Rimmel London Natural Bronzing Powder Bronzer

četrtek, januar 19, 2023

I don't wear bronzers often and for a long time I only had one ancient one from Estee Lauder that I got specifically because it's a shade that fits very pale skins (I bought it back when the selection of bronzers for pale skins was terrible and there was nothing decent in drugstores here). I've been eyeing Physician's Formula Butter bronzer for years, but I never justified getting it because I know it'd be just sitting in my drawer. I got this one because it's was cheap as chips and has a good feedback online, as I wanted to have something in my drawer that isn't a million years old and I could use on others on rare occasions I do makeup. It turned out a great buy. Rimmel changed the packaging since I got this - I don't know if it's exactly the same, but the shade name is (the number changed from 022 to 002). 

I bought 022 Sun Bronze because it's praised by those with pale skin tone and even those that aren't very light skinned, so it's apparently quite universal when it comes to fair to light-medium skin tones (I've hear some with a darker skin tone use it as a setting powder). Shade looks natural enough, maybe a tiny, tiny bit orange in certain lights, but not in a bad way and I like it on me. Pigmentation looks good to me, but I always apply this very gradually and by swiping the brush lightly, since I'm pale. 

The thing that I like most at this one is how smooth and fine the formula is. There is no powderiness at this one. This formula would make a great all-over face powder and it's a shame their Stay Matte powder isn't like that on my skin. This is matte. I didn't test the waterproof claim, but how it lasts depends on the base I'm using. 

The old packaging feels quite fragile and it's not the best. I don't know how well made the new packaging is.

This was a surprisingly good buy. I didn't expect much from it, but I like the shade and the formula is just lovely. I got it on Notino for about 3 €, so you can get a good deal on this, though it's no longer as cheap as when I got it, since it looks like they were getting rid of old stock. It's not my favourite bronzer anymore, though - that honour goes to Revlon's Skinlight Prismatic bronzers, which are very similar in terms of texture, but create a lovely glow without shimmer and the two shades I have are a bit better than this one, but only by a margin.

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