Pupa Vamp! Mascara

ponedeljek, januar 10, 2022

There are several versions of Pupa's Vamp mascaras: there are different colours, a versions with a silicone brush and a waterproof formula. I got three washable formulas in a classic 100 Extra Black shade and the more exciting 300 Deep Night and 504 Military Green. I've raved about these immediately when  got them several months ago and I still think they are some of the best mascaras I've tried when they are new, but after about a month of use they lose some of its amazingness. 

All three have the same formula, so there is no difference between coloured formulas and black like I experienced at Maybelline's blue mascara. Regular mascaras generally annoy me because they don't keep my lashes curled, but I have to praise these because they create a fantastic effect. The moment I opened them they were top performers - every lash was defined and fanned out, which at my criss-cross lashes is very hard to find. With more coats it didn't start to clump up the lashes and it gives a lot of length, as well as volume. Now this was true for the first month or so, but then the formula thickened and it became less defining, though still lengthening and a bit more volumising than before. It's not completely useless at holding a curl when new, but as the formula thickened, it became heavier and dropped the lashes faster. 

I couldn't be bothered taking pictures of all three, so here's only the blue one. They have the same effect anyway. 

Since my lashes are dark, coloured mascaras don't look as impressive on me as on blonde and other light haired people, but the blue one shows up ok, I just had a very hard time photographing it even though it was obvious in person that my lashes are blue (my phone camera did a better job at it). I don't have a white primer, so I couldn't show you the colours better and the forest green one is already too deep for me to show you the colour, but I'm sure it would work on a blonde. My shade of blue is the darker of the two they have available, as there is a brighter one called Electric Blue. The black one is a classic deep charcoal shade. Pupa also has a purple and a brown colour.

These and Revlon's So Fierce! Big Bad Lash formula were my favourites I've found last year. Both formula are great and very similar in terms of effect when new, but with time Revlon's turned out to be just a little bit better. The latter is drier when new, so a bit better when it comes to lashes that can't hold a curl and it never lost its ability to define well. However, Pupa builds the volume faster and looks impressive even with the first coat. It's one of the regular formulas that's harder to remove, but doesn't need a waterproof remover.

Pupa mascaras are sold in DM and some Müller's here and cost 16,99 €. I'm not sure where you can get this brand in other countries, but it's an Italian brand. I'm still tempted to get the waterproof formula, but when it became less defining after a month, I wasn't so sure how much I want to try it anymore. 

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