Pupa I'm Matt Lip Fluid 012 Rose Nude

nedelja, avgust 06, 2017

I love matte liquid lipsticks, so I'm eager to try as many of them and Pupa was pretty high on the list to try because I've heard a lot of good things about them from some of my favourite bloggers whom I really trust (review from Passing Fancy and Gejba from Parokeets). None of them tried theBalm ones when then wrote their reviews and those are my absolute favourite, so I was doubtful these are as good, but I was sure they must be excellent. I was right in that they won't beat theBalm for me and also not Sephora's, but the formula is pretty great if you tend to have dry lips, though don't quote me on that, read other reviews too. I was originally planning on getting shade 013, a nude mauve shade, but they only had 012 in Müller which I believe is similar only peachier.

Formula: it's moussey and soft, a bit like someone had mixed Bourjois' Nude-ist with theBalm's Hughes and it needs some more time to set, but eventually it does into a nice velvety finish that doesn't looks as dry as matte lipsticks can and it reminds me most of how Bourjois Velvets look on the lips. This makes it one of the more comfortable matte liquid lipstick options, though it's hard for me to say if it's going to be drying for some, but it's definitely nothing like Colourpop's Ultra Matte's or Sleek Matte Me.

Shade: I got the shade 012 which I realised at home, is similar to theBalm's Committed, it's just a bit more peachy, so if you were looking for a similar, but warmer shade, try this. It's one of those shades that's so difficult to describe but it's a natural nude type of shade with muted peachy and some pinky hues mixed, basically just very wearable shade. As always, unless you're NC/W10 chances are this shade will look lighter on you than on me.

Staying power: Though this sets eventually to a nice velvety matte finish, the factor in how fast it comes off at this product is also the shade, or to be specific, how light it is. Since it's doesn't have that strong pink pigment like most Colourpop shades have and all magenta/red shades in general, it doesn't last as long and it wipes off quicker too. But it can handle several hours if you don't drink a lot or have a big meal. TheBalm's was a much more difficult swatch to remove next to Pupa from the picture above, but both came off with micellar water.

Scent: it has a soapy scent. It's not super strong, but noticeable.

Packaging: A silver tube with a little window in a shape of lips that shows the colour. The applicator is a doe foot with a cut design which fits my lips nicely. I think it leaks a bit on mine because the neck is dirty and on my other such products it isn't.

Price and availability: I got mine in Müller for 15.79 €, so it's one of the more expensive ones.

Worth it or not? Yes, I'm happy with it and it looks great on the lips, but it's not my favourite formula ever. This one is more for those who find a lot of matte lip creams uncomfortably dry, but I won't claim it can't be drying to some people. Like NYX Soft Matte Creams and Bourjois Velvets it sets slowly and doesn't feel like a layer on the lips, and I think it's the best out of three I mentioned, so if you're tempted, don't be afraid to give them a go.

Have a great day!

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  1. Niso slabe ane :D
    Edina rdeča, ki jo še nosim. Tudi tvoja barva je luštna!
    Imam 5 mini The Balm mat šmink (v zahvalo tebi) in mi niso ljubše - so super, ampak mi Pupa manj izsuši ustnice. Zanimivo :)

    1. Ene izmed boljših :) Sem si zaželela klasično rdečo s hladnim podtonom v tej formuli, pa je žal niso imeli.

      No saj pravim, da naj raje tebe poslušajo :D Meni je bolj pomembna obstojnost in ustnice mi nič ne izsuši, tako da si ti bolj zanesljiv vir za take stvari kot je dejanska udobnost šminke :)

  2. Pretty color!


  3. Odtenek na tebi izgleda čudovito! <3 Na meni bi ziher spet vlekel na nek drug podton. Tudi sama formula se bere zanimivo, čeprav niso ravno dostopni pri nas v MS. Mogoče pa jih kdaj vidim v živo in kakšnega vzamem :).

    1. Hvala <3 Se mi je zdelo, da bo ravno tebi všeč, ampak tudi meni se zdi, da bi na tebi vlekel bolj na roza. Sumim pa, da bi ti bila formula všeč :). V NM tudi ni Pupe, tako da sem mogla it v Ljubljano iskat.

  4. Odtenek mi je zelo všeč (ugotavljam, da topel podton bolje izgleda na meni) in verjetno bi mi tudi formula ustrezala :)

    1. Tudi jaz raje ostajam na toplih podtonih :) Mislim, da bi ti bila všeč tale formula, res ni tisto klasično "mat suha"

  5. I just came to the site, couldn't understand the language but I love the design.