Milani Highly Rated Anti-Gravity Mascara

četrtek, september 15, 2022

Highly Rated Anti Gravity mascara is among the best-sellers on Milani's website. It's also another of their regular formulas that boldly claims to lift the lashes - I guess it's a regular thing at Milani, but just like at their Most Wanted Lashes mascara, I was sceptical of their claims and I was right, even though the formula is more like a waterproof one when it comes to removal. Anti Gravity mascara has silicone brush, which I'd expect would create more definition, but I prefer their Most Wanted formula for that, which has a classic brush. It has a high feedback online, so go read reviews elsewhere if you want a more positive one, but I have no use for regular formulas, I don't know why I bother reviewing them, but I hope reviews are helpful up until you read about my complaining about them not holding the lashes curled.

It has a hourglass-shaped silicone brush, which defined great when it was new, but as the formula thickened, all I got was spidery lashes. My picture is from first week, but the more I used it, the less I liked it. I've had it for a while and I never became more fond of it. Most Wanted mascara has a nicer effect for my taste - yes, there's less volume, but the brush defines and fans out the lashes much nicer. I had that mascara for longer and it's still a lovely formula. 

Anti Gravity formula's main forte is volume. It can create big lashes and fast, but like I said I had problems with definition. Some won't mind sacrificing a nicely separated look for volume, but I'm not one of them. It leaves the lashes stiff and it's fast drying, so if I recurl the lashes it can hold them for a while (never do that yourself!), but after some time, the lashes are already hitting my glasses and with stiff lashes it's not comfortable. But I'm sure you don't have such problems and if you want volume, this one is nice. If you prefer a more natural, defined look, go for the Most Wanted formula. 

I've had this review in my drafts a few months and since then the price has changed from 14,49 € to  17,39 € in DM. It didn't win me over and I prefer their Most Wanted formula, though neither keep the lashes curled. Highly Rated is also one of the most difficult regular formulas I've tried when it comes to removal and it almost needs an oily remover, as micellar can't really get it all off without excessive rubbing. On the plus side that means it last well on the lashes with no smudging. 

Have a great day! 

*PR product

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