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sreda, januar 19, 2022

CATRICE Glam & Doll Volume Mascara Waterproof
I've had my eye on this mascara for a while, since it's listed on DM's and Müller's online shops as one of best sellers. Unlike my all-time favourite Essence I <3 Extreme waterproof, it has a silicone brush, which usually I like more, but I get varied results with this one. Sometimes I get a nice defined look with lots of volume and especially length, but then sometimes it sticks my lashes together giving the appearance I have less of them/creates a spiky look. It excels at giving length and my lashes can look great with it, but I wish it had a better multiplying effect like Essence one does. I'd love this if the formula weren't ridiculously hard to remove. It's properly waterproof, it holds my lashes up all day (well actually on one eye. I don't know what my other eye's deal is in the last year with any mascara, but the reason is still glasses), it doesn't crumble and stays put all day, however, at the end of the day I can't get this off unless I use a great duo phase remover, as not all can get it off. I have a feeling I don't get all off despite the rubbing and I think this formula is drying my lashes. I like it, but it's fussy, so for me I <3 Extreme wp is nicer. 
Müller, 4,29 €

BOURJOIS Healthy Mix Foundation
50,5 Light Ivory
A repurchase. Müller had 50% off on these and I was lucky to get one because it was all sold out. I have this in the shade 50 Rose Ivory, which is an ok match, but somewhat too peachy-pink for my neutral undertone. 50,5 is more beige, but similar in depth. I've been a huge fan of this formula from the start and I mean this reformulated one that is similar to Serum version, not the old one with the black cap that was more greasy and never set. This is an excellent foundation for a non-makeup look because it's pretty much invisible on the face. No matter the condition of my skin, this works for me, even when I have dry patches. Coverage is light-medium and finish natural dewy. I didn't yet open the new bottle two show you how the shades compare.
Müller, 14-15 € (regular price)

MILANI Baked Blush
Petal Primavera
I expected a stand in DM, but all I found was small collection of Baked Blushes. I picked this shade based on swatches I've seen online and it looked better in the packaging, but on my cheeks it's somewhat too peachy for my taste (it's likely more pink on darker, warmer skin tones), Formula is well pigmented, but it's loose, so I had to learn to apply it evenly on my pale complexion and find the best brush for it. It has a nice glow with very tiny shimmer and it's overall a great-looking blush, but I actually still love my L.O.V. blushes more than this, though they are similar. Shade Luminoso has been hyped to death, but it looked too coral to me, so I picked Petal to at least experience this praised texture.  
DM, 14,49 €

EVELINE COSMETICS Facemed+ Hyaluronic Micellar Water
This boldly claims it can also remove waterproof makeup, which everyone who's tried a few micellar waters knows is hard to believe, though the first ingredient of this one should remove oils and makeup that is removed by oils. However, it feels like a regular water-like micellar and I find it doesn't really melt waterproof formulas. As a basic micellar for removing makeup it's nice and performs like it should, while on waterproof mascaras it doesn't work that well. For one it's slow, requires a lot of rubbing, which I don't like and it doesn't do the job completely. I like it as a regular micellar - it's light, doesn't leave a residue and it's hydrating enough, but it also doesn't really stand out. In terms of the third claim that it soothes irritations, I can't confirm it because I had none, but it contains panthenol and allantoin 
DM, 4,59 €

HADA LABO TOKYO Express Glow & Anti-Stress Jelly Sheet Mask
They finally started selling this in physical DM stores. It was listed as "online only" for months and I didn't want to order it. It has tranexamic acid as the first ingredient, which is something I've seen here for the first time, though I latter found more products with it. The latter is described as "brightening powerhouse", but it's been used in the medical field for years. I tried their retinol mask and liked it, but the price of these is high for regular use. Some praise Express Glow's effect highly, but I also heard some find it nothing special and complained about the amount of essence. I'm closer to the second. There was plenty of essence in mine, enough so I could use up what was left on the sheet on my body and those few drops in the bag in the morning. Essence is pleasantly serum-y thick and it felt hydrating enough for my dry skin to use this on its own without needing an extra moisturiser. It left a sticky coat after I took it off and that dried to a non-annoying layer on my face. In terms of effect - I saw nothing. No extreme brightening or more even skin, just a well hydrated skin. It was nice to use, I had a bit of pampering, but for 5 € I won't buy it again.
DM, 4.99 €

OMBIA COSMETICS Eye Make-up Remover Waterproof
I've been using Neutrogena, which isn't sold here and normally I'd buy Maybelline or L'Oreal instead of that one, but this is liked by a few Slovene beauty bloggers and it's cheap. I don't like it. It's too weak for a waterproof mascara, to be precise the Catrice one. Now that mascara is abnormally difficult to remove, but I expect such a remover to get off everything. I need to rub too much with this, I can see it's not dissolving well enough, so this was not a good buy in my book. I compared it with Neutrogena on one eye (that tiny drop I had left) and this on the other - it not even close. Neutrogena is so much more effective. With my favourite Essence I <3 Extreme it's better, but again so slow and needs rubbing, which I don't like, plus it's quite greasy. As a plus I can say that it doesn't make my vision foggy and that you get 200 ml of product, however the packaging makes it difficult getting the desired amount and not spill it on the floor. Like I said - this is loved by other bloggers and surely it's good for some mascaras, it just doesn't do that well on me.

NIVEA Eye Makeup Remover
Try number two. Since I dislike Ombia, I went to DM to pick up Maybelline or L'Oreal, which apparently they don't have. I don't know how that's possible. So I grabbed this one because it's a brand and to be fair the only other choice were ones I already had and weren't that impressive. It's about the same as Ombia, though better. It's again too weak and slow compared to Neutrogena, but quicker than Ombia and less greasy. But though I feel I got the mascara off ok in the first go, I often find some bits weren't removed well. This one also doesn't make my vision foggy and unlike Ombia the opening is more precise, so I don't waste product. It feels better quality than Ombia, but neither are particularly good for very waterproof mascaras. 

DOVE Shower Gels
Original and Glow
I've gone through numerous bottles of Original formula, and it's still one of my faves, but this is the first time trying the Glow version and I like it. It smells powdery clean and the formula has teeny tiny beads or something, so it's a bit exfoliating. I'll get this again for sure.

HASK Keratin Smoothing Hair Oil
I got this purely for ingredients since it has keratin amino acids, hydrolised keratin, collagen and rice protein. It's still mostly silicones, but it's a nice buy for damaged hair in the drugstores. It's a typical silicone serum(-oil), so one that is more a styling product that gives shine, reduces frizz and makes the hair more polished, but it also deals with dryness. My hair can take a lot, so I can't claim this won't feel heavy to some, but it's closer to let's say Moroccanoil consistency than super liquid Garnier or Kerastase, though it's somewhere in the middle. This small bottle has only 18 ml, which might last quite a while for some, but I use a lot at once and it's also hard to get just a small drop, since the opening is large. It's a nice size to carry in the bag. It has a nice hair salon scent.

ESSENCE 4 in 1 Profi File
A nail file I've been using for many years and I keep repurchasing it. I has four different textures that vary in roughness and can be used to both shorten and polish the nail. 

EBELIN Polierfeile
Another nail file I've been using for many years and I keep repurchasing it. This one has three sides that are all quite fine, the last is actually not a file and I use it to polish the nail, so it looks shiny like I applied a clear nail polish, but mostly I use it to smooth the edges of the nails. 

NIVEA Soft Care Shower
Star Fruit & Monoi oil and Apricot & Apricot Seed Oil
I used to have Star Fruit, but I haven't seen it in ages. It's a fresh, green tropical fruity scent - not as amazing as I remember, but pleasant enough. The apricot one has been my favourite for ages, it's such a lovely fruity scent true to the name. Formula a bit nicer than standard cheap shower gels, but Dove are better. For me the scent is the main reason I buy a shower gel
DM, 2,69 €

*ESSENCE Pink & Proud LE
I got this a while ago and posted about on Stories, so I have no idea if this is still available.

*pinkandproud WONDERFUL baked blushlighter
Great blush from Essence! It's got a good pigmentation (I need a light hand), formula is smooth and there's a golden glow, so it combines blush+highlighter. It's about the same as their discontinued blushlighters, but baked. Colour is a standard coral or peachy pink that will suit most people and the shimmer is very finely milled, which is something Essence is good at. Since it’s so pigmented and I need to apply a small amount, it’s not visible on me, but it was nicely glowy when I applied a lot of it, so the camera would pick it up. I hope this is a preview of future Essence blushes.

*pinkandproud NOT SORRY glitter lipstick
This is one bold lipstick. It’s less glittery on the lips than it looks in the tube, which is a tiny bit of a disappointment if that's why you got it, but it’s even brighter on the lips that I expected. If you need a shade that will get you noticed, this is it. It’s almost neon. Pigmentation is not full, so it needs a couple of layers to build it up. Despite the shimmer, it doesn't feel gritty on the lips, but the formula is like matte lipsticks, so it doesn't move, but it's also not moisturizing.

*pinkandproud POWERFUL lash princess curl & volume mascara
They have this in a regular line too and I reviewed it already, so I'll just copy what I said about it in the other post, but you can check how it looks on the lashes here. Lash Princess formulas are overall quite thick and wet, so great if you want big, volumised lashes and fast, however this one is the driest in the bunch out of the ones I've tried (excluding the waterproof one). That may be because they wanted it to hold a curl, so it's not that typical Lash Princess formula, yet it's still one of those with which it's easy to build the volume fast, it just dries faster. It's not as defining as Essence's Double Trouble and the more coats I apply, the more my lashes start to misbehave, not exactly by sticking together, but they aren't nicely fanned out anymore and not kept in place. Given that it has "curl " in the name I'd expect it to hold a curl, but no dice. This doesn't stand out among regular formulas and if you want a mascara that hold a curl, Essence's I <3 Extreme is still the most reliable one (waterproof Lash Princess isn't that impressive).  

*pinkandproud STRONG soapy brow styler
I think this is the same as the one in permanent line. It’s a transparent soap that is used to shape/style eyebrows, especially if you’re one of those who likes the trend of upward combed (laminated) brows. I don't think I'll be trying this, so sorry if you were hoping for a review.

Another parcel I got a while ago, but all stuff in permanent (for now. You know Essence)

*ESSENCE I <3 Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara
This is a mini size of the popular formula. I had it once when it first launched and it was very popular, but we didn't get along on the count that it's a very wet formula and not for my type of lashes. I read my original review and I bought it because I heard it holds the lashes up despite being a regular formula, which turned out not to be true. Otherwise it's a nice volumising, defining and lengthening mascara and you know it's good when Essence keeps something for longer than 6 months - This has been holding on for 8 years.

I have this already from before and I did a review of it, which you can read here.

*ESSENCE Choose your Glow Highlighter Palette
This a gorgeous highlighter palette. All shades have such fine shimmer and they look great on the cheeks. Formulas are soft and loose for a pressed powder. For some reason they swatch terrible, all chalky looking, but they look smooth on the cheeks. I've worn all shades and at none can I see much of a tint, it's just a nice glow.

*ESSENCE Extreme Shine Volume Lipgloss
101 Milky way
A clear lip gloss with shimmer and a very mild tingling effect that's barely noticeable.

*ESSENCE Shine last & Go Nail polish
68 a star is born
I was excited when I saw this in the box, thinking Essence finally got us Icy Fairy back, but this is not it. I got a few holographic flakes on the nails with one coat and it's quite a thick formula, so hard to build up. With three coats it looked better, but it was very thick on the nails and takes ages to dry. On my pictures it's over Anny Makeup nail polish, Essie's creamy navy shade (after school boy blazer) and a shimmery dark blue Essence nail polish from an old LE Midnight Masquerade. 

*FOREO Luna Mini 2 & Micro Foam Cleanser
I've been using these two for about two-three months now. I don't use it every day because I don't think you should clean your skin so thoroughly that frequently, by that I mean that I think this is taking too much off, as I noticed my skin got more thirsty since I started using this and it's absorbing stuff quickly. Otherwise I enjoy using it. It makes the skin smoother and consequently softer, and I also like that it feels like a pleasant massage (it helps with headaches actually). I was hoping it will get rid of blackhead and tackle that bumpy area I have on my chin, but it hasn't happened, however, the sides of my nose are smoother and the foundation applies nicer now. The silicone and bristles feel soft, and this is pleasant to use, so that minute passes almost too quickly. The first time I used it, my skin glowed like never before, later my skin was still healthy-glowy, but it's not as much of a stark difference as then. This model needs to be charged once every 5 months and has 8 intensity settings. It vibrates every 15 seconds to let you know to move to another area on the face and pulses 3 times when the cleansing should be over, which is after a minute. It designed for all skin types, the back is for oily skin, so I use the front side which is for sensitive & dry skin. 
The cleanser is lovely and I really hate it's so expensive. The formula is a thick, rich cream and you need a tiny amount, which you need to emulsify between the palms of your hands to get a rich foamy emulsion. It's not scented, it doesn't irritate the eyes and it's not drying.
Foreo online shop, currently € 89,25; DM, 118 €, Douglas Slovenija 101,90 €
Cleanser on Foreo online shop, 44,90 €, (mini is 9,90 €, which given how little you need should last a while) 

*ORIFLAME Love Nature Skin Hydrating Kiwi Patches
These contain niacinamide, allantoin and hyaluronic acid. They can be used wherever you need them: cheeks, under the eyes, on the neck,… It's basically just a small sheet mask. They are nicely hydrating and if you keep them in the fridge also cooling. Plus they look cute. 
Oriflame, currently 3,49€

*ORIFLAME Scents & Moments Shower Gel
Paradise Sunrise
Oriflame has a new line of shower gels. Texture is classic, just a simple gel, while the scent of Paradise Sunset is more like a nice sweet tropical mango than the described uplifting pink grapefruit scent. Other scents are Romantic Getaway (peony), Ocean Dive (sea breeze), Sweet Dreams (lavender, the scented page in the catalogue  is more sweet than herbal, which I like) and Soft Cuddles (almond blossom, scented page smells amazing - a cosy, warm sweet floral).
Oriflame, currently 2.99 €

*AFRODITA COSMETICS All I Want for Christmas Set
Perfume care lotion and perfume shower gel
I'm not sure this is still in stock, as even when I got it was gone from the website, but maybe they are still in shops. Both of these smell like orange vanilla, which is kind of a typical Christmas scent for such products in this part of the world (I miss cinnamon and I'm not a fan of orange). It smells the same as Dresdner Esssenz I had last year. 

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  1. Hi! If you want to try out another waterproof mascara and you have access to the Polish brand Lovely Makeup (it is Wibo's so-called sister brand), then I'd recommend their Curling Pump Up waterproof mascara. It holds a curl really well, has a silicone/rubber brush and is seriously waterproof (I just spent like an hour in a serious snowstorm and my lashes still looked great). Getting it off isn't a problem, I usually use a cleansing balm or oil and it comes off pretty easily.

    1. I had that exact mascara last year, it just wasn't waterproof because they always send me regular formulas that don't work for me. I remember not liking it a whole lot, but like I said it was a regular formula. It's a best seller on one of Slovene online shops.