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ponedeljek, september 25, 2017


Boots closed their International site (why?!) so I stocked up on everything I need, this included. I actually have Catrice's Camouflage concealer in 005 for full coverage, but the shade is a bit too yellow for me, while this shade is paler and pink so it suits me better. It's also a dupe for Nars Radiant Concealer, at least on my skin and I know some won't agree, but I see no difference between them. Along with the other two I mentioned, it's one of those concealers that cover a lot. It covers almost everything, except very red blemishes  might need another layer and it gives the skin almost a doll like effect because it erases so much. It can look cakey on dry skin, so I tend to use it sparingly, especially under the eyes where I reduce the amount to a little dot of product and blend it in well. It's got a good staying power and it can last you almost all day, though I haven't tried it on oily skin yet, but it's in general highly praised. I tend to use this only on more visible imperfections like red blemishes or if I'm very tired, so it's my in-case-of- emergency-concealer, but on a daily basis I much prefer Bourjois Radiance Reveal and Maybelline the Eraser.
Boots International, £4.19

H&M Makeup Sponge
There was a massive hype about this very affordable makeup sponge a while ago, but I managed to resist it despite the adorable unicorn packaging. Lana from Lana Talks surprised me with a lovely package for my blog's 7th anniversary where she included this sponge, so I can finally give it a whirl myself. Just like my fellow bloggers reported this is a super soft and bouncy sponge, one of the softest I ever tried and it reminds me a lot of the Nanshy sponge. It expands just like it should and it blends well while being very comfortable to use. You probably won't be able to find a better, more comfortable sponge for the price, so I highly recommend it if you like applying makeup with sponges. However, for me it doesn't beat my beloved oval brushes.
H&M, 2.99 €

MAYBELLINE Super Stay Matte Ink
15 Lover and 20 Pioneer
These were far from love at first try and I just did not get the hype about these, but I'm warming up to them. What bothers me is their thick formula that stays sticky for the first half hour. But they stick to the lips like glue and remain 95% on the lips after 12+ hours, several meals, drinking and my constant annoying holding my hand over my lips while behind the computer, so I'm impressed. The formula somewhat differs between the two shades I have, Lover applies much smoother and more even, while for Pioneer more patience is needed and you definitely need a lip liner because the thick formula doesn't allow as much precision as I'd have wanted. They need about 10 minutes to set and initially feel like a heavy, sticky layer one the lips, but that goes away in time and too me they feel comfortable on the lips. Finish isn't a perfect matte as they still retain a bit of a shine, but they look matte enough. Whether these are nice for dry lips, I really can't say. Due to the layer feeling and based on my gut feeling I'd say no, but I've heard reviews saying these are nice on dry lips. They are very heavily scented with a coconut-like scent. Lover is a berry-mauve shade that's in the same colour family as Sephora Marvellous Mauve, while Pioneer is a perfect cool toned red with a pink-cherry base, just what I was looking for a while and it reminds me of L'Oreal's Blake.
DM, 7.99 €

*MAX FACTOR Honey Lacquer
Honey Rose
The press release that came with this was like usual quite exaggerated, but the tip of the ice berg was that it makes you lips "selfie ready", so it was specifically created for a "the generation that expresses themselves on social media".*rolls eyes* I will hold back my opinions about this. The name describes it as a lacquer, so a very pigmented gloss that's close to a lipstick, however, it's not quite in the same family as Rimmel's Apocalips, L'Oreal's Lip Paints and many others, as it's still more like a gloss than a very pigmented liquid lipstick. The packaging is beautiful with the gold details and these smell, as well as feel on the lips, like their old Silky Glosses, so they have a very comfortable formula and a cosmetic vanilla type of scent. My shade is a very pale cool toned pink which reminds me of a popular shade in the late 00's Mac's Underage Lipglass. It's a likeable product despite the annoying marketing, but I'd pick a different shade, since this one is hard to pull off on anyone. 
9.49 €

AVON True Colour Perfectly Matte Lipstick
Awakening Rose
My third matte Avon lipstick, this time courtesy of Lana. At first glance it looks like the most tamed, natural shade in my small collection, however, it is quite bright on the lip and completely different than in the tube. It's a brightened peachy shade with some pink tones, a classic spring shade. Formula is the same at other two shades, a comfortable and smooth formula with an almost matte finish and a lovely sweet scent of Kiki soft candy.
Avon, 8.5 €

ESSENCE Soft Contouring Lipliner
05 melt your heart and 06 under my skin 
Quite surprisingly Essence decided to discontinued their lipliners which were a part of the line for probably the longest out of all their products (impressive considering they usually last no more than a year) and they switched them with these called Soft Contouring. The first version of their lipliners was very creamy and smudgy, so they really weren't my favourite even though so many people loved them, but I see these new ones as finally a massive step forward. They are now more firm and precise, so they don't move and you don't need to constantly sharpen them either, however, they are still soft and smooth enough that they can be easily applied all over the lips. I'm pretty happy with the change because now they remind me of my favourite Bourjois formula, except these are much cheaper, however, if you loved the old creamy, smudgy formula, you'll be disappointed by these. 06 under my skin is a natural mid toned peachy-pink shade that I just adore as it truly is one of the most beautiful everyday shades and it'll work with shades like Milani Darling lipstick, while 05 melt your heart is a cool toned red, but not a bright version. Staying power is still not the best, that's their only minus, but these are worth checking out, especially shade 06.
Müller, 1.19 €

L-R: Max Factor Honey Rose, Avon Awakening Rose, Maybelline 15 Lover, Maybelline 20 Pioneer, Essence 06 under my skin and Essence 05 melt your heart. 


ESSENCE the Gel Nail Polish
98 pure beauty
This isn't a new shade based on my brief exploration, so I'm surprised I never noticed it before on the stand considering it's so beautiful. 98 pure beauty is a cool toned pinky-mauve nude, so one of those special looking nudes with a more modern twist. It looks beautiful on my pale skin tone, while I gave it to someone that's more tan than me and it was already looking too pale for my taste. Formula is thick and opaque, but could be easier to apply.
Müller, 1.69 €

A repurchase, not that my current bottle is empty, but I really don't like being without this, so I'm stocking up. It's just the best top coat ever. I'm not a patient woman and with this my nails are dry in a minute. It also helps even out the nail polish application if you mess up and it helps a lot against chipping. It has a bad side which is that it thickens when you use up about a half and though I have a thinner, it's not a fool proof  solution, but nothing is as good as this top coat.  
Boots International, £9.00

Skin care

Though my initial excitement about this oil faded after I got the first full size which proved to be very different than the sample I based my purchase on, I still decided to buy it again because it works really well with my skin. It's a classic oil cleanser that emulsifies into a milky emulsion in contact with water and it removes most of the makeup, though unfortunately it falls short at mascaras. My skin is completely behaving with this, meaning no crazy stages or spots, so that's already better than at most other oils I tried, but it's not the most effective makeup remover. 
DM, 12.95 €

And another repurchase - it's been a month of repurchases for me. This has become one of the most valued skin care items in my routine. Ingredients are amazing - it contains collagen, niacinamide, honey, propolis, several oils, adenosine and I hear also a mild and stable form of vitamin C, but there is also alcohol relatively high on the list, though I don't notice it. I mentioned in one of my favourites that this is a better version of Estee Lauder's ANR for me, as it works very similar, so my skin is clearer, more even, the texture is more refined, but the extra pluses of this serum are the healthy glow and improved elasticity. Though you only need a drop of product, the reason my bottle is already empty is because when I received it was opened in the parcel and over a half leaked out. At least I was refunded, but guess what, the new bottle was also opened and leaked everywhere. Does Banila have the worst product control ever, or am I just so unlucky? It's also so hard to find this product, at least in stock.
Cosmetic Love, $17.82 (took 41 days, missent to Canada and stopped at customs despite being under 22 €, meaning I had to pay 5 € for nothing again. Yay! Shopping from Korea has become so much fun).

*MIXA Soothing Moisturiser Light Pro Tolerance
Something new in the drugstores: Mixa added two moisturisers for very intolerant skin. I got the light version and there is another for dry skin, though this light version isn't very light, so those with oily skin I really don't think this is for you. It promises is doesn't irritate even the most sensitive skins and that is also soothes any irritations. My skin isn't sensitive at all, so I can't tell you for sure if those claims are right, but I do love their Micellar Water and think it's one of the best I ever had, so quality-wise this is a brand that's worth checking out. The moisturiser has a thick gel-lotion type of texture that doesn't absorb fast into the skin, instead it's like it forms this protective layer on the skin. I used this when my skin was very dry, so dry in fact, it absorbed abnormal amounts of my other skin care, but this lingered on the skin for a long time, hence why I don't find it as a good base for under makeup, but a better night moisturiser. It has no scent and the packaging has a pump.

TONYMOLY Panda's Dream White Cream
I have the sleeping pack which I really love and use it daily, but I forgot to add it to my favourites three months in a row. I had a sample of the White Cream before and I loved it, actually planned on getting it instead of the sleeping pack next time, but now I'm not so sure I will. I have a review of this already, but now I'm updating you because my skin is current drier than the first time I tried this cream. It feels too dry for me now because it leaves an almost cream-to-powder finish, so a proper matte finish and it should be wonderful on oily/combination skin. Now it almost feels chalky to me and my foundation didn't apply as smoothly over it as over the sleeping pack, also I felt that when I woke up in the morning, my lines were more intense. This has a similar effect to a sunscreen in a sense that it's a white cream that doesn't completely blend in, so in that way it brightens the skin and makes it more even. I still like it a lot, but for summer months. I got a ton of samples as a GWP on Cosmetic Love. 

Yet another repurchase. I've avoided wearing sunscreens because they are all so greasy and shiny on the skin, but this is so different. Again I bought the 2015 version which is supposedly lighter than the new 2017 formulation. It's got a light formula that applies with ease, like a lotion/serum and right from the start it doesn't leave a greasy sunscreen type of filter on the skin, it's again more like a serum, which after a minute or two sets to a velvety smooth finish. You can feel it under the fingers, but otherwise it's super light, like you're not wearing anything. It's got zero white case, but it does have a bit of a shine which is more of a K-Beauty dewy shine and not greasy sunscreen one. Though it's protecting me well on normal days (no new freckles and pale foundations still fits me), I was a bit red with it once at the beach, so this is not the best for long exposures, but for a regular every day wear, it's great.
eBay, $9.89 (seller animetropolis, again arrived so fast in 9 days)

BIORE UV Aqua Rich Watery Gel SPF50+ PA++++ (2015 version)
I actually ordered the 2017 version, but I got the old one, which is completely fine, I don't mind. I got it because it's a 90 ml bottle, while essence only has 50 ml and I used it up too fast. Now after trying both I notice absolutely no difference between then once they are on the skin. Both leave that velvety primer, but dry to the touch type of finish and both work excellently as a base for makeup. The main differences between the textures are that the gel isn't a gel, but a very watery lotion and that' it's white (essence is yellow), but it again leaves no white cast. Gel smells more alcoholic, but both have a lemon cake type of scent. Both are great.
eBay, $10.99 (seller animetropolis)

ETUDE HOUSE Sunprise Mild Airy Finish SPF50+ PA+++ 
(Samples  10 pcs)
This was a sunscreen frequently mentioned as one of the lightest one, plus that is also has a nice matte finish, it's a mineral sunscreen and affordable. I only bought samples because I was just interested in what it's like, since I've stocked up on Biore. It's very liquid and light, like a serum and similarly to Biore's gel it's white. I'm very pale, so I notice no white cast, though as I said it's a classic white sunscreen that needs to be blended well. It's not greasy or suffocating, it doesn't need long to dry and I find it a lovely sunscreen. It's got a strong alcoholic orange scent, which doesn't bother me and the finish is satin with a bit of a sunscreen shine that doesn't look greasy, just healthy. It works well as a base under makeup and I've noticed no flaking.
Cosmetic Love, $1.82, full size is about 10$.

ETUDE HOUSE Black Hydrogel Eye Patch
I got this mostly because it's cute and it looks like a Catwoman mask, but I've tried Etude House's Laugh Line Patch and I find their products are quite good. I haven't used it yet, but it's a black hydrogel mask that promises a firming, brightening and moisturising effect, but I'm sure the cooling effect of the hydrogel is great for tired eyes too. When I use it, I'll have a review on Instagram Stories.
Cosmetic Love, $1.59

ETUDE HOUSE Bubble Pore Cleansing Patch
Another absolutely adorable cat themed patch. It's a bubble mask, so a spin-off of those popular bubbling face masks like from Elizavecca that promises to clear out the pores. I'll update you on stories. 
Cosmetic Love, $1.27

ETUDE HOUSE 0.2 Therapy Air Mask 
Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid
I got this based on recommendations, Hyaluronic acid mostly because of Adjusting Beauty, but I heard good things about these in general. The Collagen one promises to hydrate and add elasticity, while Hyaluronic Acid one promises a powerful hydrating effect. I have yet to try the Collagen one and I'll update on Stories when I do.
Hyaluronic Acid
Sheet: the sheet is only 0.2 mm thick, so it's one of those almost invisible ones, but it's also very comfortable and soft. It's a bit big for me like most sheet mask and again on the lower part, since I have a petite face. 
Essence: like at most mask it's a light, toner-like essence that leaves a slight tacky layer. There's a lot of essence as is the norm at Asian masks, so I used the rest as a toner in the next days.
Scent: veeery alcoholic. Seriously, the fumes of this almost get you drunk and it's a very chemical smelling alcohol. I really wasn't a fan of it.
Effect: I expected hydration and that's what I got. It felt very hydrating and it left my skin looking nice, just in general healthy. Still that alcoholic scent makes me nervous.
Cosmetic Love, $0.64 (each)

THE SAEM Natural Skin Fit Mask (Disney Edition) 
I'm sure you'll be shocked to hear I got this because of the packaging as well. However, Saem is supposedly a nice brand and I'd love to try as many brands of sheet masks as I can, so I'll find the best ones so me (my faves so far are the relatively expensive and hard to get Papa Recipe, but I also love My Beauty Diary, The Face Shop and Secret Key). I saw at least two versions and this one promises to moisturise plus give skin elasticity - by the way, it exists in a non-Disney packaging as well. I'll update you on Stories.
Cosmetic Love, $0.59

BALEA Tuchmaske Born To Be Lazy
So far I've only tried Balea Vital sheet mask which was ok, but nothing special. I got this one purely based on ingredients, since they looks quite nice, with almond oil and hyaluronic acid high on the list. I wanted to see how it performs compared to Asian masks which I love and unfortunately this is one of the worst masks I've tried. 
Sheet: one of the most uncomfortable sheets I've ever used. It's a combination of being too thick and too large, so I almost gave up and wanted to take it off as soon as I can. 
Essence: It's got a milky essence, but there is so little of it that adherence on the skin is poor. So together with a thick sheet, very little essence and poor, large fit for me, this basically feel of my face within 10 minutes.
Scent: As I opened it I was immediately hit with very strong sour apply candy scent, which I don't mind at all, but if you're sensitive to fragrance I'm just telling you this is the strongest scented masks I've tried (comparable to Secret Key). 
Effect: despite such annoying sheet material and poor essence, my skin did look presentable in the morning, softer and nourished, so it wasn't a complete waste of time. All Balea needs to do is add more essence and maybe change the sheet to one of those thin ones.
DM, 0.99 €

BALEA Tuchmaske mit Aktivkohle-Vlies
Sheet mask with active coal
Even though I heard from my fellow blogger Uniquapoly that this isn't that special or particularly impressive, I still wanted to give it a go due to a high salicylic acid content. It's meant for unclear skin, so not exactly suited for me, but it might come in handy when my skin freaks out. I'll update you on stories.
DM, 0.99 €

I'll have body products and hair care in the next new in soon. Have a great day!

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  1. Ah the Maybelline liquid lipsticks! I really need some, I love the look of them xx

    Carolina's Makeup Life

    1. Pioneer is the most perfect red, but the formula of these could be more comfortable, though staying power is very impressive :)

  2. Jaz se ne spomnim da bi Hialuronsko maska imela tako močan vonj po alkoholu. To mi je zdaj res čudno. Mislim, da še imam eno. Moram kmalu preizkusit.
    Sem zadnjič prvič preizkusila Bale Cool Melon masko in me je tudi razočarala. Saj je učinek dokaj ok, ampak maska pa absolutno debela. Vital in Aqua verzija nista bili niti pol tako neudobni. Ne vem v čem je fora. Pa tudi zelo malo esence je v njej, skoraj suha. Imam tudi to z lenivcem, ampak očitno me tudi ta ne bo impresionirala.

    H&M gobica je pa res najboljša za ceno. Ne kupim več nobene druge. Mislim, da imajo zdaj spet neko novo peach verzijo te.

    Sem bila prepričana, da bodo novi Essence linerji identični prejšnjim in bo samo nova embalaža. Ampak očitno nimam te sreče. Jaz sem že ena izmed tistih, ki so ji bili ti kremni res všeč. Ekstra udobni za nošenje. Škoda. So se pa res zelo dolgo obdržali. Verjetno potem z razlogom :D.

    1. Moja je imela izrazit vonj po alkoholu, tudi ko sem ostanek esence uporabljala kasneje, je prav butnil ta vonj iz vrečke. Lahko, da sem jaz dobila čudno :/

      Potem so verjetno vse te nove Baleine maske enake. Res izjemno zoprn material za masko, morda je ravno ta vpil preveč tekočine in zato izgleda kot, da je ni skoraj nič. Slab poskus Balee, s tem, da so te celo narejene v Južni Koreji.

      Peachy verzijo sem pa videla pri nas že takrat ko ste vse kupovale to mentolno zeleno in je bila celo edina pri nas. Mislim, da je veverica gor :)

      Zanimivo, da so se odločili zamenjat formula in tudi odtenke, sploh glede na to kako je bil popularen Satin Mauve. Meni je nova formulacija precej bolj všeč in lahko končno naredim natančno linijo. Saj ti so enako udobni za nošenje, ker imaš še vedno dovolj kremno formulo, samo niso več tako smudgy. Od Kika Smart liners so jim tudi podobni.

  3. Sem vedela, da si bolj za čopiče, ampak imam teh gobic nekaj na zalogo, pa sem mislila, da bi ti vseeno poslala, če ti bo slučajno bolj všeč :D

    Si me prepričala s temi Maybellin šminkami, sem šla gledat vse swatche, mislim, da si bom ravno tega Lover kupila :D

    Veš da sem zdaj skapirala po čem te Avonove šminke dišijo? Točno po tistih Kikijevih bombonih ja, ne vem, če bi kdaj ugotovila :D

    Še zdaj nimam nobenega Essence svinčnika za ustnice, sem pa jih zadnjič gledala, ampak jih je nekaj vrst, pa sem na koncu bila zmedena, kateri so tisti fajni.

    1. Še vedno me je mikala, ker ste vse hvalile kako je mehka, moja Nanshy je pa že scefrana :) Občasno jih uporabim, ko nanesem preveč pudra v prahu.

      Meni se zdi edino Lover primeren za vsak dan, druga dva svetlejša sta preveč nude in eden preveč belo roza.

      Se vidi da preveč cukra jem :D Takoj sem prepoznala vonj.

      Vsi so dobri, ti navadni za šilit in tisti longlasting na navoj :)

  4. Vsakič ko omeniš BANILA CO. Miss Flower & Mr Honey Essence Oil se komaj zadržujem da ga ne kupim :D Kakšen je pa občutek na koži? Ker mene skrbi da bo preveč oily za mojo kožo:/

    1. Pravzaprav je lahek ko ga naneseš, kot navaden serum in ni olje. Ampak čez nekaj minut postane lepljiv in nekako gostejši na koži na kar se je treba navadit, mene že ne moti več. Lahko, da se bi ti zdel pretežek zaradi tega občutka, samo mi je res težko rečt kako ti bo, seveda pa ni kot npr. Advanced Night Repair, ki se takoj vpije in ne pusti nič za sabo. Pa kot sem rekla kljub imenu, ni to ravno olje.

  5. Lover is my shade, I have to buy it :)! Rose Awakening is a beautiful lipstick, it really is bright peachy at first, but it oxidizes to raspberry red - at least that's my experience. Kristina

    1. I'm just wearing Lover today, it's a lovely every day shade :) I haven't noticed Awakening Rose oxidising on me, it just stays a peach shade :)

    2. The same goes for the shade Adoring Love, both of them oxidize. I'm not complaining, I'm just saying that they look more beautiful when they're darker :). Kristina

    3. Interesting :) Matte liquid lipsticks often oxidise, but I've never had it happen to me with a regular formula.