Mermaid Inspired (My Beauty Box EU)

sobota, julij 08, 2017

Technically I missed the "deadline" posting about this one as it was June My Beauty Box EU, though I posted it immediately when I got it on Instagram Stories. I finally had the time to play with the mermaid inspired products, which as far as I'm aware are sold individually in different places, so look at this as a mini new in. This was quite a generous box in terms of value and you can already get the one for July, which I don't have and I can't tell you what's inside, but it's again 12 € and available worldwide.

L'OREAL Volume Million Lashes Top Coat Glitter
I've never seen this version in shops, it might have been on the stands around Christmas, but I missed it. It's basically exactly what it says on the tube - a glitter top coat, so not a proper mascara. You get some sparse holographic glitter in a clear base that adheres to the lashes more sporadically despite trying to build it up. It's a very subtle effect of a few glitters catching the light from different angles. I actually rather applied it on the lids as well, so you get more out of it. I tried my best to catch the effect of it on my lashes, but I simply couldn't manage it, but if you check the full size version of that salt spray picture, you'll see a couple of glitters. They had a blue mascara in the previous box which would fit into the mermaid theme too.

CIATE Paint Pot 
PP 129 the hamptons
Included in the box is a full size Ciate nail polish in a proper mermaid inspired shade. It's basically more of a top coat as it's still see-though with several coats, but it's teal/emerald glitter with gold hexagons. It's got the standard characteristics of glitter nail polishes, meaning it's difficult to remove and it really lasts on the nails.

TONI & GUY Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray
This is a mini spray and I remember almost buying this size in a Croatian Müller (not sure we have it in this size, but Toni & Guy stuff is in DM). It's got a sort of an oceanic, crisp fresh scent that verges on men's cologne. I sprayed it very liberally on dry hair and then messed it up. I put it in a very messy bun, so it would dry that way. The result is very texturised hair (I've never been a fan of the look on dark hair, but on blond it'll look fab) and has that beachy look, but my hair tends to curl much more when it comes in contact with real sea water. It didn't leave the hair super crispy, but it's not soft.

GINVERA Green Tea Nude Cover BB Cream
This is the the third tube of this BB I received in these boxes, so I have a review about it already. It comes in just one shade that's too dark for me, I have swatches and comparisons in one of my posts. It's one of the more lovely BB creams, as it's light and looks very natural on the skin, something like my beloved Healthy Mix Serum.

A very crisp and clean scent, which honestly could easily be called fresh laundry, though it has a tiny hint of saltiness to it. If you're looking for a proper beachy/oceanic fresh scent try their Sea Salt & Sage which is just fantastic. Sea Air is very pleasant and can easily be used in any season. 

KNEIPP Pflegeölbad 
Jasmin & Argan
Last thing is the bath oil which has rich flower scent. Jasmine is quite a sweet smelling white flower, so it's more of a scent I'd use it spring. The oil won't change the colour of the water like some other Kneip oils/baths I've tried, but these are lovely when you have dry skin because they leave a nourishing filter. I just remembered that I never posted about Kneipp Immer cool bleiben bath salt which would so work with the Mermaid theme. It turns the water into a teal/mint green shade and has a very fresh minty scent. It claims it has a cooling effect, but I didn't notice it much. 

Do you have any mermaid inspired products? Have a great day!

*box was a PR product. I bought the Kneipp bath salt myself.

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  1. Great box! Wow the L'Óreal mascara is so cool!
    I really like Yankee candles they smell so good and last for a long time :)

    1. I actually prefer the YC tarts because I find the scents are even stronger, but they have some wonderful scents :)

  2. Še preden sem prebrala tvoj opis o maskari, sem si jo že predstavljala na vekah :D. Za trepalnice se mi to ne zdi praktično. Mogoče izgleda samo zanimivo na fotografijah s flashom.

    Od Toni & Guy imam texturizer iz te linije in mi je vseeno po dolgem času uporabe zelo všeč. čeprav me na začetku ni navdušil. Salt spray se sliši zanimivo. Sploh za moje tanke lase. Čeprav tudi meni nič ne da več teksture in volumna kot namakanje v morju :D. Ta celotna linija me mika.

    1. Ja, na vekah se veliko bolj vidi. Na trepalnicah pa le če imaš lepo zavihane.

      Se spomnim, da ga imaš :) Ma kaj pa vem če se mi zdi tale res dober za tanke lase. Tako se mi zdi, imam danes bolj težke lase. Manjka mu malo več soli ali pa vsaj nekega utrjevalca, na mojih laseh pa itak vse stoji. Jaz imam drugače skoraj svedraste kodre na morju.

  3. Actually, I should be totally digging this stuff because I'm in love with the mermaid myth since I was a little girl bathing in the baltic sea, but I don't see anything catching my attention in this box. I have to admit, that the things I associate with mermaids is celestial singing and combing long and lucious hair and swimming and not beauty stuff.. this is why I own a special mermaid fin to go swimming with, but no other 'merchandise'. Oh wait, not true: I have jewelry mermaid style, and I love it!!

    Greetings from Germany

    1. An Ariel fan I see :) Yeah, the box could be a little bit more mermaidy (I'd love to se an unicorn version too), but it's got some nice things :) I think the nail polish is spot on mermaid themed.