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sreda, september 27, 2017


SOAP & GLORY Smoothie Star Body Spray
I've used up a scrub from this line whose scent wasn't my favourite (maple syrup at first, but with age more like coffee), so I took a risk this smells nicer because it had very favourable reviews. It is very different, much stronger and vanilla based. I think it reminds me of  Kenzo Amour, so a mix of heavy vanilla notes with some oriental tones that make it more perfume-y rather than a gourmand, but it's also got this calming powdery type of note that makes it super cosy, like a warm blanket among scents. It's very warm and homey, basically a typical late autumn/ winter/ Christmas time type of scent, for the summer it's just way too much. Given that it's vanilla based and very strong, staying power is good, so for 5 €, you get like a proper perfume (it's a 100 ml bottle).
Boots International, £4.00

I had a travel size of this, so it's technically another repurchase this month. It has the same scent as Mist you Madly spray, which I describe as vintage smelling and very classic, like one of those designer fragrances that have been best sellers for decades, so a complete mix of notes where you can't point out anything apart from that is has everything (floral-citrusy clean). The scrubby bits are a bit less harsh than at my favourite Flake Away, as well as at Sugar Crush and Breakfast Scrub, so if you find those too much, you might like this more, plus the formula is so soft and creamy. 
Boots International, £8.00

SOAP & GLORY Smoothie Star Body Buttercream
Another one from the Smoothie Star line and again it has a very different scent than both the spray and the scrub. It's a very gourmand scent, something like cake batter with the strongest note of almonds. It reminds me most of the discontinued The Body Shop Almond Body Butter, but Smoothie Star smells more edible with a mix of cocoa, almond, coconut and vanilla scent. Texture is the same as at the Righteous Butter, so a bit less firm as Orangeasm and lighter than most The Body Shop or Balea butters. It's nice for dry skin, but it takes some time to sink in.
Boots International, £10.00

Eau de Toilette
Instantly recognisable to anyone I've sprayed this on, though their response was more often that it smells like Christmas potica (Slovene thing) instead of gingerbread. Most prominent note is the cinnamon in an very cookie-like variety, so it's pretty much like the proper thing. Some might say it smells artificial, but if you ever smelled cinnamon powder, you'll recognise that somewhat bitter note at the end, though I rarely notice it at this fragrance and it's basically just cinnamon cookies all the time. I really recommend this if you're looking for a Christmas scent. Such a shame we don't have this brand in our drugstores, by the way in the US this brand is called Demeter Fragrances. I have one more scent called Sunshine.
Boots International, £15.00

Eau de Toilette
This smells like you'd expected, so like baby cosmetics. It's pleasantly powdery, cosy and comforting, it's about the same scent as DM's Baby Love line or at least its smell from 10 years ago, since I haven't bought anything from that brand in a long time. The longer I wear it the more I detect a very similar almond note that L'Occitane's Almond Shower Oil has. Staying power is average, but it is very noticeable for the first couple of hours. These leave an oily feeling on the skin.
Boots International, £15.00

BALEA Duschschaum
Fresh & Fruity
Since I liked the Bilou version so much, I wanted to see if Balea's similar and it turns out that they do indeed have a very similar texture, so a lovely firm foam that's just a pleasure to use. Several versions exist (I know of four) and this one has a lovely fresh lime scent. Very likeable.
DM, 1.49 €

BALEA Handlotion
Pitaya Coco
Lana send this to me, though I've been checking it myself in DM and I got the liquid soap in this scent. It's not at all what you'd expect in terms of scent, you don't get neither coconut not pitaya and it's very far from being tropical. In fact it smells like a laundry detergent, in general just very clean. As the same suggests it's a lotion, so a light textured product and it absorbs in a few minutes.
DM, 1.45 €

MITCHUM Advanced Control Anti-Perspirant Stick
Powder Fresh
I heard that Mitchum is a reliable brand when it comes to deodorants and it had a discount, so I picked one for myself. I've been trying to get on with it for a month, but I simply don't like this. It's so dry and hard, so not easy to apply. It leaves white marks and the smell is extra granny-ish, so obnoxiously musty powdery. But I could get over all that if it actually worked well. Unfortunately it isn't the most reliable anti-perspirant and it has let me down more than once. 
Boots International, £2.00


DOVE  Advanced Hair Series Quench Absolute Intensive Restoration Mask
The Creme Serum from this line is one of my favourite hair products ever, so I got the mask as well. It's ok, not outstanding, but good for a drugstore brand. My hair is very dry and thick, so I wanted it to be just a bit more hydrating and nourishing, though my hair looked nice and could be combed with ease. The main issue for me was as at all drugstore masks/conditioners/treatments that effect don't last long enough and my hair was dry within two days. Considering how fantastic the serum is, I'm disappointed by this, since my expectations were high, though of course I'll use all of it regardless, just with extra leave-in conditioner and I think that most with moderately dry hair will like it.
Boots International, £7.75

I talked about these in my last New in and favourites, so I won't say much, other that it's the best thing I found for my dry, rebellious hair and that this is the third bottle I stocked up on because now that Boots International is gone, I won't be able to buy it anywhere else.
Boots International, £7.75

The last repurchase here. I call this healthy, shiny hair faker in a can. It's basically a silicone-oil in spray form that tames the hair and gives it amazing shine, so this it that final touch or a fixer when the hair looks too frizzy and bland. I've tried other such oil-in-spray type of products, but nothing is this good. This is super light and even those with hair that gets greasy fast can use it.
Boots International, £3.00

L'OREAL Elvive Extraordinary Oil Curl Nourishement Cleansing Conditioner
The only Cleasing Conditioner I tried before was from Kérastase which is really good, so I wasn't sure I'd be impressed by cheaper versions. We have L'Oreal cleansing conditioners here, but we don't have this version which is made specifically for very dry, curly hair, they market it as for afro hair which is notoriously very dry and requires a lot of care. My hair needs a lot too and most drugstore products marked for dry hair just aren't enough, this, however, sounded very promising. So far I'm impressed. It's like a normal conditioner, so it doesn't foam, but it cleaned my hair well (not my scalp though, but I have dandruff that's why) and even as I was rinsing it off, my hair felt silky, something that only rare drugstore conditioners do for me. It left my hair very light, with no residue and at the same time nourished. I used nothing else when I tested it and my hair dried somewhat unruly and frizzy, so I will absolutely need to combine it with Sexy Healthy Hair leave-in conditioner and Dove Creme Serum for frizz control, but unlike at most drugstore conditioners, at this my hair didn't get dry the second day after wash, so I'm very much liking this. It's also so much faster than my regular shampoo-conditioner routine. 
Boots International, £6.99

L'OREAL Elvital Öl Magique Low Shampoo
I loved the Curl Nourishment so much that I immediately got scared what am I going to do when it runs out, since that version is not sold in Slovenia, so I bought this one to compare. They work the same, they both leave my hair nourished and silky, however, with this my hair was already very dry on the second day (I didn't use any extra care to I properly test these). So I don't find this one as impressive as the one with the purple pump, but it's still a nice cleansing conditioner that those with normal to moderately dry hair will like. I can't say that those with oily hair will like it too, but it doesn't leave any residue and my hair felt light after use. Though the bottle is quite big, 400 ml, I can't see these lasting long because I need a lot of pumps for my thick, lower back length hair. They have a special version for coloured hair, but all versions will work great for coloured hair because these aren't any sulphates in these and they don't strip colour as much as regular shampoos.
Müller, 6.99 €

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  1. Library of Fragrance je (predvsem zaradi tvojih predlogov) ena izmed glavnih stvari na moji WL ko bom v Londonu :D

    1. Sem ti že fouš, ker boš imela šanso jih sprobat :). Moji so vsi kupljeni na slepo.

  2. Need to try Soap & Glory products, especially the body scrub! xx

    Carolina's Makeup Life

    1. I really recommend you try their stuff, so far I have rarely been disappointed and only their skin care doesn't agree with me. Body scrubs are amazing :)

  3. You need to try the shampoo and conditioner from Dove, I am obsessed with them!
    Great post!

    Nikoleta Lj, xoxo. /

    1. Which one? We only have a few in Slovenia and none from the Advanced Hair line.

      Thank you :)

  4. The Soap & Glory scrub looks amazing and I can imagine the softness of skin after using.

    1. Their stuff is amazing, but I never have soft skin after using any product from any brand, so I can't tell you if it works in that way. I use scrubs to avoid ingrown hair. The formula of the scrub, though, is so creamy and so luxurious :)

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