Current Skin Care

nedelja, oktober 25, 2020

I'm going to feature my entire skin care collection is this post, including empties, which will likely give an impression all I do all day is skin care, but the truth is I use a handful of products daily. I was very diligent about my skin care routine up until what I name "The Ordinary fiasco", which wrecked my skin for over a half a year. In that time I couldn't even wear makeup without it looking profoundly awful, something I resent deeply. So to fix my skin I went to my very basic routine and within months my skin is it's normal, non-flaky, non-spotty self with an ok texture. This post should have been done when I was on my mostly K-Beauty routine when it was its best, but there was never time. It's harder to order from Asia now, so I'm trying to find decent, inexpensive products here. 

My skin is normal-dry with very occasional spots. My forehead has some extra oil during the day, but I don't care about it.

My morning routine consist of washing with just water, then I use Balea Men Energy Roll-on, Cezanne High Moist Lotion or Pixi Retinol toner, CV Pink Glow Serum and sunscreen. 

My night routine is a mess. I tend to wash my face with one of the cleansing oils below, then Balea mousse and then I proceed to forget the rest. On most days though, I do at least apply CORSX Galactomyces Essence or spray some Pixi Glow Mist because my skin gets tight fast after washing. Then if I'm not distracted and I happen to remember very late at night that I forgot the rest, I apply Cezanne or Pixi Retinol Toner and Balea Retinol serum (before it was Vital Konzentrate, which I'll go back to, but I'm testing this now) or do a face massage with Nuxe oil. When I put more of an effort I also use The Ordinary Matrixyl 10% + HA or Resveratrol 3% + Ferulic Acid 3%.
Basically I really need to get it together when it comes to skin care and get back on track because it's been a while since I at least occasionally used a face mask or something with AHAs.  

Also one thing about me: I don't care. I don't care as much as some about some the "bad ingredients", I especially don't give a flying fuck if a product has fragrance, actually I like it in products and I've never gotten any irritations from it. I don't care about parabens, "evil sunscreen filters" and whether it's suitable for sensitive skin because my skin just isn't sensitive. You can think less of me now, but I never pretended I'm a skin care expert. There are a ton of bloggers that are far more knowledgeable and reliable when it comes to skin advice than me. The only thing I avoid is mineral oil and snail extract because I know they break me out, but I still use mineral oil the rest of my body. I also tend to avoid alcohol, though not in sunscreens. Of course that doesn't mean I just buy any product, I still look for those that have interesting ingredients, it's just the "filler stuff" I'm not focused on.  

I've had this for too long and I really should get something new. I just rely on my cleansing oil to do the job of removing makeup, so I use this only when I see my waterproof mascara wasn't removed completely. This a classic duo-phase remover, though it's hard to see there are two liquids in the bottle, but it's one of those you need to shake before use and it's suitable for waterproof mascara. It's not my favourite, as I find Maybelline's and L'Oreal's are more effective, but I'm going to use this up. This doesn't make my vision foggy, which is cool and it's not scented. 

Another thing I barely use, but more often than the Neutrogena. I store mine in a Biobaza bottle with a handy pump, but I usually keep the empty bottle in case I do pictures, however, mine just vanished, so don't be confused by the Biobaza bottle (the micellar that came in it sucked). I've gone through a few bottles of this and it's my favourite micellar water because it's so much stronger than the rest I've tried, apart from Bioderma. I mean it doesn't remove waterproof makeup, obviously, but it does a good job on the rest. It's also not scented, doesn't leave any filter and doesn't break me out. Plus it's got pH 5.5.

My favourite cleansing oil, but I have to order it from Japan and mine sadly has a use or two left. This ticks all the boxes for me - it has a rich formula that emulsifies into a lovely thick emulsion, it doesn't make my vision foggy, nor irritate my eyes and it doesn't have much of a scent. It washes off completely and it's stronger than Biobaza, as it removes all makeup even waterproof mascara and eyeliner, but if the mascara coat is thick, it struggles to get it off and I need an extra cleansing if I don't want to use a separate remover. I need only one pump for my entire face, which is a lot less than Biobaza. The pump packaging works just like it should and it's not leaking. There are also refills available. 

This is another excellent oil, actually a dupe for Hada Labo, just more expensive (though Notino has a decent price for it and Oriflame has frequent offers). The texture isn't too liquid, so you don't need more than a pump or two, it emulsifies nicely and rinses off completely, leaving nothing behind. The scent could be a bit nicer, but I actually barely notice it now that I've had it for a while.

This is by now empty (most pictures were taken in August). This is so far the cheapest cleansing oil that I can buy in our drugstores which suits my skin (a lot of them break me out, including Balea. Nivea's has mineral oil, so I'm reluctant to try it out). It's not my favourite because it's too weak to remove all eye makeup and I need to use a lot of it, still I kept repurchasing for years and used up several bottles before I found Hada Labo. It's likely I'll buy this again out of convenience because it takes time to get to Hada Labo, though I'll more likely then get Oriflame on Notino if the price stays the same.

This is one of the newest changes in my skin care routine and I use this every day as a second cleanser after oil. I got this to replace Balea Erfrischendes Wasch Gel, since my skin still had some persistent dryness and gel, while it is gentle, is meant for normal-combination skin and this for dry. The foam surprisingly fluffy (I expected something watery) and nice to use. Within weeks of using this instead of the gel, my skin became less dry. Mine is sadly empty by now and since I have a spare of the gel, I'll use it up, but I'm repurchasing this after than runs out. 

I still like this a lot, despite using the mousse for the last months. It's a nice gel that's not too thin, it cleans well and it's gentle around the eyes. 

My favourite scrub, though it is very harsh. I don't have much luck with AHA's, so to achieve smooth skin I use this, a dense sugar scrub (I'm sure those who are very into skin care just gasped collectively), but it gets me the smoothest and softest skin that I can't achieve with any other product. They recommend to use it as a mask, but I never have the time to leave it on for 10 minutes, since I always use it in the shower. It's not something for sensitive skin, but I love it. 

This version is more gentle than the original and I consider it more of a moisturizing/nourishing mask with scrubby parts. It also contains sugar, but less of it and the honey enriched formula liquid-y part makes it less harsh. For that reason I don't like it as much as the original, but I love the scent, which is very similar to the delectable L'Occitane's honey scent from years back. 

I consider this mostly a clay mask, though this version comes with quite harsh scrubby particles. It's my favourite of out the three original ones I've tried (along with green Purify and grey Glow), but all are roughly the same. I have a backup of the Glow one. I only use this when I have a spot and it does what clay masks do, so basic decongesting, but Glam Glow is better due to extra AHAs. 

I only have a small pot of this, as the full size is insultingly expensive. Since I use it so rarely, it doesn't matter anyway. Glow Supermud combines AHAs (six of them), clay and charcoal, so it's an exfoliating cleansing clay mask that I whip out when I have a spot or my skin looks off (which is rare at me, hence why I use it so little). It has a liquid type of texture and I find you need a thin application, as it just works better than way. I like this a lot, as it's better than any other clay mask I've tried (including the original black version of Glam Glow) and it makes my skin look just better, fresher. When I have a spot, this is more effective than L'Oreal's Clay masks I've used before. I don't get any tingling from AHAs when using this, but my skin looks maybe a bit brighter after. I can also see how it sucks the stuff (mostly sebum) from my pores, though I can't say they look any better after and I still have blackheads. 

I have been giving this chances for years, but every time I'm just not impressed by it. By now it's so old that I just don't use it anymore, so I don't know why I don't just throw it away. Glycolic does nothing for me, I have no idea why, it just doesn't in any products. Despite the whooping 30% content of AHAs, I feel nothing on the skin, so no tingling and there's never been any irritations, but also not much visible results either. It doesn't make my skin feel smoother at all, it doesn't help me fade old blemish marks and I don't get that "renewed skin" glowy effect just about everyone raves about. The 2% BHA on the other part does help me with spots (like their standalone 2% salicylic), so I kept using this when I had spots, then followed with one of L'Oreal's Clay masks. The consistency is a thick liquid that doesn't run from the skin when it's on and it's a deep burgundy wine shade, so you look weird to say the least, but only for 10 minutes, which is the recommended time by TO to leave this on.

I also stopped using this a while ago when my skin became so clear, but I used to rely on this for keeping my skin in check and spot free. If the condition of my skin worsens, this is the first thing I'm coming back to. Despite the name, I don't think it does much for blackheads, but I find it helps prevent spots and helps them heal faster. Texture is like a thick toner and I used this as the first step after the cleansing.  

I got this instead of The Ordinary Salicylic acid 2%, which I had a sample of and it's worked so well for me, but when I needed a full bottle, it was out of stock everywhere due to a reformulation. I'm not particularly happy with this. The textures of the TO version and this are similar, but Revolution's version is heavily scented and it also starts to emulsify when I'm rubbing it in, which is a bit strange. It works ok, but not quite as quickly as TO's version

I got this at the same time as the salicylic when my skin was breaking out in hopes that it will both help heal my spots and help fade the marks left behind (especially since glycolic does nothing for me). It's deceptively thick from the tube and when you apply it, it feels like a rich moisturiser, but it very quickly dries to a dry-to-the touch super smooth feeling, like I just used a primer. I've tried to use it under makeup a few times, however, it makes everything on top pill on me, though I hear a lot of people get along with it just fine if the use it under makeup. I get no tingling, except when I apply a toner over it, so when it gets wet. It's also a type of texture that's hard to layer because it starts to pill. I find this is more effective than Revolution's serum when it comes to spots, but neither have helped me to stop breaking out completely when it happens, but it assist the fading of spots, though only marginally.

I barely use this because I much prefer Balea's Konzentrate. This has glycerine and niacinamide as the first on the list after water, plus centellia asiatica which my skin likes. This is an pastel green emulsion and it's meant to counteract redness, however, I don't find it effective and I don't even have a lot of redness. The milky emulsion needs some extra time to blend it in otherwise you're left with streaks. It's not particularly hydrating on my skin, as when I apply this on its own, it sinks in fast, then after 15 minutes my skin feels tight and I need to add extra layers of skincare, which the reason I'm not too keen on using this.

One of the products I use every day almost without fail and have just recently bought my third bottle. This just works for me. Before I found this product I was never happy with my skin, but this improved the texture, my pores don't look as bad as they did and my makeup applies so much more smoothly since I started using this (before I wasn't happy with almost any foundation apart from Bourjois Healthy Mix, but now they look a lot better.) It's not a miraculous product, but it's a lovely thicker toner-like product that I trust. It has 95% galactomyces ferment, while the rest is combination of niacinamide, hyaluronic acid and a couple more ingredients.  

CEZANNE Skin Conditioner High Moist
One of the products I use most often and one of my favourites. It's hardly an exciting product that would make great changes quickly, but it's great and cheap hydrating product that contains ceramides, Job's Tears extract, 3 types of hyaluronic acid, collagen and amino acids. It's like a toner, so very light on the skin, yet after it absorbs my skin doesn't cream for extra moisture. It comes in a massive 500 ml bottle, which lasts so long, so it's a great deal for money. I was just about to repurchase it, but shipping is so high now that if I use it up soon, I'll have to find a temporary replacement in local drugstores or EU online shops.

Another product I use often. It feels like a regular moisturising toner that absorbs quickly leaving nothing behind except for a smooth feeling. It smells so nice like lavender, though it has no fragrance. Retinol is low on the list, but the whole list looks good. I have the small 100 ml size, while larger ones exist too: a 250 ml and 500 ml with a pump. It does nothing special, but I use it because of ingredients and because it's so easy to use, since it's so light. 

I've been using this without fail every morning since I got it and my skin likes it. It doesn't have such a fast brightening effect as my favourite vitamin C Eucerin 10% (that one worked in 2-3 weeks. I haven't repurchased it yet due to the price and size of the bottle), but this has vitamin C in a less powerful form 3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid, so I get my dose without the terrible Ascorbic Acid smell and my skin is looking pretty good. This also has hyaluronic acid high on the list, which doesn't break me out, so that's an extra plus. I said originally I don't notice any radiance from this, but now I do. This gives my skin such a pretty, subtle glow with no visible shimmer. I recently opened a new bottle. 

(concentrate against pigmentation marks)
 This has niacinamide high on the list, as well as a small amount of a version of vitamin C (ascorbyl  tetraisopalmitate) and pinolumin which reduces redness, calms down the skin and fades age spots. It doesn't have miraculous results, at least I didn't see any effect on my freckles (I have no other pigmentation marks), though my old blemish marks faded faster than usual and my skin was behaving really well with this. I had no spots, skin is in good condition in terms of texture and everything else. The texture is like a medium thick cream, so a type of product I use as one of the last, but mostly as the actual last step in my routine. It sucks this only exists in 20 ml, since to me this is regular face cream and now it's not sold in my local DM anymore, but I have two spares. 

This is such an obnoxious product to use, not because of the texture, but because of the stupid fake-tan like scent that develops the next day and it's impossible to get off. It was there with Eucerin too, but much more mild. I've resorted to applying this with gloves, but since I'm an idiot who subconsciously touches her face a lot, it's pointless. This is a medium thick greasy cream with some powder particles and it really is nothing terrible or difficult to apply like some claim, but when I use it, I use as a stand alone product because it's too greasy to layer and only at night. The finish it leaves is very shiny and it sits on the skin for a long time. First day I got some tingling, then I got a little bit for the second use, but since then it's been perfectly ok on its own. I stopped using this because I saw no results from this, despite using it with TO Resveratrol for months. No glow, no better looking skin, nothing like at much weaker Eucerin or even CV serum, all I get is the smell.  

I got this to pair up with TO's Vitamin C 23%, but now I mostly use it on its own and it's one of rare TO products I kind of like. It's quite a rich oily-feeling texture so I use it instead of an oil as the last step because it takes some time for it to absorb and it has this strange heating effect that lasts for the first seconds. This is another product I prefer to keep in my night routine. I can't say I see any results from this, but I see it as in "investment in the future" type of product. 

I hate this. I did everything I was supposed to - slowly introduce it into my routine, combined it with appropriate care, didn't use other actives at the same time and persisted for months, actually over a half a year. I've used stronger retinol products before and it was like using nothing, so I felt comfortable with taking the 1% instead of something weaker, but TO unleashed its fury on me. I wasn't really prepared for my skin to become dry and flaky, though I was aware it was a high possibility of that for some weeks or months, so I dealt with it, but when I reached 6 months of truly crappy skin, I've just had it with this one. Thing were just not settling down and there was no healthy, glowy skin on the horizon - something I've had before I started using TO products (I wanted to do more about anti-ageing, so I got this product). My skin became insanely dry (I applied a thick coat of Mixa Cica cream and it was absorbed and dry in an hour, so I kept reapplying it. By the way that cream is gold), but it only lasted two days, so it was nothing too terrible and it fixed itself fast overall. It's what followed after that makes me hate this. The texture of my skin became so weird, without makeup it looked ok, it just felt dry on the tops of my cheekbones, but as soon as I applied makeup it was horrible. Every single foundation and makeup in general looked horrific - obvious, flaky, uneven and this went on for months with no improvement. I also kept breaking out on my chin and my skin has been clear for years before this. I'm aware you have to be patient with retinol, but I was patient enough and this is not working for me. As soon as I went to my scaled down basic routine, my skin started to improve so much and by now I finally have my healthy skin again. 

Aside from Resveratrol 3%, this is the other TO product I use more often than others. I bought this to replace Argireline Solution 10 % that also targets dynamic folds and it did absolutely nothing despite religious use. That one is like water, while this one is thick serum that dries sticky and it's harder to layer over, so I use it as one of the last steps. Just like at Argireline I see no effects, but I still continue using it. 

One of the newest products in my lineup and the one my routine is currently focused around, though by now I see it's not breaking me out and it's cooperating ok with other products, so I can start trying the Balea Vital face cream. This is one of the newest products in DM and I believe the first one with retinol. The percentage isn't stated and I doubt there is a lot. Retinol is in the first half of the ingredients list (7th), but followed by fragrance, which might bother some. It also has hyaluronic acid, but low on the list. The texture of this serum is odd and it reminds me of Revolution Salicylic acid 2%. It's a slippery serum that starts to emulsify on the skin when I'm rubbing it in. It's also not hydrating enough for my skin and it starts to feel tight, not just because this leaves a film on the skin. It’s only been a few weeks, so I don't see anything from this one, except that it's overall not as nice in terms of quick effects like Balea's Vital Konzentrat (brightening and improves general health of the skin). It’s not breaking me out, nor do I see any retinol connected issues, so no extra dryness, peeling or sensitivity. This is more of a product retinol newbies might be comfortable with trying, but don’t expect a lot.

This tiny bottle, which will likely only lasts a couple of weeks is new in my stash and is still waiting its turn (Balea got first place). It has retinol, niacinamide, Q10 and panthenol, though again the percentages aren't stated. I'll report back when I try this, but I got one message from a reader saying it's great, so I have high hopes. 

My favourite face moisturiser and it's empty, which sucks because it's hard to get now. I used this in my night routine because it's not the lightest, though it's a gel-cream and not a heavy product. It takes time to sink in, so I prefer to use it at night, but it can be used under makeup with no problems on my normal-dry skin. It has great ingredients, niacinamide is 4th on the list and it also has hyaluronic acid, adenosine and plenty of extracts. This works well with my skin - it has lovely healthy radiance, zero spots or other pore problems and it felt comfortable.

This got side-tracked, though I still like it. I used to use it in my morning routine because it sinks in quickly and I can easily apply sunscreen and makeup over it. It contains ceramides which strengthen the skin's barrier and it's a product that's designed for sensitive skin. It's a lotion type of product that still needs some time to absorb, but it's light and nicely moisturising. The packaging is very big with a generous 130 ml. 

This nothing special, but an ok standard basic. I was hoping it will have a similar super smooth texture like the Urea hand cream and body lotion, but it's just rich moisturiser that takes time to absorb, though when it comes to very dry skin, this not enough. I bought this when my skin was super dry and it couldn't cope at all, so I now rarely use it because it's kind of an in-between moisturiser - too heavy for morning, too light for very dry skin and not special enough for a night moisturiser.   

Firming Night Cream
A potential replacement for Dynasty Cream that I picked up.  This one has niacinamide third on the list, while the rest of the list is more bland. It has the promised calcium, which I'm unsure how effective it is and right at the end of the rather long list also honey and propolis. Texture is thick and rich, very balm-like, but easy to apply and doesn't feel like a suffocating coat on the skin. I've used this for about a week, then decided to give the retinol serum a go on its own and when I was using this, my skin wasn't clear and now with just retinol serum it's fine, so I have concerns this is clogging my pores, but we'll see that later. Overall it's a nice, thick moisturizer for dry skin.  

OLAZ Regenerist 3-Zonen Anti-ageing Creme
This has been on my wishlist for a long time and I snapped it when it was 30% off because this is expensive full price, but it will for now stay unopened because I got Balea not long ago and I got this sooner than planned due to the discount. Olaz/Olay's products have niacinamide high on the list and this one also has some peptides. I wanted it mostly due for those two reasons, but I've also read a lot of reviews and it's a very praised moisturiser in the US. I speak about the SPF 30 version below.

I really want to use this more often, but I always forget. It's has similar results as a good sheet mask, but you get so much more uses out of it than from a set of masks (though this is expensive). It's a gel-jam type of mask with some crushed bits of petals (I think) that remains on the skin instead of sinking in and it needs to be washed off as it's quite sticky. It delivers a good boost of moisture and it's the type of formula I think would suit just about any skin type - dry, combination or even oily, I really can't see how this type of formula would feel heavy for anyone. It leaves my skin looking healthy and nice, so I'm quite a fan of this one. It also smells so good and I do not like rose scents, but this smells like proper fresh roses.

A saviour for extremely dry skin on which nothing helps, even a thick body butter. It's got plenty of glycerine and 5% panthenol, but the texture isn't a thick balm like you'd expect. Formula is a medium-thick cream and needs a lot of time to absorb, similar to Bepanthen creams, but at this one you notice the silicones which make the application smoother. It was designed for assisting regeneration and repairing of targeted areas and it works. They recommend using to treat areas where the skin is very dry and rough, as well as for bug bites or to treat any irritated areas. When my skin was severely dry, this was the only thing that worked. I was applying it as mask, in a thick coat and this lasted way longer than other creams, which absorbed within minutes and my skin was dry again, while this lasted a few hours. Within two days, my skin was much better. One thing that bothers me is the packaging because it's not easy to squeeze out a small amount. 

My longest standing skin care favourite. It's my favourite oil to use for my face and I've been using it for many years now (about 7-ish), normally I use the original version, but I currently have Florale - I like both scents. It's my never-fails-me-product that I can rely on and when my skin starts acting up, I always remove everything from my routine apart from this and cleanser (and in recent years COSRX Essence and Cezanne), and this helps my skin get back to normal. With it my skin has had a healthy glow for many years. Another big plus for me is the scent, I know most people don't like heavily fragranced stuff, but I love it. 

I don't have a lot of this left, but I really liked it. It the thickest and most nourishing oil in my collection, so I skip moisturiser with this one. In terms of effect, it's the same as at Nuxe, so while I use it my skin is clear, nourished/normalised and has healthy glow. The smell is not as nice as Nuxe's or Palmer's, but my skin loves this oil.

Another almost empty product. It's a light, fast absorbing oil that I mostly use for facial massage  It smells the same as Palmer's other Cocoa Butter Formula products, so like chocolate cake batter or cocoa butter. It contains a ton of different oils (sweet almond, grapeseed, camelina, macadamia, sesame seed, coconut, argan and rosehip), plus some smaller amounts of retinol, a form of vitamin C and centella asiatica extract. 

I got this for taming frizz rather than for use on the face, but this is way too light for my hair, so it landed in my skin care. It's likeable. If feels like an oil, but it's a very light and non-greasy one. I can use this in the mornings too if I feel like it. However, I don't use this one a lot. 

The ingredients list of this reads like a hair serum due to a combination of silicones with oils and it has no other special ingredients currently very valued in skin care, despite being super expensive at full price. The silicones give it that lovely smooth and soft feeling on the skin, so it's an oily type of product that doesn't feel very greasy, which will appeal to those who dislike how long it takes for oil to absorb, though this one doesn't absorb in an instant either. I just don't like it as much as my other oils because I feel those silicones are kind of smothering my skin, like I used an oily silicone primer. Apart from silicones it also contains soy, avocado, apricot kernel, black currant seed, sesame seed and limnantes alba (white meadowfoam) seed oils, plus some obligatory vitamin E and fragrances. 

I got this because it was the last Hada Labo Tokyo's product from the red line in my local DM and I wanted to try one before they disappears, but I now saw they replenished the stock. Originally I was going to buy the essence to replace Cezanne, which I still plan to provided it stays in stock. Red line is the one retinol and collagen aside from the hyaluronic acid. The eye cream is semi-thick gel product that I use around my eyes and mouth when I remember (I need to be better). It's light, spreads easily, is nice to layer over since it doesn't form clumps and it's not breaking me out. It's too early to say anything about the results and I should be using it more regularly, but it's a nice one in terms of texture. Balea's Roll on is so much more convenient, though. 

5 in 1 Anti-fatigue Eye Cream
I got this because it was reduced to only a 1€, it was the last one and I was curious about it, since I love the Konzentrat. Ingredients are quite nice, some oils and butters at the beginning of the list (sesame, jojoba, shea) and there is also some caffeine, which granted I'm doubtful about. This is tinted, which I knew before I bought it, so I was aware there is a high chance this will be completely too dark for me. It's quite dark from the tube, however, the tint is so sheer you can't really see it on the skin, provided of course you make sure to blend it well at the edges. I got this before the Energy Roll-on, which I like a lot more, so I think I'll give this one away to someone not as pale as me. 

My latest skin care find and one I'm actually sticking to because it's so convenient to use. I just roll it under my eyes right after washing my face in the morning and at night. It has nice ingredients: glycerine (2nd), niacinamide (3rd), almond oil (5th), vitamin E (6th), panthenol (7th), caffeine (8th) and sodium hyaluronate (9th) and it's not fragranced. It’s a light liquid almost-lotion type of texture that feels nicely cooling and refreshing to apply with the metal ball, so I keep it by the computer and use it as needed. I don’t expect much from it, just hydration, but I like the ingredients list (niacinamide) and it’s nice for tired eyes.

This is meant to be used as a makeup setting spray that gives glow, but I got this mainly for the ingredients, since it has propolis and niacinamide which are two ingredients my skin loves. Based on the list I'd say the dark green part is olive oil, but I don't know if it's only that. I spray this when I'm very lazy with my skin care as it's the quickest and easiest thing to use. It doesn't smell terribly nice to me, as it's got a natural/herbal scent, but it's not tragic. I prefer Artdeco aerosolised mist for a makeup spray, so I use this mostly as a part of the skin care routine, but over makeup it does give a temporary glow. 

I got this to top up my sunscreen protection over makeup or to use when I have 5 seconds to apply sunscreen, but I don't trust it 100% that's it's enough on its own, as with sprays you never know how much to use for a sufficient protection. This one is light enough, also not terribly greasy, however, I have to avoid applying it around my eyes because if it gets on my lashes, they are smudging my glasses all day. This has powdery particles that catch on peach fuzz making it very apparent, so this is not something to just spray on the face and be done with it if you care how you look and you have to at least press it lightly with hands to blend in those powdery particles. It's got sunscreen shine, so a powder or matte foundation is needed and it's probably going to look bad on oily skin, though the feeling is very light and it doesn't feel very greasy to the touch. On its own I apply two coats and it still feels light plus the makeup applies over it ok. It's good over the makeup, but like I said you just have to press it into the skin a bit to get rid of the powdery particles caught on fuzz. It's got a sunscreen scent and it's not easy on the lungs when you apply it. 

Olay/Olaz's classic Regenerist formula with an added SPF 30 and it comes in a packaging with a pump, which I prefer to pots. The moisturiser has a medium-thick cream consistency and it's definitely suited more for dry skin, especially if you apply it in thick coat when plan to use this as a sunscreen on its own. It sinks into my skin in about 3-5 minutes, but it leaves a moisturising layer of product with a velvety feel, which fits my dry skin. I can apply the recommended amount for a sunscreen with no problems, but it's heavy and there is some shine. I use this on days when I don't spend much time outside. This is sadly almost empty.

Sun Fluid Matte SPF 50
A cheap, very easily accessible sunscreen that I actually already used up. This is nowhere near as elegant as my beloved Garnier Face Fluid, but it was ok for the price. It's not light, more like a classic sunscreen and when you start to rub it in, it's very white, but that goes away with some extra blending. It's shiny, not even remotely matte, but I have seen worse, still I don't think this is a choice for those with any oiliness in the skin as even I have to powder it, but as great pluses I can say that it stays in its place, it doesn't feel greasy on the skin and it doesn't appear to be bothering my eyes. 

Ambre Solaire Sensitive expert+, UV-Schutz Fluid mit Hyaluronsäure, LSF 50
One of my skin care loves I found too late in this summer. It definitely filled the void of not having such easy (quick) access to Asian sunscreens, as this is equally light and elegant on the skin as those. It has alcohol right after water, but I just don't care. This is a very liquid fluid that applies with ease on the skin even in larger amounts. There's zero white cast and not much shine when you apply it, then within minutes it's just gone on my normal-dry skin. It’s a tiny bit tacky on the skin for a while, but then in sets into a smooth, velvet primer-like finish. Despite the alcohol, my skin doesn't get tight later like it does at Etude House Sunprise fluid, which has a very similar texture. I so wish I bought this at the start of summer because it's fantastic. 

This used to be my lightest sunscreen, but Garnier beats it. Still I very much like this, especially because it leaves me with a pretty glow that isn't sunscreen shiny like at Lavozon, just a healthy level of radiance. I can easily apply the right amount (3 fingers method), it sinks in completely within minutes and it's not irritating on my eyes. It doesn't feel sticky or greasy on the skin, but it also doesn't feel completely dry like Etude House Sunprise, so it's a very comfortable formula for me. It also works nicely under makeup. 

Sensitive Lip Balm SPF 50
 For a basic lip balm with a high SPF this is very nice. Formula is not overly waxy and feels nicely nourishing on the lips, plus there's no bad taste. It manages to cling on for a while too. 

These are the only spot treatment that do something on my skin. Sometimes they heal the blemish completely and sometimes they just reduce it and help it heal faster. There are different sizes in the packaging, but I wish they were all the large size, as the mini ones tend to be too small.

I really should be using these more often. I currently have only favourites in my stash, ones I bought multiples of. 

SCHAEBENS Cell Therapy Hydrogel Maske Anti-Age Booster - my favourite mask from those available in local drugstores. It has niacinamide high on the list, as well as some allantoin, camelia extract plus some glycolic and malic acid albeit only in the middle of the list, so it's not a strong exfoliator. This has an immediate effect of more even and just nicer looking skin, so pretty much what you get with brightening Asian sheet masks. My lines are less obvious for a brief time after using this and the skin has a healthy radiance to it. The essence absorbs completely and fast after the mask is removed. I need some extra moisturising care after this one for my dry skin because it’s not enough on its own.

PAPA RECIPE Bombee Honey Mask Original, Whitening and Rose Gold - These are my favourite sheet masks, especially the whitening version which truly brightens. They are intensely nourishing, they improve the general condition of the skin, perk it up, make it feel smoother, softer and more even. Rose Gold looks gorgeous with the gold mesh design and all smell fantastic like honey. They aren't the cheapest if you're buying just one on eBay, but in a pack the price for one is more reasonable. 
MY BEAUTY DIARY Facial Mask Sheet Black Pearl - This is the second most brightening formula after Papa Recipe. The essence is lighter and more toner-like than the masks I've mentioned above, but it does the job of hydrating excellently and it acts as a sort of a reset button for my skin, so whenever my skin just doesn't look right, I use this. The Face Shop The Solution mask Pearl is very similar.

ETUDE HOUSE 0.2 Therapy Air Sheet Mask Madecassoside (soothing) & Snail (smoothing) - Both of these are fantastic formulas of sheet masks, they feel like your skin was drenched in moisture and nourishing ingredients. They are quite similar, as both have a creamy essence and a thin comfortable sheet, so they are a delight to use. I use Madecassoside when my skin is very dry because it's very nourishing, soothing and it also evens my skin (without a brightening effect, it just takes down any redness). It's actually the same as The Face Shop's The Solution Madecassoside. Snail is my sheet mask when I need repairing, especially if I suffered a sunburn or have an inflamed spot - it just works for me. From this line I also like Ceramide and Manuka Honey, but dislike Hyaluronic Acid and feel indifferent towards Collagen and Pearl.

THE FACE SHOP The Solution Face Mask Madecassoside & Pearl - I actually really like more of these: pearl, ceramide, propolis, vitamin C and hyaluronic acid, but these two are my favourite. Apart from formulas, I also love that they fit me perfectly in terms of size of the sheet. They are also super thin and feel great on the face. Madecassoside is exactly the same as Etude House, so very nourishing.

One of the best products for dry lips. It sticks on the lips until the morning and it leaves them properly nourished.  It's a smooth vaseline/petroleum jelly type of consistency and it's easy to scoop out with the silicone spatula you get with the pot. The extra silicone spatula is a great help during application and the formula has a nice gentle berry scent. In a thick coat it also has a glossy shine, which looks so good I sometimes wear it during the day too. 

Until I got Laneige and Sundance SPF 50, this was the only lip balm I've used for years. However, my lips were never super dry, so my use was more occasional. I was applying every night before going to bed in the first years and I think it contributed to the fact that later my lips just never became dry. It's not a typical waxy-ish lip balm that just sits on the lips, this is softer than average lip balms and it truly feels nourishing on the skin. Size is like a glue stick, so larger than other lip balms. This can be used as an SOS stick on very dry parts and it's quite wonderful for that, for example super dried up sides of the nose when you're sick.

As an extra, those who have Pinterest can see my skin care wishlist here. I need something with propolis, since my skin likes it, but it's not easy now. Have a great day!

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  1. Uporabljam nekaj omenjenih izdelkov. Imam pa od tvojih objav nekatere vedno v glavi, samo nisem imela še priložnosti kupit/naročit. Najbolj me mika Hadalabo olje za čiščenje, Laneige maska za ustnice in COSRX Blackhead. Na sploh mi manjka en COSRX tonik v rutini, ampak kot si omenila, zdaj je vse ful drago naročit.

    Garnierjeva sončna krema bo tudi za preizkusit, ko porabim vse zaloge azijskih in ostalih.

    Cezanne mi je še vedno fantastičen. Najbolj mi je všeč tekstura, ker jo nanesem prvo in potem kar koli dam preko, se lepo razmaže in ne rabim mazat na debelo, ker moja kombinirana koža ne rabi tako debelih slojev krem in serumov. Pa tudi lepo vlaži.

    Mixa kremo sem tudi kupila, ker sta jo ti in Lana hvalili. Je bolj za nujne primere, ko so kakšni suhi predeli na obzorju, sploh zdaj ko bo bolj mrzlo.

    Balein moški roll on bom pa zagotovo tudi preizkusila, ko porabim mojo kremo za oči. Čeprav priznam, to res malo uporabljam. Sem se kar odvadila. Po navadi samo serume nanesem kar pod oči in je dovolj.

    Zajetna objava, ampak zagotovo bo vsak našel kaj zase. Lepo, da imaš zdaj vse na enem mestu :).

    1. CORSX je zdaj na srečo tudi na nekaterih spletnih trgovinah, ampak so tako dragi! Essenco sem sicer dobila za približno toliko kot iz Azije s poštnino.

      Cezanne bi morala že lani naročit na zalogo :/ Samo kdo bi lahko napovedal letošnje leto.

      Meni je pa roll-on za pod oči še najbolj praktičen, ker je tako hiter za nanest :) Drugače leta nisem uporabljala nobene kreme za pod oči posebej. Še zdaj v bistvu niti ne verjamem, da je treba imet posebej izdelek. Moje sem kupila zaradi sestavin :)