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sobota, september 17, 2022

I got these products a while ago, but even though they are a part of a collection, they are still available both on the Milani website and DM shops here. 

Gilded Floral Eyeshadow Palette

Years ago I got one of the first Gilded palettes called Gilded Desires, which impressed me with its intensity of pigmentation and I considered it one of my favourites. It also had the most appealing collection of shades, but it's been discontinued and new Gilded palettes have been released since. I believe this palette is permanent, despite being a part of the Flora collection. There are 15 shades, 9 are matte and the rest are shimmers. 

All shades are great performers in terms of pigmentation, except In Full Bloom (deep rosy shimmery brown) doesn't feel like the rest, as it's not as smooth and it shifts when you're trying to build it up, but a good base helps. Mattes are smooth and pigmented, including pastel Lavender Fields and What's up Buttercup, but for the latter a white base might be needed for a very intense look  Shimmers are creamier and brush picks most of them ok (my flat MAC 239), but for a better intensity or quicker colour pay-off, some are best applied with fingers instead. They blend ok, but mattes aren’t as good as Colourpop’s or ArtDeco’s. Staying power is good on my non-oily eyelids. There is some fading by the end of the day, but it's still intense enough and no creasing. There’s a lot of kickback when using a brush, so the palette quickly doesn't look as pretty as new. Luckily though, despite the powderiness or loosely packed texture, there's not that much fall down on the cheeks. 

I used Bouquet, Lavender Fields and Forget-me-not.

Palette costs 25,99 € in DM

Make It Last Floral Scented Setting Spray

This is just a scented version of Milani's popular Make it Last Spray Setting Spray. I haven't tried the original, so I can't claim for certain they are the same, but they are supposed to be. As the name says, it has a floral fragrance, which reminds me of the discontinued The Body Shop LE scent Honeymania. By that I don't mean a honey scent, but a soft floral one. It is noticeable only at application, as I find it dissipates quickly. Spray mist could be finer, but at least there are no large droplets. It dries sufficiently fast. I tested it with most of my makeup and it does prolong the staying power of some drugstore foundations that don't last all day on their own, but I find at times makeup was still rubbed off where I needed it most (on red spots from old blemishes). It helps the eyeshadow last well as well as surprisingly lipstick, but it's not always amazing when it comes to blush. I got this at the same time as Revlon's Colorstay Lock spray and I repurchased Urban Decay All Nighter (original version), and though all three are really good, this one performs a bit less good than the other two, though I like it most for ingredients, as it has niacinamide high on the list (the winner of the three is Revlon, but it is drying for my dry skin, as it's most matte) 

Spray costs 12,99 € in DM.

Color Fetish Matte Lip Makeup - The Flora Collection
320 Petal

I have a couple of other older Milani's matte lipsticks and even the old ones were good, but this is a good step up. It's very smooth, so it glides easily on the lips and it's fully opaque with one swipe. I don’t find it drying, but it’s not particularly hydrating, so it's like many matte lipsticks I've tried. The one aspect this does stand out is the staying power. It can last well for 8+ hours, though it does fade, but in an even way. The only more long-lasting classic lipsticks I've tried are just Oriflame's. 320 Petal is a medium peachy-pink shade that is bright for my taste, but I went to check other colours and the lighter shade looked too peachy, so there's nothing that really suits my taste. Packaging is in the colour of the lipstick shade.  

Lipsticks are 14,59 € in DM

Flora Tinted Lip Balm

A tinted liquid lip balm with a glossy shine and a comfortable, nourishing formula. It's not as nice as Clarins Instant Perfector or the discontinued Catrice Dewy-full because it lacks that thick creaminess that's why this isn't my favourite formula. It's nice, I've just been spoiled by better glossy lip balms. Warm pink tint looks intense straight from the tube, but it's sheer on the lips and it can't be build up much. Balm has a sweet lemon flower scent - floral and not citrusy at all. 

Lip balm is 12,49 € in DM.

I have a full review of this, two in fact, one of the original lightest shade 01 and second of 00A. I got samples of 02 and 03, which I swatched comparing with Revlon Full Cover foundation, since I have 12 shades of those and Revlon Skin Awaken concealer. I hope some find it helpful. 02 and 03 are about the same in depth, 02 is more yellow and 03 more neutral.

Foundation has about medium-full coverage with a satin finish. It's quite fast drying, so it need quick work at blending. It used to be my favourite because it looks natural enough and has a lot of coverage, but my skin got drier (it's not matte, but it's also not hydrating) and I now prefer Too Faced Born This Way. I have a review of Conceal + Perfect Concealer too, which is very high coverage and matte. 

Shade 00A

Foundation costs 19,99 in DM (a rise from 16,99 € a couple of months ago. Like it wasn't already too expensive)

I got one of these a couple of months ago, so I've had it for a while and I just posted a separate review. On Milani’s website it’s a best seller. It's a top performer in terms of volume and length right out of the box, meaning it creates big lashes, but I don’t reach for it often, not just because it’s a regular formula that doesn’t hold a curl well, but also because it makes the lashes stiff, so when they hit my glasses, it’s not comfortable. It’s also a mascara that is difficult to remove, so I’ve used it in cleanser’s tests. If you’re not as fussy about holding a curl as me, this is a great volumising & lengthening mascara, but I prefer their softer and more defining (however, less volumising) Most Wanted Lashes

Mascara is 17,39 € in DM.

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