November Favourites and wishlist

petek, november 30, 2018

DEBORAH Fluid Velvet Mat Effect Liquid Lipstick
This was an instant love both for the perfectly matte formula and the pretty warm pink shade that I know will become one of mine most worn colours. It's a formula that's fully opaque, applies smoothly, feels comfortable on my lips and lasts well - really it's such great quality. I find it's one of the best such matte lip creams out of those easily available in our drugstores. 

ESSENCE Colour Boost Mad About Matte Liquid Lipstick
05 Dangerously Yours
Another great matte liquid lipstick and quite an unexpected favourite because when these came out I ignored them, as I thought surely they can't be good (my trust in Essence lip products is pretty low, apart from lipliners). But it sets perfectly matte, just like Deborah, formula is also fully opaque, though a bit less creamy and this shade is gorgeous. 05 Dangerously yours is darker than the tube indicates, but no less beautiful for that. It's a medium muted pink shade with a warm-neutral undertone - it's exactly the shade I wanted Maybelline 15 Lover to be, but that one turns so cool one me. The only bad side is that it's not quite as long-lasting as similar formulas. If you're on Instagram, you can see swatches here.

MILANI Gilded Desires Eye & Face Palette
While I'm not a big fan of the entire colour selection because this palette is too warm for my colouring and taste, the pigmentation is insane. The metallic shades are so creamy, fully opaque and have a strong metallic finish, while the mattes are also the creamiest, most pigmented such shades I've tried. Staying power is impressive as well, so this is definitely comparable to more expensive palettes, though it's not exactly cheap at 25 €. You also get two highlighters inside and both have a strong glow. I really hope Milani makes a cool palette with formula, though I still use a half of this one, just not the reds, yellow gold and copper (which is the best quality shade in this palette).

WET N WILD Megaglo Highlighting Powder 
Blossom Glow
These are pretty hyped-up, especially the shade Precious Petal which is a darker shade than Blossom Glow and better suited for less pale skin tones than mine. Blossom Glow is the lightest shade in the range and it's an off-white with a pink-peachy glow. It swatches with a warm glow, but on my face looks more neutral-cool. When I tried it the first time  I was not impressed at all because I got so little product on the brush, but when I swatched it for pictures, it revealed a metallic goodness underneath that top layer. It's got a good level of intensity for a day look and only fine shimmer which is a big plus. 

ETUDE HOUSE 0.2 Therapy Air Sheet Mask
Madecassoside (soothing) & Ceramide (moisturising)
Both of these are fantastic formulas of sheet masks, they feel like your skin was drenched in moisture and nourishing ingredients. They are quite similar, as both have a comfy creamy essence, but Madecassoside is a touch better because it also has a soothing effect and evens my skin (without a brightening effect, it just takes down any redness). I'd repurchase both, but I like Madecassoside the most out of the two.

This is similar to some celebrity scents like Paris Hilton's Can Can, but I mean that in a good sense. It's a sweet, yet deep fragrance that starts with sweet raspberry syrup opening and later becomes a smooth amber fragrance with extra notes of suede, sandalwood and wood. I love it for this time of the year because it's such a comfy, warm scent.
Top notes: bergamot, mandarin orange, raspberry and champagne
Heart notes: jasmine, gardenia, star anise, apricot and magnolia
Base notes: vanilla, suede, crystal amber, sandalwood and musk.

L'OREAL Excellence Creme 
9.1 Natural Light Ash Blonde
If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen I've dyed my hair. It's not a big change, but I'm about two shades lighter now and I achieved the colour with this box dye. After the Olia disappointment I've thrown myself into exploring how I can achieve a couple of shades lighter hair without using bleach and several reviews of girls with such dark hair as me recommended this colour, but basically I've realised that a lot of these cool blond shades do the same (I've just tried Subrina Spectra Permanent Special Blonde in Ice Blonde on one strand and it lifted the colour very similarly, maybe even a bit more. That one promises to lift colour up to 5 shades, so it's very strong and it contains special pigments that prevents the colour from being too warm, but the extra lightening effect will only be achieved on someone with much lighter natural hair, while for dark hair you need stronger stuff even if you want to go down only a three shades). The reason I put this box dye here is because it made my hair feel amazing. It's never this soft and silky, unless I use my best hair mask (Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask). It didn't damage my hair at all, it was shiny and it just felt so great. Inside the box is also a protective serum which you apply on the ends before colouring and it clearly worked a treat. The conditioner is also really good, waaay better than Olia's and it's actually similar to Moroccanoil mask. I'm genuinely so impressed by it.  


AVON Mark. Gel Shine Nail Enamel
Rain Washed
I only got this a few days ago, but it's been on my wishlist for ages, so I'm happy that Adjusting Beauty sent it to me (thanks again). It's such a pretty light blue that isn't a completely classic pastel because it leans to grey. The formula is a standard one for pastels, so it needs two, sometimes three coats, but it's not that difficult to apply and it really doesn't matter to me anyway because the colour is so pretty.

REVOLUTION PRO Supreme Eyeshadow Palette
I'm so distrustful to any (Makeup) Revolution palette and I expected their classic texture of the eyeshadows, which is fine, it's just mostly not exceptional. But these in Supreme palette are so soft and pigmented. They aren't that far behind Milani's quality, but not all shades and they are not as buttery-creamy as they are more loose. The mattes, except for the violet shade, are super pigmented and blend so well , while the shimmery-metallic ones are very metalic on the lids, except for again that lilac one which is mostly just duochrome shimmer on a sheer base. It's a mix quality palette overall, but those good shades are impressive for something that came from Revolution. 

REVOLUTION PRO 4K Highlighter Palette
Rose Gold
Revolution definitely knows how to make an good intense highlighter, I actually have a couple in my collection and this palette is another nice one. Now granted the shimmer is not as fine as in Wet n Wild's highlighter, but the glow is pretty strong and you get four shades in one. The palest is by far the strongest and perhaps already too much unless you're a big fan of strong highlighters, but the other three are more appropriate for every day wear. The gold one has the best level of glow, while the rose gold, which intrigued me most, is the weakest, so again it's not a very consistent palette, but you don't get any useless shades in it. Formulation is very creamy, similar to their Ingot highlighters which pleases me because I like that one, only the shade is a bit dark for me. 


I've mentioned in my wishlist tag that I'm currently more into computer components than thinking about what new beauty products to get (I'm sure no one is interested, but all the tech stuff is on my Pinterest wishlist too), however, I've been toying with the idea of getting a stronger lightening colour  and maybe do a balayage (if I can get anyone to help me, which won't happen) and Schwarzkopf Color Expert are highly praised because of the added Omegaplex. I'd get a L'Oreal one, but they don't have a strong lightener in Excellence range. Versace Crystal Noir is still on my mind and I've recently discovered we have Vera Wang Lovestruck in our drugstores for a reasonable price (about 20 € for 100 ml). It's a very fruity-floral shampoo type of scent, but I like it. Also Sandra recommended me to try Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect mascara as she says it holds up her lashes well.  

Have a great day!

Because I didn't do a New in with most of these stuff: Milani Palette and Wet n Wild highlighter are from, Revolution products are from Lič, Etude House is from eBay, the rest is from local drugstores and Avon obviously from Avon.

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  1. Za Milani palete senčil vedno slišim samo dobre stvari. Sem sicer že gledala njihove mat palete, ampak nekako ne morem upravičiti nakupa, ker imam že podobne odtenke. Ta nabor odtenkov v tej paleti mi je všeč. Pogrešam pa več mat rjavih.

    Wet n Wild me je res presenetil s formulo. Pravi metalik sijaj. Za tako ceno več kot odlična kvaliteta. :)

    Se strinjam za Amber Blush, res čudovit vonj za hladne dni. Rain Washed je pa prav poseben. Tudi moj izmed najljubših. <3

    Revolution izdelki presenečajo. Se mi zdi, da je formula vedno boljša. Paleta mi je všeč, me pa malo moti, da se senčke tako drobijo. Ampak dobro, cena je ugodna. Paleta osvetljevalcev je čudovita. Meni je sicer najboljši zlat odtenek. Najsvetlejši je skoraj preveč zame. Škoda pa res, da rose gold ni tako sijoč. Meni bi tudi bil tak bolj všeč.

    In jej za posvetlitev las :D Sem vesela, da si končno našla izdelke, ki delujejo na laseh. Zdaj si padla v luknjo...zagotovo boš še kakšno preizkusila :D.

    1. Milani paletka ima res odlično kvaliteto senčil, tako za lene kot sem jaz, ki hočemo takoj veliko barve na vekah. Samo zame je večinoma pretopla. Bi tudi jaz še kakšen rjav odtenek, ta srednje rjav je precej temen, moral bi biti še en svetlejši za v pregib.

      Wet n Wild je res krasen in mi je čisto jasno zakaj je tako priljubljen.

      Revolution dobro izboljšuje senčila, ampak še vedno jim nekaj manjka, da bi bila res dobra. Me je pa predvsem tisti metalik svetlo bronast odtenek prijetno presenetil. Highlighter paletka je tudi zelo uporabna, mi je pa škoda, da rose gold ni tako sijoč kot drugi. Ta mi je najbolj poseben odtenek.

      Sem že kupila Schwarzkopf barve, samo bom rabila nekoga, da mi pomaga, ker bi raje naredila balayage, kot tvegala nanest na celotno dolžino, ker zihr ne bo enakomerno. Me je pa zelo presenetila ta L'Orealova barva, ker tako lepih las že dolgo nisem imela. Sem pričakovala čisto izsušene lase, ampak da je tako dobro delovala na mojih tečnih laseh je pa res čudež :)