Catrice Luminice Highlight & Bronze Glow Palette

sreda, september 11, 2019

Catrice released two highlighter palettes, though this one claims to be also a bronzer palette, but the last shade is more of a blush than a bronzer. It's similar to L.O.V.s GLOWrious Deep Metallic Highlighter Palette, but none of the shades are the same and L.O.V.'s texture is creamier, with a more high-end feel.

Texture: Unlike the L.O.V. palette, at which I needed to break through the top layer to get to the pigmented stuff, Luminice is a top performer from the start and very pigmented from the first brush stroke. All three shades great, even the first one which looks matte in the palette, however, compared to L.O.V. they feel drier which doesn't really affect the performance on the skin.

Shades: Two versions of this palette exist, I have the gold version called 020 Feel Gold.

Shade 1

The first shade is my favourite because despite its deceiving appearances it gives a good amount of glow and it's the most neutral "iced gold" shade in the palette which suits my neutral skin tone. It's also got the finest shimmer which makes it look most natural. It think this is one of Cosnova's best highlighters they've made so far.

Shade 2

Second shade is a gold champagne shade, another wearable one with a stronger glow than the first as well as bigger shimmer particles. Compared to the gold shade in L.O.V. palette, it's more yellow.

Shade 3

The last is very pigmented, dark and not suitable for my skin tone. It's an orange toned bronze shade that looks more like an glowy orange blush on me than a bronzer. On the picture it's a combination of shade 2 & 3.

Packaging: Mine cardboard packaging has a problem staying closed. I don't know if it's just mine, but for the most part it works.

Price and availability: It costs 7.29 € in drugstores.

Again like at L.O.V. I can use 2 out of 3 shades, but the first highlighter wins for me because apart from Colourpop Flexiterian, I don't know of any other highlighter with such tiny shimmer that would look so natural. Flexiterian is of course much stronger, but this is a more subtle version that still has an impact. It's a palette with a combination of a natural highlight, very strong golden shade and an glowy orange-ish blush/bronzer shade.

Have a great day!

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  1. Those shades look so pigmented

    Candice ||

  2. Meni pa pri tej embalaži vse štima. Se mi ne odpira. Imam pa problem z rdečilom, obratno od tebe :D.

    Jaz zadnje čase samo ta drug odtenek uporabljam. Ampak res veliko. Zdaj ko več ni tako vroče, ga set uporabljam. Ker drugače sem se cela preveč svetila. Ta prvi bo pa na vrsti bolj pozimi, ko bom spet bolj bleda. Mi je formula od obeh res odlična. To je zagotovo najboljši highlight od Catrice do zdaj :).

    1. Moj je malo čudno prepognjen :/ Prvi odtenek je pravi lepotec, drugi pa super za tiste, ki imajo radi močne highlighte. Uporabljam skoraj ekluzivno samo prvega, ker mi je tako lep :)

  3. Dejlig artikel! virkelig elskede det.Jeg havde også hudrelaterede problemer, derefter brugte jeg mesotherapy til hudrettelser og mindsker problemerne såsom acne, mørke pletter, rynker, kedelig hud, udslæt og mere. Det er næsten en smertefri teknik og meget virkning på alle hudtyper.