Milani Conceal + Perfect Longwear Concealer

sreda, februar 09, 2022

A while ago we got Milani in DM, but it's only is some shops. This brand used to be sold in Slovene online shops, so I own several products and am a fan of the brand, including the Conceal + Perfect foundation that for a long time was my favourite, but then the pump broke when I used up only a half and the formula went off because I was always opening the bottle. Milani also has shades that are light enough for me and they are selling them here too, which is a minor miracle. It's exactly the type of concealer that are most popular - high coverage in a liquid form and matte on the skin.

Texture, coverage & finish: Conceal + Perfect concealer is a thick, medium-high coverage formula with a satin matte finish or very matte finish on my dry winter skin. I've tried it all over the face, the way I always test concealers and it looked too obvious for my taste, but it covers a lot, so I pick this up when my circles are extra bad and when I have spots. It creases under my eyes soon after application, but I find it's best to wait for it to set, then blend the creases away with fingers, rather than powder over the concealer straight away, as that makes it even more obvious and too dry on my skin - I imagine those with oily-combination skin won't have such problems with this formula. Foundation is less matte, has less coverage and looks nicer on (dry) skin.

Staying power: This lasts all day on me, which is not usual when it comes to matte formulas and my skin. 

Shade: 110 Nude Ivory is a good match for me and it's not even the lightest. It's more on the cool side, but it's not very pink. Conceal & Perfect foundation in 00A is more peachy that this, but a similar depth. Based on Milani's website, there is a total of 18 shades.

Packaging: A simple tube with a doe foot applicator that is flat.  

Price & availability: It's 12,99 € in DM. I haven't seen the stand yet, so I don't know what the other shades are like, but DM has everything on their website where this can also be bought. 

If you like and need high coverage plus a matte finish, this is it. It's not the best formula for my skin, but I can work with it and it comes handy when I need some extra coverage, though I stick to small areas. I can't tell you for certain, but this one feels most suited for oily skin, though I can't share my experience how well it lasts on such skin types. Shade range is lovely even for very pale skin tones. 

Have a great day! 

*PR product

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  1. Medium to halfway full coverage and no more than that (even if you continue to layer it on). This means you can cover up semi-bad dark circles, redness, and hyperpigmentation (by a little though, you can still see it, but good overall. Lasts about 7-8 hours.
    fit me concealer