Catrice Glam & Doll Volume Mascara Waterproof

sreda, marec 08, 2023

I planned to try this formula for a while because I've seen it praised and I need a waterproof formula for my lashes. Unlike my all-time favourite Essence I <3 Extreme, it has a silicone brush, which usually I like more, so that was appealing too. But after trying it I'm actively avoiding using this mascara because it's impossible to remove. 

It has a silicone brush that has a slight cone shape, but it's overall pretty standard. I should like it and it should be defining, which it is, until it's not. Once I start applying more 2-3 coats, it start to stick my lashes together and creating a spiky look, so it's best to have a lash comb or clean mascara brush at hand.

Formula excels at creating length and it's not bad at creating volume, but it's not great at fanning out the lashes or creating a multiplying effect without some extra help from a separate brush. Its main fault is how ridiculously hard it is to remove. It's properly waterproof, it holds my lashes up all day, but leaves them stiff. It doesn't crumble and stays put all day, but at the end of the day I can't get this off unless I use a great duo phase remover, as not all can get it off. Ombia by Hofer nor Nivea I currently have, can't get this off. Only Neutrogena did, but I ran out of it and can't repurchase it, since it's not sold here, so I don't use this mascara now. I have a feeling I don't get all off despite the rubbing and I think this formula is drying my lashes.

I got it in Müller for 4,29 €. I'll just keep buying the Essence one that holds my lashes, has a great effect and my Nuxe oil cleanser can get it off.

Have a great day!

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