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nedelja, avgust 20, 2017

MAYBELLINE Fit Me Poreless + Matte
100 Warm Ivory
I already have a full review about this, but of the shade 110 Porcelain which is the lightest we can get in Slovenia. I'm completely in love with this foundation, it's definitely up there tied with Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum as my favourite, it might be my all-time fave, I still need to see how it works all year round, but it's my preferred choice this summer. After years I finally had the chance to visit Austrian drugstores, which I realised now have almost identical assortment of products as Slovenia, so I was disappointed, but they do have three additional shades of this foundation, 100, 102 and 105. I have finally found my prefect match in both formula and colour - people, it's a miracle! 100 is almost the same as Fit Me Luminous + smooth version 110, so about a shade lighter than Matte + Poreless 110 and it fits me pretty much perfectly. The undertone is yellow, but not intense as at Nars Siberia which is the other shade this is similar in lightness. One of the best buys I've ever made.
Müller, 8.95 €

BOURJOIS Healthy Mix Foundation 
50 Rose Ivory
I grabbed a sample of this foundation in my local drugstore, but of the shade 51, which is the lightest here. While the shade was a bit too dark, I adored the texture which was surprisingly so much different than I remember. I used to own the very first version of this foundation (with a black cap. There was one more in between) and I really disliked it, but this one is essentially Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum - I seriously see no difference. Both have this wonderful invisible finish, light-medium coverage (less than first version) and a healthy, dewy finish. I'm really loving this foundation, but for summer heat it's a bit too shiny for me, so I stick mostly to Fit Me, however, on a cool rainy day like today, it's great. Shade 50 Rose Ivory is a new shade added to the HM range and it's like our prayers have been answered, since not only did Bourjois go more towards pink instead of their usual strong yellow undertone, it's also nicely pale. The fact it's pink is not ideal for me, but blended out, it doesn't look that off and it's better than the strong yellow 51 of Serum. Another good buy.
Boots, £9.99 - Also big, very saddening news to me, Boots International will stop with their service on the 30. August. Why it came to this decision I've only found some very vague, evasive responses with no pertinent information, but I relied on Boots for several products/brands I can't get here, so this truly sucks.

L'OREAL Paradise Extatic Mascara
Lash Paradise is at the moment probably the most hyped up mascara and the American version comes in this super pretty pink packaging, but European didn't just get a different name, it also a new packaging which I don't find nearly as pretty. It's a mix of matte and classic metal look of rose gold, but the matte part just looks boring rosy brown. I think the formula and the brush are the same, and I have to say, I don't get the hype. Not that it's not good because it is, it's actually really good and I love using it, but I've had cheaper mascaras with the exactly the same result. In general it adds a good amount of volume and length, it's not very wet when you open it, so it's not a messy mascara that would clump the lashes or smudge. It can lift my lashes a bit and keep them that way, but I again had ones that were just that extra bit better as at this one my lashes are already hitting my glasses. So worth the hype or not? If you have naturally nice lashes like me, not really because you'll get the same or better effect with an Essence, Max Factor of a Beyu mascara, but if you still haven't found the one, maybe it's worth a try. I just wish our version was pink as well, it'd be more Instagram ready.
Boots, £9.99

*MAKEUP REVOLUTION PRO HD  Palette Amplified 35
Makeup Revolution and eyeshadows tends to be a very average performing combination, but lately the palettes I've been receiving aren't half bad (though I think it was from Freedom Makeup, but that's the same to me anyway). There are still big inconsistencies in the quality and performance of eyeshadows, but I notice their neutral eyeshadows have come a long way. Here it's another mix of quality, but satin formulas in general perform nicely, swatch pigmented, only blending isn't quite as elegant as with more expensive eyeshadows. Mattes and the purple side are already a bigger miss than hit with some eyeshadows. Mattes are chalky (that bright purple in the last vertical row swatches weakly and blue, just look bellow), but there are some nice ones, particularly those that are an eggplant tone. In terms of colours, aside from purples there is a mix of taupes and some warm browns, but most are crease shades for my taste, so it's a smoky type of palette rather than a neutral every day one. The packaging is actually really nice, shiny, sleek and I'm absolutely loving the massive mirror in it. I've seen my fellow bloggers received different versions of this palette, so there's also a variety of shades.

Lič, 19.99 €. Makeup Revolution je zdaj na voljo tudi v nekaterih poslovalnicah Tuš Drogerije, točen seznam kje je objavljen na strani Lič, kjer lahko s kodo MURFSH dobiš še zastonj poštnino, če bi raje naročila s spleta.

*MAKEUP REVOLUTION Unicorn Heart Highlighter
I feel as though the unicorn trend hasn't even reached its peak yet, since I see new products on Instagram almost every day and it's starting to get a bit tiring, but this packaging is adorable. I love the heart design, the holographic writing, the whole deal looks beautiful. This is my second rainbow highlight and I wasn't terribly impressed by Essence's one and I feel this one's tone is again a bit strange since even if I mix all the shades well, it ends up a green on me, but only when I swatch it heavily, while on the cheeks it looks like an ok champagne highlight. But this is brighter than the sun. I try to apply it very lightly with a very fluffy brush, but this is seriously so hard not to overdo. If you're a fan of those overly highlighted "drag" looks that are apparently super popular on YouTube (not my cup of tea) this will definitely be for you.
Lič, 7.99 €

My first banana yellow powder which is meant for brightening the under eye area, since yellow neutralizes the purple tone of circles. I've been deliberately avoiding these because it took me just a second to realize banana powders will only work on medium skin tones, so someone with such a pale skin tone like me won't see as much benefits from these. On me the yellow tone, even if applied lightly, is too apparent. I also don't suffer from purple-blue circle, instead they've been red since I was little, so it's also not the tone for me. The powder itself is finely milled and quite pigmented for a powder, it's also very, very matte. Luckily I haven't made it look to cakey yet, but due to the finish, it's one you probably won't want to overdo. Again this is a product more for those who are fans of Instagram/Drag and other versions of very overdone makeup that requires baking and you really get a ton of powder for the money, so it's a great deal. 
Lič, 8.99 €

EUCERIN Sun Fluid Anti-Age SPF 30
I won this in a giveaway on Hysteria Decay's blog which was great because I was planning on getting an European sunscreen, since they are more reliable especially for very sunny summers like we're having. This one has claims about anti-ageing, though let's face it, all sunscreens could say that and this one also states it makes wrinkles less visible, so far I can't say I noticed anything. It also claims to protect against HEV (High Energy Visible light) or as it was translated in my press release, blue light from screens which apparently also causes free radical damage, though the extent of it compared to regular sunlight was not explained, so I'm looking at it as another sales pitch. It promises to be matte and it has alcohol on 4. place. Texture is very much a standard European sunscreen, so a light lotion and I noticed no white cast when I'm blending it in. It's like a regular cream when you apply it, so tacky rather than sticky and it takes about 10 minutes for it to sink in enough that I can start with the makeup. Finish isn't matte, it's more like a satin with some sunscreen shine. As a base under makeup it works fine and it's not flaking, I also don't find I need any extra powdering. Packaging is great, I always like a pump and this one is pretty easy to use, you can see how much product you get with one full pump above. While it's not as elegant as some Asian sunscreens, my main is issue how long it takes to set, it's still a very nice sunscreen, however, after a week of use I started noticing my skin reversing to its pre K-Beauty routine state, so it's not soft, smooth and I even had some mini spots developing, so I stopped using it and went back to Biore. I'm still trying to get my skin to what it was, but so far with no success which kind of blows. I trust the protection more than Asian sunscreens, so this one is more for the beach for me, but as an everyday sunscreen I'll avoid it due to the negative effect on the state of my skin. It also exists in a SFP 50 version.
Eucerin is sold is almost every pharmacy in Slovenia, 18.02 €

This is one of my favourite ever hair product for my dry, rebellious hair because it just tames it like nothing else (well, apart from Potion 9, but that's more expensive). For some reason Dove pulled their entire Advanced Hair Series from Slovenia (and Austria), so I can't get this here anymore and I decided to stock up when Boots was having a 2 for £8. Not all are for me of course, two are for my cousin, who also loves this. I've talked about this is several posts, but in short it's a godsend for dry, coarse hair that is never silky. With this I don't even have to use a round brush when I'm blow-drying my hair, it just dries straight with no frizz. It's a silicone cream product, not the lightest, so those with thin hair won't like it (it's says on the bottle itself that's it's for wavy, curly hair which is usually coarse and thick) and it also works amazing on dry hair as a frizz tamer and shine enhancer. If you have Style + Care version in shops, this is the same thing.
Boots, £7.75 (regular price per piece)

SOAP & GLORY Orangeasm Body Wash 
I already have a body butter with this scent that really grew on me despite not being a classic orange, zesty scent, so I decided to grab the body wash as well, since Boots was running a 3 for 2 and I already had two items. The scent is the same, so the scent of the orange peel which ends up being a bit more bitter than the simple freshly cut orange scent. It wasn't love at first try for me, but it ends up being so addictive. The body wash is one of those creamy sorts and I need to use a bit more than usual because I feel it's not as foamy, but it's still ok and I you get quite a big bottle with a nice pump (definitely going to recycle that for other gels). I wouldn't say it's as luxurious as Dove, but it's nice.
Boots, £6.50

SOAP & GLORY The Rushower dry shampoo 50ml
I love Soap & Glory scents and the brand in general, so I was hoping they'll release a dry shampoo and they did. My hair isn't oily, not even now in the summer heat so I don't use dry shampoo for their traditional purpose, but since I don't wash my hair for a week to avoid unnecessary damage and obviously because I don't' have to, I occasionally need something for in between to keep it smell fresh. The smells of this one is very intense, actually a bit much for summer, but it's the classic Soap & Glory scent meaning that Miss Dior Cherie one. It didn't look as white as Batiste on my dark hair, but there was a hint of greyness before I blended it in. It feels less powdery than Batiste, so I'm not convinced it's as good for very oily hair (I could be very wrong here), but as a hair refresher for my hair, it's lovely. I only have the small bottle.
Boots, £2.50

SOAP & GLORY Hand Maid Antibacterial Hand Cleansing Gel 
These are just the best hand sanitizers ever, so I got two more. The scent is amazing and I feel that they aren't as drying as some end up being with longer use, plus they don't leave any residue that some cheaper version do. They smell like candy, in particular 505 sa crtom, which are hard fruity sweets. I also have the Sugar Crush version, but it smells like lemon cleaning supplies.
Boots, £2.50 per piece

BALEA Rasiergel
Peppiger Papagei
The newest version of shaving gel, this one is described to smell like nectarine and Indian fig. The scent is not a proper nectarine scent, but it is a somewhat typical sweet Balea Tropical scent. 
DM, 1.99€ 

BILOU Cremiger Duschshaum
Fizzy Berry
I saw a ton of these on Instagram and I liked the packaging as well as the array of scents, so I grabbed one. I believe it's one of those blogger/vlogger-decided-to make-money-by-cashing-in-their-popularity-type-of-products, but I'm not familiar with German Blogo/YouTube sphere. (forgive me if I sound judgmental, but my humble beginning started in a more innocent era of blogging when no one was writing a book or launching sets of lashes). I actually liked all the scents available, Apple Slushy was among the nicest, the Coco Coctail was a nice and I loved the Donut version, only the Chocolate Cupcake felt a bit much. Too bad they didn't have the Peach version, I'd love to try it. This is basically a classic shower foam, something I don't tend to buy because I always assume they don't last long, but we'll see how this one fares. The foam is lovely, very soft, firm and lush enough, but I'm even more impressed by the scent. It's so lovely, sugary candy berry, like a nice fizzy drink. The scent is just overall fantastic and I enjoy using the foam even more because of it. 
Müller, 3.95€

KATY PERRY Mad Love Parfum Deodorant
Though my perfume taste has become more grown up, I still have an occasional craving for something super teenagey sweet and immature. This is my latest slightly embarrassing love. I'm not a fan of any celebrities, I honestly couldn't care less, but this affordable sugary sweet concoction has been my weak spot for about a year now and I rarely left DM without spraying it on myself. I was planning on getting the fragrance, but then I saw they had the deodorant version that's much cheaper (it also had an additional discount) and based on my quick test in the shop, it smelled the same as was equally strong. This is a pretty straightforward mix of sugary sweet strawberries and coconut, to me it actually smells like pineapple gummy bears, but with a very sweet, comforting base (coconut and musk here). I'll wear it at home for my own guilty pleasure. Also it's a deodorant, not an anti-perspirant, so basically just a weaker perfume, which in this case isn't weak.
DM, 5.99 €

SCHWARZKOPF got2b Rise 'n Shine Soufflé
Another thing that like Dove I can't get here anymore. No idea why. The name souffle is probably the best way to describe this, but it's very unique among hair styling products. It's a mix between a styling wax, cream and mousse, and it has this whipped, but firm texture that feels like a wax but without the usual greasiness, so it's great for all types of hair. I use it to style curls that I made with a curling iron. If I use a hair spray, I'm just adding hold, while with this I get to shape the curls into their final form, reduce frizz which give them a more polished, glamorous appearance and I'm adding a nice amount of hold at the same time. It's not terribly heavy or sticky, though you can feel in the hair, but it's not that crispy hold of a spray or gel, nor is it the greasy hold of a wax. It's the perfect hybrid product in my eyes and I'm hoping got2b keeps this line. 
Boots, £4.19

BATISTE Stylist Hydrating Oil Mist
I love got2b's Oilliscious spray which is healthy hair faker in a can, but like the soufflé, I can't get it here anymore (notice the recurring theme of my purchases from Boots.) Just like the got2b one, Batiste is described as oil in a spray form and though I was going to repurchase got2b, curiosity got the best of me and Batiste was cheaper. Well, I don't really like it. At least not as much. It's a combination of things, for one it's not as elegant, I mean that in a sense that got2b feels like an actual light oil, so the hair isn't really wet when you apply it, it's just shiny and tamed, but this already feels like it's not enough silicones or oil, it's more like a conditioner in a spray form. My main issue is that not only it feels heavier, it also doesn't give instant result that I expect when I use such a product, instead I need to wait for the hair to dry. Then it has a very nice amount of shine and it looks sleeker, but still I prefer got2b.
Boots, £2.99

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  1. Hey! Just found your blog and it's amazing! Loved the "how to determine your undertone" post. So thorough. Will stay and follow :)

    x Charlotta

    1. Hi! Thank you so much and I'm glad you enjoyed my post <3

  2. Hello! I really like your blog. Especially useful information for me about foundation and concealer, because I am very fair. Can you do swathes Fit mate matt and porless 100 and 110 beside and the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum 51 and Bourjois Healthy Mix 50? That is would help a lot. Thank you!

    1. Hi! You're in luck, I've just done them yesterday because I'm planing to do a post about my pale foundations :) I've quickly added the names for you and I deliberately picked one of the darker pics, so you can see the undertones better, but they are all very light in person. Here's a link to the picture:

      Also to help you more:
      Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless 100 and 110 are about a shade apart, the latter has a more intense yellow undertone. Matte + Poreless 100 is comparable to Luminous + Smooth 110, the first is just a smidgen or a half a shade darker.

      I only have Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum 51, which I hear is a bit lighter than Foundation 51. 50 Rose Ivory has a pink undertone and it's about a shade lighter than Serum's 51, but it's not as light as Maybelline Fit Me 100. Hope this helps :)

  3. Me veseli, da si končno našla perfekten odtenek zase. Če ti je všeč še formula, je pa itak bonus :D.

    Jaz imam občutek, da vedno ko pride ven neka nova drogerijska maskara, je ful popularna. Ne glede na to, če je res tako dobra. Verjetno še zaradi cene. Je pa tudi meni "evropski" izgled bolj "meh".

    Jaz imam Luxe verzijo MR palete. Odtenki so bolj topli, čisto po mojem okusu in se tudi moja zdi dokaj kvalitetna. Očitno vedno bolj izboljšujejo formule.

    Unicorn trenda še ni konce. Čeprav nisem nora na rainbow osvetljevalce, me je ta embalaža navdušila. Dvomim pa da ga bom kdaj nosila. Samo za kakšne posebne makeup looke.

    Jaz sem v Avstrijskem DM-u vzela ravno Chocolate Cupcake verzijo - bolj zato ker je bila znižana. Se mi zdijo drugače ti geli malo predragi. Mogoče me je bolj kot vonj pritegnil dizajn. Ne vem zakaj, ampak mi je všeč ta quirky minimalizem :).

    Sucks za Boots, to je pa res bedasto. Ne razumem zakaj bi se trgovina odločila za to. Sem prepričana, da so imeli dovolj prometa, da se jim je splačalo.

    1. Super je :) Pa še normalno ceno ima, kar je pa sploh odlično :)

      Bomo videli, če bo ta maskara dosegla enak uspeh na evropskih treh kot v Ameriki. Je dobra, ampak nič boljša od npr. Essence. Mi pa naša verzija ni niti približno tako lepa kot ameriška.

      Lušen je tale Unicorn highlighter, ampak Mary-Lou ne seže do kolen po lepoti. Meni je enostavno preveč močan.

      Cena teh pen je res kar visoka za drugstore, ampak so mi tako lušne. Jaz raje dan kakšen evro več za lep vonj, ker mi to največ pomeni. Breskev si želim sprobat, pa nove body mists tudi :)

      Oh, za Boots mi je pa res tako bedno :/. Res sem se zanašala na njih za kar nekaj izdelkov. Sem ravno včeraj oddala zadnje, kar veliko naročilo s stvarmi na zalogo. Pa še nekaj extra Soap & Glory, ker ga zdaj ne bom imela nikjer za dobit.

  4. Hi Mateja, I am a reader from Slovakia who enjoys your blog. I like your drugstore product reviews and I am also pale skinned (NYX white foundation mixer is a lifesaver), so many of your photographs are useful to me. I love British drugstores just like you! You never get a 3 for 2 or buy one get one free deal in DM! I recommend that you look for a mail forwarding service. I use this one They don`t deliver to Slovenia, but you might be able to find a service that delivers to you for a reasonable price. I use them since I love shopping at Superdrug (even more than shopping at Boots) and they never shipped internationally. I highly recommend their own brand skincare products and hair color. Also I am currently transitioning using cruelty free products only so I would love to see more cruelty free brands on your blog. Thank you!

    1. Hi! So true about 3 for 2 deals! Not only are products here a bit more expensive, we also rarely get very good discounts when it comes to drugstores. I've heard of such services from US, but not a UK based one too. I see they do forward to Slovenia, though I'm not trilled about the charges. I've been to Superdrug over 10 years ago and I've always hoped they'd start to ship internationally.