Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream RX SPF 42 PA+++

sobota, maj 08, 2021

It's hard for me to find a real BB/CC cream, so something has truly has the high SPF + skin care ingredients + coverage, not because there are few, but because so many don't come in very pale shades - plus Western formulas tend have a SPF I consider low (under 25) or just don't have it. I used to have Missha's Signature version, which is nice and I was considering repurchasing it, but I wasn't fond of the fact it sets so slowly on my skin and has a greasy feeling to the touch despite being light (my skin was different back then, normal-combination vs. dry like now). I liked the pale shade of Signature called #13, even though it is somewhat grey. Original Perfect Cover is one of the most popular BB creams and you can get it quite cheap, but mineral oil in it scares me a bit, since this ingredient tends to break me out, so I was immediately intrigued by this one, which is fairly new. I believe it was released only last year and they switched shade #13 for the new #17. One look at the ingredients list and some googling of swatches, and I was already searching where to get myself a tube. This is one of the best bases I've ever tried. It's not just pretty on the skin, but also boasts with an impressive list of ingredients. It's makeup with a high SPF and skin care goodies like arbutin, niacinamide (these are before fragrance), adenosine, rosehip oil, jojoba oil, ceramides, hyaluronic acid, peptides, collagen, amino acids and several extracts.

Texture: Formula is creamy, but light and easy to apply and blend. I use the type of flat sponge you get in cushion foundations to get a super natural finish and you have plenty of time to blend it in because it's not too fast drying and a small amount can be spread out to a large area. It just melts into the skin and since the shade fits me so well, it's hard to tell when the foundation ends, except on the sides of the nose it's visible I have something on and that's because my texture there is not even despite all the skin care. It reminds a lot of Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation, as it has the same type of natural non-foundation look on the face, which is completely my type of formula.

Coverage and finish: It has medium coverage and can be layered easily. I don't have a lot of strong redness so I can't say how well it covers that, but you can see how it covers freckles and circles. It doesn't cover spots completely, so I would use a tiny bit of concealer over it. It looks ok over pores and doesn't emphasize or slip in them over the day. Finish varies on me, I don’t know why, but on some days it becomes glowy and on most it’s satin (without a powder). I think on oily skin a powder will be a must and it may in general be too glowy, but I can’t say for sure, just that it’s much less greasy feeling than the otherwise lighter Signature version (that one is lighter, but sets very slowly).

Staying power: It lasts well on my skin and doesn’t move around. I like that this one doesn’t make me feel old, as by now so many foundation slip into my smile lines that aren’t that obvious without makeup and this one tends to behave well on most days, though even this one is not fool proof.

Shade: I have the lightest shade #17, which is the hardest to find shade, but it's an excellent match for me. It's a neutral pale shade. I had Signature BB in shade #13, which is one of the lightest shades I ever owned, but it has a greyish tone to it, while the new #17 is an updated version of the shade with a beige tone.

Scent: It has a powdery scent. It doesn't linger.

Packaging: A tube with a pump that is precise. 

Price and availability: I was happy to find this on Notino and it's actually cheaper than ordering on eBay or from Asian sites. It was 21 €. We also have Missha shop in Slovenia, but it was a little bit more expensive. A small version exists too and Missha shop has samples, just not in this shade. 

I really like this one, it's what I expected It Cosmetic's CC cream to be like, but that one has such dark shades. It's the type of formula I like, so light, natural and not matte. It has great ingredients, SPF that I can use as an extra layer to maximize protection and the shade fits me. I think it's best suited for dry, normal and maybe combination skin, but on oily, I don't know how glowy it might be.

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  1. Tole bi pa z veseljem preizkusila pa vidim, da nima ne Missha ne Notino mini verzije v odtenku 17. Škoda. Če sodim po Perfect Cover, predvidevam, da je tudi ta odlična. Mene je seveda najbolj pritegnil odtenek, ker mi je 13 preveč siva. Moram zelen korektor miksat not, da dobim pravi odtenek zase :D.

    1. Ja, male tudi jaz nisem našla, niti testerja in sem tvegala, pa vzela kar veliko. Ni mi žal :) Meni je bila #13 ok, samo bolj draining, #17 je pa skoraj popolna.

  2. Thanks for the swatch! It looks like a nice BB cream.