June Favourites, Updates and Wishlist

sreda, junij 30, 2021

For a very long time I was not a fan of this. I found it too heavy, creasy because of the overly dewy finish and obvious on the skin - it almost doesn't get worse than that, except it does because their shade Fair is not for us porcelain girls (such an expensive & hyped up product, yet they leave out skin tones…). So since it was just sitting in my drawer untouched and it has an SPF 50+, I decided to use it up this summer and the strangest thing happened - it's like it became a completely different foundation. Though I suspect my newest sponge applicator I got on Aliexpress is the thing that makes it work because it's like it absorbs that extra greasiness and applied with it this CC looks great on the skin (it says it's not available anymore, so no link). My skin care may also had something to do with it because my skin is much less problematic now than when I was trying it the first time, so now it's a natural looking foundation (well, CC) with a medium-high coverage that it doesn't emphasizes pores, nor make my lines look worse like it used to. Finish now is satin-dewy, not at all overly greasy, which is so odd because it's a heat wave and I was so sure I'll have to use a ton of powder over it, plus I have SPF under it, but don't even need to set it, though I do around the eyes because I wear glasses. I like it a lot now, however, the shade is still too dark and they don't have anything lighter, so even though it's a nice one, I won't purchase the full size precisely because of that (Missha's BB is a better substitute for pale skins). Ingredients are wonderful and the high SPF is a great addition. 

I know it hasn't been that long since I had this in my favourites, but I'm including it again because it's such a no-brainer shade and it lasts so well on the lips. I'm kind of in a mood where I find almost all shades of lipsticks make me look old/make me feel too done, but this one is neutral enough to define the lips and not draw too much attention. Formula is so light and when it sets it becomes this matte, transfer-proof lip colour that I can't feel on the lips. 

MISSLYN Treat me Sweet Powder Blush 
You make me Blush
Previously: Pop it Up Powder Blush 08
I have this from the original LE that started the whole Pop up trend at Misslyn and I think I barely touched it since then, but I randomly picked it up one day and now I'm just wearing it all the time. Formula is nothing special and it needs a good brush if you want an even application, since it can be on the chalky side, however, it's the shade I like. It's one of those uber girly pinks, though not a bubble gum one, it's a bit more subdued on the cheeks than how it looks in the pan and I like how fresh & pretty it looks. I think You Make Me Blush is still the same as in the current line, though the packaging is slightly different (I didn't check in the shop). Misslyn expanded the shade range of these blushes, plus they have a lot of other cute stuff with such packaging. I also had a bronzer that was too dark for me, so I gave it away, but the formula was nice and I've long been thinking about getting a different shade, expect then I remember I don't wear bronzers. 

I've praised this It's skin serum in my last favourites, but by then I've only had it a week or two and now after more time it so deserves to be mentioned again because my skin hasn't looked this good in a while. Together with Nuxe oil, which I regret to say I neglected in favour of testing other stuff or just general laziness because it's the last step in my routine, they really work so well for my skin. It just looks good - healthy, the texture looks ok, it's softer than before and I got no sneaky small breakouts. Propolis and Nuxe have always worked for me, it's sad I put them on a side track to try vitamin C/A stuff, which I wasn't happy with the results of (apart from Eucerin vitamin C, which is expensive). 

I'm a fan of light, toner/essence like products because I layer my skin care and that's much easier done with liquid products, which is why this immediately appealed to me. Afrodita doesn't say it, but I think the combination of two of the peptides in this are Matrixyl 3000 (palmitoyl tripeptide-1 and palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7), which you may know from The Ordinary. I have the latter serum and I find it heavy and difficult to layer over without it peeling. This also has one more peptide, panthenol and hyaluronic acid, so it's also a nicely hydrating product. I like this, I think it's working well for me, though I can't report about anti-ageing result yet.  

A really nice light and elegant SPF. It doesn't feel at all like a sunscreen, it's like a typical lotion-cream for oily-combination skin. Usually when a day cream has an SPF they tend to be heavier, I have Olay Regenerist SPF 30 and it's a lot thicker than this. Protective Serum sinks in fast on my skin, there's not white cast when blending it in and there's no greasy feeling. It leaves some sunscreen shine, but it's not the greasy type, since it's almost dry to the touch. It's a nice one and SPF 30 was enough to protect me well, though in summer I wear 50. This also has a helpful tip in the instructions how much to apply it (2 pumps). I forgot to mention in New in that this has a moderately-strong floral scent.  

My current night moisturiser. It's just a nice standard basic cream, not too heavy for these summer months, but still rich enough for my dry skin. It has some niacinamide, no fragrance and a gel-cream medium thick texture. 

I'm not that big of a fan of this as an emergency treatment for when my ends are very dry, but I like this as a sort of an overnight treatment because it has a more long lasting effect than oils with silicones (Lazartique is silicone free, a mix of "regular" or natural oils). When my hair is dry and frizzy (so pretty much every day now), I apply this before going to bed in a large amount and by the morning when my hair drank most of it, it looks great, it's frizz free, looks healthier and doesn't look like I applied an oil. I can't use this every day of the week though, as by two such treatments it appears those oils that don't absorb into the hair, make it look a bit dirty/oily (though on my hair it never looks like at someone who actually has oily hair). Lazartique is so far the lightest non-silicone oil I've tried, which might be interesting to those who avoid silicones and find most regular oils too heavy for them. 


SUN DANCE Sun Milk 50+
This is such a strange reason to put this in this post, but I just adore the scent of this. The real sunscreen scent, it not one of those coconut-y, tiare flower ones, but I'm sure most from around here are well familiar with the scent of Sun Dance. I so wish I had a fragrance with this scent. But otherwise this is a great sunscreen. It's not light or elegant, but I've seen it in action how well it protects. Someone used this on their back, but didn't ask for help, so obviously missed a few parts and exactly those parts ended up bright red, while the rest stayed paper white. That white-tan pattern lasted over a year, so be careful with sunscreen applications. I trust this one most when I need good protection for the body, also because it's a cream and I have a better idea how much to apply it.  

Another thing I'm including here for the scent. This doesn't just fill the room, it stays in there after you're gone. I lent my mask to someone and I could smell it on the staircase 5 minutes after they left. I love products that are strongly & nicely scented. It's not a typical coconut scent, it's more a mix of clean + something stuff with some coconut - it ends up nice. This mask can be used as a regular wash off formula or as a leave-in. I prefer it as a regular mask, as on dry hair it leaves residue and since it's silicone free it has no slip, but as a wash-off treatment it's a decent drugstore mask, just not great on very frizzy hair. Since it's silicone free I occasionally use it as a co-washing conditioner/mask, so wash my hair with this instead of shampoo and my hair feels clean with it (but not the scalp). 

Aliexpress Big Foam Roller for No-Heat Curls
I got one of these new “ satin thingies” for no-heat curls on AliExpress and it’s pretty good - the best method I’ve ever tried. Every time I wash & blow dry my hair, I put it in a tight bun to get rid of the frizz, but then my hair looks kinda wonkily crimped especially at the top and I still need to use a curling iron for nicer curls. This roller is my new way to reduce frizz & I get the almost the same curls as with my Remington curler. I leave it overnight and it’s not super comfortable to sleep on, but you get used to it. You also need a large hair clip to hold this in place while you wrap the hair around the roller (some sellers add it to the set) otherwise it keeps falling. I used this by just dampening my hair unwashed hair and it wasn’t that great, but freshly washed + still warm from a blow dryer it's nice. I don't think though, that this is for girls with thin, silky hair with no texture that have problems even with curls made with heat tools. No-heat curls tend to work a lot better on people with already curly/wavy and/or dry, thick hair with plenty of texture. You may try it and use some product that adds texture + hold before wrapping the hair (like a mousse or curl cream), but no heat curls never last as well as with heat tools. Also for this the hair needs to be long, since the roller is thick. I like it because it gives me similar to results to using a heat tool, so my hair doesn't get all tangled in later days. Set contains one roller + two satin scrunchies, but I have to add two more and I use it a bit differently than suggested because my way is more secure. 
I won’t add a link, just search “no heat curler roller”. There’s a ton of sellers with the same thing.  

I was asked by a few what I use for hold. I've been using these two for a while now, I layer them for better hold, though I mostly just use Nivea spray. Got2b Soufflé is discontinued, but it was the best thing ever and when I learned it will be gone, I bought backups. I don't know of a similar product, but it's like whipped wax if you know of a product like it and I use it both for hold and reshaping the curls a bit. I heard some use got2b chaotic fibre gum for holding curls, which is still available, so that might be a replacement, though with a different texture. Nivea's spray has a poor feedback online, but it's because it does in fact suck if you use it as recommended (on wet hair to form curls). It is however the least drying hair spray I've tried, it's got enough hold and it feels light on the hair. I just spray it on dry hair after curling. Before I used "proper" hair hairsprays, both for many years: Tigi Masterpeice and then Lee Stafford Hold Tight - both are great with a better hold, just dry for my type of hair.   


TOSOWOONG Propolis Natural Pure Essence Brightening Treatment - While I love It's Skin Propolis, this is a very tempting product, since it has 75% propolis extract, niacinamide, galactomyces ferment filtrate, bifida ferment lysate, centella asiatica extract, arginine, adenosine, hyaluronic acid and several extracts. I'm not a fan of having to order it online outside of EU, though.

M. ASAM Vitamin-C Serum 10% Intense Serum - I saw this brand on Müller's German online shop and I have no idea if we have it here too, but I like the ingredients lists. (I need to go and check if it's here. I suspect not) This one has vitamin C in three forms: sodium ascorbyl phosphate, ascorbic acid and ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate, it also has squalane, Q10, hyaluronic acid and some extracts. A lot of the stuff from this brand looks interesting, but if we don't have it here in Müller, I won't bother trying to track it down. 

JOICO K-Pack Revitaluxe Bio-Advanced Restorative Treatment - I've tried most of the K-Pack line, but never this despite having my eye on it for years. Ingredients look great (obviously, it's Joico), full of peptides, aminoacids, keratin, extracts, hyaluronic acid and much more. 

JOICO K-Pak Reconstuctor and Hydrator - I have these two and they are running out. I want the super expensive salon sizes, well see if I take the plunge this time or chicken out with the regular sizes which I then save endlessly while my hair suffers with drugstore stuff. This duo is the most effective at fixing hair, in my opinion better than Olaplex in terms of visual and touchable results.  

NIVEA Sun eau de toilete - Since I love the scent of Sun Dance sunscreen, I'd like a similar fragrance. I've been waiting for this to finally come to Slovenia and I'm not sure if drugstores got it this year or not (it's on Müller Germany website), but it's supposed to smell exactly like Nivea sunscreens. I need to check if we finally got it, but I think I've only seen the white regular one that smells like Nivea cream.   

JIL SANDER Sun eau de toilette natural spray - another sunscreen scent, at least that's what reviews say. I haven't been to the drugstores in a while and I haven't had a chance to check it out, though it's been out since forever. Reviews most often describe it as a mix of fruit gum and (European) sun cream.

KÉRASTASE - I think it's time for some Kérastase in my life again. I only have a small leftover of Chronologiste mask that's really good (& I love their Nutritive line) and now I want to try some more stuff. I have my eye on several products, but of course I won't get all or if I even will (prices got some much higher in the last 8 years). I'm very interested in Nutritive 8 H Magic Night Serum, a leave-in night treatment, which has great reviews on Sephora. I also still really want to try the newest Nutritive mask Magistral for extremely dry hair (I had the Masquintense Thick and it's brilliant), the new Blond Absolute Cicaplasme Serum, which is a leave-in conditioner/heat protection for bleached hair, Resistance Thérapiste serum (a repairing leave-in), Resistance Fondant Extentioniste, which is a conditioner with malic acid and creatine, Chronologiste Thermique Régénérant, which is another leave-in, this one for a smooth blow-out and the newest Curl Manifesto Refresh Absolut, which is a type of a leave-in conditioner that's used on dry hair in between washing. I picked all of these either based on ingredients list or positive reviews. 

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  1. Thanks for the advice on the Nivea curl spray!
    And I was thinking this method might work for you?

    1. I'm familiar with the method :). Tried it and it doesn't work on me, I don't know why because it doesn't make sense, but for one drying my hair like that takes forever because it's thick and the "core" of the twist doesn't really dry. The second problem is that once I take it apart hair looks flatter than on her and the curls aren't defined, so it quickly gets frizzy.

  2. Sundance sončne kreme so super. Jaz sem jih pogosto uporabljala in skoraj vedno za na morje. Pa še poceni so.

    Kako lepe kodre si narediš<3. Izgleda precej effortless. Jaz se poleti poslužujem več kodralnika, ker si nočem vsak dan ravnat lase, drugače si jih bom čisto skurila. Je pa lob najtežji. Vedno se mi zdi, da moraš nekaj naredit z lasmi, drugače izgleda weird za to dolžino.

    Se strinjam s tabo za Joico. Jaz sem ista. En šampon imam 4 leta in to majhno tubo, ker pač šparam. Te velike embalaže so imeli v TKmaxxu v Gracu. Ampak zdaj itak imam občutek, da več nikamor ne hodimo čez mejo. Tam so bile potem cene kar občutno nižje. Kerastase je zame predrag. Saj Joico je tudi, ampak vseeno cenejši.

    1. Zdaj kupuješ pa tisto iz Lidla, a ne? Vsakič pozabim pogledat v trgovini.

      Hvala :) Mja, spat s tem ni tok effortless :D Se navadiš. Se poskušam mal držat stran vročine in to je še najboljši način, samo kar ne zdrži tako gladko kot z kodralnikom dolgo.

      Joico je res top. Vedno me preseneti z rezultatom. Jaz gledam velike embalaže na Notino, samo je kar drago, sploh če bi vzela oba.

    2. Tako je. Zdaj mi tista res paše. Super za občutljivo kožo pa za take vsakodnevne stvari mi je SPF 30 dovolj. :)

  3. SUN DANCE Mleko za sončenje 50+ ostane večno, ne draži moje kože Cena je dobra, vse je vrhunsko! Kupil sem ga več kot enkrat.

  4. Pretty! This was an extremely wonderful post. I just love it