August Favourites

četrtek, avgust 31, 2017

BOURJOIS Healthy Mix Foundation 
50 Rose Ivory
I'm a huge fan of Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum and I think I'm currently on the fourth or fifth bottle, but the lightest shade is too dark and yellow for me. Bourjois made another set of changes to their original Healthy Mix Foundation and they also added a new shade called 50, so they finally created a paler and pink shade in at least one of their foundation lines. I'm happy to report that the new formula is much improved in my eyes, in fact it's very similar to the Serum and the new shade is "Snow White approved", so in the last three months I've found two new HG foundations (Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless in the shade 100 is the other, but I talked about it in my last two favourites, so I skipped it here). The new Healthy Mix Formula is now a light-medium coverage foundation with a natural, invisible finish and a nice healthy, dewy finish that is much less greasy looking than the very first version I owned and disliked. Shade 50 is lighter than 51 by about a shade, so it fits NW10-15 skin tones and it's got a pink, slightly peachy undertone - I made comparison swatches with all my pale foundations. 

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream

I neglect this lip cream because I have better ones in terms of staying power, but I've recently taken upon myself to reswatch most of my matte liquid lipsticks because I'm planning to do a post and I realised how pretty Cannes is for every day wear, so I've been wearing all the time for the last part of the month. My tube is now over a year old and as these age, the thinner the formula gets, so now with one coat I get something that's more similar to a stain, but because it's a lip cream, it's more even than those actual stain products which tend to stick to the central dry parts of the lips and look terrible. This one has this semi-translucent texture that looks like you natural lips are tinted with this shade. My natural lips are quite pale, so this just gives them some life. It's a comfortable formula to me, I never noticed any dryness, it takes longer than at others for it to set to a matte finish and the staying power isn't the best, but since it's such a natural colour, it's not that obvious, the central part has wiped off. 

L'OREAL Infallible Blush Palette
I still maintain that these are some of the best if not the best drugstore blushes. Most of the shades are pigmented and creamy, especially the fourth shade called Amber Love is just the most amazing blush ever - better quality than Nars and definitely better than Mac, the closest would be theBalm. I've been using these pretty much all month and especially Amber Love because it has this beautiful glow on the cheeks. 

PAPA RECIPE Bombee Whitening Honey Mask
I've been slowly going through different versions of Bombee sheet masks, if you recall the gorgeous Rose Gold version was in my last favourites and the next one on the list, the Whitening one, probably impressed me the most with the results out of all masks I've ever tried. I especially love brightening masks and this one had the most noticeable results so far. It works the same as other Bombee versions I tried, so it's nourishing, it makes the skin softer, calmer in general much healthier looking, plus it smells amazing like honey, but this one also had the best evening out effect, it even managed to lighten my blemish marks a bit, so I'm sure with more frequent use, the results would be even more apparent. It has niacinamide high on the list, which is one of the most valued ingredients for brightening the skin and this one also has diamond powder, which should in theory at least have an immediate brightening effect. I still have two more version to try, the black one and one with ginger, so either of those could still impress me even more, but so far this one is the one I want a full pack of.

I went through a period of not using this because my stash was running low and I went into saving mode, but I recently stocked up and as soon as I started using it reminded me just how much better than anything I own it is. It's fantastic for my dry, rebellious hair that doesn't really dry curly naturally anymore because of length and subsequent weight, but it's not straight. This tames that strange frizz stage and actually makes my hair feel silky - nothing makes my hair silky apart from very expensive Kérastase because my hair has this thick, coarse texture where some hair feel almost like uneven wires. With this I don't even have to use a round brush when I'm blow-drying my hair, it just dries straight with no frizz. It's a silicone cream product, not the lightest, so those with thin hair won't like it. This also works amazing on dry hair as a frizz tamer and shine enhancer.

BILOU Cremiger Duschshaum
Fizzy Berry
I shallowly admit I was drawn to these after seeing them on Instagram because of the pretty packaging, but after seeing them live and testing their scents, I loved most, so these aren't just pretty. I picked Fizzy Berry which smells fantastic like nice fizzy sugary berry drink, the closest I can describe it to is the discontinued fruity berry version of Cedevita. The foam is nice and thick, luxurious feeling and I really enjoy using it under the shower. I'd love to try more of these and I hope they come to Slovenia one day too.

KATY PERRY Mad Love Parfum Deodorant
I've been spraying with so much that almost a quarter of it is gone and I only got it three weeks ago. This is just the deodorant version of the fragrance, but it smells the same and it's a very sugary sweet type of scent a mix of a mix of sweet strawberries and coconut. To me it actually smells like pineapple gummy bears, but with a very sweet, comforting base (coconut and musk here).

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  1. Cannes je res tvoj odtenek. <3 Izgleda tako naravno na tebi. Jaz na sploh obožujem te NYX Lip Creame in si vedno želim še kakšnega. Cannes je pri meni bolj v uporabi jeseni, ko imam raje te mauve pinky odtenke :).

    Premalo uporabljam te sheet maske. Jaz sem skoz v saving mode :D. Si pa pridno delam seznam iz tvoj objav :D.

    Joj ta parfum se sliši zanimivo samo zaradi te coconut musky podlage. Čeprav si težko predstavljam to kombinacijo z jagodami. It's either really good or really bad :D.

    1. Hvala <3 Šele zdaj so sem ponovno swatchala vse tekoče šminke sem opazila kako je Cannes verjetno moj popoln natural odtenek. Ampak tudi zaradi te lahkotne teksture, ki jo ima NYX. Mene zdaj mika kakšen rdeč odtenek.

      Jih tud jaz bolj šparam, ker moja zaloga ni več tako velika kot je bila :D Ampak mam še te Papa Recipe za sprobat, ostale imam pa bolj duplikate teh, ki sem ji že preizkusila. Upam, da v kratkem pridejo tri nove, ki sem jih naročila - Etude House po tvojem priporočilu in Saem, ker je ima Olafa gor :D

      Pejd ga malo našpricat v DM. Ampak je tak extra cukrast najstniški vonj, me ga je skor sram nosit :D Kokos se voha, ampak zaradi teh sladkih jagod izpade že skoraj kot vanilija. Je neki takega kot Fantasy, ampak z drugačno kombinacijo.

  2. I need that color of the Soft Matte Lip Cream, they are one of my favorite formulas!

    Carolina's Makeup Life

    1. They're not my favourites, but they are certainly one of the more comfortable ones. I'd still like to have a shade or two more :)

  3. Ich habe mir das Mad Love Parfüm vor einiger Zeit gekauft, nachdem ich es bei dir gesehen habe und liebe es. Verwendest du das Deo nur als solches, also unter den Armen oder als Parfum-Ersatz, z. B. an Hals und Handgelenken?
    Viele Grüße, Tanja

    1. I use it as a regular perfume :) It hasn't got any of that aluminium salt, it's basically just fragrance, so I have no issues spraying it everywhere.

  4. L'oreal paleta mi je všeč, super odtenki so notri :D

    Škoda, da Dove nimamo pri nas :/ Bi ga kupila, sploh glede na to kako ga hvališ. Bi ga potrebovala ravno za ta čuden frizz, sploh zdaj, ko bodo deževni dnevi :)

    Bilou sem jaz tudi gledala v Avstriji, ampak nisem nobenega vzela. Ne vem, če se motim, ampak mislim, da sem jih celo enkrat nekje pri nas zasledila (mislim, da celo v reviji, da je bila neka akcija?). I'm not sure, mogoče sem res kje drugje videla.

    1. L'Orealova paletka je res odlična :) Resnično nisem pričakovala, da imajo tako dobre blushe, ker o njih nikoli nihče ne govori.

      Res škoda ja :/ Ne vem zakaj so ga kar nehali prodajat. Lahko sprobaš Sebastian Professional Potion 9, ki bo morda zate boljši, ker je lažji. Dobiš ga na Salmi za podobno ceno kot Dove, samo v manjši flaški.

      A res? Nisem jih še videla v teh koncih, ampak upam, da jih kdaj dobimo :)

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