but this is nice if you have sufficient time in the morning because you need to wait for it to dry before you start with the makeup. I'd still like to try Etude House and Missha to compare.

THE ORDINARY Coverage Foundation
Oh the hype around this foundation even before it started actually selling. Again Petra provided me with a sample, so she'll have a proper full review. It's a standard liquid foundation with a lot of coverage. The first time I used the standard amount I use with other foundations and it was just waaay too much. Coverage was medium-high, to me it was already full coverage, but my skin is in good condition, so it have a different idea of what full means. Most of my freckles were covered to a degree, as were old blemish marks and the dark area on my nose, I also felt like I don't need concealer under the eyes, but I saw on the pictures that they still looked red. My skin is currently normal, and the finish was satin, but it's the type of foundation that needs a lot of time to dry on the skin, so it's prone to transfer. In general it's a foundation that's obvious on the skin, not in a sense that's it looks dreadful over pores or lines, it's just very obvious you're wearing foundation. The shade I got is 1.1N which is the second in the neutral range (1.0N is lighter). It's about NC/W13 and a shade darker and less yellow than NARS Siberia, peachier and darker than Revlon's 110 Ivory, less yellow and darker than Maybelline Fit Me Luminous 110 Porcelain and lighter than Healthy Mix Serum 51. Shade-wise it's not a bad match for me, in fact it's perfect at application despite the peachy undertone, but it oxidises and looks obviously mismatched, that is until a few hours later when it becomes perfect again. Staying power is excellent, it managed to survive the day, but as I said this is not a particularly nice looking foundation. I'd give it a 3/5, Colorstay and Sheer Glow are nicer for a similar level of coverage (both more expensive though). I use drops of this foundation, so I get more of a light-medium coverage and I like it much better.

A repurchase, thought mine isn't empty yet, but I can see thought the packaging that most of it is gone. It's surprisingly quick since I've only had the first tube for a months or two. Luckily it's cheap. It's a thick, slippery gel that doesn't foam much and has a strong masculine clean fragrance, which cleans well and has a ph 5.5.
DM, 1.19€

BALEA Fuss Butter Lovely
I bought this on a whim because it was hot and I wanted something that smells fresh and uplifting. This is exactly it, a super fresh orange-minty scent, it reminds me of Ricola Orange Mint drops. The texture is more whipped than I expected. It's still thick, but I expected a very thick butter which I would desperately need for my feet. I use it on the body too and it needs maybe 15 minutes to absorb. I would prefer something that is more nourishing, but I'm enjoying the scent at lot.
DM, 2.99 €

BALEA Rasiergel
Fruity Dream
One of my favourite versions so far. It say it smells like apricots and quince, but I smell a proper scent of ripe plums. Otherwise it's a standard great shaving gel.
DM, 1.99 €

PAPA RECIPE Bombee Masks
I tried the regular bombee mask a couple of months ago and it was one of my favourite masks ever, so I wanted to try all the different version, decide which one is best and then order a full pack. I'll let you know how I like these on Instagram Stories and some post in the future.
I already reviewed this one in detail, but as I said it's one of my favourite ones ever, so I repurchased it despite the high price. It does everything I want and it made my skin look fantastic. It has very similar effects as MBD Black Pearl and TSF Snow White in a way that the skin looks more even, with less pronounced redness, it's smooth, hydrated and happy, but this gives that bit extra and that is that it temporarily plumps up the skin and diminishes the look of my smile lines. It's popular for a reason.
Bombee Whitening Honey Mask
I tend to enjoy brightening/whitening version even more, despite the original itself is brightening enough on my skin, so I'll see how this compares. It has niacinamide high on the list.
Bombee Rose Gold Honey Mask Pack
This one has a  high content of damascus rose, but what I'm looking forward to seeing is the rose gold mesh design it has (google it). 
Bombee Black Honey Mask Pack
A black sheet version of the mask and also apparently has black tinted honey, so that's a bit worrisome how it'll look, but regardless, I hope it's good.
Bombee Ginseng Red Honey Oil Mask Pack
Ginseng is one of the most treasured ingredients in K-beauty world and I also liked the idea it's apparently an oily essence. It's even more expensive than the rest of them, though.
eBay, $3.95-6.15 (seller: mystery_ju, arrived in 46 days)

VPROVE Snail Essential Mask Sheet
Gold Expert
I got this one as a GWP and I can't find it on eBay. The name says it all, it's a sheet mask with snail extract. I've tried Naruko's Snail mask and disliked it, but I hope I like this one more. Snail extract is this "miracle" ingredient that supposedly deeply moisturises and repairs. Actually I haven't found a better treatment for sunburns than snail extract, they are gone by the morning.

NIVEA Anti-perspirant Pearl & Beauty
For a while there I concerned this was discontinued, but I guess all that happened was that it's not sold everywhere where Nivea products are sold like before. I've talked loads about this in the past years and I've gone through so many cans, but it's still the spray deodorant I trust the most. It has these powder particles that actually do something, so it's not just a can of fragranced air. This one I also took the roll-on version because I plan to combine them. It's the way I've been wearing deodorant for years now, so I combine either a stick or roll-on with a spray because I found it's the only way deodorants don't just stop working on me. Pearl & Beauty is my favourite scent of deodorants, it's a lovely floral-powdery sweet scent that' very lady-like I guess.
Leclerc, 2.94 € each.

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  1. I have two Avon matte lipsticks, none of which include your shade (Adoring Love and Rose Awakening), they are really great. I bought this Balea shaving gel, it's ok, you said everything, I have nothing to add :) Kristina

    1. Formula of Avon lipsticks is a great one, definitely one of the best and it reminds me of Milani's Mattes :) I think Rose Awakening is close to Peach Flatters, it's just the pinker version of the shade :)

  2. Jaz sem vedno znova navdušena nad Avon formulami. Še vse do zdaj so mi bile všeč. Pa tudi cena je dokaj ugodna.

    ItStyle ima določene izdelke absolutno precenjene. Senčila so že ena izmed njih. Čeprav imajo tudi neke baked palete, ki pa so bile res odlično pigmentirane. Je pa bila tudi cena seveda zopet dražja. V dobi Essence in Catrice poceni, a dokaj kakovostne kozmetike, moraš konkurirat vsaj z embalažo, če že ne s formulami.

    Popolnoma se strinjam, da The Ordinary podlaga izgleda zelo očitno na obrazu. Po tvojem opisu se sploh ne sliši slabo, jaz pa je niti nočem več testirat. Sploh ne zdaj poleti, jo bom na jesen. Enostavno sem grease ball po eni uri. Mogoče imam preveč negovalnih izdelkov. Bi morala preizkusit na bolj mat podlago kože.

    Catrice eyeliner je čudovit. Ti odtenki eyelinerjev, ki so barvne variante črne (ker so še vedno zelo temni), so mi res všeč. Škoda, da ni več takih v rednih ponudbah. Čeprav včasih pa si zaželim kakšnega izredno živahnega, kot jih ima NYX :D.

    I'm Nuts About You je bil res zanimiv odtenek. Izredno neumno, da so šli spremenit, a obdržali ime. Zame je to zavajanje.

    Hvala ti za omembe :) <3

    1. Ja, te matte šminke so res odlične kvalitete :)

      Tale ItStyle me iskreno ni navdušil. Sploh ko sem gledala cene, ker konkurenca je zelo huda. Sicer sem preizkusila samo malenkosti in tako si je težko ustvariti celotno sliko, ampak Kiko se mi zdi precej bolj kvaliteten.

      The Ordinary mi ni totalno slab če ga nanesem v zelo mali količini, ampak mi je trenutno Fit Me nepremagljiv. Sem pa uporabljala pod Ordinary tisto panda kremo in Biore, tako da ni bilo čisto mat, ampak dosti lahka podlaga.

      Res, temno moder eyeliner, da je dejansko res moder in ne preživ je težko najti. Ko sem ga videla v novicah sem se takoj odločila da ga rabim :)

      Se strinjam, tale sprememba Nuts about you je bila popolnoma nepotrebna. Odličen izdelek so uničili. No zdaj me vsaj ne preseneča več da so ga dali iz prodaje.

      Ni za kaj :)

  3. Really, really nice.. I'm simply enjoying this kind of blogspost, feels like going shopping with you :)

  4. Secret Key Hydrogel obliži so definitivno najbolj cute! :) Meni je bila sheet maska iz te linije tudi zelo všeč. Nasploh sem se že naveličala teh najbolj običajnih sheet mask in so mi kakšne posebne toliko bolj zanimive. Ravno čakam na foil sheet masko in neko dvofazno sheet masko. Balea gel za britje je pa tudi meni odličen, ampak mi je pa najbolj do sedaj dišal tisti iz Rummelplatz LE, je imel tak prijeten vonj po limoni in še nečem.

    1. Res so tako lušni :) Potem ti bo morda všeč Papa Recipe Bombee Rose, ker ima krasen zlat vzorec. Bom mela slike na Stories. Foil sheet nisem pa še nobene preizkusila, sem pa skoraj kupila eno Star Wars verzijo.

      Rummelplatz sem ne dolgo nazaj porabila, ampak mi je ta ljubša verzija :).

  5. Jaz imam vijolično verzijo Essence maskare in mi je tudi zelo všeč :D
    Catrice Travelight Story lak mi je bil tako zelo všeč, sploh embalaža, ampak ga na koncu nisem vzela, ker že imam en skoraj enak odtenek in ga na žalost ne nosim kaj preveč.
    Balea Rasiergel sem že velikokrat zasledila pri tebi in na drugih blogih, ampak še ga zdaj nisem kupila, sploh se ne zavzamem da ga imajo v DM-u, si ga bom zapisala v beležko na telefonu, da se spomnim naslednič :D

    1. Je v redu maskara, sem odkrila eno motečo lastnost in sicer, da se nenormalno težko odstrani. Olje 2x + gel, pa moram še micelno uporabit. Preveč dela. Sem kar naročila L'Orealovo Paradise :).

      Jaz kupujem te Balea gele, ker so najcenejši dobri :) Od Müllerja mi sploh ni bil všeč, se mi pa zdi da je bila pena in ne gel.

  6. Thanks for sharing such a useful blog content, i will be sharing in on my singapore facialblog